The Focus Wheel

Improving your vibrational point of attraction

The Focus Wheel is an energy healing tool introduced by Abraham, a collective of higher light beings, channeled by Esther Hicks (Abraham-Hicks) used as a way to improve your vibrational point of attraction relevant to a subject or desire.

The Law of Attraction states that you can only let in what you are putting out energetically. Your vibrational output needs to match the energetical frequency of your desires in order for them to manifest into your life.

The Focus Wheel accomplishes a relief in your resistance through focusing on feelings of well-being and flow. It generates unconditional love by finding the feelings without needing conditions to support it or without needing conditions to change.

When you practise raising your vibration through a focus wheel on a regular basis, you will be able to maintain a state of being, that will cause inspiration, ideas, conversations, synchronicity and manifestations to flow to you, because the resistance in your vibration in relation to your desire has been diminished.

This way, what you want to happen in your life, can actually start happening!


The big central circle

The big central circle holds the central idea – what you are going for, what you are wishing for, what you are desiring.

You make this statement or describe this subject in one clear sentence as if it is already true.

Before you make this statement, you can also write what your present feelings are about this subject, because if you know what you don’t want, you know what you do want. For example:


I feel frustrated that…I haven’t found a soulmate-relationship yet


I am thrilled at the knowing that….a relationship with my soulmate… is available and ready for my discovery.

Central statement:

I am in a loving relationship with my soulmate.


Surrounding circles

When you have made your central statement, you start filling in the surrounding circles within the Focus Wheel by focusing on ideas and statements, that don’t contradict the central statement, while paying attention to the way you feel.

It is important, that you write statements that you already know and believe in, otherwise it will only conjure up more resistance.

The trick is to go general, maybe even change the subject a little bit. It doesn’t matter if what you write doesn’t seem immediately relevant to the central statement, because the details of your desire are already present in your vibrational reality and known by the universe. Vibrational relevance is what counts. How these supporting statements make you feel is what matters.  The goal is to get in the vibrational vicinity of your desire as a way for you to line up with everything that is vibrationally there for you!

Examples of supportive, non-contradictory statements:

  • I am clear
  • I am open
  • I am fun loving
  • I adore conversation
  • I am a good communicator
  • I am gregarious
  • I love focusing and feeling
  • I love feasting my eyes on someone or something I love
  • I love the feeling of love
  • I love to be in love
  • I love objects of attention to appreciate
  • I love to love
  • I love being in alignment with Source
  • I love freedom
  • I love inspiration
  • I love the feeling of being in the moment
  • I love stimulation of thought
  • I love going places
  • I love new experiences
  • I love adventure
  • I love new awakenings
  • I love new contrast and launching new desires
  • I love becoming
  • I love understanding
  • I love knowing
  • I love applying
  • I love being a deliberate creator
  • I love the feeling of moulding my energy
  • I love excitement
  • I love passion
  • I love enthusiasm
  • I love being all lighted up
  • I love being stimulated by someone
  • I am a good creator
  • I am good at this when I focus
  • When I focus I get better and better
  • Cooperative components are assembled and I am one of the cooperative components
  • I like to be up to speed with my idea
  • I am becoming a match and wise enough not to settle for less
  • I am taking pleasure from focussing myself into alignment
  • I know that the universe is on my side
  • I know that the Law of attraction has assembled all the cooperative components
  • It is fun just to think about it, not having it all at once
  • I like the unfolding of my life
  • I like moving into alignment with whom I have become
  • It is fun watching the universe respond to this better way that I feel
  • It is fun watching what comes
  • It is on the way and it doesn’t matter when it comes because it is coming
  • I will recognize my soulmate when he/she shows up