Heart Healing Unit

The Heart Healing Unit is an energy healing tool gifted to me by Archangel Raphael during a meditation.

Archangel Raphael showed me a powerful energy-field in the shape of a heart with me standing at the bottom point and two other persons in each curve of the heart as if I was opening my arms and wrapping them around them.

The purpose of this healing unit was to show me the spiritual connections and energy between me and the other persons and how we could establish mutual healing and spiritual growth within this powerful field of healing. The Heart Healing Unit is surrounded and supported by the angels. It is a field of unconditional and eternal love, a safe place to get insights on personal relationships, themes and subjects.

Through meditation or visualisation an (Archangel)angel can be invited to step into the heart-shaped energyfield to provide insights and healing for the initiator and the other participants (Healing Rhombus). The healing takes place on a spiritual and soul-level.

If you initiate a Heart Healing Unit and choose two other participants for it, they don’t even need to be aware of the fact that they are in this spiritual unit with you. Its main goal is to bring healing for you as the initiator, but others in this unit do benefit as a result of the activation of your field of healing as well. It is also possible to put themes or subjects in the heart instead of people, for instance “self-love” or “passion”.

Recently I also started to use the heart healing unit tool for my relationship reading in an adjusted format. For the purpose of a relationship reading I invite my client and their person of choice in the energyfield of the heart healing unit as well as a special (Arch)angel for guidance and support. In this way I create a safe, powerful and angelically guided field of healing to gain insight into the energies of this particular connection. 

The Heart Healing Unit is a great way to surrender difficult or confusing relationships, situations and themes into the loving hands of the angels. No matter how painful or dysfunctional the details within the heart will get, a field of unconditional love is at its base, carefully watched over, supported and infused with healing light by the angels.