Archangel Barbiel

Archangel of October

With nature’s bountiful harvest brought in from the fields and orchards, Archangel Barbiel reminds us to give thanks and practise gratitude for all of our received blessings.

On a spiritual level, he shows us that we truly reap what we have sown. October is the excellent month to review the results of our ways, efforts, and mental and emotional investments. When we start to release what is no longer working for us, we enter winter with a new lightness and brightness of heart.


Archangel of harmony, balance & mediation

Archangel Barbiel helps us to re-evaluate what harmony and balance mean for us in our daily lives. When we come to the realisation, that there still is a certain amount of confusion and pain present in our energy-field, we can ask this loving Archangel to lead us back to the path of harmonious living and a state of inner joy.

The month of October covers most of Libra season, which brings us a playful and social air-energy filled with new ideas on love, beauty, abundance, pleasure, and soul-fulfilment.


Channeled message

Dearest ones,

As the Archangel, who radiates the warm, pleasurable, and abundant energy of the month of October, I would love to bring you a renewed sense of comfort and balance to settle into the season of autumn.

I would like to talk to you about releasing the things that keep you from this inner feeling of harmonious peace and how you can replace them with healthier and more productive habits and narratives.

Feelings of sadness, disappointment, and imbalance are fed by the story, that you are telling yourself from moment to moment, your inner comments on your life, and what should and should not be happening to you. Balance comes from tempering your emotions and steering them in a better, more uplifting direction. This is not to say that you should repress or deny your emotions, on the contrary, it is about acknowledging them with love and compassion, but without labelling or further explaining them mentally.

The trick is to not let your emotions run you automatically, but to create a strong momentum and flow of positive emotions by deliberately telling yourself a story of success and happiness. When you start to use the vibration of uplifting words, you will see that your emotions will follow suit. You have to tell the story of your own praise and well-being, even if nobody else is telling it. You have to tell it regardless if other people will confirm it or agree with it. This is your life, and it is your prerocative to tell your story, which is your personal truth. Nobody can tell it, because nobody is you, nobody stands in your exact shoes!

And you have to stick to your story, dear ones! Repeat it until it feels familiar and comfortable to you, your personal story of balance and harmony. Let all your thoughts, words, and actions support your story, even if nobody seems to be cooperating with you. What you are doing through this process of scripting about your life, is empowering your energy-field and raising your energy-frequency, which will eventually, if not immediately, attract and create a different reality for you. Creating balance and harmony within yourself is not about waiting until your outer circumstances have changed or improved, but about actively contributing to and taking responsibility for your inner state of being. You are creators, dear ones, not passive endurers of circumstances!

Use the warm, uplifting, and inspiring energy of the month of October and my loving help and support to get started with this inner process. Put a smile on your face and start to imagine and visualise what you would like your life to be like and most importantly how that would make you feel. The season of autumn is a time of transition, and many people start to loose faith once the influence of the bright, happy sun starts to decrease, but it provides a beautiful opportunity to strengthen your spiritual powers, to be the light when the natural sunlight is fading. This is your moment to show what are made of or better said how powerful, creative, and inventive you really are in energy and spirit.

Get cosy and warm, dear ones, create beauty and comfort all around you, and retreat within your own beautifully written story for a while. It will recharge you and make you less vulnerable to outside influences and their effect on your emotional well-being.

Bless you, dear ones, I am Archangel Barbiel, your close companion during this magnificent month of October!


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