LOVE: The ice cream program

Love & relationships

Relationships can be a source of pure joy and exhilaration, but also of deep sorrow and hurt.

In truth we ARE all love and our true nature is to freely give and receive love.

However, in this and many previous lifetimes, we have gathered and inherited a lot of emotional baggage, limiting patterns and beliefs, that prevent us from living this truth.

The angels encourage us to find our way back to our true selves and our natural state of being, that is filled with worthiness and love. They inspire us to choose healing over suffering, take responsibility for our part in building our defense walls and believing in the false stories of unworthiness and lack. When we acknowledge our relationship patterns, we are able to choose a new path forward with our conscious focus, newly set intentions and positively directed feelings.

Healing our wounds and facing our inner pain, will attract people, who have healed their wounds and have faced their inner pain, enabling healthier and more balanced relationships to enter our lives.


The ice cream symbolism

An ice cream represents success in love and contentment in our lives. The three different scoops of ice cream symbolize three elements of a successful relationship, which we need to develop and integrate in our own energy fields and lives first.

Ice in general represents frozen emotions or a lack of flow and progress in our thoughts, feelings and actions. There is a need to defrost or soften our hearts and go with the flow of life in a calm and grounded manner. The three areas represented by the different ice cream flavours, need to flow freely, and become a part of our personal base structure in life for us to attract healthy relationships.