Archangel Jophiel

Name, symbols & colours

Archangel Jophiel’s name means Beauty of God and she is the Archangel of beauty, clarity and wisdom.

She helps us to see the beauty in all aspects of our lives, to stay positive and optimistic and create and manifest beauty in our surroundings and in our hearts.

Her appearance radiates a deep pink colour and her energy ray is yellow with touches of orange.

Her most significant symbol is a sparkling bright diamond, that reflects positive and inspiring rays of light. The sun, the light, the ocean and deep pink flowers are other symbols that represent her magnificent energy. Archangel Jophiel also helps us to balance our solar plexus chakra.


Archangel of beauty

Archangel Jophiel encourages us to slow down and become calm in order to notice the beauty around us. This will help us shift our negative thoughts and feelings to positive ones and allow joy and gratitude to rise within our hearts.

This magnificent archangel lifts our energy levels and mood by helping us to bring order and organization to the places and situations in our lives. She inspires us to declutter, air our living and work environment, and clear away lower negative energies.

Archangel Jophiel will also lead us to better self-care. She encourages us to see the beauty and light within ourselves by helping us discover our own special and unique gifts.


Archangel of wisdom & the yellow ray of enlightenment

Archangel Jophiel helps us to turn our creative vision into reality by inspiring us to learn new skills. She fuels our creativity with wisdom, fresh ideas, vitality and joy.

In our moments of low self-esteem and slowness, we can count on her inspiration, clarity and wisdom.

Archangel Jophiel supports us when we feel insecure in situations of conflict and confusion.

The yellow ray of enlightenment focuses on wisdom, intellectual thought processes, concentration, intuition, self-confidence and manifestation. It is like the sun, cleansing on all levels and lifting our mood by bringing a fresh positive attitude, pleasure, and joy into our lives.

The yellow ray enlightens our soul by connecting us to our higher self, the angels and guides through many dimensions, like a cosmic ladder.


Channeled message

My name is Jophiel and I am the Archangel of beauty, positivity and orderliness. I would like to convey my encouraging message to you, because I can see that many of you, dear people, are burdened by worries and negative thought-patterns.

The light has disappeared from your eyes and you have become blind, so to speak, to the beauty that surrounds you. You can find this beauty everywhere, in nature and the small, seemingly insignificant things in life. Go outside and behold nature’s miraculous appearance, the changing of the seasons, the behaviour of the animals.

Look up at the cloudy sky, a spectacle of light and dark, look at the everchanging colours.

I would like to encourage you to slowly wake up from your bad dreams. Ask me to lift the heavy load of your shoulders and to develop a positive outlook on life. If you are calm, peaceful and present, with an optimistic way of thinking, you are much better equipped to deal with the changes of life.

Life is everchanging and everyone encounters challenges, that is a fact, but how you respond to these challenges is a choice. I encourage you not to lose hope and to keep searching for the good, beautiful and positive things in life. Ask me to help you do this, I am very glad to be of service.

Keep your life simple, so you will not get overwhelmed by all material things. Be clean and tidy, live orderly and stay balanced, which allows the energy to flow freely. This is very important, because energy is manifestation-power and it is in your best interest to make good use of it to fully live your life’s mission. If this powerful energy gets blocked or diverted, it becomes more difficult to manifest. You become overwhelmed and distracted.

So be thankful for what you already have and don’t delude yourself into thinking material things will bring you happiness, because true happiness can only be found in living your life’s purpose and dreams, it is intrinsic, it is pure joy. Make room in your life, dear human, to focus and use your energy wisely. I happily invite you to ask me for help to bring order into your life and surroundings, I am glad to be of service.

Finally, try to smile a bit more, dear human. Your face and eyes will become radiant and your heart will become open. Let your energy shine outwards and light up the world. This isn’t hard or complicated, just take a deep breath and smile, you will instantly feel better.

Dear people, I am Archangel Jophiel and I wish you all beauty and abundance. Call upon me, I am always close by! In love,

-Archangel Jophiel-


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