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Message from Archangel Chamuel featuring the symbolism of the ring

The ring

A ring represents unity, oneness, and eternal love. It is a symbol of dedication and commitment to a relationship or venture and of deep loyalty to our ideals, convictions, and responsibilities.

A ring can be used as a powerful tool to enhance our intentions, stimulate our desired vibration, and increase our focus and conscious awareness.

Our hands play a crucial part in our spiritual and physical life as they are one of the most important conduits for turning our thoughts into tangible manifestations. When we bring our attention to our hands and appreciate the role they play in our lives, we start to become aware of their natural energy and power, that we can increase even more by learning about their energetic meaning.

Our right hand is believed to be connected to our inner divine masculine energy related to physical action, and through this hand we give our energy, talents, and gifts to the world. Our left hand is believed be to connected to our inner divine feminine energy, and this is the hand with which we receive creativity and inspiration to develop beneficial qualities for ourselves.

Our fingers also reflect different energies and elements and by intentionally wearing a ring on a specific finger we strengthen our focus and intentions. For example, some people choose to wear a ring on their index finger as a reminder of the qualities of self-confidence, leadership, and focus, and a ring worn on the ring finger, like a traditional wedding band, is believed to be a reference to the heart-chakra and therefore symbolizes beauty, love, loyalty, and compassion.

Let’s find out why the wonderful Archangel Chamuel chose the symbol of the ring to feature in his message for us.

My beloved ones,

What a joy to be in your midst once again! I, Archangel Chamuel, have chosen the symbol of the ring to remind you of your eternal nature and the infinite possibilities of the universe. The circular shape of the ring radiates an energy of strength, devotion, and unity to help you navigate the many cycles of life. The ring metaphorically connects everything and everyone in a perfect state of oneness that cannot be broken or disintegrated.

A man-made ring is worn around your fingers and as your five fingers are assumed to represent the five symbolic elements connected to life on your planet, which are water, air, earth, fire, and ether, this specific piece of jewellery can serve as a beautiful reminder to harmoniously integrate and unite these elements into your human existence as they are interconnected and the one cannot fully develop or thrive without the other. It takes a certain level of awareness, dedication, and commitment to engage in this process of self-discovery and personal growth by recognizing and utilizing these five parts of nature, that are also a symbolic reflection of your inner energies and qualities.

For this message I would like to distinguish five areas in your life that you can metaphorically ‘put a ring on’ or in other words commit yourself to in order to cultivate your sense of oneness with all life and strengthen your eternal beingness of love and light. I will present you with five pointers connected to the symbolic elements that will be at the base of my encouragement and guidance to you. When you view them as a harmonious closed unit and a never ending flow of energy that continues to spiral upwards to more freedom, expansion, and grace, just like the symbolism of the ring depicts, you are on the trail of great blessings and joy in your life.

The first symbolic element of water, which represents your feelings, emotions, and intuition, is complimented by a ring of faith. Your faith in a higher power that guides you through life and supports and loves you unconditionally will help settle disturbing emotions of anxiety and despair. Faith is a practice, but most of all it is a choice, dear ones, by choosing to have faith, you surrender your heavy burdens to the universe and you make room for miraculous solutions and favourable outcomes to enter your life.

This preludes a smooth transition to the second element of air, which represents your mind, mental energy, and communication skills, and is complimented by the ring of surrender, because deep faith allows for a state of surrender in which you release all preconceived notions and ideas and open yourself up to divine inspiration and higher guidance. If you surrender to the flow of life, you no longer feel the need for control and suffer from the rigid tension of demands and expectations. Instead, you use the freed up energy and lightness of surrender to make the best of what life has to offer you in every given moment with a spirit of openness and appreciation, which brings me to the element of fire, which represents your personal strength, passion, and will-power, and is complimented by the ring of gratitude.

Instead of chasing after your earthly needs and desires with mere effort and strain using only your will-power, you use the powerful universal vibration of gratitude to easily attract more of what you wish for. If you teach yourself to practise gratitude on a daily basis and positively turn your attention on the goodness that surrounds you, it will multiply and bring you more manifestations of this same higher energy of joy and fulfilment. Remember that there is always something to be grateful for, it is a matter of focus and practice, which brings me to the element of earth, which represents your tangible reality that you can perceive through your physical senses, and is complemented by the ring of commitment.

Your commitment to practise and apply your spiritual truths in your daily life will lift your vibration and you will find this process to become easier every day.

Life as a human being involves going through repeating cycles, comparable to the cycles of nature, and as time passes and you commit to your spiritual growth and development, you will enter these cycles at different levels of awareness and enlightenment.

Be aware that this is not a matter of competition, an exhalted status, or hierarchy, but simply of becoming aware of who you truly are and expanding your divinely given talents and gifts by shedding the layers of confusion and complexity invented by the human mind.

Your commitment will eventually bare its fruits, which is reflected in the element of ether, which represent the higher spiritual worlds and your energetic connection to the Divine and all that is, and is complemented by the ring of peace. Inner peace is the greatest treasure you can find in this life, because it allows you to rise above the duality of life on earth and ensures a solid, secure foundation no matter what is going on around you or inside you for that matter. You will be able to relax and rejoice with ease knowing that from a divine and angelic perspective all is well and always will be.

You simply cannot lose, because you are an eternal energy-being, and this is where we come back to the symbolic meaning of the ring, the eternal oneness of all life, the eternal love for you that is always available, the eternal love that you consist of. Now the circle is complete, and may the man-made rings you wish to wear, regardless on which finger, be an inspiring reminder of my words and a reflection of your understanding of the powerful workings of the universal energies of love and light!

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Β© 2023 – Flowing with Angels – Marielle

Message from Archangel Sandalphon featuring the symbolism of the Marigold flower

The marigold flower

The marigold flower is connected to the life-giving energy of the sun due to the vibrant yellow and orange colours of its large flowerheads, and in this context it represents radiance, brightness, warmth, joy, optimism, and positivity. In many cultures the marigold flowers are also used in festivals and ceremonies as symbols of luck, prosperity, and death and rebirth.

Marigold flowers are hardy flowers that can withstand various environmental conditions. Their stems grow thick, strong, and upright in order to support the luscious flowerheads that are blossoming towards the sunlight, which symbolizes courage, resilience, and determination. The ability of the marigold flowers to thrive in challenging circumstances serves as an encouragement to remain strong and resilient in the face of difficulties with a positive and enlightened outlook.

Marigold flowers are often planted among other plants and flowers because of their pest-repelling properties. Their strong aroma is offensive to most insects and they also produce natural chemicals that prevent parasites from damaging plantroots. The marigold flower is therefore considered a powerful symbol of protection, but also of healing and wellbeing. In relation to love and relationships this beautiful flower represents dedication, loyalty, and faith in a bright and positive future.

The gentle and deeply loving Archangel Sandalphon joins us with a message based on the energy of the marigold symbolism.

My dear ones,

This is a message of optimism and hope, an encouragement for you to turn your head towards the sun and allow its energy to fill you with light, vitality, and joy! The sun is always shining, behind the thickest of clouds and even when one part of the earth is covered in the darkness of night, the sun still lights up and brightens the other side of your planet, which means that there is always a source of light available to you, dear ones, but you have to remind yourselves to actively search for it!

In this beautiful season of spring in the northern hemisphere, the light is increasing and nature is blossoming. I, Archangel Sandalphon, am closely connected to the seasons and cycles of nature and I would like to bring you uplifting guidance on how to utilize this energy as a human being in a physical body. The beautiful marigold flower represents the energy of the sun and I encourage you to use this symbol as a reminder of this message.

The gift of the sun and the qualities it reflects such as vitality, energy, enlightened inspiration, and joy, are constantly gifted to you by the universe in many different ways and in many different forms, but often you simply cannot connect to this empowering energy-flow and recogzine these exciting opportunities of change and expansion because of the heavy emotions and sabotaging thoughts that cloud your outlook on life and drain your energy. That is why I would like to talk to you about the mastery of both your emotional state and your thought-patterns, because if your emotions are out of balance, it is difficult for you to connect to the frequency of joy, and when you are bogged down by an overload of limiting and worrying thoughts, it is difficult to feel clear, confident, and empowered.

Let’s start with your emotional well-being first, and let’s choose the lovely orange coloured marigold flowers as a symbolic reference to this. The yellow coloured flowers will then represent your personal power and confidence, and finally the red coloured ones will represent the grounding of this energy-work and the passion and drive that will propel you forward in life.

Marigold flowers emanate a strong aroma and produce natural repellents to protect themselves and their immediate environment and to secure their well-being and thriving.

Your metaphorical aroma and natural repellents when it comes to protecting and enhancing your emotional wellbeing consist of uplifting feelings and your natural radiance and beauty that arise when you are enjoying life by focusing on the fun things that make you feel happy and free.

Firstly, the natural world in all its variety, splendour, and beauty including the natural elements of water, air, fire, and earth have the best possible influence on human emotions. That is why taking a walk in nature, lighting a candle, taking a bath, or gardening have a soothing effect on your mood and emotional balance. Secondly, besides your ability to observe the present moment, you possess the gift of dreaming about and visualizing the things that uplift your spirit, and when you allow yourself the time to do so, the accompanying beneficial emotions will rise up and repel the negative ones. You will create an energy-field, a personal safe space, around you of beauty and contentment, that you can enter anytime negative emotions start to overwhelm you. Let the beautiful marigold remind you to produce the right aroma and natural repellents for your own benefit and that of those around you.

Closely connected to your emotional state are the thoughts you think. Are they empowering, motivational, and clear, or are you getting lost in a maze of mental stories that are mostly connected to past sadness and loss and future worries and probabilities? Once again the beautiful marigold is here to inspire you with its wisdom because it shows you that its flowerhead can only bloom and turn towards the sun if it is supported by a sturdy stem. Your metaphorical stem consists of your self-belief and self-confidence to not only survive but thrive in life.

You must work on a stable and secure foundation for yourself and take repsonsibility for your focus and mental stimulation, but also for your words and conversations. Words are energy, dear ones, use them wisely and be discerning about what words you speak and what words you listen to. Avoid gossip and downtalk and engage in praise and positive upliftment instead. Do not try to to control the flow of life with your thoughts, because it is a lost battle, but rather surrender and learn to trust your ability to cope with your life’s experiences by tuning into your higher inner wisdom, intuition, and guidance from the universe that naturally arise when you let go of your resistance and tendencies to control the outcome.

Remember that the sun shines on all of you without exception, and that each and every one of you is deserving of all the goodness, opportunities, and expansion that life has to offer. Instead of wandering through life without a sense of direction and responsibility, I encourage you to be grateful, present, and aware of the many metaphorical life-and light-giving suns in your life, while at the same time preparing your energy-field with a sturdy metaphorical stem and a radiant protective aroma, so you will blossom and grow strong with your passion, drive, and zest for life solidly anchored and grounded to the earth as represented by the red coloured marigolds. Dare to be open and trusting in life without reservations made out of fear and insecurities and let the marigold symbolism help you to do so!

Β© 2023 – Flowing with Angels – Marielle

Message from Archangel Chamuel featuring the symbolism of the duck

The duck

The duck is a beautiful symbol of integrating spirituality into our everyday life with ease, grace, and practical steps. As a duck is able to walk, swim, and fly, it is connected to the element of earth, water, and air, and it teaches us to ground into our bodies, flow with our emotions, and navigate the world of Spirit to gain a higher perspective on our lives.

Ducks are able to float on the surface as well as dive deep into the water to collect food without getting dragged down or soaked by the water because of the protective layer of oil around their feathers. They inspire us to protect our energy-fields against drama and negativity conjured up by the ego and calmly move through emotional upheaval by tending to our inner work, personal healing, and own wellbeing first.

Ducks also represent spiritual transformation and rebirth, but in a gentle, subtle, and inconspicuous way by simply being present in the moment and finding inner peace and harmony by adapting a more relaxed, simple, and patient way of being. Ducks are sociable and friendly animals that remind us to bring more cheerfulness and lightness into our lives, to laugh about ourselves and our earhtly challenges from time to time, and to focus on the beauty of life and the loving bonds with others that support us.

Ducks are constantly exploring the world in search of suitable places that provide enough water, food, and nesting places for them and in a spiritual sense they inspire us to discover our own resilience and strength to keep exploring our inner and outer world for the right food for our soul and the best circumstances and the right spiritual qualities of harmony, peace, and patience to thrive in an otherwise turbulent world.

Let’s see what the beautiful Archangel Chamuel wishes to convey to us based on the lovely duck symbolism.

My beloved ones,

Sometimes your spiritual growth and awareness occur in intermittent stages and at times you might feel stagnant and still overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the predominantly negatively orientated world around you. You have become aware of your patterns and of their origin, but releasing and healing them can leave you with a void of not knowing how to progress further, while at the same time your sensitivity has significantly increased by the gradual opening of your heart-space.

This conjures up feelings of vulnerability, which you are inclined to cover up with your thinking mind and by taking on even more responsibility and involving yourself in affairs that mostly concern other people and that are not contributing to your highest good. The duck symbolism is about grounding your spirituality and newly perceived insights into you daily life while protecting yourself and preventing yourself from stepping into the pitfall of the tendency to overcompensate in order to mask this uncomfortable feeling inside you.

I am Archangel Chamuel, the Archangel that helps you to activate your heart-space and prepare it for unconditional love, light, and clarity. When you have experienced al lot of negativity in your life and you were used to blocking your heart to numb pain and sadness, the greatest part of your spiritual journey has consisted of releasing and healing this past emotional heaviness, but after this important phase you will come to the point where you wish to live according to the truth of yourt heart, you wish to follow the song of your heart because now you are finally able to hear it. And this is the moment in your journey that I wish to address in my message, because most of you, who are reading these words, have already come a long way and are ready for love and are ready to implement a whole new way of being, but still get easily overwhelmed and unsure on how to move forward.

That is why I would like to introduce you to the way of the duck, this lovely down-to-earth, adorable, and cheerful little creature that knows how to balance his daily tasks of finding food and shelter with rest, relaxation, and happy exploring. He radiates an energy of simplicity and joyful present moment aliveness and this is what I encourage you to embrace more in your life. Most people, who had to protect their heart during their life, had to compensate for the partial loss of the natural wisdom and intuitive inspiration that reside there, with overthinking in the form of mental strategies and control to cope with worries and anxiety.

However, when you adapt a different layer of protection in the form of healthy boundaries and most importantly a high vibration of spiritual grace that will attract people, situations, and circumstances that serve your highest good, and will repel negativity and density, you no longer need these overwhelming and overactive thoughts. This frees up an enormous amount of energy that can now flow to other areas of your life, but when you are not used to it, it feels awkward at first to have this much time, energy, and clarity at your disposal because you are used to dealing with so much drama and mental and emotinional upheaval.

So now you will have to learn to simply be and enjoy life, which is your natural birthright and yet is still so unfamiliar to so many of you. Instead of experiencing life as a constant battle and fight for survival, you can give yourself permission to rest and relax more and look for the sweetness in life. Do not let a misplaced feeling of guilt stand in your way. You are worthy to receive these blessings and more importantly you are worthy of living your life in a more spontaneous and optimistic way. Just like the ducks, you go gently and easily with the flow of life and move to the metaphorical areas that bring you the most fulfilment. There is room now for new discoveries and pathways that lead to new ventures and relationships with resonating souls.

At first, it might seem like nothing much is happening and that is because you need time to get used to this new inner state of being, so that when opportunities arrive, you will be able to fully embrace them without holding yourself back out of guilt or because your energy is still caught up in old behaviours. These are the intervals on your journey that teach you to simply be present and allow you to get used to the feeling of receiving the sweetness of life and indulging in pleasure and fun.

When your vibration spreads lightness and joy, tangible manifestations of this energy-frequency will start to show up in your life, in small ways at first, but the more this vibration turns into your natural state, the more your life will start to change for the better, and you have come a long way from your heavy-heartedness and tendencies to either take the world on your shoulder or fight against its density, to finding a lighter and more joyful way of living. Just like the duck, you will feel at home and secure on this planet, and once you have crossed this threshold, you will never look back again, only forwards towards your beautiful future!

Β© 2023 – Flowing with angels – Marielle

Message from Archangel Nathaniel featuring the map and the compass

How to prepare for our journey

Archangel Nathaniel announces a time of fast movement and considerable growth if we throroughly prepare ourselves for the journey with a symbolic map and compass.

The map represents the territory of life and our spiritual landscape on which we base our decisions about our spiritual direction and the actions we need to take to progress in life. The map also shows us where we are, but we need conscious awareness and a higher clarity to understand and interpret it. This is why we also need our spiritual compass, which is based on the balance of both the tools of our intellect and our intuition.

It is important to consider how we spend our time and direct our energy to calibrate this inner compass. Do we focus our attention on subjects that positively feed and shape our mind and do we tune into the voice of our intuition by entering a state of silence on a regular basis?

When our spiritual compass is directed towards our true north, or the innermost desire of our soul, we are discovering our authentic selves, living purposefully, and unlocking our greatest potential, joy, and fulfilment in life.

Dear ones,

At this time of great movement and powerful energy-shifts, I, Archangel Nathaniel, have come to join you once again to encourage you to wake up to your highest potential, true self, and inner power! There is a constant, unchanging source of truth, life, and love within you that awaits your attention and your attunement to it. Remember that you are the creator of your own life and perceived reality, and you are equipped with all the tools, talents, and gifts you need to progress, grow, and flourish. Let me help you on your way by enlightening you about your spiritual map and compass, which will bring you clear insights on how to start living according to your soul’s purpose.

Firstly, we are going to take a look at your map, which is partly filled in with all the roads you have been traveling on so far, and partly blank because it represents the unknown territory that you have not discovered yet, the roads untraveled.

How exciting and fun it is to be able to draw up your own map! Do you already feel an inner sense of adventure light up? Good! Let us start by acknowledging where you are and how far you have come on this journey called life. The best energy to immerse yourself in right now is that of gratitude and appreciation, as you are here, alive and present, a beautiful worthy being of love and light incarnated in a human body on this wonderful planet called Earth, and the life you have lived so far and the duality you have encountered have made you rich with experience and expansion. The beautiful thing about designing your own map is that you do not have to continue in the ways that are familiar and known to you, but that you get to experiment with and choose new pathways.

You are in charge, whether you wish to go left or right, whether to climb the mountains or find a new road around them, whether to travel over water or take the footpath through the woods, whether the roads allow you to travel fast or rather slowly, so you can soak in and enjoy your surroundings. I would like you to start by visualizing a blank canvas and allow yourself to fully embrace the knowing that you are the designer of your own map and that this empty space before you is filled with potential, rich new experiences, joy, adventure, and new people and places to meet and visit. Be conscious of the possibility of change, open your heart to a broadening of your horizon and the Divine promiss that all is possible no matter where you are at right now and no matter what you have lived before! Do you feel your inner creative fire light up?

Now that you are ready to start creating your future pathways, we are going to find out where you wish to go to and what you wish to experience. This is where your spiritual compass comes into the picture and it is your responsibility to calibrate it towards your true north!

Your true north is defined by your soul’s truth and the talents and gifts you naturally possess to live your personal mission and purpose and to enjoy the fulfilment of a rich and abundant human life on Earth. The place where your dreams and visions arise is a place of stillness, rest, and solitude, where the world with its loud voices and persistent influences gets shut out for a while, and where you can tune into the Source of all creativity, energy, and endless possibilities. It is here where the answers will flow into your conscious mind and it is here where you access clear inspiration, ideas, and insights on your true self and the depth of your potential.

When you emerge again, refreshed and revitalized, there are two pointers I wish to give you. The first one is to be aware of your own old limiting belief-systems and the influence of the opinions of others, who would rather have you traveling according to your old map instead of venturing out into new territory, and the second one is your own focus and attitude when you start to progress with your new ideas on your newly designed roads. Make sure not to sabotage yourself, but keep going back to those primary feelings of excitement and sense of adventure that we started this message with.

Keep going back to this place of fiery energy, keep retreating into stillness, and keep repeating this process until you notice that you are making progress and allowing change into your life. Once you start to move forward and experience the joy and upliftment on the roads of the newest part of your map, it will become easier and easier. You have learned to trust your own inner compass and you have learned to regularly check in and see if it is still pointing towards you true north. Bravo, dear ones, let me bless you with my powerful energy of motivation and strength, and ask me for support and guidance at any time! Enjoy your beautiful, rich lives, dear ones!

🧭 Have a wonderful week everyone, thank you for your love and support! πŸ™πŸ’›πŸŒž

Β© 2023 – Flowing with Angels – Marielle

Message from Archangel Azrael featuring the symbolism of the anchor

The anchor

The anchor represents hope, safety, strength, security, stability, and steadfastness. It keeps us firmly grounded to the earth and prevents that we get swept away and lost in the stormy emotional waters of life.

Our spiritual anchor is based on our personal belief-systems and our trust and faith in our own power, wisdom, and strength as well as the guidance from the higher realms of unconditional love and light.

With this solid spiritual tool we are able to anchor ourselves to a strong foundation of hope and optimism and are unafraid to venture out and live our lives to the fullest. When we symbolically lower our anchor to the bottom of the sea, we create a safe place in which we feel secure enough to relax and revitalize our energies. Pulling up our metaphorical anchor points to a new beginning, a new life journey, that we start with courage and resilience, often after challenging times of adversity and emotional setbacks. With focus and determination we find the strength to indefatigably push through towards our dreams and goals.

The shape of an anchor also has a significant meaning. The center of the cross on an anchor is said to represent the union of spirit and matter and the crescent with the two identical flukes, which are the typical hook-like arms, joined at the center, depicts a strong bond of love between two people.

Together with the symbols of the cross and the heart, the anchor forms the trinity of love, faith, and hope.

The beautiful symbolism of the anchor provides great stability in our lives, but also comes with the warning not to become too rigid in our ways to the point where we cannot be flexible or let go of ideas, concepts, or goals that no longer serve our highest good.

Let’s see what Archangel Azrael wishes to convey to us along side the energy-vibration of the anchor.

Dearly beloved ones,

At the heart of the anchor is the cross that represents the connection between Heaven and Earth and your deep spiritual awareness of this holy union.

I, Archangel Azrael, have come to meet you at this crossing point, to remind you of the immense support and love that the spirit world has for you, and how you can open your heart to this great source of warmth and wisdom that will enrich and bless your life on Earth, if you allow it.

The beautiful symbol of the anchor is a marvelous spiritual tool to help you find stability in the sea of life with its many currents, whirlpools, and flows, and as it is connected to both the spiritual plane and the earth plane, I will enlighten you on how to use this wonderful tool in both realms.

When you wish to anchor yourself to the spiritual world, you must be willing to commune and communicate in a way that suits these higher planes, which is by retreating from loud words and forced actions and by entering the place of inner stillness and embracing a state of surrender and release. It is as if you lay down your earthly vessel that is your body, and detach from your earthly possessions for a few moments, and remain only as a formless, pure energy-being that is not bound by earthly heaviness and limitations. In this meditative state and through your lucid dreams you are able to dance with the angels and laugh with your spirit guides, and return refreshed and revitalized to your daily life again.

However, it does not end there, but it continues with your heightened sensitivity of energy, the clear voice of your intuition, your increased awareness of signs and synchronicities that help and guide you when you are fully present in your body again and interacting with life on Earth as a human being. Your spiritual anchor is your deep inner knowing that you are never alone or forsaken, but that you are part of a large soul family of higher beings of unconditional love and light, who become as real and tangible to you as your loved ones in human form, because you have learned to speak their language and learned to recognize their presence, love, guidance, and support.

Now let’s see how you can anchor yourself to the Earth in a way that brings you the stability and security you need to feel happy and content in life. In relation to the spiritual realms and higher frequencies, the sea represents the waters of your intuition and clear channels through which you receive inspired guidance, love, and light, but in relation to the earth plane, the sea represents your emotions and feelings that can be tumultuous, uncomfortable, and even frightening from time to time. You will need to add different qualities to your anchor when it comes to your earthly affairs and existence.

The first quality is radical and brutal honesty, honesty about how you feel, how you came to feel this way, and what part you played in the stirring of your emotional waters. You must be willing to stand in front of a mirror and truly look at yourself, look at who you are right now, and submit yourself to a thorough act of self-reflection. When you cannot be honest with yourself, the world can never reflect your soul’s truth back to you and your view and perspective on life will always be distorted. Only through honesty and truth will you be able to hold a strong focus and create conscious change for the better.

The second quality you must add to your anchor is proper self-care. When you wish to attract stability, power, and strength on the earth plane, your vessel that is your magnificent body must be in the best possible condition, and this has not only to do with how you eat, exercise, and clothe yourself, but also with your mental and emotional diet. Be discerning of the influences that you allow into your life whether they are people, ideas, or material things, but remember that only you can decide for yourself what it is that serves your highest good. Be compassionate with yourself, but also with other people, when their choices and preferences do not match yours.

The last quality that I would like to mention to you is the power of your creative energies and how you apply them in your world. Use these creative juices to discover new pathways and endeavours for yourself that bring more balance and harmony to your life, because they light up your inner fire with joy and excitement. These activities or pursuits will counterbalance the sadness and disappointments of the inevitable storms in your life, and provide you with energy-fuel to keep on going when your road gets a little more rough.

The meeting point of the two flukes or hooked arms of the anchor represents a bond of deep love. Let’s apply this analogy to the ways you anchor yourself to the spritual realms and to the earth plane. When these two anchoring energies are implemented together, there will be an explosion of love and energy at the point where they meet, which will catapult you to new heights in your human existence. You will be called upon to be a beacon of light, a compassionate teacher, and a source of inspiration for others. Go and work your magic in your communities, dear ones, as you have graciously and willingly taken on the responsibility to become a true anchor of love and light in this beautiful world!

πŸ’› Thank you, dear readers! Lots of love, light, and blessings to you!πŸ’›

Β© 2023 – Flowing with Angels – Marielle

Message from Archangel Tzafkiel featuring the symbolism of the crane

The crane

The beautiful crane represents wisdom, longevity, peace, harmony, and prosperity. The slow graceful movements and serene appearance of this bird also make it a symbol of tranquility, balance, and patience. Cranes are known for their elaborate dances and vocal calling with different tones and volumes to communicate with each other and to strengthen their mutual bond.

The crane spirit teaches us about self-expression and how to use our voice and social skills clearly and effectively, especially in our circle of intimate friends and loved ones.

Crane helps us to keep our balance and maintain our focus in times when we feel stressed by the pressure of various demands on our time and energy. It leads us to set beneficial and clear priorities and reminds us of the importance of our spiritual pursuits in the midst of our worldy existence. This beautiful bird inspires us to take time for reflection and tune into our inner knowing and intuition for guidance.

The spirit of crane brings us patience and concentration to easily soar over obstacles and gently keep our focus on our goals and pursuits. It encourages us to implement routines and rituals to keep order in our day and to flow graciously from one activity to another with clear-minded deliberation instead of acting too quickly or chaotically.

Crane is also an omen of luck and tells us that success is on the horizon when we stay solidly grounded in our wisdom, courage, and creative powers.

The beautiful and wise Archangel Tzafkiel is with us to enlighten us further with her message based on the energy of the crane spirit.

My beloved ones,

How wonderful to be with you at this moment and to accompany you on an inward journey! I, Archangel Tzafkiel, have come to help you reconnect to your spirit in a time when you feel that a part of your life is not flowing with the love, joy, and abundance that you would wish to experience according to your desires. I am going to inspire you to implement the way of the crane spirit, to transform your inclination towards remaining in a state of dissatisfaction and resistance, into an energy of taking responsibility for your life with grace as well as a clear focus.

Sometimes life seems to conjure up obstacles and delays on your path with the purpose of waking you up and giving you the opportunity to evaluate where you are at and how you are experiencing your human existence so far. You call it the duality of life, which enables you to make new choices and take on a different approach and direction, time and time again. It is the dynamic energy of change and expansion that operates throughout the universe, without it there would be no room for improvement, variety, and growth.

There are basically two ways you can react to life when you come across a bump in the road. You can intensely focus on it, analyse it, complain about it, try to remove, resist or deny it, or you can choose to learn from it and see it as an opportunity to spiritually grow and release the attachment that allows it to have power over you. Nothing or nobody truly has any power over you, it is your interpretation of and your reaction to it that makes you feel like a prisoner or a victim, because from the higher angelic perspective you are free, and always will be free. It is up to you to break the chains of the illusion of stuckness. There is no stuckness, only movement, energy cannot be contained or stopped from vibrating or flowing according to the laws of the universe.

The spirit of crane helps you to soften en smoothen your triggered reactions to life and turn them into a more gracious and empowering response, slowly leading you back to the energies of love and happiness that you have access to at any given moment no matter what is going on around you. You have the choice to stay on your path of light and walk through your challenges without getting lost or distracted and I would like to give you some pointers to do so, dear ones.

I would like to tell you about spiritual wonders and the energy of grace, followed by the revival of your vitality.

Spiritual wonders can occur when you proclaim to yourself, the world, and the entire universe that all is possible and that there are no limits to what you can manifest in your life. It is about rising above the constrictions of your mind and previous belief-systems. Break down the walls of your self-made prision of limitations and release what does not serve your highest good. Take time to be still and tune into your intuition and listen to the guidance that awaits you. The beautiful crane stands silently on one leg for long periods of time, which symbolizes the need for you to be still and find your inner balance and focus through remaining open and receptive of wonders and letting go of the rest, which are all the things that distract you and lead you astray and away from your path of light.

The energy of grace is also beautifully reflected by the gracious and elegant nature of the crane. and its calm and flowing movements. Bringing the energy of grace into your life means going through life with a loving and gentle attitude and performing your tasks and activities with care, attention, and gratitude for the life you live. Most people think that the circumstances and other outer influences bring them this sense of grace and happiness when they are uplifting and inspiring in nature, but truly it is the other way around, when you generate an inner energy of grace and pour it into anything you do, say, or think, the world around you will change for the better, because you create and attract things, situations, and people of a higher frequency into your life.

Your energy-vibration is the key to living a happy and fulfilling life, and so I encourage you to cultivate piece, patience, and a willingness to serve and contribute to the energy of love and light in your world, and you will find that your life will flow more easily and you yourself will become more confident in the expression of your natural beauty and soul essence. It is a form of self-respect to carry yourself through life with grace and dignity instead of falling prey to the undermining effect of lower, out of control emotions that undermine your health and well-being and do not serve a higher purpose, but rather add to the confusion and chaos.

The revival of your vitality points to the activation of your creative powers that may be dormant in times of stress and challenges, but that are nevertheless there, waiting for you to remember them and summon them into being. This is the point where the movements of the crane turn into a beautiful dance for the sake of finding a mating partner or to bond with the other cranes in their group. For you it is the moment that your stillness, focus, and graceful diligence are starting to bare fruit, because you no longer waste your precious energy and you are walking on your path of light with patience and trust and in a relaxed and joyful state of being.

Now you are ready to venture outwards and involve yourself in creative projects and exciting endeavours that expand your world, and to work and play together with others that uplift and inspire you. Your state of joy and inner peace generates more joy and peace around you and contributes immensely to your health and overall well-being. Be ready to receive your blessings, dear ones, as the crane is also an omen of good fortune and luck that is coming your way. Keep practising and implementing all of the beautiful qualities that the crane represents and see how your life will shift towards greater happiness, joy, and fulfilment!

Thank you so much for your continued love and support, dear readers! Have a wonderful blessed week! With love, MarielleπŸ™πŸ’›πŸŒžπŸ•ŠοΈ

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Message from Archangel Michael featuring the symbolism of honey


Honey is a unique food as it is exclusively produced by bees and it is the most abundant and concentrated source of natural sugars available for the human diet.

This beautiful golden fluid, rich in vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants, represents the sweetness of life, happiness, joy, abundance, love, beauty, and fertility.

Honey is said to help balance the sacral chakra, the driving force of our creative powers, sensuality, sexual energy, and enjoyment of all the goodness that life has to offer. The sacral chakra embodies our relationship to discovery and exploration of our world through our emotions, pleasure, connection, and intimacy.

The energy of honey also clears all traces of dull or blocked power that prevents us from perceiving the beautiful potential in romance and relationships.

When bees are working to produce honey, they diligently cooperate with each other and communicate about their tasks, their contribution to the well-being of the hive, and where to find the best nectar in the area.

The bees teach us how to be good partners in relationships and how to be open to build together on a legacy of our metaphorical honey, which is everything that bring us fulfilment and joy and elevates our love for life.

Honey is known to be a metaphor for spiritual wisdom as well. The bees gather sweet nectar from the flowers and bring it back to their hive to turn it into precious honey as food for their colony. We could ask ourselves what we digest into our minds and hearts, how we spend our time, and what we take back to our home and loved ones. Do we feed ourselves and our loved ones with what is spiritually loving and good and in our best interest?

Let’s see what Archangel Michael wishes to convey to us on the meaning of our metaphorical honey.

Dearest ones,

At this point in time, I, Archangel Michael, wish to remind you of your soul’s mission to spread light, love, and joy throughout your world and to help you clear the blockages and stagnant energy that is keeping you from doing so. What is required is a clear choice and the diligence and determination to follow through on your decision. When you stay stuck on old limiting emotions and a status quo that no longer serves your highest good, you are missing out on the joy of living!

The experience of true fulfilment that comes from your own powers of creation passes you by, and that is why I have come to enlighten you on how to unblock your potential and strengthen your life-force according to the four principles that are wonderfully represented by the metaphor of honey and the bees, which are: grace, inspiration, simplicity, and truth.

Let’s start with the first principle of grace. Grace is connected to the energy of your heart and your intention to open your heart to allow yourself to be a gentle, compassionate, and loving human being with your highest good as well as that of others as your main goal. Many of you are afraid of getting hurt when you let down your guard and become trusting and open to others and therefore use the reminder of your old pain and disappointments as an emotional shield of protection. This energy may hold back a lot of unwanted experiences, but it also keeps you from receiving the frequency of love and the joy of being free, unrestricted, and living your life to the fullest.

When you allow yourself to enter a state of grace, you release and surrender this heavy burden, but you replace it with something much more powerful, which is your trust in the universal force of the highest energies of love and light that will bring you such clarity that you will know what contributes to your well-being and what diminishes it, allowing you to choose your own direction and set natural healthy boundaries, but not out of fear anymore, but out of your personal power, integrity, and truth.

Secondly, I would like to address the principle of inspiration. Inspiration literally means becoming filled with Spirit, which is established through communion with the higher realms of unconditional love, light, and wisdom. The best way to work on this powerful connection as a human being is by taking conscious breaths, entering a state of meditation, and practising present moment awareness. This will create an opening or energy-portal through which higher wisdom and guidance can enter your energy-field, which will then be picked up by you through your thoughts and intuitive nudges.

Unlike your conditioned thought-patterns and behaviours, true inspiration feels fresh and clear, there is no doubt in your mind when you feel guided to take certain steps or action. When you ask the universe your questions, you always receive an answer, although it might not always be the answer you have in mind. It might point you in a whole other direction. Are you willing to trust that the road shown to you will take you to the fulfilment, joy, and abundance you are deserving of, even though you cannot see the bigger picture? Patience in the process is key, because the process is really a state of preparation to raise your energy-vibration and get you ready to receive your blessings and live joyously on a level that you previously were not capable of, because your energy-flow was still partially blocked. Unblocking means taking away many layers of deception and falsehoods, and if they were taken away all at once, you would be too shocked and afraid of your own power.

It is okay to be exactly where you are, which brings me to the third principle of simplicity, being the opposite of making things difficult for yourself and trying to figure it out all at once and on your own. You truly are wasting a lot of time and energy when you stay in this mode and mind-set, because it activiates your 3D based-identity, which is very limited when it comes to trying to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together, and the momentum of different thought-trains and chaotic action only causes you to experience more confusion and heaviness. Just relax in the present moment and focus on what is needed right here and now, and when you do so, keep your heart open in appreciation of all the goodness that you can perceive. Know that you are already worthy enough to live a life of joy, happiness, and prosperity without even lifting a finger. There is no need to prove anything or chase after your desired outcome with effort and strain. Learn to simplify, because if you do so, your true greatness will naturally emerge, which is not a mental construct, but a powerful energy-field of love in which everything will flow into place with ease and through inspired, joyful action-steps.

Lastly, we come to the principle of truth, which encompasses your inner knowing that you are worthy as well as capable of attracting your own personal “honey” into your life. I encourage you, dear ones, to recognize your own sabotaging beliefs and behaviours that contradict this principle and embrace these vulnerabilities and fears with love before releasing them to the universe. You no longer have to hold on to them. They are like balloons on strings tied to your energy-field, but the sword of truth will cut them loose. See them gently fly away. You are free like the bees to attract and collect the components that make up your personal “honey” in a state of grace, oneness, and deep love and joy, because you are, and always will be, greatly loved and deserving of the best that life has to offer!

A big welcome to all new subscribers! Thank you for joining the Flowing with Angels community! I wish everyone a wonderful week and I hope Archangel Michael’s message inspires all of you to embrace the joy and sweetness of life! With love, Marielle πŸ™πŸ’›πŸŒž

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Message from Archangel Haniel featuring the symbolism of the apple

The apple

As we are reaching mid-April, the apple trees are abundantly blossoming and preparing for new growth and a new harvest of fresh apples in the fall.

The apple is associated with the ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite and is a beautiful symbol of love. It also represents health, vitality, good fortune, new beginnings, and knowledge.

In many old stories the offering of an apple is a sign of love, friendship, and endearment and in a similar context: the expression being the apple of someone’s eye refers to being the receiver of someone’s affectionate attention, adoration, and fondness.

However, the apple also symbolizes our earthly temptations and insatiable longings as the so-called forbidden fruit, but at the same time it provides us with the spiritual knowledge and discernment that is required to make the right decisions for our highest good and to let spirit prevail over matter. When an apple is cut in half, the seeds are placed in the shape of a pentagram, which represents the alignment of the five elements of air, water, fire, earth, and spirit or ether, contained and connected by the universe, which is represented by the round shape of the apple itself. The symbolism of the apple inspires us to balance our earthly existence with the energy-part of our being.

The apple promotes inner peace by transcending the duality of the light and shadow aspects within ourselves that make us feel fearful and seperate from one another and our Source, and make us forget about the oneness of all life.

The apple symbolism reminds us to shed light onto our inner and outer darkness with compassion and without judgment, so we can heal our wounds and find the strength, courage, and wisdom to love ourselves and others and to feel whole and as one.

The beautiful Archangel Haniel is with us to bring us a wonderful inspiring message of love.

My beautiful beloved ones,

As the wonderful season of spring unfolds and the pink full moon has recently appeared in the night sky, an energy of unity, harmony, and togetherness awakens. In nature the animals are pairing up to procreate and in human beings new desires arise to form partnerships, engage in social gatherings, and explore new friendships and ways of meeting other people, after the more isolated times of winter. That is why I, Archangel Haniel, have come to convey my guidance to you on the subject of love, the most powerful energy in the higher realms as well as on earth.

When human beings think about love, they automatically connect it to relationships with other people, which is of course where an expression of love can be found on an earthly level, but true unconditional love always starts with yourself on all levels of your being. On the physical level you know how to lovingly care for your own well-being, your body, and your environment. Emotionally, you are able to establish inner peace and contentment by taking enough rest and time for yourself and avoiding unneccessary drama and draining attachments. A spiritual practise strengthens your connection to the source of all love, which is the universe or the Divine, and allows for your heart to open to the love that is all around you and dwells in every living being and natural element on your planet. Ultimately, you will experience that your heart is one with the universe and with all life and that you are not separate from love, but that you are love! This realisation will bring you the greatest joy and gratitude that you can ever experience as a human being.

So, here you are, dear ones, self-reliant and confident as well as considerate and compassionate towards others. You have done your homework, so to speak, and worked on your foudantion and stability. Now you are ready to expand into the world of relationships and enter into beautiful partnerships, friendships, and romantic connections. I would like to guide you further in this outward movement, which is driven by your fire-power, being the passion and energy you need to take action with determination and enthusiasm, as well as your air-power, being the ideas and inspiration that lie at the base of this forward movement.

Let’s start with the element of fire first. When the flame inside your heart burns on a high frequency level, it is all about expansion and feeling unrestrained and joyful in your togetherness with another person. You are open to change and going with the flow of life to allow your relationships to evolve, blossom, and elevate all involved. You feel secure with your own power, but also with your partner’s power, and when you combine your passionate forces a beautiful synergy arises. You discover the true value of sharing your gifts, love, and energy and you both become a conduit for the revival of the spirit of oneness that has mostly fallen into oblivion on your planet.

When your fire-power is fuelled by lower motives, you will find yourself experiencing competition and power struggles in your relationships and also the clashing of egos that wish to protect their own interests regardless of the other person’s needs. Conversations are driven by the need to be right rather than the honest observation of what is right for all parties involved. These situations call for a time of reflection and rest to find your way back to the love in your own heart and attune to the higher frequencies of love and light, because there is no true victory to be achieved when you are caught up in these energies of battle and conflict, because if in your most important and closest relationships, one of you feels like the loser, everyone loses. Only love and compassion will prevail!

Lastly, let’s look at the element of air, that encompasses your ideas and inspiration to move forward in love. When you are operating from a high vibrational stand-point, your thoughts will be filled with Divine guidance to set your actions in motion with clarity and focus. This guidance will come easily and effortlessly to you, because you have learned to be receptive to it from your open heart. There is simply no room for fear or doubt, because you trust in your inner knowing, it feels familiar and secure and there is no need to know all the answers all at once. You know that you are being guided with every step of the way.

When your element of air is clouded by old conditioning and undermining belief-systems, your thoughts are filled with insecurities and your confidence falters. You are entering the field of love with an empty cup of loneliness and lack and are prone to fall into the pitfalls of neediness and codependency. This calls for healing yourself first, or rather restoring yourself to your natural state of being, by cleansing yourself of these damaging patterns, so that tendencies to control your outcome with your mind transform into an easy knowing, a knowing that your desires concerning love are manifesting behind the scenes and that it is only a matter of time before they will show up if you have made good use of your fire- and air power.

So, upwards and onwards towards love, dear ones, I wish you a wonderful spring season!

Dear readers, I would like to wish you a happy Easter weekend filled with love, joy, and blessings! As always, thank you so much for your love and support for this website! With love, Marielle πŸ™πŸ’›πŸŒžπŸ°πŸ£πŸŒΏ

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Message from Archangel Sandalphon featuring the symbolism of the rabbit

The rabbit

The rabbit is associated with spring and new beginnings and represents luck, abundance, fertility, and creativity. This spirit animal acts as a guide between Heaven and Earth as it teaches us about the importance of communing with nature and grounding to the earth as well as navigating through the unseen spiritual worlds with our higher senses and intuition.

Rabbits are sensitive creatures, and they can detect many different scents. Aditionally, their big ears are designed to pick up various subtle sounds and with their round eyes they are able to see in all directions and gain a clear view of their environment. Rabbit encourages us to use our sensitivity to pick up on the needs of others as well as our own and handle our lives and the people around us with care and compassion. We are reminded to be gentle with ourselves, especially on days that we feel discouraged, to protect ourselves from harsh and interfering influences, and to keep our thoughts and actions pure, light, and loving.

As a symbol of fertility and abundance the rabbit spirit inspires us to trust in the endless source of love and light from the universe and to look for and appreciate the many gifts, talents, and resources, we already possess and to cultivate them further with the right amount of love, patience, and care. Rabbit helps us to explore new ideas, opportunities, and territories. Whenever we feel down from previous painful experiences, rabbit reminds us that we can always start over and begin a new life filled with dreams.

Rabbits are also quick and witty animals. They are very unpredictable in their movements as they never run in a straight line, and they are masters of camouflage, shapeshifting, and hiding, which teaches us to develop directional awareness, clever and creative planning, and keen senses.

Archangel Sandalphon is the Archangel who has the strongest connection with Earth and is responsible for the well-being of this planet and the healing of its inhabitants. Let’s take a look at his message for us!

My beloved ones,

It is my absolute pleasure to visit with you and bring you a message of renewal, hope, and optimism! I, Archangel Sandalphon, am very aware of your endevours and experiences as a human being and I would like to give you some guidance to make your journey easier and more pleasant. Your life is like a beautiful piece of music, with alternating rhythms, transitions, intervals, high and low notes, and above all a harmonious melody line.

My encouragement to you is to feel the harmony and balance in the song of your heart by tuning into your senses and intuition that will lead the way and bring you back in the flow of life. In this day and age, there are many strong energies and forces present that drown out the natural melody of your soul and ask you to adjust and conform to other people’s or society’s opinions, rules, and convictions. If you cannot hear your own song, you get easily pulled from one direction to the other, and from one extreme to the other. One day you might push yourself to the limit and on another day you might collapse under the pressure and abandon all your good intentions and high values.

This push-pull pattern is very common, but is detrimental to your natural pace, sense of joy and well-being, and inner peace. You could say that your orchestra is infiltrated by unwanted instruments and voices and it is time for a clear-out. I chose the symbolism of the rabbit to reconnect you to your sensitivity and inner knowing, because many of you have desensitized yourselves merely to cope with the overload of stimuli and demands in this world. However, your feelings and emotions provide valuable information to what is beneficial for you when it comes to the material things, the relationships, the occupations, and activities in your life. When they are not in tune with your natural melody or flow, you will quickly get burned out, overwhelmed, and filled with feelings of discontentment.

The spirit of the rabbit is here to remind you of the lightness of life, the joy, the lucky turns of events, and most of all the abundance for you to enjoy. You access this energy by making time for rest and relaxation on a daily basis to recharge your energy and look beyond the mundane into a world of magic and wonder. It is like being young again and full of anticipation and excitement. You can make space for these feelings to arise by stepping off the wheel of your everyday routines and obligations, even if it is only for a few minutes, and explore options that will bring joyful change to your life.

Ask us angels for inspiration and we will gladly surprise you with higher knowledge that will enlighten your vision, creative ideas that will make your heart jump with joy, and wonderful synchronicities and signs that will put a smile on your face! However, it is your choice to make room for new adventures and it is up to you to deviate from the fixed path and move through your life with more flexibility, like the rabbit does, by following your inner senses and intuitive nudges.

You must be willing to stand up for your inner truth with integrity and vigour when you choose to follow the desires of your heart, even if this means going against the grain and other people’s expectations of you, but know, dear ones, that there is no bigger reward as well as contribution to the world than your happiness and joy. The energy that you bring into the world when you are living according to your soul’s song, has a powerfully uplifting and inspiring effect on those around you. Your genuine smile will light up the darkness and cast away the heaviness of mundane and tedious living.

The rabbit symbolism brings the message that every day holds a new beginning and you can start right where you are by being resourceful and creative with what you have and releasing the pressure of limitations and a scarcity-mindset. Start to make the best of your life and circumstances in the present moment and soon you will hear the subtle tunes of a familiar melody, the beautiful melody of your heart that will lead you to increased joy and happiness. Embrace the warmth and lucky breaks of the rabbit spirit, dear ones, you are all beautiful beings of love and light and so deserving of your true path!

My dearest readers, I wish you all a happy and joyful week leading up to the Easter weekend! I hope Archangel Sandalphon’s message felt like a ray of warm and uplifting sunshine to you. Thank you so much for your support and likes for this blog! With love and light, Marielle πŸ’›πŸŒž

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Message from Archangel Metatron featuring the symbolism of grass


Fresh green grass is one of the many beautiful symbols of spring and represents new beginnings, hope, vitality, growth, and expansion. Its vibrant green colour resonates with our ability to attract material wealth and abundance into our experience and establish excellent physical and emotional health and well-being.

Grass also teaches us about interconnectedness, togetherness, and the importance of having a solid foundation and strong roots. The underground root-system of grass holds all the single blades together in strong patches that work harmoniously together for their survival, growth, and expansion. It reminds us of the web of life in which all our individual words, thoughts, and actions affect the harmony and sense of community of life on our planet.

Grass plays an important part in holding large surfaces of soil together and is essential for preventing land-slides, erosion, and deterioration during heavy rainfall. As a natural collector of water through its roots and blades, grass effectively distributes moisture to the soil.

Water represents our emotions, so when we pay attention to our groundedness to the earth and our oneness with all life, it helps us to regulate our own emotions and our susceptibility to the influence of the emotional states of those around us.

The beautiful green colour of grass refers to the soothing, calm, and at the same time revitalizing energy of a balanced heart-chakra. It brings the message not to overlook the mundane and appreciate even the smallest wonders that occur in our in lives.

As one of the world’s most significant sources of food and oxygen, grass heralds a time of new ideas, prosperity, and fulfilment. Let’s see what Archangel Metatron adds to this wonderful, but quite unexpected choice of symbolism!

Dear ones,

I, Archangel Metatron, am happily appearing by your side to help you recognize and activate the wisdom, light, and higher energies that are swirling around in your heart and solidly ground them in your earthly reality. When you are incarnated in a human body you have access to all this magnificent knowledge and spiritual gifts, but they can only be useful to you if you integrate them into your human experience.

I have chosen the symbolism of grass, because these little green blades are so common and mundane to most people that their existence is often taken for granted and their importance overlooked, yet they are filled with the wisdom and magic of the universe and their growth and expansion fuelled by the powerful universal energy of love. When you are able to sense this in all living beings and natural elements, you open a portal to the core energy of your planet, Earth. As a human being you are dependent on this source of earth-energy for your happiness, health, and well-being.

You are created as a vessel between the Heavens and the Earth through which the energies flow up and down, hence the saying as above so below. This means that all life on your planet is a reflection of the higher realms and the wondrous structure and workings of the universe. Unfortunately, many human beings still cannot see this connection because of their distorted view and perspective causing them to feel isolated and forsaken, when all the while the universe is breathing all around them through the natural habitat that is your planet.

This sacred connection can only be felt through the heart. The heart is where the energies from Heaven and Earth come together and create a world of magic, an overflow of love, joy and abundance if the heart is open and receptive and not overruled by the thinking mind and an overprotective ego. True love can only be experienced through your connectedness with the universe as well as with your planet, therefore you must be present in your life, present with your natural environment, present in your body, and present with all living beings.

The love, joy, and abundance of life is captured in every natural element on Earth, even in the tiniest seemingly insignificant blade of grass. When you realize this, when you sense this through the wisdom in your heart, the world will come alive to you in a whole different way. You will experience the power and wisdom that is harnessed in the earth and revel in the wonder and beauty of creation. You will feel strengthened and at one with it and never again will you question your worthiness as a human being. Now, and only now, will you be grounded and stable enough to receive the powerful downloads from Spirit, the ancient codes of magic and knowledge, because you have achieved the perfect balance between Heaven and Earth within yourself.

Mental constructs of all sorts designed by the human mind obscure the joy that can be found in the simplicity of life, the beingness of the natural world, and the aliveness that you can feel within your own body and through your bodily senses. I, Archangel Metatron, am the guardian of highly attuned and sensitive children, which are the children as well as adults that can still access the purity and innocence in their hearts, and who feel the truth of my words resonate in their hearts. These are the people, and when you are reading or listening to this message, you are likely one of them, who can bring immense love and light into this world, because they possess the integrity to harness the power and energies of Heaven and Earth, and they are greatly supported by the angelic as well as the elemental energies and beings.

As nature is coming to life in spring, it is the excellent time for finding joy and pleasure in growth and expansion. Just like the plants and flowers start over with fresh new leaves and flower buds, so can you leave behind your old burdens, past mistakes, and unfortunate experiences and concentrate on new life, new ways of being, new opportunities, new ideas, and new projects. Have you ever seen a plant that refuses to let go of its old, brown, and dried up leaves? No! The natural world never looks back only forward towards the future, it fully embraces its new growth and allows its old leaves and flowers to turn into compost for the soil. Your past is like compost for your present and future expansion and spiritual growth because you have gained valuable experiences and learnt personal lessons that you would not have learnt any other way than through the living of your own life. Smile, when you see the freshness of green grass this spring season and enjoy its wonderful earthly as well as spiritual gifts to you by remembering my words, dear ones! You are greatly loved and blessed!

Dear lovely readers, thank you for your support, likes, and comments on these angelic messages! I hope Archangel Metatron’s words will bring you a renewed sense of joy and inspiration as they did for me! Sending you love, light, and blessings! Marielle πŸ’›πŸŒžπŸŒΏ

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