Archangel Verchiel

Archangel of July

Archangel Verchiel is known as the Archangel of affection, nobility, a generous heart and an optimistic outlook on life, who teaches us that life is about a happy balance between work and play and who encourages us to make time for pleasure and leisure.

Verchiel is the Archangel, that rules over the month of July.

Archangel Verchiel invites us to sit still and stare into nothingness for a while to replenish our energies. When we are well rested, we become more pleasant and kind human beings in our daily lives.

Taking short breaks also provides us with the opportunity to observe what we have achieved and to enjoy the rewards of our work.


Archangel of the summer sun

As the governor of the sun, Archangel Verchiel gifts us the powers of intellect, insight, and wisdom to evaluate our goals and to look at what we really wish to manifest into our lives.

Archangel Verchiel encourages us to enjoy the gifts of summer and to keep our hearts open to unexpected miracles, as he is also known as the bringer of surprise gifts and blessings!


Channeled message

My dearest ones,

What an absolute pleasure it is to introduce myself to you! I am known as the Archangel, whose presence is felt the strongest in the beautiful month of July, as my light frequency resonates with the energies of the sun and the summer season, which is a time for relaxing, recharging, and refocusing yourself.

I am here to teach you that remarkable results and accomplishments do not only come from your hard work and efforts, but also originate from moments of stillness and relaxation.

The best inspired ideas come to you when you take a step back, when you let go for a moment, when you take time to simply breathe and be present. In your action driven world, it is easy to miss the importance of these moments of recharging and revitalizing yourself. You have a magnificent body that is capable of beautiful activities, coordinated movement and creative endeavours, but you also are a spirit, an energy-being and this part of you needs care and attention as well. It is the harmonious balance between the physical and the spiritual aspects of you, that will bring you the most joy and fulfilment in your life.

Let me inspire you to implement the qualities of my energy into your experience, dear ones, which are a clear perception and understanding, that come from bringing light and harmony into your life by resting in faith and stillness. When you allow yourself to be filled up with this intelligent and harmonious light frequency, that arises naturally in you when you surrender and focus on the present moment, you will automatically reinforce your inner power and authority and create an energy field of strength and protection around you. This field of protection is not one of a harsh and defensive nature, but one of a higher love and understanding of yourself, which will attract anything like itself and repel anything unlike itself.

The understanding of this important spiritual insight might persuade you to take your moments of rest, relaxation, and enjoyment without so much resistance and guilt. I encourage you to take my guidance to heart, especially in the wonderful summer season, when your natural rhythms and your natural environment support you. You will feel so much better, that is my promise and blessing to you, my beloved ones!

In love and light,

-Archangel Verchiel-


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