Weekly angel message, January 23-29, 2023

The mountain

This week, I would like to introduce Archangel Tzafkiel, who is the Archangel of deep contemplation and divine wisdom. When we are ready to deepen our relationship with the angels, she opens the doors to the angelic realms through the activation of our fifth eye chakra also known as our angel chakra. Archangel Tzafkiel brings us her angelic guidance along side her chosen symbol of the mountain.

As a universal symbol of the nearness of the Divine, the mountain represents divine inspiration, spiritual elevation, transcendence, and divine love and charity. Its peak, which offers breath-taking panoramic views, symbolizes a state of absolute consciousness. In ancient times, mountains were often viewed as the meeting point of heaven and earth, where the gods resided, and many temples and places of worship were built there.

Due to their permanent and motionless nature, mountains exude an energy of great strength and fortitude. They are solidly anchored to the earth and inspire us to find our own inner peace and balance in an ever-changing world.

Mountain are also associated with overcoming obstacles and challenges that mostly arise from our own limiting beliefs and fears.

When we spiritually start to climb the mountain, it means we are moving towards greater faith, trust, power, and courage, because as we are ascending the mountain we elevate our perspective and experience the freedom that comes with a purified and angelically inspired outlook on life.

Climbing a mountain is never an easy task and it might require for us to gather all of our strength and courage, but if we keep moving forward, step by step, we will eventually reach the top and enjoy the spectacular view, which is a metaphor for the blessings of our increased awareness and wisdom.

Let’s see how Archangel Tzafkiel’s message is connected to this powerful symbolism.

My dear ones,

How wonderful to take part in this lovely reoccuring flow of angelic guidance and to contribute to it with my personal and heartfelt message to you! I am Tzafkiel, the Archangel who helps you to take on an angelic outlook on your life and frees you from unneccessary burdens.

I bring you the symbol of the mountain, which combines unexpected challenges in your life with the opportunities to gain great wisdom and insights, when you put your trust in the divine plan for you.

When you trust that there is a universal force of deep love and light guiding your life, you are more likely to remain stable and calm in the midst of uprooting events that occur in your life to free up stagnant energy and to reveal new pathways. I encourage you to approach these types of situations without panic or resistance, but with an open and flexible attitude, an eagerness to learn new skills that you can apply in these particular circumstances, and a clear request to the universe to provide you with the creative insights and inspiration to navigate these unexpected twists and turns in the road.

The key is to stay present and accept what is arising in the moment even though it is unwanted, because instead of staying in a resistant state of mind, you are now deciding to gather all of your energy and apply it to your focus on, and your vision of, a new and improved manifestation. When you stay stuck in fear or thoughts of difficulty and disaster, your energy gets depleted and you sink further into feelings of limitiation and confusion. Bless the current situation, visualize it being surrounded by pure white light, and then gently put it in the hands of the loving angels. Breathe a sigh of relief that the burden has been taken from you and ask for directions to move forward.

Know, dear ones, that there always is a path forward, but often it is not what you have in mind. You hold on to the old path for far too long and you keep pushing through and forcing your way forward, even if it is not in your best interest anymore, because you wish to avoid feelings of failure or loss.

I am here to tell you that there is no such thing as failure or loss. All experiences enrich your life, in particular the challenging ones, because they leave the clearest and most profound impression on you.

They bring you the most beautiful and valuable lessons and contribute to your soul’s growth. You do not get tainted by life’s experience, but you get refined and purified by it, because if you know what don’t want, your vision of what you do want gets strengthened and clearer than ever before. Every moment can herald a new beginning for you and the slate can be wiped clean, even in the midst of drama and negativity. You have the power to change direction at any time and leave behind all the old stories that you have been telling yourself.

The mountain is also a symbolical place of retreat and connection to the Divine through deep contemplation. Instead of asking for deliverance from all that is unwanted, ask for a higher vision instead. Ask for the love and light of the universe to make you strong and resilient to go through life with a higher perspective and an empowering wisdom that cuts through the illusions and mental prisons. Start telling the angels about your deep knowing that life can be joyous and fun and full of new exciting discoveries and ask them to join you on your journey and fill your heart with lightness and positive expectations of what awaits you. You all are vessels for Divine love and light!

So, my dear ones, I would like to conclude my message with the following affirmation for you that you can repeat to yourselves whenever you find obstacles on your path:

I choose to go through life with patience, grace, gratitude, and trust, in the knowing that the curves, bends, and obstacles on the road help me to develop excellent skills, receive beautiful insights, and gift me the opportunity to change direction and find a new higher and inspired vision for my life!

Weekly angel message, January 16-22, 2023

The crab

This week the beautiful Archangel Haniel is with us to inspire us with her loving guidance supported by the intriguing symbolism of the crab.

The spirit of crab represents protection, personal boundaries, strength, determination, and the self-confidence to stand tall and overcome obstacles in times of adversity.

The crab is closely associated with the energy of the moon, which teaches us to follow the natural rhythms and cycles of life without a sense of rush or strain and to go with the flow of nature.

The element of water, which points to our feelings, emotional sensitivity, and intuitive gifts, plays an important role in the crab symbolism. Instead of getting overcome and destabilized by our emotions, we learn to see them as an important part of our inner guidance system by observing them with compassion and without judgement or unhealthy attachment.

Beneath the tough exterior of the crab, lies his soft underbelly, which is a metaphor for our compassionate heart that urges us to be vulnerable and let down our guard with the right people and the right circumstances. When we are ready for a rebirth in our lives, we have to lose our old shell of security and comfort in order to spiritually grow and take in new abundant blessings.

The crab spirit also urges us to keep pursuing new directions in our lives leaving old unwanted baggage behind, adapting a flexible and open attitude towards change, and trying new approaches and methods to reach our goals.

The image of the crab emerging out of the water on the moon-card in Tarot represents our journey from our unawareness of our divine potential, hidden energies, and psychic powers towards our higher purpose in life. We are capable of more than we think!

Let’s see what the magnificent Archangel Haniel, the Archangel of sensitivity, joy, passion, and purpose, and also the ruler of the moon, wishes to share with us at this moment!

My beautiful beloved ones,

I, Archangel Haniel, find it an absolute pleasure to talk to you about your potential and purpose and to bring some uplifting energy into your lives! Let me remind you of your beauty and worthiness and the wonderful contribution you make on this earthly plane just by being here and making an effort to discover and display your natural gifts and talents! Every one of you incarnated on earth with enthusiasm and a willingness to thrive in this exciting environment.

However, some of you struggle to integrate the energy part of you with your physical body because you simply have forgotten who you truly are! It is time to awaken from your sleepy state in which you go through the motions of your life unaware of your immense potential and natural powers! When you are too caught up in the density of your world through your focus on difficulties and hardships accompanied by heavy emotions that paralyze you rather than serve as a wake-up call for change and the regaining of your inner strength, your life’s experience will be based on survival instead of on creation and wonder.

The crab symbolism represents rising above this limited view of yourself and your world and emerging with a whole new perspective and set of energetical skills and insights that will help you find your way in life, and more than that, to excel, love, and rejoice in the areas that matter the most to you. In order to let this higher energy flow, you must be willing to open your heart and to show up in your full glory without hesitation or fear, but this leaves you feeling quite vulnerable and unprotected, so I am here to enlighten you on how you can tap into your true potential, work with the powerful energies of the universe, and become your true self in a world that seemingly conjures up so many obstacles and delays on your path.

There are four important steps that I would like to share with you, dear ones, to help you unleash the passion and creative energy that you are all equipped with, but in most cases have hidden away because you are afraid of your own power and of what this will mean with regard to your responsibilty for your own well-being and success. It might feel that it is safer to stay hidden in the shadows instead of stepping out into the spotlight, but just like the crab shows great strength, confidence, and determination despite it being such a small creature, so can you, a far more powerful and significant human being, step forward and embrace the fullness of life.

This realization leads to the first step, which consists of your choice to either remain as you are in your comfort-zone and protective shell or to take the leap of faith and enter the unknown, trusting that you can handle whatever arises in mental, emotional, or physical form because you know within your heart that you are made and fully equipped for your life on earth and that the whole universe is supporting you in your quest for fulfilment and happiness.

Secondly, you turn your vulnerability into a strength by allowing the natural flow of life to take you on a powerful ride of synchronicities and positive outcomes and events because you have latched on to the universal energies that will carry you effortlessly through your days. This experience will build up your trust in the love and care that the Divine continuously offers you and will strengthen your sense of worthiness. You will no longer feel drained by your own resistance in the form of limiting thoughts, control issues, and worries, and you create room for your joy, passion, and creativity to flourish and turn into tangible manifestations.

Your relaxed and trusting state of being makes you receptive of Divine guidance and inspiration and ignites your own inner light, which will attract people and experiences towards you that resonate with this higher frequency. The third step is about making space in your life to enhance your connection to the higher realms of love and light through affirmations, visualisations, and meditation.Your inner wisdom that arises from time spent in stillness, will cut through all illusions and imaginary opposition because you will be solely focused on the light.

The fourth and last step consists of my encouragement to live your life to the fullest! Make it about expansion, growth, joy, fun, new experiences, and breath-taking discoveries. You are a unique being! There is no one else like you and no one else gets to live the life you have been given. Take your Divinely appointed place in this universe and open your arms to receive all the goodness life has to offer. There are no wrong choices and you cannot fail or lose. You have been granted the freedom to follow your own passions and dreams. Dare to be a unique expression of divine energy, be outstanding, bold, colourful, and fun-loving! This your birth-right on earth, but it is up to you to shine the light that you are, my dearly beloved ones!

Weekly angel message, January 9-15, 2023


This week the magnificent Archangel Zadkiel delights us with his teachings on abundance in all forms featuring the symbolism of gold.

Gold is a rare, highly demanded, and therefore expensive noble metal, that can be found in nature in its pure state unlike most other metals that come in mineral forms.

It is chemically inert, which means that it does not oxidize or react with other elements due to the stable and balanced configuration of its electrons and because of these qualities gold represents material wealth, success, and prosperity. However, in a spiritual sense its symbolism is far more significant as it reflects the purity of our heart and soul regarding our connection to the Divine, which is our source of deep wisdom, complete understanding, and an abundance of natural energies and the riches of spirit.

Gold is considered a master healer because it purifies our physical body and helps stabilize our emotional system by alleviating tension and stress and amplifying positive feelings and thoughts. The energy-vibration of gold clears out and balances our chakras and breaks down ego-related issues such as self-critisism, inner conflict, and feelings of depression, inferiority, and helplessness. The cooperative and receptive qualities of gold allow for excellent use in combination with other gemstones enhancing and stabilizing their unique energies.

The symbolism of gold is closely related to the energy of the sun, which radiates a golden light of warmth, happiness, vitality, and illumination. This energy strengthens our solar plexus chakra, which governs our personal power, self-confidence, authentic self-expression, assertiveness, and the drive and courage to explore new horizons.

The energy of gold also helps us to keep learning from our life’s experiences and transforming earlier trauma and hardships into spiritual treasures.

The angelic golden ray of enlightenment and unity consciousness assists our souls to recognize the Divine oneness and unconditional love in in all that is, which will manifest as a flow of peace, harmony, and creativity in our daily lives.

Let us find out what Archangel Zadkiel wishes to convey to us on this illuminous subject!

My beloved ones,

First of all, I am showering you with my blessings and energy of pure love to help you to open your heart to the words I am about to speak on the topic of abundance.

This is an important message to behold because your beliefs on your deservingness of abundance and your capacity to attract abundance into your experience, determine its tangible manifestion in your life.

I know that even my chosen symbolism of gold conjures up a variety of different feelings for each and everyone of you, which is exactly what I intended because it allows you to compare your current outlook with my guidance.

I would like to start by saying that abundance in all forms, like material wealth, physical, mental and emotional health and happiness, time, and spiritual enlightenment, already exists in limitless supply in the universal realms of energy, love, and light, and as you are also enlivened by this same energy, you and abundance are one. There simply is no seperation in energy. Only from your limited human perspective through which you observe your earthly objects and your earthly state of being, do you feel a gap between you and the abundance you wish for.

This gap is created by the discord between your true being, who knows its immense value and power to access the infinite source of the universe and the conditioned part of you, who derives its beliefs from what it has observed, has been told by others, and has lived through.

I, Archangel Zadkiel, have come to help you bridge this gap by teaching you how to ask for and subsequently allow what you desire in the most powerful way.

Last week Archangel Sandalphon enlightened you about the power of your intentions and now we are going to gild these intentions by fueling them with a momentum of higher energy and deep trust. Gold reflects a deep sense of oneness with the Divine and all that is. When you no longer feel separated from the powerful universal energies of unconditional love and light, you truly start to believe that all is possible and within your reach. You ARE a Divine expression of this energy, just as you are right now, and so is everyone else.

My first encouragement to you is to simply ask from a place of purity and stability. Just like gold remains untainted and unaltered by outside influences and other elements, so can you choose to leave all doubts and fears out of the equation and simply direct your attention to the Divine with your sincere request. Expect your answer to come through the oneness of all that exists, which means it shows up through the workings of the universe at large, through other people, through synchronistic events, and unexpected offers of help and assistence.

My second encouragement to you is to view the world and the people around you as cooperative and generous in regard to the flow of abundance.

As you are all one, there truly are no winners or losers. Your riches are their riches and their riches are your riches, all originating from the one Divine source of abundance.

This means there is no need for envy or competition because there is enough for all to enjoy.

See the success, wealth, and happiness of others as evidence of the generosity of the universe and celebrate their good fortune in the knowing that whatever it is that they have, is available to you too! Release all attachments to how this abundance comes towards you, but remain solid and clear in your belief that it indeed will in Divine time and through the perfect workings of the Divine plan.

Lastly, I encourage you to meditate each day on the truth of your worthiness of an abundant life and your power to undoubtedly ask, attract, and receive it. The best way to remind yourself of the opulent qualities of the universe is to observe the abundance of varieties, colours, smells, forms, and energies in your planet’s natural environment. Nature grows, blossoms, provides, and shares in magnificent splendor and in magical ways.

You, grounded in your physical body, are part of nature as well. Observe the workings of your intelligent and extraordinary body and the beautiful mental and creative gifts you possess. Bless yourself, others, the world, and the universe for the overwhelming abundance you already experience, and all other desires will start to be fulfilled through your high-vibrational focus on abundance and your unwavering trust in the infinite source of the universe! Remember: ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you!

Weekly angel message, January 2-8, 2023

The mountain goat

In this first week of the new year, the wise and gentle Archangel Sandalphon brings us a beautiful uplifting message featuring the mountain goat as his symbol of choice.

The spirit of the mountain goat or ibex reflects gentleness, creativity, calmness, reserved stillness, and sure-footedness through slow and steady movements.

This remarkable animal teaches us to mindfully and carefully focus on each step of our journey instead of merely fixating on the destination. It reminds us to remain solidly grounded in the present moment.

The impressive horns of the mountain goat are mostly used to fight off predators, not to attack other animals, which makes them a symbol of the willingness to resist all obstacles on our way and the ability to stubbornly endure and eventually overcome the difficulties and hurdles in our lives.

The horns also symbolize spiritual ascension and deep faith as they are like antennae taking in information from the higher realms encouraging us to transform our challenges into enlightenment. The mountain goat fearlessly climbs to great heights and courageously treads where no other dares to go, metaphorically inspiring us to do the same and reach beyond our comfort-zone knowing that we are fully supported by the universal energies and angels.

The mountain goat shows off his creative energy in the ways he escapes his predators and finds greener pastures to graze on. When we continue to improve our skills, to keep up our practises, to challenge ourselves to go where we have not gone before, and to open ourselves to new adventures, we become better creators as well.

As a spiritual symbol the mountain goat is closely related to the energy of Pan, who is the ancient god of nature, music, and fertility.

He is the bringer of higher insights and a uniting force of pure love to help us balance our inner polarities of darkness and light. Pan’s presence heralds a time of productivity, abundance, and vitality filled with exciting new projects and ideas, but he also reminds us to go about our activities with a relaxed sense of fun, light-heartedness, and joy.

The astrological earth-sign of Capricorn, which also features the goat symbolism and rules the current month, is the perfect example of powerful resilience, determination, and focus combined with a sometimes mischieveous playfulness and sense of humor.

The wise and gentle Archangel Sandalphon awaits us with the following encouraging message.

My dearest ones,

It is such a pleasure for me to deliver this message to you! I, Archangel Sandalphon, am at your service in this first week of the new year to help you apply my guidance into your daily life. I am the Archangel who oversees the welfare of planet Earth, you see, and I take great interest in the endeavours and spiritual expansion of its inhabitants. I would like to inspire you to see this beautiful planet as your personal playground, where you can manifest your desires into tangible forms through the energetical intentions of your soul.

My goal is to make you feel at home on Earth, dear ones, and to experience the stability and sure-footedness that the mountain goat symbolizes so well. When you take pleasure in every single step of your journey and you stay connected to the powerful present moment, you move with gentleness and lightness because you create time and space along the way to tune into your inner wisdom and higher guidance. Often human beings create unnecessary stress by trying to oversee the end-result and rigidly following preconceived plans and methods. I, on the other hand, would like to tell you more about finding the flow of life, which will help you to develop a more relaxed approach to life and to enjoy yourself more in the process of creation.

At the beginning of a new year, you are more enthusiastic than ever to set new intentions and make new plans for the year ahead, which I think holds a wonderful premise, so I have come to support you by setting you up with the right energy-frequency and mind-set.

The formula for creating miracles and success in your life lies in the harmony between the love and joy in your heart and your belief in your own powers of creation that turn intentions into inspired action-steps and allow blessings and synchronicities to flow easily and effortlessly towards you.

Let us see in more detail how you can accomplish this balance for yourself. All creation starts with an intention. A true intention originates from your higher self, your soul, and is always pointed towards your highest good and because of that automatically towards the highest good of all others. It is born in the realms of ether, in the realms of energy and pure potential, and therefore it brings absolute clarity and is lovingly held in the hands of the angels, who support you in turning this intention into a manifestation.

During this process of manifestation the energy of your intention reaches your earthly plane, where its momentum is slowed down because of the density and duality within your dimension. At this level it gets exposed to your thoughts and human conditioning and perspective, from which fears and obstacles arise. This is the moment to call in the symbolism of the mountain goat, which reminds you to rely on your trust and faith in the universe and the support of the angels, when you move into unfamiliar territory and when you aim higher than you have ever aimed before.

The best way to face your fears and tackle obstacles is to remain calm, peaceful, and present in every moment, knowing that you are being guided and gently led from one step to the other in the best possible way.

Resist the temptation of control and strain, but simply ask the universe to shine a light on your path and to inform you what to do next. You are most receptive of this guidance, if you keep your attention and focus in the eternal now.

This where you can find your true power as well as your true joy and fulfilment because you make space within yourself for the universal flow of abundance and infinite possibilities to work through you instead of losing yourself in mental constructs regarding the past or future, which create a complicated maze of illusionary shadows and monsters.

Concentrate on the love, light, and joy inside your heart and chose to bring it into each moment regardless of your current circumstances and you will find that this higher energy-frequency attracts more and more magic and miracles into your life, which are simply the result of you mastering the manifestation process through your clear focus on your higher intention and each individual step of your journey, your higher energy-vibration and unshakable faith, and your receptivity of the inspired guidance that reveals itself as a deep knowing and feeling of certainty and direction in your heart.

I, Archangel Sandalphon, am here for you when you need guidance and direction in your experience as a human being on planet Earth. I am here to help you feel stable and secure on this wonderful planet and to help you create the life that your soul envisions for you to have!

Weekly angel message, December 26-January 1, 2022/2023

The pearl

In the last week of this year, the beautiful Archangel Jophiel delights us with an uplifting message featuring the symbolism of the pearl.

A pearl represents inner wisdom gained through experience, and is formed, when an irritant, like a food particle or parasite, slips between the shell and the mantle of a mollusk, such as an oyster.

The mollusk then starts to cover up the irritant with layers of nacre to protect itself, producing a beautiful natural pearl. This process symbolically teaches us to transform our challenges and discomforts into valuable life lessons, growth, and wisdom.

The pearl stimulates the development of higher qualities and values, such as honesty, integrity, loyalty, and devotion.

Pearls embody a calm feminine energy, gently bringing a vibration of harmony and balance to our auric fields. These beautiful natural gems help us to strengthen our connection to the Divine, to discover our true selves and true purpose through introspection, and to see the world in a spiritual way and from a higher perspective.

The pearl symbolism also pertains to deep emotional release and purification in relation to the cycles and magnetic influence of the moon. Through these cleansing processes the energy of the pearl uplifts us with an embrace of softness, peace, quiet, safety, and security, which is why pearls are often referred to as tears of joy.

Pearls are also natural reducers of stress and negative emotions, bringing much needed clarity and focus to our minds.

Let us see what the magnificent Archangel Jophiel wishes to convey to us while incorporating the powerful symbolism of the pearl.

My beloved ones,

How wonderful to be here in your presence and immerse you in my beautiful uplifting light! I, Archangel Jophiel, am the Archangel of beauty, not just on a physical and material level, but the beauty that radiates outwards from your bright inner light. I am the one who joyfully points out your valuable and unique talents and gifts and who shows you your immense worthiness and power. My energy is like the sun, bringing you warmth, positivity, and enlightenment in these dark days of winter.

In this last week of the year you often reflect on what has happened in your life and in the world in general and you set intentions for the new year that brings the promise of a fresh start and a new beginning. I would like to guide you through this turning point by injecting your perspective with a surge of uplifting energy, higher wisdom, and renewed motivation. Know, that there is always the chance for wiping the slate clean and taking a new direction, but at this time of year you are more aware and receptive of this concept and that is why I happily take this opportunity to engage with you, my dearest ones.

When you walk in the light of your spiritual sun, you experience an eternal and abundant season of summer even in the midst of winter because true happiness comes from within and is linked to your energy-frequency. Through the metaphor of the creation of the lovely pearl, I would like to show you how the seemingly negative and unwanted experiences are necessary to discover the gems of your hidden talents and strengths and to highlight the brightness of your light because without the darkness you would not be able to recognize the light.

This is the process of sorting through the duality of your earthly existence to find the clarity of what it is you wish to create in your life. Instead of resisting the workings of this life process, I encourage you to lean into your inner Divine feminine energy, which is what the pearl emanates, an energy of inner beauty and grace, of gratitude and trust, and acceptance and peace.

Turn your tears of sadness into tears of joy by releasing your emotional load and allowing your energy to be cleansed by the energy of Divine love and light. This feminine energy is an energy of being rather than of doing, it creates space within you and guides you into a state of calmness and gentleness from which you start to look at yourself, your life, and the world through the eyes of beauty. It does not matter what you have lived through so far, bless all of your experiences equally, whether they are good or bad in your personal opinion, knowing that they helped to create a magnificant spiritual pearl inside of you. See how this pearl lights up and emanates a glow so bright it lights up your world.

When you are firmly rooted in the energy of your inner pearl, which is your inner light, you have found a solid foundation of self-worth, self-belief, and the inner drive to keep enhancing this beautiful spiritual gem by turning your past and future challenges and difficulties into new layers of spiritual nacre by converting them with your positive focus into opportunities for wisdom, clarity, and the unlocking of your own inner potential.

Do not be afraid of the brightness of your own inner light, dear ones, but allow it to lift the energy of your heart!

Keep displaying it in everything you do and with everyone you meet, even in the smallest of chores and in the briefest of encounters.

You will soon find that your metaphorical pearl can no longer be hidden in the darkness of your own limiting beliefs, pain, and sadness. It will free you of the illusion of their negative power over you and it will lift you up to a higher level of love and compassion for yourself and others because you choose to look with eyes of beauty that simply refuse to see darkness in anything anymore.

This is what true enlightenment encompasses, which might seem unreachable for you, but I encourage to embrace this truth: There is a beautiful, brightly shining gem of a pearl in all of you, my dearly beloved ones, which brings forth immense blessings and gifts for your life and the world you live in! If you could only see yourselves as the angels see you! You truly are the light of the universe!

Dear readers & subscribers,

I would like to wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year! May 2023 be filled with lots of new opportunities, insights, and blessings from the universe and may you wholeheartedly invite the angels to walk beside you in love, light, and joy!

Love and angel blessings,

Marielle 💛

Weekly angel message with Archangel Uriel, December 19-25, 2022

The holly tree

This week the wonderful Archangel Uriel is here to delight us with his words of wisdom. The holly tree features as his angelic symbol of choice.

The leaves and berries of this lovely evergreen are traditionally used in Christmas decorations and respectively symbolize the thorny crown and the blood of Christ.

However, before the introduction of Christianity, the holly already played an important role in the ancient Celtic traditions, where the power of the spiritual holly king, who represented the enduring nature of life in the dark season of winter, reached its height at the winter solstice when the pagan festival of Yule was celebrated.

The holly tree represents peace, good-will, focused inner strength, endurance, protection against undermining influences, and prosperous creativity in difficult and challenging times. It embodies the masculine energy of firmness, tenacity and vigour fuelled by clear wisdom and the desire to restore balance and unity in our inner and outer worlds.

The holly’s power of peace reminds us of the need to calm our emotions, our mind, and our body in order to shine the light of unconditional love and compassion on our personal situation, on ourselves, and on others, to practise calm acceptance, and to willingly assume responsibility for our own well-being.

Due to its strong connection to the earth, the spirit of holly offers us stability and the ability to direct our energy with balance and flow.

Let us find out how the seasonal symbolism of the holly tree fits into Archangel Uriel’s message.

Dear ones,

In the darkest week of the year in the northern hemisphere, I, Archangel Uriel, have come to fuel and strengthen your inner light with an energy of deep love and compassion to help you transform all lower emotions of fear, sadness, anger, and judgement.

For centuries people have looked for ways to bring light in the darkening days by supporting each other with kindness, generosity, and the sharing of worldly goods, which are wonderful acts of goodness.

However, the best gift you can bestow upon yourself and others is the warmth of your love and inner light, but how can you emanate this higher energy when your heart has turned cold and heavy due to your unbalanced state of being and inner emotional turmoil?

That is why I am here, to encourage you to spend this current time with increased awareness in order to carefully prepare your gift of light. Last week Archangel Chamuel has helped you to create the perfect spiritual environment of calmness and stillness to retreat, release, and reflect on your inner most self. I would like to expand on his beautiful and inspirational words by adding even more energy and insights to them.

From this place of deep inner stillness, that you allow yourself to go to, a new perspective and understanding arise that are pure and in alignment with your soul, untainted by the opinions and views of others. It is your personal truth that you are now connected to, which brings you renewed clarity and motivation to move forward in a new direction. It is like a little spark has been ignited in your heart that will soon turn into a beautiful flame of passion and creativity, and that is exactly what the symbolism of the holly tree depicts.

When you emerge from your retreat of stillness with more balance and inner peace, you are able to master or rise above your emotions, which does not mean that you fight or repress them but that you simply observe them and transform their energy through higher wisdom and spiritual understanding into decisive action and movement forward. The holly tree represents the power that arises from deep inner peace, which is a power aligned with the universe and therefore many times stronger and far more influential than your own will-power, which is fuelled only by your mind.

The spirit of the holly tree, which also reflects my angelic energy, inspires you to become a spiritual warrior, devoted to improving your own life and the lives of others. A spiritual warrior is connected to the holy fire of his inner light and acts from a foundation of deep love, compassion, gratitude, and alignment, bringing stability and balance, especially in times of challenges and hardships.

I encourage you, my dearly beloved spiritual warriors, to shine your light where there is darkness and to give more meaning to the energy of the various celebrations of light that are taking place around the world at this time of year.

Tend to your own inner light first before you give to others and remember that your gift of light is one of unconditional love and compassion as well as empowerment, balance, and peace. Make sure that your devotion and generosity come from a place of your natural joy and well-being and an overflow of abundance.

Know your personal boundaries when you bring your light to others, set out to empower them not to take over their life’s lessons. Return to your inner stillness, restore your faith, and surrender your worries to the Divine, when you start to feel discouraged or overwhelmed. This is where your true power lies, in the deep peace you find through your connection to your Source.

I, Archangel Uriel, am the Archangel, who connects you to the ancient wisdom that is kept within your soul and who happily guides you through the portals of higher knowing to unprecedented magic and creativity that will help you quicken your pace in life with new exciting projects and ideas. Feel free to ask me for help during the course of your life and I will bring you the strength and groundedness to become a vessel for these higher energies and to turn their light into tangible and beneficial riches and resources on your earthly plane.

Smile, whenever you encounter the lovely holly tree, the tree that represents your holy light, and elevate your energy-vibration to a whole new level by remembering my words of inspiration! Let love prevail when you meet up with your loved ones and kindred souls, but know that even if you are all by yourself you are always surrounded by your loving family of spiritual beings and angels that watch over you and support you with their unlimited love and light. Allow yourselves to be blessed, dear ones!

Dear readers and subscribers,

I would like to thank you for your kind support and your willingness to open your hearts to the loving messages from the Archangels that I channel with great joy and appreciation!

I wish you a Merry Christmas, a delightful Yule, or a blessed celebration and get-together of any kind! May your holiday season be filled with lots of love, joy, and laughter!

Love, light, and angel blessings,

Marielle 💛

Weekly angel message, December 12-18, 2022


This week the loving Archangel Chamuel is with us to gently guide us through the current energies of the winter season. He has chosen the symbolism of snow as a point of reference for his message.

Snow consists of water flowing down from the sky mixed with tiny particles of earth material that float around in the cold air, such as specks of dust and minerals.

Water coming down from the Heavens above represents the flow of pure Divine energy, love, wisdom, and inspiration. As it mingles with the element of Earth new ideas and concepts are born that bring us clear insights and a fresh new outlook on our lives.

Snows falls gently and silently onto the earth which indicates a gradual and soft process of understanding and learning. Every great journey begins with a single step. Snow is like the loving voice of the Divine encouraging us in a calm and gentle manner and reminding us of our own purity and innocence.

A blanket of snow has the ability to immerse the world in a state of quiet and stillness, where everything is settled and set in place. Peacefulness, calmness, and tranquility prevail and call for a time of spiritual rest and stillness in which we take some time for ourselves to relax and enjoy ourselves in preparation of a new beginning.

As no two snowflakes are the same, the falling snow reminds us to appreciate our own uniqueness and value our self-worth and the beautiful gifts and natural talents we have been given.

Snow symbolizes the connection between the Heavens and the Earth through which the gift of purity and perfection is brought to our attention.

Let us find out what the magnificent Archangel Chamuel wishes to convey to us this week.

My beloved ones,

I, Archangel Chamuel, have come to visit with you this week to remind you of the sacredness of your journey and to let you know that there are no wrong turns or directions. Everything is exactly as it should be and you are exactly where you should be at this moment in time.

I am offering you the symbolism of snow to help you to calm down and stop for a moment, so you can become aware of the communication of the Divine. The Divine is always speaking to you, but are you listening?

There are signs and synchronicities all around you, but are you noticing them?

My message is about releasing your resistance to everything that causes you worry and anxiety in your life right now and to cover it with metaphorical snow. Allow this snow to cool down the overheated energy and to simply let all things be as they are. Visualize how each falling snowflake is filled with wisdom and inspiration from the Divine, helping you to see clearly and allowing you to slowly and gently move forward with this newly gained knowledge towards an improvement of your circumstances, but in order to receive this guidance you must take on the qualities of snow that are purity, stillness, and gentleness.

This is a season of preparation, dear ones, a time to renew yourselves and your energy before you embark on new ventures.

It is a time of deep healing and the release of overheated emotions, such as anger, distress, and resentment.

Just like the flowers prepare for spring, so can you harness your energy and direct it towards new growth and a blossoming of love and light.

Swap the density and heaviness that is weighing down your heart for lightness and joy simply by withdrawing your attention and focus from all that is unwanted and taking small gentle steps towards a lighter way of being, the way of self-care and self-love fed by the desire to feel whole, well, and at peace.

The strength of your personal power depends on the extend to which you can bring yourself into union with the higher frequencies of love and joy, therefore your most important task in life is to guide yourself towards this higher state of being and to live, speak, and know your soul’s truth, which is that you are a beloved child of the universe and that you are here to experience that in every aspect of your precious and beautiful life.

Each snowflake does not only represent a message from the Divine, but also a spiritual helper from the higher realms. You are surrounded by an incredible number of higher beings, who truly are like dear friends to you by helping and supporting you, but also by rejoicing with you and showering you with their love and blessings. I encourage you to take the time to invest in these special friendships and connections. You are as much a part of their world as they are of yours because in the end we are all beings of the same universal energy in a variety of different forms.

I invite you, dear ones, to use the symbolism of snow whenever you start to feel overwhelmed or anxious. Remember that you have the choice to retreat into stillness and non-action for a while to connect to your inner knowing, your intuition, and to the Divine. Even though nothing much seems to be happening in your earthly reality, a whole lot is happening in the world of energies, and soon a clear new direction will present itself to you and then your actions will be joyful and filled with ease and flow.

Just like the world remains still under a blanket of snow because the wind is unable to cause any movement in the branches of the trees or the grass and fallen debris on the ground, so can you return to a state of purity and tranquility by quieting the wind inside your mind, which is the movement of your thoughts. Use the power of the energy of snow to purify and calm your emotions and wait for the beautiful rebirth that will soon follow!

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Weekly angel message, December 5-11, 2022

The bear

This week the powerful and highly motivational Archangel Nathaniel is with us to support and encourage us. He has chosen the symbolism of the bear to illustrate his message.

The bear spirit represents strength, confidence, leadership and taking decisive action. Especially in times of adversity and challenges the bear symbolism replenishes us with renewed power and courage.

This impressive animal teaches us to take care of our own needs for healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level through rest, reflection, solitude, and quiet time. The bear spirit helps us to find our center and ground ourselves in a strong foundation feeling comfortable in our own personal space and setting up strong energetic boundaries against unwanted influences.

The bear shows us the power of our spirit, that comes with great wisdom and an elevation of our energy-vibration. He can take us on a dream quest to discover our true spiritual vision, to receive illuminated guidance, and to expose our hidden subconscious fears in order to overcome them and move forward with vigour and strength.

The bear spirit invites us to delve deep inside our hearts to find the significance of our true path and personal mission and to implement them into our daily lives with a strong sense of direction and purpose.

An important question to ask ourselves is: Have we independently chosen our personal journey or have we allowed others to choose it for us?

Let us see what Archangel Nathaniel wishes to tell us at this moment!

Dearest ones,

After the loving Archangel Ariel has helped you to clear out and activate your beautiful heart-space, I, Archangel Nathaniel, am here to ignite it with a spiritual fire of enthusiasm, motivation, courage, and passion, for I am the Archangel, who urges you to move forward in life and discover the uncharted territory that awaits you. This is a journey towards true fulfilment, joy and expansion that you take with confidence and an eagerness in your heart because you know you are protected by and connected to the powerful energy of the universe.

It is safe for you to venture out of your comfort-zone and release your status quo to become a true reflection on earth of the radiant, abundant, and inspirational being of light that you are at your core.

The bear symbolism represents the power of your spirit, which is fuelled by the energy-vibration of pure love. It is only through the inner choice to connect to this flow of energy and to allow your heart to overflow with it, that you will find true strength and courage. No amount of hard work or will-power matches up to this state of being, that will help you find your highest path of happiness and fulfilment in life.

You must be willing to release your sense of urgency and control and instead surrender to the soft nudges of spirit that you can only receive through your heart because they are unspoken and vibrational in nature.

Your logical mind is only able to perceive a very limited version of the love and appreciation that flows to you and through you from the universe and tries to remind you of all the pain and disappointment you have lived through, which feel like more tangible experiences to you and amplify your doubts and scepticism.

I invite you nonetheless, dear ones, to leave behind these old emotions and stories and to keep focusing on the truth that you know deep down in your being, that you are very loved, protected, and always lovingly guided towards your highest good. The most important step you can take is to bring yourself back to a receptive state of innocence and trust and when you take that step, when you ask for help and guidance, the universal beings of unconditional love and light will be right there waiting for you to hold you in their warm embrace. That is my absolute promise to you!

When you keep practising and choosing to take on this higher perspective and view on your life by consciously bringing yourself back to a state of receptivity through stillness, meditation, and a positive uplifting input of carefully chosen words and thoughts, you will slowly carve out a new path for yourself.

A path that generates a new momentum of progress, possibilities, and events for you, that are more aligned with your natural talents, gifts, and desired life-goals.

This freshly gained momentum will help you to break through your previous limitations and restrictions because you are wholeheartedly aware that there is a new horizon waiting for you out there. Your conviction and determination will increasingly grow due to the beautiful, inspiring, and motivational signs and synchronicities that you will encounter along the way. This is how the universe works, dear ones, and this is what makes the journey such fun.

When you see your life unfolding piece by piece and all the parts easily and effortlessly coming together through the rise of your own energy-vibration, you become truly excited and eager to live and to expand into eternity as there really is no end to your existence. You will marvel at these beautiful testimonies of how life always works out for you and you will take delight from these personal little victories.

So this week, I encourage you, dear ones, to take inspiration from the bear spirit, who displays the perfect example of gathering strength and courage from retreating into the center of your being which is your heart and to take the time to care for yourself, to heal and release old unwanted stories, and most importantly to open the door to the love and support from the angelic realms, so you can emerge again with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

Keep in mind that the clearest and most profound insights come from unexpected disruptions and shake-ups in your life. Do not fear them, but take on the powerfully grounded presence of the bear spirit, so you can welcome them as bringers of necessary change and instigators of much needed fresh new energy!

I, Archangel Nathaniel, am always right beside you, dear ones, showering you with my fiery energy of courage and strength. Call upon me for a surge of love and support!

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Weekly angel message, November 28-December 4, 2022

The house

The beautiful and loving Archangel Ariel is still with us this week to expand on her message regarding the energy of our heart with her newly chosen symbol of the house.

The house represents our home, the sacred space where we feel sheltered and protected from the outside world.

It is our safe haven and place of comfort, where we can relax and truly be ourselves. Our home also symbolizes our inner self and all the parts of our personality, but also our spiritual state of being and the belief-systems we entertain on personal expansion, growth, and the possibilities that are at our disposal.

When we feel at home within ourselves, we are closely connected to our own heart, which makes us feel warm, abundant, and joyful. Only from this state of being, do we feel welcome on earth, at home in the world, and connected to other people.

Our house is the central point of connection between heaven and earth for us because it is the spot where we anchor ourselves to the land by laying down our roots, and where we find the optimal environment and conditions for spiritual growth.

Let us find out what Archangel Ariel wishes to convey to us about this important place in our lives and how it represents our energy and inner state of being in relation to our own heart and the world around us.

My beautiful ones,

I, Archangel Ariel, am still by your side to help you comprehend the importance of an open, flowing heart. Through your heart you connect to yourself, the higher realms, and all of the beings on the earthly plane.

In order to feel comfortable enough to break down the barriers that stop you from fully connecting and living from your heart, you must feel at home within yourself and within the magnificent vessel that is your physical body.

When you are at home in your body, you are fully present in the moment with your senses activated and enlivened, which makes you aware of what is happening inside yourself as well as in your surroundings.The house symbolizes your body and your mental and emotional make-up, but it is your inner being, your true self, your soul that turn this house into a home. Your heart is the key that connects your earthly existence as a human being to your inner higher self.

In order to achieve balance and harmony between these two aspects of you, you must invest time, care, and energy in both of them. Just like the tangible houses, that you build in your third-dimensional reality, need maintenance, structure, and complementary features that provide comfort and beauty, so do your body and mind need tending to as well. They already influence each other in a way because if you start to clean, sort out, enhance, and beautify your place of living, which is your earthly anchor, your inner energy will start to shift due to these expressions and actions of self-respect and self-love. When you are caught in the illusion of being stuck in your life, doing small chores in your house will create an opening that allows the energy to accelerate and redirect itself.

I encourage, dear ones, to care for and nourish your physical body with the foods, drinks, habits, and forms of exercize that support your well-being, but most importantly to treat your body, no matter what condition it is in, with love, kindness, and appreciation.

Talk to your body with encouraging words and ask what it needs. Your body is always talking to you, giving you signs and providing you with suggestions. Please take the time to listen to its wisdom and see how small adjustments in your current life-style can make a world of difference.

Another important part of your symbolical house is your perception, which is coloured by your life’s experience that turned into certain beliefs about yourself and the world you live in. When you silence the narrative inside your mind from time to time through meditation or practising stillness, patience, and appreciation during your activities, you once again create an opening in the current energy, which allows you to refocus on growth and expansion in your life. You become increasingly detached from your life’s story, which allows you to become more receptive and open to a flow of new life and this is exactly what is going to turn your house into a home. When you work on finding inner peace and balance in your life, your heart becomes the point of unification between heaven and earth, between the powerful earth-energies and the higher spiritual energies, and between your inner Divine masculine and feminine energies.

Your heart will crack open and remember its connection to true love, light, and wisdom. This will generate a powerful surge of energy that revitalizes you and catapults you forward into a whole new way of living and being, where you will live your life freely, openly, and courageously from your heart with joy, wonder, and gratitude.

At first there will only be brief moments that you experience this new and improved state of being, but if you continue to practise caring for your spiritual house through your power of focus, it will not only become your true home in which you feel comfortable and confident with who you are, but also a beacon of light that will bring true healing, inspiration, and encouragement to your fellow human beings! Remember that whenever you start to feel disconnected from the world again, it is because you are disconnected from yourself and your own heart. Do not be discouraged, but remember my words and pick up where you left off, caring for your true house and home!

I wish you well, dear ones, and I bless you with all my love and light, I am Archangel Ariel.

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Weekly angel message, November 21-27, 2022

The heart

Archangel Ariel has chosen the heart as this week’s angelic symbol to complement her message to us.

The heart represents love, affection, and compassion, but in a spiritual sense it is also regarded as the seat of our soul and the doorway to our connection with Source through which profound joy, deep fulfilment, and unconditional love from the higher realms flow into our experience.

Our spiritual heart is at the core of our being and holds our pure essence, our true, innocent nature. A balanced heart-chakra enables us to form authentic, reciprocal, and intimate relationships because we are filled with compassion and love for ourselves as well as the people around us. We are able to forgive and let go of old pain and sorrow and navigate through our lives in a state of trust, surrender, and acceptance.

The French word for heart is le coeur from which the English word courage is derived.

A strong and balanced heart-chakra gives us the courage to fully engage in life without holding back out of fear of getting hurt. We feel at peace with all the parts of our being because we know that the duality of our earthly reality brings us uplifting as well as challenging experiences.

Shutting off our heart from outside influences to avoid pain makes us bottle up our emotions and become rigid and brittle. It scatters our energy, which makes us feel indecisive, unworthy, fearful, and sad. We have to learn how to courageously go with the flow in order to thrive in life!

Let us take a look at Archangel Ariel’s inspiring words in this week’s angel message.

My beautiful ones,

It is an honour to be here with you and to speak to you about the energy of your heart.

Your heart is the place through which you embrace life in all of its facets accompanied by a wide range of emotions. Your emotions are part of your inner guidance system and they represent the messengers of your intuition. Therefore my encouragement to you is to fully accept how you feel in your heart without judgement or reservation.

The stirring of your heart, whether this makes you feel either elated or uncomfortable, will bring you the insights that will lead to growth and spiritual expansion. Acknowledge the wisdom of your heart by taking the time to quietly observe and honour all of your feelings. I would like you to visualize your heart as a house where your spiritual being resides. When you open the front door, does it feel welcoming, clean, spacious, and well cared for? Or does it feel cramped, cluttered, and stale? A regular clear-out of your spiritual heart, dear ones, is highly recommended to make room for a fresh new flow of energy.

Firstly, I encourage you to uplift your heart-space through the release of your need to be right, even if you seek this validation for your inner narrative only in your own mind. Try to be more open and flexible instead, taking other people’s points of view into consideration and abstaining from immediate harsh judgements on yourself or others.

Secondly, I encourage you to release your need for control and the eagerness to know all the details and outcomes of situations. This creates a burden and tightness in your heart-space because you take on too much responsibility for everything that is happening in your experience while in truth you simply cannot fathom all that is occuring in your life. Freedom comes when you surrender to the fact that you do not know all the answers and solutions and this is exactly what makes your life fun and exciting. Allow your curiosity to arise, welcome new experiences, and learn to trust that situations will unfold naturally for your highest good when you allow yourself to relax and let go. Your only true responsibility is to take care of your own energy-vibration and sense of well-being from which you create and manifest your own earthly reality.

Thirdly, I encourage you to release your need for protection through putting up walls around your heart and becoming overly defensive, doubtful, and insecure. This is the most challenging step for you because behind those walls of protection often reside deep pain and fear of the repeat of negative life experiences.

I lovingly guide you, dear ones, to patiently and compassionately start to dismantle those walls in small steps by practising awareness each day and choosing to refocus on a higher perspective and a positive outlook on life.


Keep reminding yourself that you can only be truly fulfilled, joyful, and happy, when you give up your resistance and take the risk of fully embracing all aspects of your existence on planet Earth. You have come to expand yourself not to preserve yourself. You have come to get to know your own power, courage, and deservingness of the gifts and blessings of life, not to withhold yourself from them!

So now that you have taken the steps to clear out the house that represents your heart, it is time to open the curtains and windows to let in new light, fresh air, and new energy by activating the spiritual bridge that connects you to Source, which brings you a flow of love, inspiration, guidance, and most importantly the clarity to move forward with renewed passion, vigour, and courage.

A balanced heart-energy reminds you of your true authentic nature, and allows you to claim your rightful place on earth and to openly express the desires of your heart. Take time to meditate, contemplate, and truly connect with the world around you by being grounded, present, and attentive to life. Know, that it is not the withholding of love or inflictions of pain by others that makes you sad and disappointed, but the blockage of your own love to which you deny yourself access. Your own love flows through you constantly because you are love, dear ones, no one can ever take that away from you but you by believing that you are not worthy or good enough. You cover up your true nature as a beautiful energy being of light and love with a mind-made identity based on your life-story.

I, Archangel Ariel, am at your side to help you to fully open your heart and to discover the great potential that lies within you. I gift you my pink energy of healing and unconditional love, which will ignite a spark of light in your heart. Accept this light and allow it to develop into a beautiful warm flame of passion, joy, and worthiness. Each and every one of you deserves to live the best life possible! You are all greatly loved, dear ones, by me and the entire universe!

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