Angelic Reiki

Reiki is the Japanese word for the “universal life energy”. At the base of this Divine energy, which gives us life, is unconditional love. Love is the biggest healing power, that exists in the universe. The vibration of this life energy offers us joy, a sense of oneness and rich streaming life experiences.

Working with the Reiki energy is based on a deep respect for the personal freedom of the other person. The recipient of the Reiki energy determines on a subconscious level how much life energy he or she is willing to take in. The recipient is the one, who “draws in” the energy so to speak.

The Reiki energy is offered and transferred by placing the hands directly on or just above different places on the body. It works through clothing and the hand positions are mainly focussed on the chakra points.

The Reiki energy has five powerful effects:

It provides deep relaxation
It lifts up energy blocks
It detoxifies the body
It supplies healing life energy
It raises the vibrational frequency of the body by supplying additional life energy

Regular treatment with Reiki energy enhances the development of an internally as well as externally balanced way of life. The quality of life increases, which leads to more joy, creativity and fulfilment. Mental or physical discomforts will improve or in some cases even disappear.

As a Reiki-practisioner I  currently offer distant treatments. The angels actively help me with the healing and provide me with additional information through my clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient gifts. This way I receive a clear and complete picture of the treatment process and the energy and state of being of the recipient. The healing energy of the angels enhances the Reiki energy as they originate from the same Source.

– Distant Reiki session –

60 minutes – € 50,00 

– Distant Reiki session – 

20 minutes – € 25,00 

If you are interested in a Reiki session, please contact me by clicking on the link below.