Weekly angel message, September 26-October 2, 2022

The oak tree

The oak tree represents strength, courage, endurance, honour, wisdom, healing, and the protective power of faith.

This beautiful and majestic tree generously lends its noble, wholesome, wise, and truthful energy to those, who are in need of stability and strength in their lives, and who would benefit from higher guidance and inspiration.

Its roots travel deep into the earth allowing it to withstand seasonal storms, teaching us that we have nothing to fear from life when we too are firmly grounded to the earth.

The celtic name for the oak tree is duir, which translates as door. It is believed that the oak tree provides us with an access or doorway to the higher ethereal and angelic realms, where ancient knowledge, spiritual gifts, and higher guidance await us.

Just like last week, the wise and magical Archangel Raziel has come to provide us with another beautiful message by taking us through the magical “oak door” to further enlighten our life’s path.

Dearly beloved ones,

Once again, it is my absolute pleasure to convey a message of encouragement and enlightenment to you all!

At this time, I have chosen the powerful oak tree as a symbolic reference to my words of deep love and wisdom. The oak tree is often found solemnly standing on its own, away from other trees, and therefore more likely to attract a strike of lightning during a thunder storm.

Metaphorically speaking, when you get hit by spiritual lightning, it means that you receive crystal clear revelations and insights, that cause a sudden awakening and a new outlook on your internal state of being, your external personal life, your circumstances, and your surroundings. The easiest way to access this clarity is through standing alone in your own power for a while, to free yourself from attachments to other people and your outer world, and to regurlarly retreat into stillness.

Although the energy of the oak tree is the ultimate expression of strength, power, and determination, helping you to actively achieve your goals with responsibility and vigour, it also teaches the wise lesson to be open to your inner creative and intuitive flow, your ability to be flexible and to move with ease and fluidity. The oak tree is the perfect example of being strong without becoming too rigid or forceful. As a human being you wish to continuously move forward, reap the fruits of your commitments, and most of all reach a level of stability and a solid foundation for yourself and your loved ones in your earthly life, yet you often do not realise enough that there is an easier, more joyful way to accomplish this than through hard work and dedication alone.

That is why I would like to invite you on a magical journey, that lies behind the metaphorical energy portal of the mighty oak tree. Come with me and hear my loving guidance for you! This portal appears for you when you are overwhelmed with work and responsibilities, when you are confused about how to build on solid ground and what direction to take, and when you feel disappointed about the progression of your projects and even your spiritual growth. Know, that this portal is made known to you by lightning, which is often a sudden event or something that shakes you up, but with it comes the clarity your soul has been longing for.

The magical pathway behind this energy portal is one of balance between your inner divine masculine and feminine energies and between your earthly body and your soul. You achieve this balance through the practise of surrender, stillness, and faith, which allows you to receive higher guidance and inspiration and most of all the love and support from the angelic realms. From this place of inner knowing and trust you then start to apply it in your daily life by taking inspired actionsteps.

Everything you do, and everything your create and attract will carry this higher and uplifting energy with it. You no longer feel burdened or defeated by your own limiting thoughts, because your mind will be clear and will operate from a higher perspective. Your daily activities and undertakings on earth will be counterbalanced by a spiritual practise, that allows the presence of higher energies, love, and support to work at their best in your life. Know that you are always surrounded with the love and support from the universe, but now you are much more aware of it and you can easily tap into it. You will start to see and experience evidence of it all around you, because you are tuned in to this higher frequency.

When you hit a bump in the road this week, dear ones, think of the symbolism of the oak tree, and know that when lightning strikes, a magical doorway opens for you, which will bring you the opportunity to shift your energies and the way you live your life. Be compassionate with yourself and others, dear ones, your life is a blessed journey, which does not go unnoticed by the higher realms, you are greatly loves and appreciated for all of your growth and expansion. Your worth is immeasurable!

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Weekly angel message, September 19-25, 2022

The frog

The frog represents rebirth, transformation, change, cleansing, purification, fertility, prosperity, and abundance.

This spirit animal helps us to take a leap of faith to bridge the distance between our hopes and dreams and our current reality by setting clear goals and taking the right action-steps with faith and courage while leaving unnecessary baggage behind.

The frog often appears in times of great change and at moments when we have to make an important decision, navigate between different situations, or distinguish the best direction to take.

Its symbolism encourages us to detoxify our lives on all levels, so we can allow a time of fertility to enter with the blossoming of new, creative ideas and fresh perspectives.

The frog symbolism asks us to embrace change and transitions as they are part of our growth process in life and they make us wiser and stronger human beings. Learning valuable lessons and gaining experience is part of our mission on earth. Frog spirit helps us to overcome our fear and resistance when we venture out of our comfort-zone.

The frog teaches us to nourish our soul, strengthen our spiritual connection, indulge in self-care, and remain calm, gentle, and peaceful, when we get overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of life.

The magnificent Archangel Raziel has a beautiful, inspiring message for us, in which he further explains how we can apply the energy of the frog symbolism into our daily lives.

Dearly beloved ones,

I am Archangel Raziel, the Archangel of Divine wisdom, magic, and alchemy, and I wish to bring you some words of inspiration and encouragement today.

The frog as an angelic symbol represents a time of deep reflection and healing. It is necessary to stop yourself in your tracks from time to time, to reconnect to the spiritual realms, where your origin lies, and to review your life from a higher perspective. Moments like this will create an opening of stillness in your days, so you can listen to the higher wisdom and inspiration, that wish to reach you.

When you are on the threshold of great change, whether this is an inner shift of your perspective and belief systems or a significant outer change in your physical reality, the angels wish to bring you the clarity and discernment to see what is truly important in your life, what priorities will lead you to your highest good and your greatest fulfilment.

The frog is a creature related to the element of water, which symbolizes the beautiful graceful, clean, and flowing stream of life. When you are able to make use of this energy stream, that is filled with ancient wisdom, magic, and wonder, you find yourself navigating effortlessly on your path, having the clarity to make the highest choices for yourself and the discernment to see the highest truth and purpose behind all things and people.

The way to step into this magnificent stream is through the practise of stillness and meditative rest, through the practise of kindness, compassion, and grace, and through becoming mindful of how you affect the world with your energy. Are you contributing with love and care by being aware of how your words, thoughts, and actions impact others and the world around you? Are you aware of your own state of being by focusing on how you are truly feeling and functioning in your daily life? Do you let automatic and conditioned behaviours run your life or are you the one making a conscious stand for your well-being and happiness?

The frog is here to help you make a leap of faith, but not just a jump or stumble into the dark. No, a deliberate and guided one. One made with the legs of a frog. Powerful, green, flexible, and finely tuned legs, that represent a healed heart, a powerful core of inner knowing and confidence, and a wise and clear outlook on your jump and your place of landing.

I, Archangel Raziel, have come to invite you on a journey with me to the mysterious and wondrous realms of the universe, which is a journey into the depths of your own heart, dear ones, because you are the universe in all its glory. Take time to sink in your beautiful heart-space and see what is there. When you find sadness, loss, and pain, allow the frog spirit to take them from you and replace them with love, compassion, peace, and kindness. You can only be fulfilled and give equally to others from this higher energy within you.

There is great luck and blessings waiting for you all, dear ones. You have come this far and now is the time to step it up and choose to be free of all internal and external obstacles. The way to achieve this is to trust the signs and guidance, that the universe is providing you with, all day every day, through synchronicities in your surroundings and through your own inner guidance system, that consists of your emotional and intuitive waters.

Prepare, prepare, prepare your energy, dear ones! So your process of growth and expansion will be like the leap of a frog, graceful yet powerful, into a whole new way of living and experiencing your life! And once again, it is not so much about where you land, because you are evolving from that place again soon enough, but how you take the leap, it is the process of life and growth, that counts. Give yourself credit for the way you joyfully choose to live your life from moment to moment, instead of only for your achievements.

I am Archangel Raziel, and I am here to guide you and immerse you in my love, light, and wisdom.

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Archangel Metatron’s message for Mabon on September 22nd, 2022

The second harvest of apples, pears and grapes

Mabon is a pagan festival, that celebrates the autumn equinox, the second harvest of fruit and vegetables of the year, and a time of thankfulness and rest after the hard labour of harvest season.

Spiritually, it is a time to reap what we have sown, to complete projects, and to clear out and let go of what is no longer wanted in order to make room for peace and reflection in a clean, cosy, and warm environment during the darker season of winter.

It is also the time to plant the seeds for new ideas, dreams, hopes, and wishes and nurture them with our love, care, and energy, now that the shortening days and the slowing down of the natural rhythms allow us to focus our attention more inwards.

At the autumn equinox, the day and night are equal in length, which symbolizes a moment of perfect equilibrium, balance, and harmony, providing us with the right opportunity for a personal reset through self-care and self-reflection in preparation for the darker and more sober days ahead.

Archangel Metatron has a special message for us on this joyful occasion.

My dear ones,

I am Archangel Metatron, and I bring you a message about the alchemy and balance between your Divine inner masculine and feminine energies. The autumn equinox symbolizes the perfect equilibrium between these two energies, as the day and night have the same duration. The influence of the sun, which represents your masculine power, as well as the influence of the moon, which represents your feminine power, are in perfect balance and union at this moment in time.

The moon not only allows you to look at your hidden fears and restrictions, it also connects you to the unseen world of your spiritual helpers, who speak to you through dreams and visions. The sun brings you the clarity, abundance, and vitality at this time of year to remain grounded and strong, and to take action on what the moon has shown you. When your Divine inner masculine and feminine energies are at their strongest, because they work in perfect harmony with each other, it is the most excellent time for a spiritual and emotional breakthrough and surge of enlightenment, because you can receive guidance and take the right inspired actions on it. You possess the optimal strength and drive to do so.

An emotional and mental clear-out will create space for new seeds of inspiration and a new way of cultivating them towards their fruition, which indicates your happiness and fulfilment in life. My encouragement to you, dear ones, is to use the celebration of the autumn equinox as an opportunity to thank and honour both your masculine and feminine aspects and qualities.

See the sun and the moon unite as one, recognize the blessings, that they both bring you. Allow the moon to lead you into the unknown territory of your hidden emotions and fears and let her immerse you in her magical realm of dreams, guidance, and symbols without resistance, knowing that the powerful sun will provide you with the strength and clarity to face these feelings of fear and insecurity and translate your received dream messages and higher guidance into practical and decisive action steps on your journey towards a new level of love, joy, and wisdom. This truly is the start of a new cycle of growth and enlightenment if you are aware of the energies around you and open your heart to them.

Balance brings the calmness for the birth of something new as it allows all cooperative components and synchronicities to align. When you align with the warm nurturing earth and the clear, wise and peaceful heavens above, miracles start to happen for you, because you step, with all of your being, into the energy-circuit called Life.

Bless you, dear ones, and enjoy your physical as well as spiritual harvest and the planning and preparation of the next one!

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Weekly angel message, September 12-18, 2022


Cherries represent hope, new beginnings, renewal, a return to innocence and a sense of wonder, femininity, sweetness, and happiness.

They help raise our emotional and spiritual frequency by reviewing our past hurts and sorrows in a different light. We realize, that we have gained wisdom by our life’s experiences without ever loosing our inner innocence and beauty.

This realization frees us from fear and anxiety, renews our self-esteem, and rejuvenates our body, mind, and soul.

The cherry symbolism encourages us to open our beautiful hearts again to unconditional love for ourselves and others and to take a chance on life by exploring new adventures and wholeheartedly following our dreams.

The cherries invite us to lean into our feminine side, which allows us to flow with the energies around us, detach from particular circumstances, and heal ourselves through creative self-expression by choosing to look at life as our canvas.

The wise and loving Archangel Jeremiel is here to share an encouraging message with us.

My dear, sweet listeners,

I am Archangel Jeremiel, the one, who wishes to help you transform the challenges in your life into new energy and a new beginning by helping you shift your perspective and cleanse your emotional waters. You possess all the tools to manifest your own happiness and fulfilment in this life, yet you block your own path by holding on to old sadness and heaviness. At this beautiful moment in time, where a new, joyful season is about to start, I have come to support you in lightening your load, so you can revitalize yourself and implement a fresh, new outlook on yourself and your life.

The beautiful cherries teach you about the freedom to enjoy your life without labeling, defining, and limiting yourself by your past experiences and the present state of your circumstances. Every moment brings you the opportunity to start fresh and new, because it is not your current reality that determines your happiness, but your state of presence, your alignment with your true self, and your higher perspective.

You always have the free choice to take your next step in life with a different energy and focus. It is all about the journey of life, you see, not the destination. Making the best of every given moment in time is what makes your life worth while. Even though you can come up with a million reasons to justify your unhappiness, there is an equal amount of incentives, that can point you in another, more fruitful and satisfying direction.

When you have been withdrawing from life, keeping yourself small, and hiding away in your own little world, it is now time to step out again and to physically, mentally and emotionally take your rightful place on this earth, step by step, with vigour and strength. I encourage you to find your connection with life by taking ownership and responsibility for your physical body and surroundings.

Cherish your beautiful body, that is your vessel, take care of it, and use it with love and care. Create beauty and love in your environment by cleaning, organizing, and bringing in a sense of structure. Venture out into the world and connect with other people and nature by being fully present in the moment, observing, listening, feeling, and breathing. When you feel yourself wanting to withdraw again, visualize deep roots going into the earth and a glowing protective energy sphere around you, keeping you safe, secure, and anchored in the here and now.

Be mindful of your thoughts and words, be vigilant in your decision to participate in life in an inspiring, loving, and giving way. The clarity to define your true values and the best direction for you in life, comes naturally to you, whispered in your ears by your higher self and your angelic support-team, when you silence all mental noise and clear out all unwanted energies.

Your biggest growth comes from staying grounded and strong in the face of adversity. When you are able to stand tall and accept your challenges, you learn to trust, that life takes care of you, and that you are able to build on a solid foundation. When you are always on the run or distracted, your energy is scattered and you do not allow your roots to deepen and grow strong.

Strong roots allow you to grow tall and to become unafraid to open your heart to life and love. You know then, that you can handle life as it comes to you. You are strong and resourceful enough to engage in the duality of life, to face the challenges and to wholeheartedly receive the blessings. You can see them both in the higher light and wisdom of the universe. You see, that they are both here to serve you and enhance and expand your life’s experience.

Life truly is a blank canvas for you at any moment in time. Be wise, and decide to live it to the fullest. Be like a magnificent tree with roots going deep into the nurturing earth and branches reaching to the sky, open to receive all the guidance, goodness, and blessings from the universe!

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Weekly angel message, September 5-11, 2022

A bunch of grapes

Grapes represent abundance, wealth, fertility, happiness, good fortune, and optimism. They signify a time of reaping the fruits of our labour, when we can start to relax and enjoy the beauty and sweetness in our lives.

The grape symbolism indicates unexpected opportunities coming our way, and the promise of great resources.

Grapes point to the completion of an inner transformation process and spiritual awakening with a positive and productive outcome. They ask us to prepare for and expect the very best, even though we can not see tangible results just yet, by tapping into our inner power of perserverance and patience.

Grapes also contain a multitude of powerful anti-oxidants promoting healing, health, and vitality on a physical level as well as strengthening our psychic senses and spiritual abilities.

The beautiful and radiant Archangel Ariel wishes to share this week’s angel message with us.

My beloved ones,

As we are approaching the season of fall, the season of the last abundant harvest of the year, I, Archangel Ariel, have come to bring you a message of magic, faith, and courage.

I wish to teach you, dear ones, about the true meaning of abundance, which always starts with a desire or wish, that swells up in your heart space, a feeling of delight and happiness, that warms your soul. This is where the magic starts. Your ability to feel the excitement of your dreams coming true, even before they have shown up in your reality, is your Divinely given ability to manifest, create, and attract as a human being. Cherish this surge of energy within you, as it is your own magical power.

Your decision to follow up on your desires is the key to your success, but in order to keep your joyful prospects alive, you need to make sure not to kill them with ego-driven feelings of lack and comparison aimed at your current situation and in your present moment. If you wish to feel abundant before you manifest abundance in your earthly reality, you need a clear and peaceful mind-set and a joyful, open, child-like, and innocent heart. You need to be willing to surrender to and trust the flow of events and synchronicities, that will lead you to the fruition of your dreams.

As the grapes represent the rewards of your labour, I would argue that your labour does not consist of hard work, but rather of focusing on being happy and relaxed in the process, knowing and trusting that the goodness of life is on its way to you.

Nature truly is your greatest teacher, as she shows you that all of the abundant produce once started as a little seed. A small seed, that when placed into your hands, seems insignificant and worthless at the moment, but holds the potential for a great outcome, when treated with nurturing care and given the right amount of time to grow and develop.

I encourage you to see each and every one of your wishes as seeds. Why don’t you plant them and monitor their progress? Your dream seeds need clear and fresh water, representing your high vibrational and joyful emotions, without being contaminated with mud and dirt, being your thoughts of negativity and disbelief.

Make sure your dream seeds get plenty of sunlight, which comes from your inner power and courage to plow through challenging circumstances by finding a way to make them work for you, by elevating yourself through changing your mind-set and truly commiting to purification and healing.

Plant your dream seeds in warm, fertile soil, and protect them from being robbed or eaten by predators. This means setting up boundaries with people and energies, that rob you of your joy, which is like clear water to your seeds. Organize for success, dear ones, just like you would tend to a garden by putting up fences and pulling out weeds.

I invite you to carefully select the seeds, that you would like to plant this fall season, so you will reap the benefits next growing season. There is a whole new cycle of light and growth waiting for you, but you have to come prepared and be a responsible and relentless guardian of your dreams and wishes. Allow the angels to help you with this process. Write, talk, sing about them and envision them as if they are already here.

The best thing about your dream seeds is that they are magical seeds, which means that they can grow much quicker, taller, and brighter than your ordinary earthly 3D seeds. They originate from and consist of an energy power, that flows through you at all times, providing you with all that you need for the cultivation of your seeds. Before you know it, you will reap a bountiful harvest!

Try it out, dear ones, test your own abilities to manifest abundance and learn to rely on them. You truly are a magical being, you only have to realize it , believe it, and act like one. It is time to show the world what you are capable of as a powerful creator by raising your vibration and clearing yourself of everything, that does not serve you!

Blessing you with love and light, I am Archangel Ariel.

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Weekly angel message, August 29-September 4, 2022

The moon

The moon represents the mysterious domain of our dreams, desires, fears, illusions, and hidden feelings, that dwell under the surface of our earthly existence, in our energyfield, psyche, and subconscious mind.

The symbolism of the moon invites us to go on a quest into the unknown, diving deeper into the world of these subconscious feelings and discover

how they affect our behaviour, actions, and responses in our daily life.

The moon assists us in our healing process towards wellbeing, joy, and freedom by teaching us how to surrender to the unknown, trust the higher flow of universal energies, and release the need for control.

Learning to cope with feelings of uncertainty and fear, and not knowing the details of our process, path, or outcome are an important part of our growth towards enlightenment.

The magnificent Archangel Raphael conveys this week’s angel message to us.

My dearly beloved ones,

I am Archangel Raphael, and I have come to bring you a message of comfort, love, and healing. These current times are both challenging for many as well as bursting and blossoming with opportunity, rediscovery, reinvention, healing, and growth.

I am here to help you with your moon quest, which is an inner journey taken to allow old pain and patterns to resurface in order to be released. Working with the power of your spiritual moon requires deep faith and a willingness to surrender to the unknown and accept that you do not have all the answers at present.

The moon asks of you to sink into your heart, where your intuition and inner knowing reside. Your heart is a portal to unconditional love and immense joy, when you silence your mind and thoughts and listen with your spiritual ears accessing a different form of awareness. An awareness of the subtle and higher energies around you, that can only be experienced through your psychic senses and intuitive gifts. Only this awareness can expose the deeper truth behind your reality, beyond your ordinary world, and what it reflects back to you in your life. This higher truth will set you free, clearing you from old blockages and outdated conditioning. How can I access this awareness and higher truth, you ask. By simply breathing through the chaos and upheaval, that you will initially feel on your quest and waiting long enough for the silence and calmness, that will undoubtedly follow, if you choose to keep looking and focusing inward with detachment and without mental judgement, while opening to receive the blessings of the universe.

The moon is your ally, dear ones, not an energy to fear, although her ways can be quite confrontational to you, bringing up parts of yourself that you wish to hide or forget about, but remember that this happens for a higher cause, the cause of exposing and cleansing. Only with the energy of the moon can you go deep enough to get to the roots of your emotions. She does not ask of you to react, but simply to observe, recognize, and choose to release and cleanse.

When you allow me to help you with your moon quest, my beloved ones, I will not only guide, comfort, and support you through the process of deep emotional healing, but also inspire you with tangible action steps towards a healthy lifestyle on all levels of your being. I will provide you with ideas on how to care for your body and how to take in mental and emotional nourishment for your soul.

All that is asked of you, is to make a commitment to this purification process. It is my promise to you, that you will light up and shine like a bright diamond, when you take this opportunity to devote yourself to your own healing and attract health, peace, security, and abundance for your whole being. Allow new life, light, and love to enter by making way for it and by preparing your body, mind and soul for the energy and spiritual flame of resurrection, that will rapidly catapult you forward into a new and more empowered phase of your life, which will be accompanied by better and more wholesome manifestations and reflections of the world around you.

I am always ready for your call, dear ones! Remember, that you are deeply loved and that there is always support, comfort, and guidance available for you. You are never forsaken or forgotten but cherished and cared for beyond your comprehension!

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Weekly angel message, August 22-28, 2022

The fern

The fern represents rebirth, new beginnings, renewal, hope for the future, positive change, magic, and protection.

Ferns are one of the oldest living plants on earth, and are the keepers of ancient wisdom, providing an opening to higher awareness and cosmic downloads.

When combined with another flower, they strengthen and protect the magical significance of this particular flower.

The fern also symbolizes the life-death-rebirth cycles in our lives because its leaves die off every year before growing back again in springtime. Ferns are able to adapt and thrive in different environments and under challenging circumstances. They teach us to remain strong and hopeful when we go through major changes in our lives.

Ferns are linked to the fairy realms and the nurturing qualities of the earth, bringing spiritual protection, guidance, and healing.

Archangel Gabriel delights us with this week’s encouraging angel message.

My dearest ones,

This is a message of hope for all, that feel lost or without a clear direction in their lives. I am Archangel Gabriel and I have come to tell you that you are never really lost, just dwelling in one of the voids, that are part of the cycles of life.

The fern tells the story of dying only to be born again stronger and brighter with deeper roots and an increased potential for growth. As the Archangel of creativity and inspiration, I wish to bestow upon you that these times where you feel like your life is on hold or without progression, are the times to reinvent yourself and to shed your old leaves and grow new ones, that are better suited.

When you observe the development of a new leaf or frond on the fern, you see that it starts of as a curled up spiral and slowly unfolds itself. Energetically, it works the same for you. Your growth is like an uncurling spiral allowing you to slowly get used to the new energy with every new step, that takes you out of your comfort-zone. It feels like an adventure into the unknown, but before you embark on this new journey, there is always a pause, a preparation period, the dying of the old and the mysterious creation of the new, just like the fronds of the fern die off and begin the process of starting a new cycle of growth in the darkness of the earth’s fertile soil.

The fern trusts its natural cycles of change and does not fear the darkness it has to go through, as it knows it is held safely in the nurturing energies of the earth. When you are going through a process of rebirth, know that you too are fully supported and protected when you feel vulnerable and out of place. You are always exactly where you need to be because every stop along the way teaches you new lessons and helps you to broaden your horizon.

A new leaf needs the warm, protective, and nurturing earth and the flowing, life-giving water to develop, grow, and eventually emerge into the sunlight. Allow your spiritual element of water to immerse you in love, compassion, meditation, and creative outlets to get to know your true feelings and hear the voices of your intuition and non-physical helpers. Allow your spiritual element of earth to help you feel protected, grounded, and nurtured through self-care, playfulness, decluttering, and rest before you venture forward into new territories and engage in new adventures.

There is a whole new world waiting for you, but there is no hurry, allow yourself to rest, prepare, and shed your old ego structures. Know, that this is part of the natural cycle of death and rebirth. Brand new exciting opportunities and unexpected gifts and inspiration will show up for you at the right divine time and your heart will overflow with joy and emotional fulfilment once again!

The video version of this angel message is also available on my Youtube channel!

Weekly angel message, August 15-21, 2022

The strawberry

The strawberry represents the sweetness of life, purity, love, delight, and passion.

As the strawberry is one of the first fruit to ripen in spring, its symbolism heralds rebirth, new beginnings, and positive changes in our lives.

The strawberry connects to the energies of the planets Venus and Mercury.

Venus represents the divine feminine aspect of love, beauty, abundance, and passion, whereas Mercury is the planet of communication, intellect, creative expression, and information. Strawberry teaches us to enhance our goodhearted nature and relax into our softer, gentler, and more graceful side, when we approach life and engage with others. This nurturing energy will tear down walls of defense, distrust, and cynicism, and make way for beautiful new partnerships or the revival of existing relationships and friendships.

As a simple, yet luscious and irresistible fruit, the strawberry shows us that beauty, passion, and wellbeing can be found in simplicity and modesty. Fireworks burn up quickly, but a consistent flow of warmth, compassion, and kindness works miracles.

As the Archangel of endings and new beginnings of major life cycles, Archangel Azrael kindly conveys this week’s angel message to us.

My beloved ones,

I am Archangel Azrael, and this week I would like to bring you a message on the opportunity for a major rebirth in your life. The strawberry symbolizes a significant change in your emotional fulfilment and happiness, if you allow its humble, yet passionate, warm, and caring properties to guide you. After last week’s emotional release and healing with Archangel Gabriel’s willow tree, there is now space for further implementation of new energy.

The strawberry symbolizes the pinnacle of divine feminine energy and intuitive qualities within yourself. When you recognize that emotional expression and vulnerability are a strength instead of a weakness, you are able to let your energy flow freely, to give and receive the higher values of love and abundance without hesitation, and to confidently show yourself to the world with an open, flowing heart.

The strawberry radiates a natural confidence and abundance with its bright red, shiny colour and its luscious, heart shaped appearance. It even wears a leavy crown on top of its head, which symbolizes an inner regal quality of worthiness and an opening to the higher realms through your crown chakra. My encouragement to you, dear ones, is to apply the energy, that the strawberry represents, into your own life by allowing yourself to replenish emotionally and receive the blessings of change.

This rebirth does not come forth from strive, complex thought, or forced action, but out of the restoration of your capacity to flow, surrender, and trust the universal energies. These supporting energies, that are coming in for you right now to bring about change, are of a lighter, and higher frequency and will only be beneficial for you if you give yourself space and time to find your higher, matching energy flow.

An old cycle is about to end, a cycle of heavy structures and outdated ways of thinking and acting in your life. This new cycle births a whole new language to those that are ready to hear and speak it, a language of refined and clear signs and symbols, of connecting the dots from a higher vision, truth, and perspective, and of deep inner knowing, trust, and wisdom. This requires of you to be a clear, pure, and joyful receiver and communicator, to live a simpler life, simpler, but rich in peace, magic, and awareness, and to detach from the noise and distractions of the man-made world and connect to the sacredness of the natural world.

Now is the time, to invest in yourselves, dear ones, by focusing on your emotional fulfilment and wellbeing and becoming the beautiful and worthy vessel for the energy of change, that you are meant to be. Only from the overflow of this inspired energy, will you be able to successfully make an impact on the world through creative expressions and sincere ventures filled with passion, joy, and enthusiasm.

I am Archangel Azrael, ask me to help you get familiar with this new chapter in your life, that is on the verge of revealing itself to you!

The video version of this angel message is also available on my Youtube channel!

Weekly angel message, August 8-14, 2022

The willow tree

The willow tree represents strength, adaptation, flexibility, emotional expression, hope, and healing.

The willow tree is able to survive critical conditions, high winds, and storms because of its resilient branches, that can bend without breaking. It teaches us to grow, evolve and even thrive in difficult circumstances by being flexible and gathering our inner strength to face our challenges.

We choose to adjust ourselves to the necessary changes in our lives and to be hopeful of new beginnings, that arise when we let go of the old and embrace the new. When a willow branch is planted in the ground, it will sprout easily and grow into a new tree, which symbolizes this possibility for new life and new beginnings.

The willow tree symbolism has a connection to the moon and the element of water, which represent the flow of our emotions, subsconscious fears and desires, our intuition, and our spiritual receptivity. The willow tree encourages us to get in touch with and express our deepest inner feelings, to ease our sadness, and to surrender and let go, allowing deep emotional healing to take place, which benefits our overall health.

Another important message from the willow tree is the interconnectedness of all life, which asks of us to be mindful of our thoughts, words, and actions because they affect the world around us and are also mirrored back to us in our own life experiences.

As the willow tree is one of Archangel Gabriel’s most prominent symbols, she kindly conveys this week’s angel message to us.

My beloved ones,

I am Archangel Gabriel, and I am delighted to bring you a message of warmth, community, and oneness in this special week, where the energy of the Lion’s gate portal is at its height on the 8th of August. This portal offers you the opportunity to work with this powerful universal energy of balanced momentum and allow it to support your process of personal growth and enlightenment.

I would like to convey to you what the symbolism of the willow tree means in conjunction with this special occasion. Primarily, the willow tree represents emotional healing, the release of feelings of heaviness and sadness, and the return to a state of innocence and freedom. As the Archangel, who has a special affinity with the children of your world, I can help you cherish your own inner child, which is that inner part of you that longs for playfulness and freedom from the complexity of your adult life. Only when you allow yourself to let go of painful past experiences, can you wholeheartedly embrace the world with love and receive the abundant blessings from the universe, like an innocent child, that is loved and cared for by his parents in the purest and most beneficial way.

The willow tree shows you that you are able to overcome your challenges in life and create a new beginning for yourself at any given moment in time. For a new beginning to take place, the circumstances do not have to change right away. A new beginning always starts with a new perspective, which makes way for new energy and momentum to arise. When you develop a different outlook on life, think different thoughts, speak different words, and choose different behaviours, you are sowing the seeds of change, and before you know it, you will reap a whole new harvest. Remember last week’s wise analogy spoken by Archangel Uriel!

The willow tree represents a serene and sacred place for you to go to, retreat from the world, and regain this new perspective on your life. The spot where the branches spread out from the stem is low to the ground and is easy and inviting for your inner child to climb into and find a comfortable place to sit at. The warm, smooth texture of the willow’s bark and its overhanging lightly swaying branches, that provide shade and a secret hiding place, will enhance your feelings of wellness and security. Now open yourself up to the energy of healing with patience and care, choose to rid yourself of negative patterns and feelings of victimhood, cutting the cords with all that has hurt you in the past, and watch your inner child start to smile, relax, and rejoice in the loving branches of the willow tree.

When you balance and harmonize your body, mind, and spirit, an openness, and a feeling of oneness with the whole of creation arises within you. You no longer feel like you have to defend and protect yourself, but you are able to seek out companions to cooperate and share your inspiration and dreams with. When you allow yourself to be supported and inspired by others in a warm community spirit, you will experience true synergy and the birth of new creative endeavours, that come forth from combined energies of like-minded and like-hearted souls, who will mirror your love, joy, and passion.

Let me guide you on your path and light the flame of healing, inspiration, creativity, and oneness for you, dear ones. I am Archangel Gabriel, ask me for the energy of love and healing and I will hold you in my warm, nurturing embrace for as long as you wish for.

The video version of this angel message is also available on my Youtube channel!

Weekly angel message, August 1-7, 2022

The sunflower

The sunflower represents love, joy, vitality, happiness, optimism, faith, and adoration. This big vibrant flower with its strong upright stem and sunlike petals inspires us to claim our personal power, authenticity, inner confidence, and self-worth.

The sunflower exhibits a trait called heliotropism, which means that it follows the movement of the sun, turning its flowerhead towards the warm sunlight.

It encourages us to focus on the things, that give us energy, are positive in nature, and support our growth and wellbeing.

The sunflower symbolism also refers to our power and courage to succeed in life by embracing opportunities, taking practical steps in the right direction, and bringing out the best version of ourselves with gusto and confidence.

The sunflower’s large quantity of edible seeds represent the enhancement of our nurturing qualities and the many seeds of potential, that we can sow in our lives to reap an abundant spiritual and material harvest.

Archangel Uriel enlightens us further this week with his beautiful message.

My dearest ones,

I am Archangel Uriel, and I am delighted to bring you another encouraging message of higher wisdom this week.

In my last message, I spoke of developing trust in the blossoming and the coming to fruition of your spiritual seeds, which is what the symbolism of the beautiful sunflower refers to.

The sunflower tracks the sun with its flowerhead, and allows the warm rays to accelerate its process of photosynthesis and growth. Due to this special trait of heliotropism, it grows tall and strong, and exudes a remarkable radiance and beauty.

Just like the sunflower, you are encouraged to turn towards the light, and absorb all of the higher qualities of the spiritual sun, such as love, joy, wisdom, purity, and harmony. Strengthen your faith in divine love and the sacred powers of the universe by opening your heart to a higher calling, rising above your earthly challenges, and its limiting, dense energies.

All you have to do is ask, and be open to receive, because no plea or question remains unanswered. Allow yourself to be nurtured and comforted by the knowing, that at your core, you are a beautiful, innocent, and pure soul, and always will be.

Working with the power of the sun, as the sunflower does so meticulously, brings you the strength, clarity, and confidence to successfully move forward in your life. Use your power of focus to only take in positive, nurturing, and uplifting energies, words, thoughts, actions, and information. When you practise this way of living, your heart becomes softer and receptive of your higher wisdom, love, and intuition. This raises your energy frequency, and makes you stand out, radiant and strong, just like the beautiful sunflower. It is this radiance, that alters the outcome of your spiritual and material harvest on earth because you have tended to your process of growth and manifestation with the highest care and attention.

When the world becomes too much for you, and emotions are running high, retreat in stillness, and remember your intention of working with the sun. Give yourself time to regain your balance and clear focus, and then go forward again, visualizing a warm, radiant sun, shining above your head, that nurtures, inspires, and protects you. Learn to depend on your own personal sun, and just like the sunflower, you will remain confident and strong, seeing clearly through the duality of your world.

I am Archangel Uriel, ask me to help you embrace the powers of the sun, which will bring you happiness and fulfilment beyond your wildest dreams and imagination.

The video version of this angel message is also available on my Youtube channel.