Love & relationships

Relationships can be a source of pure joy and exhilaration, but also of deep sorrow and hurt.

In truth we ARE all love and our true nature is to freely give and receive love. However in this and many previous lifetimes, we have gathered and inherited a lot of emotional baggage and limiting patterns and beliefs, that prevent us from living this truth.

As children growing up, we confused other people’s inability to love us with the belief of being unlovable and unworthy of love. Our parents’ projected feelings of pain, fear, guilt and shame diminished our natural self-worth and self-love.

This causes a push-pull momentum for us as adults. On the one hand we withdraw from others, putting up defense barriers to protect ourselves from getting hurt again and on the other hand we show patterns of neediness and codependency, bending over backwards to suit the needs of others in an attempt to proove ourselves worthy of their love.

We have to find our way back to our true selves and our natural state of being, that is filled with worthiness and love. We have to choose healing over suffering, taking responsibility for our part in building our walls and believing in the false stories of unworthiness and lack. We have to acknowledge our relationship patterns and choose a new path forward through our conscious focus, newly set intentions and positively directed feelings.

The Law of Attraction will match our new energy and healed outlook on love and relationships with new experiences in love. As we can only attract and receive what we ARE, we will bring out the best partner- and lover qualities in others, when we become the best partners ourselves.

Healing our wounds and facing our inner pain, will attract people, who have healed their wounds and have faced their inner pain, enabling healthier and more balanced relationships to enter our lives.

Together with my guardian angel I have written a three part coaching program on love and relationships, called “The icecream program”. My guardian angel used the symbolism of a big ice cream cone with three differently flavoured scoops on it, to bring through his guidance on love and relationships. Click here if you would like to learn more about this angelic guidance program.

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