Weekly angel message, September 5-11, 2022

A bunch of grapes

Grapes represent abundance, wealth, fertility, happiness, good fortune, and optimism. They signify a time of reaping the fruits of our labour, when we can start to relax and enjoy the beauty and sweetness in our lives.

The grape symbolism indicates unexpected opportunities coming our way, and the promise of great resources.

Grapes point to the completion of an inner transformation process and spiritual awakening with a positive and productive outcome. They ask us to prepare for and expect the very best, even though we can not see tangible results just yet, by tapping into our inner power of perserverance and patience.

Grapes also contain a multitude of powerful anti-oxidants promoting healing, health, and vitality on a physical level as well as strengthening our psychic senses and spiritual abilities.

The beautiful and radiant Archangel Ariel wishes to share this week’s angel message with us.

My beloved ones,

As we are approaching the season of fall, the season of the last abundant harvest of the year, I, Archangel Ariel, have come to bring you a message of magic, faith, and courage.

I wish to teach you, dear ones, about the true meaning of abundance, which always starts with a desire or wish, that swells up in your heart space, a feeling of delight and happiness, that warms your soul. This is where the magic starts. Your ability to feel the excitement of your dreams coming true, even before they have shown up in your reality, is your Divinely given ability to manifest, create, and attract as a human being. Cherish this surge of energy within you, as it is your own magical power.

Your decision to follow up on your desires is the key to your success, but in order to keep your joyful prospects alive, you need to make sure not to kill them with ego-driven feelings of lack and comparison aimed at your current situation and in your present moment. If you wish to feel abundant before you manifest abundance in your earthly reality, you need a clear and peaceful mind-set and a joyful, open, child-like, and innocent heart. You need to be willing to surrender to and trust the flow of events and synchronicities, that will lead you to the fruition of your dreams.

As the grapes represent the rewards of your labour, I would argue that your labour does not consist of hard work, but rather of focusing on being happy and relaxed in the process, knowing and trusting that the goodness of life is on its way to you.

Nature truly is your greatest teacher, as she shows you that all of the abundant produce once started as a little seed. A small seed, that when placed into your hands, seems insignificant and worthless at the moment, but holds the potential for a great outcome, when treated with nurturing care and given the right amount of time to grow and develop.

I encourage you to see each and every one of your wishes as seeds. Why don’t you plant them and monitor their progress? Your dream seeds need clear and fresh water, representing your high vibrational and joyful emotions, without being contaminated with mud and dirt, being your thoughts of negativity and disbelief.

Make sure your dream seeds get plenty of sunlight, which comes from your inner power and courage to plow through challenging circumstances by finding a way to make them work for you, by elevating yourself through changing your mind-set and truly commiting to purification and healing.

Plant your dream seeds in warm, fertile soil, and protect them from being robbed or eaten by predators. This means setting up boundaries with people and energies, that rob you of your joy, which is like clear water to your seeds. Organize for success, dear ones, just like you would tend to a garden by putting up fences and pulling out weeds.

I invite you to carefully select the seeds, that you would like to plant this fall season, so you will reap the benefits next growing season. There is a whole new cycle of light and growth waiting for you, but you have to come prepared and be a responsible and relentless guardian of your dreams and wishes. Allow the angels to help you with this process. Write, talk, sing about them and envision them as if they are already here.

The best thing about your dream seeds is that they are magical seeds, which means that they can grow much quicker, taller, and brighter than your ordinary earthly 3D seeds. They originate from and consist of an energy power, that flows through you at all times, providing you with all that you need for the cultivation of your seeds. Before you know it, you will reap a bountiful harvest!

Try it out, dear ones, test your own abilities to manifest abundance and learn to rely on them. You truly are a magical being, you only have to realize it , believe it, and act like one. It is time to show the world what you are capable of as a powerful creator by raising your vibration and clearing yourself of everything, that does not serve you!

Blessing you with love and light, I am Archangel Ariel.

The video version of this angel message is also available on my Youtube channel!

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