Archangel Barchiel

Archangel of blessings & good fortune

Archangel Barchiel’s or Barachiel’s name means God’s blessings.

He is known as the Archangel of blessings and good fortune and is said to be the leader of all guardian angels.

Archangel Barchiel is often depicted scattering rose petals, which represent God’s blessings of love, onto people or holding branches of blooming roses to his chest.


Archangel of abundance, joy & laughter

A basket overflowing with bread, which represents abundance, is also one of his significant symbols. The colours associated with this beautiful Archangel are green and blue. Green represents healing and abundance, while the blue colour is linked to speaking the truth of your heart.

Archangel Barchiel helps you with the process of creating the life of your dreams by showering his blessings onto all areas of your life, from relationships, family and work to spiritual growth and enlightenment. He teaches you to live in the present moment and to enjoy each step of your process of growth towards success and happiness. He radiates a warm, joyful energy, which stimulates song, dance, laughter and a wonderful sense of humor.

This joyful Archangel encourages you to open your heart and fully receive the gifts of love and abundance from the universe. He inspires you to develop a positive outlook on life and a higher sense of perspective by overcoming your limiting beliefs and changing your attitude towards expecting abundance and the best possible outcome in your life.


Archangel of February

Archangel Barchiel is connected to Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance and luck and the astrological season of Pisces.

The month of February is an excellent time to call upon this Archangel to bring light in the darkness of the winter months and to help you patiently prepare for a new dawn and a new season of growth.


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