Weekly angel message, August 15-21, 2022

The strawberry

The strawberry represents the sweetness of life, purity, love, delight, and passion.

As the strawberry is one of the first fruit to ripen in spring, its symbolism heralds rebirth, new beginnings, and positive changes in our lives.

The strawberry connects to the energies of the planets Venus and Mercury.

Venus represents the divine feminine aspect of love, beauty, abundance, and passion, whereas Mercury is the planet of communication, intellect, creative expression, and information. Strawberry teaches us to enhance our goodhearted nature and relax into our softer, gentler, and more graceful side, when we approach life and engage with others. This nurturing energy will tear down walls of defense, distrust, and cynicism, and make way for beautiful new partnerships or the revival of existing relationships and friendships.

As a simple, yet luscious and irresistible fruit, the strawberry shows us that beauty, passion, and wellbeing can be found in simplicity and modesty. Fireworks burn up quickly, but a consistent flow of warmth, compassion, and kindness works miracles.

As the Archangel of endings and new beginnings of major life cycles, Archangel Azrael kindly conveys this week’s angel message to us.

My beloved ones,

I am Archangel Azrael, and this week I would like to bring you a message on the opportunity for a major rebirth in your life. The strawberry symbolizes a significant change in your emotional fulfilment and happiness, if you allow its humble, yet passionate, warm, and caring properties to guide you. After last week’s emotional release and healing with Archangel Gabriel’s willow tree, there is now space for further implementation of new energy.

The strawberry symbolizes the pinnacle of divine feminine energy and intuitive qualities within yourself. When you recognize that emotional expression and vulnerability are a strength instead of a weakness, you are able to let your energy flow freely, to give and receive the higher values of love and abundance without hesitation, and to confidently show yourself to the world with an open, flowing heart.

The strawberry radiates a natural confidence and abundance with its bright red, shiny colour and its luscious, heart shaped appearance. It even wears a leavy crown on top of its head, which symbolizes an inner regal quality of worthiness and an opening to the higher realms through your crown chakra. My encouragement to you, dear ones, is to apply the energy, that the strawberry represents, into your own life by allowing yourself to replenish emotionally and receive the blessings of change.

This rebirth does not come forth from strive, complex thought, or forced action, but out of the restoration of your capacity to flow, surrender, and trust the universal energies. These supporting energies, that are coming in for you right now to bring about change, are of a lighter, and higher frequency and will only be beneficial for you if you give yourself space and time to find your higher, matching energy flow.

An old cycle is about to end, a cycle of heavy structures and outdated ways of thinking and acting in your life. This new cycle births a whole new language to those that are ready to hear and speak it, a language of refined and clear signs and symbols, of connecting the dots from a higher vision, truth, and perspective, and of deep inner knowing, trust, and wisdom. This requires of you to be a clear, pure, and joyful receiver and communicator, to live a simpler life, simpler, but rich in peace, magic, and awareness, and to detach from the noise and distractions of the man-made world and connect to the sacredness of the natural world.

Now is the time, to invest in yourselves, dear ones, by focusing on your emotional fulfilment and wellbeing and becoming the beautiful and worthy vessel for the energy of change, that you are meant to be. Only from the overflow of this inspired energy, will you be able to successfully make an impact on the world through creative expressions and sincere ventures filled with passion, joy, and enthusiasm.

I am Archangel Azrael, ask me to help you get familiar with this new chapter in your life, that is on the verge of revealing itself to you!

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Weekly angel message, August 8-14, 2022

The willow tree

The willow tree represents strength, adaptation, flexibility, emotional expression, hope, and healing.

The willow tree is able to survive critical conditions, high winds, and storms because of its resilient branches, that can bend without breaking. It teaches us to grow, evolve and even thrive in difficult circumstances by being flexible and gathering our inner strength to face our challenges.

We choose to adjust ourselves to the necessary changes in our lives and to be hopeful of new beginnings, that arise when we let go of the old and embrace the new. When a willow branch is planted in the ground, it will sprout easily and grow into a new tree, which symbolizes this possibility for new life and new beginnings.

The willow tree symbolism has a connection to the moon and the element of water, which represent the flow of our emotions, subsconscious fears and desires, our intuition, and our spiritual receptivity. The willow tree encourages us to get in touch with and express our deepest inner feelings, to ease our sadness, and to surrender and let go, allowing deep emotional healing to take place, which benefits our overall health.

Another important message from the willow tree is the interconnectedness of all life, which asks of us to be mindful of our thoughts, words, and actions because they affect the world around us and are also mirrored back to us in our own life experiences.

As the willow tree is one of Archangel Gabriel’s most prominent symbols, she kindly conveys this week’s angel message to us.

My beloved ones,

I am Archangel Gabriel, and I am delighted to bring you a message of warmth, community, and oneness in this special week, where the energy of the Lion’s gate portal is at its height on the 8th of August. This portal offers you the opportunity to work with this powerful universal energy of balanced momentum and allow it to support your process of personal growth and enlightenment.

I would like to convey to you what the symbolism of the willow tree means in conjunction with this special occasion. Primarily, the willow tree represents emotional healing, the release of feelings of heaviness and sadness, and the return to a state of innocence and freedom. As the Archangel, who has a special affinity with the children of your world, I can help you cherish your own inner child, which is that inner part of you that longs for playfulness and freedom from the complexity of your adult life. Only when you allow yourself to let go of painful past experiences, can you wholeheartedly embrace the world with love and receive the abundant blessings from the universe, like an innocent child, that is loved and cared for by his parents in the purest and most beneficial way.

The willow tree shows you that you are able to overcome your challenges in life and create a new beginning for yourself at any given moment in time. For a new beginning to take place, the circumstances do not have to change right away. A new beginning always starts with a new perspective, which makes way for new energy and momentum to arise. When you develop a different outlook on life, think different thoughts, speak different words, and choose different behaviours, you are sowing the seeds of change, and before you know it, you will reap a whole new harvest. Remember last week’s wise analogy spoken by Archangel Uriel!

The willow tree represents a serene and sacred place for you to go to, retreat from the world, and regain this new perspective on your life. The spot where the branches spread out from the stem is low to the ground and is easy and inviting for your inner child to climb into and find a comfortable place to sit at. The warm, smooth texture of the willow’s bark and its overhanging lightly swaying branches, that provide shade and a secret hiding place, will enhance your feelings of wellness and security. Now open yourself up to the energy of healing with patience and care, choose to rid yourself of negative patterns and feelings of victimhood, cutting the cords with all that has hurt you in the past, and watch your inner child start to smile, relax, and rejoice in the loving branches of the willow tree.

When you balance and harmonize your body, mind, and spirit, an openness, and a feeling of oneness with the whole of creation arises within you. You no longer feel like you have to defend and protect yourself, but you are able to seek out companions to cooperate and share your inspiration and dreams with. When you allow yourself to be supported and inspired by others in a warm community spirit, you will experience true synergy and the birth of new creative endeavours, that come forth from combined energies of like-minded and like-hearted souls, who will mirror your love, joy, and passion.

Let me guide you on your path and light the flame of healing, inspiration, creativity, and oneness for you, dear ones. I am Archangel Gabriel, ask me for the energy of love and healing and I will hold you in my warm, nurturing embrace for as long as you wish for.

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Weekly angel message, August 1-7, 2022

The sunflower

The sunflower represents love, joy, vitality, happiness, optimism, faith, and adoration. This big vibrant flower with its strong upright stem and sunlike petals inspires us to claim our personal power, authenticity, inner confidence, and self-worth.

The sunflower exhibits a trait called heliotropism, which means that it follows the movement of the sun, turning its flowerhead towards the warm sunlight.

It encourages us to focus on the things, that give us energy, are positive in nature, and support our growth and wellbeing.

The sunflower symbolism also refers to our power and courage to succeed in life by embracing opportunities, taking practical steps in the right direction, and bringing out the best version of ourselves with gusto and confidence.

The sunflower’s large quantity of edible seeds represent the enhancement of our nurturing qualities and the many seeds of potential, that we can sow in our lives to reap an abundant spiritual and material harvest.

Archangel Uriel enlightens us further this week with his beautiful message.

My dearest ones,

I am Archangel Uriel, and I am delighted to bring you another encouraging message of higher wisdom this week.

In my last message, I spoke of developing trust in the blossoming and the coming to fruition of your spiritual seeds, which is what the symbolism of the beautiful sunflower refers to.

The sunflower tracks the sun with its flowerhead, and allows the warm rays to accelerate its process of photosynthesis and growth. Due to this special trait of heliotropism, it grows tall and strong, and exudes a remarkable radiance and beauty.

Just like the sunflower, you are encouraged to turn towards the light, and absorb all of the higher qualities of the spiritual sun, such as love, joy, wisdom, purity, and harmony. Strengthen your faith in divine love and the sacred powers of the universe by opening your heart to a higher calling, rising above your earthly challenges, and its limiting, dense energies.

All you have to do is ask, and be open to receive, because no plea or question remains unanswered. Allow yourself to be nurtured and comforted by the knowing, that at your core, you are a beautiful, innocent, and pure soul, and always will be.

Working with the power of the sun, as the sunflower does so meticulously, brings you the strength, clarity, and confidence to successfully move forward in your life. Use your power of focus to only take in positive, nurturing, and uplifting energies, words, thoughts, actions, and information. When you practise this way of living, your heart becomes softer and receptive of your higher wisdom, love, and intuition. This raises your energy frequency, and makes you stand out, radiant and strong, just like the beautiful sunflower. It is this radiance, that alters the outcome of your spiritual and material harvest on earth because you have tended to your process of growth and manifestation with the highest care and attention.

When the world becomes too much for you, and emotions are running high, retreat in stillness, and remember your intention of working with the sun. Give yourself time to regain your balance and clear focus, and then go forward again, visualizing a warm, radiant sun, shining above your head, that nurtures, inspires, and protects you. Learn to depend on your own personal sun, and just like the sunflower, you will remain confident and strong, seeing clearly through the duality of your world.

I am Archangel Uriel, ask me to help you embrace the powers of the sun, which will bring you happiness and fulfilment beyond your wildest dreams and imagination.

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Archangel Uriel’s message for Lughnasadh on August 1st, 2022

The first harvest of grain

The festival of Lughnasadh, also known as Lammas, indicates the beginning of harvest season, a time of gathering in, and giving thanks for nature’s abundance.

From this moment on, the power of the sun begins to wane, and we start to prepare for the arrival of a new season.

Lughnasadh marks one of the four important seasonal turning points, as it takes place halfway between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox. Traditionally, breads were baked from the first harvest of grain and corn, and shared in celebration with loved ones and members of the community.

Bread baking can be a powerful ritual, that reflects the simplicity of abundance. It demonstrates how to use little, simple ingredients, with patience and love, to create much to share and rejoice over. Nature is our greatest teacher, when it comes to this powerful lesson.

Archangel Uriel delights us with an abundant angelic message for this special occasion.

My dearest ones,

I am Archangel Uriel, and it is my absolute pleasure to bring you a message, suitable for this particular moment in time.

The energy of Lughnasadh represents the celebration of the endresults of a process of natural growth and development, which takes shape in the form of a bountiful harvest of crops and fruit. When you observe nature’s wonderful produce, take a moment to be still, and consider how it all started with little seeds, being planted in the fertile grounds of your planet, before you could enjoy this variety of natural foods.

The process of growth is nothing less than magical, and yet every summer season, you expect with certainty, the turnout of this abundant harvest. Why not apply this belief and trust in the outcome and results of your spiritual seeds? After all, the universal energy, that empowers and animates nature, is the same energy, that helps you manifest your dreams and wishes.

I would like to inspire you, dear ones, to manifest your own personal abundance by acknowledging and cherishing your spiritual seeds with clarity and simplicity. Set crystal clear intentions on what it is, that you would like to attract into your experience. Remember, seeds are the beginning of something new, and they are not connected to your old results, stories, and experiences. They are fresh, free of guilt, despair, or anxiety. It is a new process of growth, that you are willing to trust, while allowing the necessary changes to unfold in your life. Do not let fear or hesitation hold you back. Just like in nature, no two days are the same, and no two harvest seasons or alike, but the plants and trees adjust themselves to their circumstances, and flow with the energies. They keep on growing, until they eventually blossom in their fullness of being and divine purpose.

When you are willing to embrace your future abundance, as if it is already there, anticipating a joyful, natural path of growth, inspiration, and guided actions, you will eventually celebrate your own power of manifestation and the tangible creations, that have turned into reality due to your diligence and courage. And although you enjoy these beautiful results, it is your growth process that you need to celebrate the most, because if you learn to sow and care for your spiritual seeds until they bring forth their fruits of abundance, and you repeat this over and over again, with every new season of spiritual growth, you will begin to trust your envisioned outcome and your own power of creation. You will learn to surrender control and anxiety, which will make you a much happier, more joyful, and lighthearted human being, and that is the true meaning and experience of abundance!

I am Archangel Uriel and I wish you a wonderful and blessed harvest season!

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Weekly angel message, July 25 – 31, 2022

The beach

The beach represents relaxation, recovery, calmness, and peace.

It symbolizes the place where our spiritual side and our earthly orientated side come into balance by getting our restless, emotional needs met, reconnecting to the healing properties of the earth, and finding the freedom to focus on our true desires and the things we love to do in an ever-demanding world.

The energy of the beach helps us to navigate through the changes, that will shift our life experiences to match our newly found spiritual insights and higher level of understanding.

Archangel Raziel graciously delivers this week’s angelic message to us.

My dearest people,

I am Archangel Raziel and I have come to you today to share my message with you regarding your power of manifestation using the symbolism of the beach.

The beach is a beautiful location as it is the place where water meets earth under the influence of the magnetic powers of the sun and the moon.

The sea and the moon represent your spiritual state of being, your waters of intuition, your receptivity of inspired ideas and dreams, and your allowance of higher guidance and direction. The sand and the sun on the other hand, represent activating your power of drive and persistence, taking practical steps, making plans of action, and generating tangible results of abundance and success. Let me enlighten you how to balance these two parts with each other, which will lead to a transition in your earthly manifestations as a result of your spiritual work and wisdom.

I would like to invite you to imagine that you are sitting on a beach overlooking the sea or sit on an actual beach, if possible, but if you cannot get to a beach, let the beach come to you through your feelings and power of visualisation. The first step is to become as one with the sea, floating and flowing like a little wave on the sea. Allow an openness, a vastness to arise within you. The sea provides you with an access to a world beyond your thoughts and personal visions, it holds deep wisdom and guidance for you to receive with ease and clarity. The waters of the sea also make your personal worries, mental limitations and stories disappear. They are simply washed away and cleansed within the continuous rolling of waves from this enormous amount of water. All of a sudden, you realize how insignificant they are in the totality of the powerful universe. It deflates your ego and tears down the walls that you have put up around you, which prevent you from receiving the clarity and inspiration, that will guide you effortlessly on your life’s path.

Now that you are in a state of being, open to change and transformation, you shift your focus to the sun shining above your head and the warm sand beneath your hands. Allow the sun to empower you with strength, stamina, and energy to take the next step. Now that your old stories of pain, restriction, and disappointment have been washed away by the sea, you are no longer hindered from taking responsibility for your life and moving into the direction of your dreams. When you observe little children building castles in the sand on the beach, you see how they use their imagination with joyful enthusiasm and fully engage in their activity. This is the energy you need to start shaping your reality, not to build sandcastles, but so much more than that, your legacy on earth!

Do not underestimate the power of imagination and visualisation. They are at the basis of every successful endeavour and manifestation. When your spiritual balance and well-being is your starting point, the creation and building processes will be effortless and full of joy. Use this mediation of the beach often, especially at this time in summer, when it is easier for you to identify with the feeling.

I am archangel Raziel, your spiritual advisor and confidant. Ask me to help you to allow higher wisdom and spiritual understanding to enter your life.

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Weekly angel message, July 18 – 24, 2022

The peacock butterfly

The peacock butterfly represents change and transformation by taking action towards our stability, security, and our foundation in life. This beautiful butterfly encourages us to show our true colours and beauty to the world and to be proud of who we are.

Its deep red colour radiates passion, warmth and friendliness, but also the courage to step out of our comfort-zone, when we have transformed our inner strength and stability to a higher level.

The four eyes on its wings symbolize a clear focus, spiritual vision, discernment, and insight into other people’s intentions. It inspires us to remain vigilant about the influences that surround us, but also insures us that we are being watched over by the angels.

Archangel Metatron kindly shares this week’s angel message with us:

My dearest listeners,

I am Archangel Metatron and I have some words of wisdom and inspiration for you to reflect on, at this time. Let me share with you the lesson that is within the symbolism of the peacock butterfly.

This beautiful creature has a striking appearance and stands out between its fellow insects. It shows its coloured wings and magnificent aerial performances to the world, but not before it was ready. It took some time for it to grow these wings and to allow them to fully develop. The struggle of this butterfly to break out of its cocoon and to morph from a caterpillar into a butterfly, prepared it to become strong and able to survive and thrive in the outside world.

Just like the butterfly, you are meant to shine your light and fulfil your life’s purpose by sharing your unique gifts and talents with the world, but not without preparing a balanced and stable foundation for yourself. This foundation consists of time spent in stillness, meditation, and contemplation for you to develop a clear outlook and insight of your true direction instead of getting caught up in just the “doing” part of your creative endeavours and getting drawn into other people’s projects, energies, and activities. Discern carefully what and who is truly worth your attention, light, and energy. Trust your heart, when it tells you what truly brings you joy and fulfilment and what are just obligatory activities, that have lost their appeal to you.

Your light and life energy are very precious, dear ones, spend them well and know that if you put your energy where your heart guides you to, it will multiply by manyfold, bringing you back blessings of abundance and joy. You will also attract the right people, means, timing, and support for your endeavours, dear ones, because you allow your heart to be your compass, which is where your higher guidance resides.

Recognize that other people’s energy has a profound influence on you. Use your discernment to see who lifts you up, inspires you, encourages you, and supports your spirit and soul mission, and who creates drama and distractions and does not respect your integrity and inner truth. The four eyes on the wings of the peacock butterfly suggest that you keep your eyes open towards all directions to spot unwanted influences and deflect them by your own sharpness of focus.

Remain under the radar from time to time and protect your creations until you know in your heart, that it is the right time to step up with noble intentions and with your highest truth and integrity, derived from time spent in sacred ritual and stillness. Then you will be ready and your impact on the world will be enormously beneficial to all souls, including yourself!

In love and light, I am Archangel Metatron, call upon me always for wisdom and support.

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Weekly angel message, July 11 – 17, 2022

The dandelion flower

The dandelion flower also known as dens leonis, which means lion’s tooth, represents abundant power, resilience, healing, prosperity and happiness.

This flower refers to the power of the sun and our solar plexus chakra, where our will power resides. It teaches us how to balance joyful action with pure intentions and an inner belief in our worth and value.

The dandelion flower also symbolizes hope and the inner strength and higher wisdom to rise above unexpected or difficult situations. It helps us to remain open to possibilities and keep an optimistic and trusting outlook on life instead of becoming too tense, controlling and lost in our own projections on reality. This beautiful little yellow flower shows us how to flow with life and how to allow divine assistance to deliver our dreams and wishes according to our vibration of energy.

Archangel Raguel kindly conveys this week’s channeled angel message to us:

My beloved ones,

I am Archangel Raguel and I have come to bring you a message of hope and encouragement.

The dandelion flower is considered a weed and a nuisance by most people. It gets stepped on, trampled, and carelessly plucked out of the earth only to be disregarded, and yet this tenacious, little yellow flower finds its way back to the sunlight. It finds its power and strength even from the littlest fragments of roots it has left and grows back into its full glory. The dandelion flower does not bear any grudges from the injustice, which has been bestowed upon it by human words and deeds. Instead, the dandelion flower holds the love and light of the universe at its core and does what it does best, blessing the earth and its inhabitants with its uplifting, joyful, yellow appearance, and its enormously beneficial healing traits.

As the Archangel of Divine justice and harmony, I bring you the lesson of the dandelion flower. In your earthly life, you encounter situations and people, that stir up emotions of anger, resentment, urges for retribution and revenge, and even harmful actions of violence. These are in fact all reactions of fear because you belief that others have the power to rob you of your happiness and well-being, when actually you are the only one, who attracts and creates your reality and experiences in life.

Your true power does not come from forcefully reacting with outrage and indignation, which will only escalate the situation, but from igniting your bright, inner light, your sun power, your deep inner knowing of your worth and value.

From this state of being you will be a vessel for Divine justice because your outlook is no longer coloured by anger and fear. You will act, speak, and engage with others from a place of clarity, understanding, and self-control. Your energy now radiates a natural authority and assertiveness while respectful boundaries are being established.

Your inner light is lit by releasing feelings of hurt and breaking down the walls of defense, that you have built around your heart. Restore your self-worth by shifting your focus and following the path, that brings you the greatest joy, which is the path of happy, loving thoughts and indulging in the passions of your heart. This will raise your energy vibration and change the way you perceive and experience reality.

Ask me to help you cool down overheated emotions and the escalated effects of unjust situations by rising above conflict and rage. I bring you my soft blue light of calmness and harmony. Balance out the distortion in your sun power, that shows up as anger, with a soft breeze of love, compassion, and non-judgement, dear ones.

Remember that you are blessed and greatly loved,

I am Archangel Raguel.


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Weekly angel message – July 4 – 10, 2022

The sun

The sun gifts us the powers of intellect, insight and wisdom to evaluate our goals and to look at what we really wish to manifest in our lives.

It awakens and strengthens our personal power to take inspired action steps with commitment and determination.

The warmth and brightness of the summer sun also brings us gifts of happiness, healing, and joy, that light up our heart and mind.

The beautiful Archangel Verchiel is the Archangel of the month of July and governs the summer sun. His energy resonates with the qualities of affection, nobility, a generous heart, and an optimistic outlook on life. He teaches us, that life is about a happy balance between work and play and he encourages us to make time for pleasure and leisure.

This week’s channeled angel message contains his words of wisdom:

My dearest ones,

I am Archangel Verchiel and I am here to bring you a message of peace and surrender. When you think of the bright, radiant sun, it does not seem to be a symbol of peace and surrender, and yet it is, because if you wish to work with the energies of the sun, you need an openness inside your heart, inner peace and a sense of deeply rooted trust. Only then can these powerful energies arise within you.

If you are all closed up and unable to freely flow your energy, this kind of power and wisdom becomes uncomfortable for you to handle. It will feel like an inner struggle between a need for control and security and true power and wisdom, that want to come through you. The sun represents the element of fire and fire ignites, warms, brightens, and lights up, but it can also burn you out, if you do not allow it to express itself.

If you intend to work with the energy of the sun this coming week, I am right here by your side to help you allow your true power to arise within you by pointing you towards inner peace, which comes from recognizing your natural rhythms, and your faith in life, which comes from deepening your trust.

Your natural rhythms dictate your time for action and your time for and relaxation. I encourage you to loosen your hold and focus on the flow of life to learn to feel your natural rhythms and make the most of both of these times.

Relaxtion is not a luxury, you see, it is a necessity to thrive and be happy and joyful in your life. Being outside under the sun in your world, requires the same approach and teaches you the same lesson, The sunlight lifts your spirit, heals your body, motivates you, and assists you with your jobs in the outside world, but if you do not respect the power of the sun by continuing your activities and not allowing yourself to rest or slow down, the same sunlight starts to work against you, burn you and make you feel ill, overheated and dizzy.

Trust is something that can be cultivated by your focus on the sacredness of the present moment instead of giving in to worry and anxiety, that mostly take place in your mind. Intention and prayer are key, which means putting your focus on where you wish to go and what you would like to feel and experience and then asking your allies in the higher realms to help you with it. Faith comes from the higher knowing, that there is more to your world than meets the eye. There are energies at play, that are so powerful and yet so deeply loving and appreciative of you, that will guide you and keep you safe.

I have gifted you the golden combination to work with the energy of the sun, remember my words when you bathe in the beautiful sunlight of summer, smile, and know that you are well. With all my love and light,

I am Archangel Verchiel.


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Weekly angel message – June 27 – July 3, 2022

The Dolphin

represents harmony, balance, freedom, and independence. These energies help us to feel at ease in our own skin and environment and to engage in joy, laughter, and playfulness.

The dolphin spirit brings through Archangel Uriel’s ninth dimensional golden light frequency, which carries immense wisdom and healing power. The angels are encouraging us to spread our light, wisdom, and natural healing abilities with a spirit of lightness, joy, and grace. The dolphin symbolism reminds us to live, speak and interact from our heart rather than from our head, which connects us more deeply to the present moment and helps us to stay open, compassionate, and forgiving towards ourselves and others.

Dearest and beloved ones,

Once again, we are delighted to convey our words to you and immerse you in our heavenly energies of love and light. We are delighted to point you towards de-light, which means letting your light come away from you or shining your light. When you take on the energy of delight, you radiate a very powerful higher energy, which allows you to bring wisdom and healing into your world as well as to manifest your dreams and wishes into your 3D reality.

There is a time to be strong in setting your focused intentions and following your inspired actions steps, there is a time to work on your personal growth and to dive deeply into your inner world, and then there is a time to simply step out of the way, to surrender and trust, and see how the universe will deliver, how the universe will magically lift away blocks and obstacles, and how the universe will shower you with blessings.

The best way to enhance this energy flow is to relax, rest and retreat in a state of joyful bliss, knowing that you are being lifted up and cared for by the universal energies, that will manage the details for you.

We encourage you to metaphorically swim with the dolphins for a while, which means that you allow yourself to flow with the stream of life with a sense of ease, trust, and surrender. Your inner realisation and knowing that you truly are a beautiful and powerful energy being allows you to trust the universal energies and processes.

There is nothing that you have to prove to be deserving of a life of joy and ease. Let all your fears and doubts wash away in the ocean of love and light guarded by the loving dolphins and know and enjoy your true higher nature!

Gratefully and wholeheartedly receive your blessings, dear ones, and know that you deserve them, because your mere presence on this earth invokes a stream of love, appreciation, and abundance from the higher realms towards you, that is beyond your imagination. Then pass on and multiply these blessings by blessing your fellow human beings with all that you are!

Weekly angel message – June 20 – 26, 2022

The cornflower

represents positive hope for the future, strength and freedom.

Its Latin name “Centaurea Cyanus” is a reference to Chiron, the wounded healer, and our indigo blue third eye chakra, which reminds us that only through recognizing our own inner wounds through the higher perspective of our spiritual wisdom, can we find true healing and become a beacon of light for others.

Dearest and beloved ones,

At this time, we bring you a message of healing. Healing the stagnation and distortion in your energy field, that stem from old wounds and outdated belief systems and that affect your ability to take action towards your dreams in a productive and successful way.

When you only use your willpower and hard work to try and reach your goals without aligning your energy and tapping into your higher clarity and wisdom, you will continue to run into the proverbial blocks on the road, that reflect back to you what is out of balance inside of you. It will feel like driving a fast car, but your core wounds continuously stepping on the brakes, when all you truly desire is to move forward with ease and to experience effortless progression.

Your inner work is just as important as your outer work and your achievements in this world. If you wish to contribute in a meaningful way to your planet and the people in this world, you are being encouraged to show up in your full power, which means that you know your true divine and higher nature and that you are one with the universal powers that propel you forward in your life.

This will also help you to find your own unique path without getting side-tracked by the opinions and influences of other people, because your sense of security is no longer solely rooted in the earth plane, but also in the higher realms, where there is a treasure of inspiration waiting for you to utilize and integrate into your action steps.

Trust that the universe will provide you with the right opportunities, inspiration, means, situations, and people. All you have to do, is allow the universe to work through you by being a clear channel, which you can achieve by tending to your own well-being and energy-frequency.

Recognize your old outdated ways and wounds, start to release them, and replace them with a better vision, a better story, a more authentic version of yourself, so you can show up in your full glory, radiating a natural confidence, being a beacon of light and working miracles, which can only come forth from a solid connection with your higher self!