Writing the screenplay for your life

Scripting is an energy tool of manifestation introduced by Abraham, the collective of higher light beings channeled by Esther Hicks (Abraham-Hicks). It is the process of writing a screen play, a storyline with characters and events, about what you wish to attract into your life.

This script is written in the present tense as if it has already manifested and the focus is aimed at how you feel in this particular story. 

The energy tool of scripting helps you to enter into the receiving mode more firmly and more often, because you allow yourself to be filled up with positive emotions and a creative, free flowing and non resistant energy. The combination of appreciating what is already present in your life and scripting about what you would like to attract into your life is a powerful way to lessen your resistance and strengthen your belief in your own manifestation skills.

As a deliberate creator (working with the Law of Attraction), you can use scripting as a fun way to tell yourself about how you would like your life to be and most of all what it would feel like. Avoid getting into the details of how the scenario will manifest into reality, simply focus on your positive emotions and use more general words to describe how your story feels to you, such as ease, fun, fullness and fulfilment.

Through joyfully scripting your story without getting attached to a particular outcome or thinking about bothersome details and obstacles, you are preceding your manifestations by finding their pure energetical vibration first. Then you can allow your script to unfold through inspired actions and synchronicities and see it manifest into your sensory 3D world with ease. 

Enjoy scripting, it is worth your time and energy! 🙂

TIP! It may feel easier to describe yourself as a character in the third person instead of in the first person of “I”.