Archangel Gabriel

Name, colours, symbols and chakra’s

Archangel Gabriel’s name means God is my Strength. She is also known as the Messenger Angel. As the patron of communication she helps writers, teachers and artists to convey messages through their crafts. The colours associated with this Archangel are copper/orange and white.

The warm orange energy resonates with the sacral chakra and enhances creativity, helps dissolve fears and brings comfort, optimism and a positive outlook on life. The root chakra is also connected to Archangel Gabriel.

Archangel Gabriel holds the white ray of enlightenment, which reflects purification, harmony, raising your level of consciousness and bringing you closer to your true spiritual nature. Archangel Gabriel’s most significant symbol is her large copper trumpet, which represents the delivery of messages, but also the moon, willow trees and wolves are among her signs.

Children and inner child work

Archangel Gabriel has a deep concern about the welfare of children. She helps in all areas in this regard, from the process of conception and birth to the upbringing of children.

Archangel Gabriel works closely with Mother Mary when it comes to guiding and caring for sensitive children. They mentor adults who’s mission it is to help and work with children.

If you ask her to, she will also assist you with healing your own inner child and resolving any blockages in your energy system related to childhood trauma.

Angel of revelation

Archangel Gabriel also delivers her messages and inspiration through dreams. She can show you visions of the future and bring you prophecies. She gives you the insights to understand these dreams and visions and to act upon them if necessary. This Archangel is also known for her solutions to challenging problems, that will pop into your head as brilliant ideas.

Motivation and confidence

Archangel Gabriel radiates a strong energy of purpose and helps you to get motivated and become confident by enhancing your talents and polishing your communication skills. She will help you focus on your life’s purpose and express your creativity and uniqueness. Archangel Gabriel assists Lightworkers, who wish to bring love and light into this world by helping other people.

Archangel Gabriel’s message

“I am Archangel Gabriel and this is my message to you, dear people. I am known as the Angel of Creativity and Communication. I can help you find your own truth and express it through art forms, like writing, painting and other visual arts. All art forms are equally valuable and it is truly wonderful, that there are so many creative ways of expressing yourself. You can always find one that suits you.

Every one of you has come here with a mission. You could say that you are going to convert the energy of this mission into Earthly forms by communicating it to others. By keeping it to yourself, you will surely miss your goal. Call upon me to support you with this conversion.

Many of you struggle with your emotions and the fear to show your true colours and to express your life’s mission. Old blockages and conditioning are standing in your way. Let me help you to become a clear and bright channel.

I truly enjoy your creations, lovely people, and I appreciate your efforts. Know that the angels are at your disposal every step of the way. You don’t have to do it all by yourself. As a matter of fact the cooperation with the higher frequencies and energies will make your work shine powerfully and brightly. It will not miss its mark!

I also hold special attention for the children of this world. I guide their process from birth to adulthood. I have seen many children grow up in different times and many generations and I know the struggles of their growth process and development and the challenges of parenthood.

I love to assists parents to close the gap between the old and the young. Many have forgotten what it is like to be a child, many are scarred by negative experiences from their own childhood and therefore can’t see their child in a clear and unburdened way. They look through glasses of conditioning and old pain, so to speak.

I therefore offer my help to clear and dissolve misunderstandings and obscurities between parents and children. Let me bring you close together in love and compassion. Teach your child about the help the universe offers, so it won’t feel alone, but nurtured and supported. The universe and all energies of love and light are also their parents in a way. Don’t make your children solely dependent on your human support and guidance, but entrust them to the love, support and infinite wisdom of the universe as well. Imagine your children being nurtured and cared for by us angels, learn to trust and depend on this!

Take your Earthly responsibilities as parents, but don’t become overly protective or worried. Let each child find their own way in life. I am here for you, dear people, I am Archangel Gabriel and I am accessible and easy to find!” 

-Archangel Gabriel-

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