Message from Archangel Metatron featuring the symbolism of grass


Fresh green grass is one of the many beautiful symbols of spring and represents new beginnings, hope, vitality, growth, and expansion. Its vibrant green colour resonates with our ability to attract material wealth and abundance into our experience and establish excellent physical and emotional health and well-being.

Grass also teaches us about interconnectedness, togetherness, and the importance of having a solid foundation and strong roots. The underground root-system of grass holds all the single blades together in strong patches that work harmoniously together for their survival, growth, and expansion. It reminds us of the web of life in which all our individual words, thoughts, and actions affect the harmony and sense of community of life on our planet.

Grass plays an important part in holding large surfaces of soil together and is essential for preventing land-slides, erosion, and deterioration during heavy rainfall. As a natural collector of water through its roots and blades, grass effectively distributes moisture to the soil.

Water represents our emotions, so when we pay attention to our groundedness to the earth and our oneness with all life, it helps us to regulate our own emotions and our susceptibility to the influence of the emotional states of those around us.

The beautiful green colour of grass refers to the soothing, calm, and at the same time revitalizing energy of a balanced heart-chakra. It brings the message not to overlook the mundane and appreciate even the smallest wonders that occur in our in lives.

As one of the world’s most significant sources of food and oxygen, grass heralds a time of new ideas, prosperity, and fulfilment. Let’s see what Archangel Metatron adds to this wonderful, but quite unexpected choice of symbolism!

Dear ones,

I, Archangel Metatron, am happily appearing by your side to help you recognize and activate the wisdom, light, and higher energies that are swirling around in your heart and solidly ground them in your earthly reality. When you are incarnated in a human body you have access to all this magnificent knowledge and spiritual gifts, but they can only be useful to you if you integrate them into your human experience.

I have chosen the symbolism of grass, because these little green blades are so common and mundane to most people that their existence is often taken for granted and their importance overlooked, yet they are filled with the wisdom and magic of the universe and their growth and expansion fuelled by the powerful universal energy of love. When you are able to sense this in all living beings and natural elements, you open a portal to the core energy of your planet, Earth. As a human being you are dependent on this source of earth-energy for your happiness, health, and well-being.

You are created as a vessel between the Heavens and the Earth through which the energies flow up and down, hence the saying as above so below. This means that all life on your planet is a reflection of the higher realms and the wondrous structure and workings of the universe. Unfortunately, many human beings still cannot see this connection because of their distorted view and perspective causing them to feel isolated and forsaken, when all the while the universe is breathing all around them through the natural habitat that is your planet.

This sacred connection can only be felt through the heart. The heart is where the energies from Heaven and Earth come together and create a world of magic, an overflow of love, joy and abundance if the heart is open and receptive and not overruled by the thinking mind and an overprotective ego. True love can only be experienced through your connectedness with the universe as well as with your planet, therefore you must be present in your life, present with your natural environment, present in your body, and present with all living beings.

The love, joy, and abundance of life is captured in every natural element on Earth, even in the tiniest seemingly insignificant blade of grass. When you realize this, when you sense this through the wisdom in your heart, the world will come alive to you in a whole different way. You will experience the power and wisdom that is harnessed in the earth and revel in the wonder and beauty of creation. You will feel strengthened and at one with it and never again will you question your worthiness as a human being. Now, and only now, will you be grounded and stable enough to receive the powerful downloads from Spirit, the ancient codes of magic and knowledge, because you have achieved the perfect balance between Heaven and Earth within yourself.

Mental constructs of all sorts designed by the human mind obscure the joy that can be found in the simplicity of life, the beingness of the natural world, and the aliveness that you can feel within your own body and through your bodily senses. I, Archangel Metatron, am the guardian of highly attuned and sensitive children, which are the children as well as adults that can still access the purity and innocence in their hearts, and who feel the truth of my words resonate in their hearts. These are the people, and when you are reading or listening to this message, you are likely one of them, who can bring immense love and light into this world, because they possess the integrity to harness the power and energies of Heaven and Earth, and they are greatly supported by the angelic as well as the elemental energies and beings.

As nature is coming to life in spring, it is the excellent time for finding joy and pleasure in growth and expansion. Just like the plants and flowers start over with fresh new leaves and flower buds, so can you leave behind your old burdens, past mistakes, and unfortunate experiences and concentrate on new life, new ways of being, new opportunities, new ideas, and new projects. Have you ever seen a plant that refuses to let go of its old, brown, and dried up leaves? No! The natural world never looks back only forward towards the future, it fully embraces its new growth and allows its old leaves and flowers to turn into compost for the soil. Your past is like compost for your present and future expansion and spiritual growth because you have gained valuable experiences and learnt personal lessons that you would not have learnt any other way than through the living of your own life. Smile, when you see the freshness of green grass this spring season and enjoy its wonderful earthly as well as spiritual gifts to you by remembering my words, dear ones! You are greatly loved and blessed!

Dear lovely readers, thank you for your support, likes, and comments on these angelic messages! I hope Archangel Metatron’s words will bring you a renewed sense of joy and inspiration as they did for me! Sending you love, light, and blessings! Marielle 💛🌞🌿

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Message from Archangel Chamuel featuring the symbolism of the cherry blossom

The cherry blossom

The cherry blossom, also known as Sakura in Japanese, heralds the arrival of spring and represents rebirth, renewal, and new beginnings. In Japan there is even a festival named Hanami that brings people together in celebration to joyfully admire the cherry trees in full blossom and contemplate their amazing transient beauty.

The cherry blossom is short-lived and reminds us that nothing lasts forever and that we are all prone to seasons of change. It teaches us to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of what we have and make the most of our valuable lives in the present moment. When we let go of rigidity in the process of change and accept the ebb and flow of life, we are better equipped to maintain our inner balance, serenity, and peace.

The cherry blossom also symbolizes the attraction of true love and trusted friendships into our experience. Its energy is filled with the qualities of forgiveness and compassion, and it has the ability to soften our hearts to release old hurts and receive the unconditional love and light from the universe, which will help us become beacons of love and light ourselves.

Lastly, the cherry blossom is connected to our inner Divine feminine energies of beauty, spiritual strength and receptivity, abundance, and fertility. The tenderness, fragility, and the sheer beingness of these little pink flowers make us stop in wonder and reflect on the beauty of life with gratitude allowing for an opening to the ever-flowing universal stream of creativity and inspiration that will enrich our life’s experience.

Let’s take a look at Archangel Chamuel’s message for us!

My beloved ones,

I, Archangel Chamuel, am delighted to be here with you at this very moment that you are reading or listening to my words. Allow my love and energy-vibration to lift you up with joy and an eagerness for what I am about to convey to you, because this is a time of celebration , the celebration of a new cycle of life and love for you! I have come to help you open your heart and receive the many blessings that await you with these wonderful new beginnings in your life!

I have chosen the cherry blossom as an illustration to my message to lighten up your mood and create a soft and gentle atmosphere around you. Take some quiet time to look at these beautiful, abundant little flowers and allow feelings of wonder, tenderness, love, and lightness to arise in your heart. Even though you might not physically be able to behold the cherry blossom, your focus on their energy and meaning will have the same effect. Let’s take it further with a visualization to enhance this energy. Imagine that you are walking along a path lined with cherry trees in their full blossom and notice that with each step you take, your heart softens and starts to radiate a bright pink light.

As you are continuing along the path, you see a little bench on the side, which allows you to pause for a moment and absorb this magical pink light that is now all around you. You realize that this light allows you to look at the content of your heart with honesty, compassion, patience, and peace. If you find energies and feelings of love and joy, be grateful and acknowledge them with a smile. If you find heartache and old grievances, bless them for their attempt to protect you against future harm and then let them go gently by telling them that their stay is no longer necessary, because you have found new ways to keep yourself safe without being reminded of past hurtful experiences.

This is what I would like to talk to you about, dear ones, new ways to keep your heart clear of clutter and in an excellent, open, and receptive condition to fully embrace the new. Your heart needs love and maintenance just like every other part of your magnificent body, because if it functions on old stories and outdated beliefs, there is no room for fresh new energy to enter. Allow me to enlighten you further on how to strengthen the energies inside your heart in a positive way, so your energy-vibration will rise accordingly to match the frequency of love, abundance, and joy!

My first encouragement to you, dear ones, is to adapt a mindset of prayer as if you are in a constant conversation with the universe. Practice gratitude and giving out blessings in every situation and stay loyal to your purest intentions with integrity, self-discipline, and focus. See yourselves as bringers of love and light on earth, which is what you are, and be aware of negative entanglements and drama that might lead you astray. Cooperate with your spiritual supporters in the higher realms, who are always ready to help you and guide you on your path, be aware of their presence, and know that you are never alone and left to your own devices, but that you are loved and cared for beyond description. If you invest time and energy in a spiritual practise, which can be anything from meditation, or simply lighting a candle, or sitting in stillness, to taking a walk in nature, or mindfully expressing yourself in creative ways, you will start to fill up your heart with light and joy, which will greatly diminish the impact of challenging situations on your inner peace and sense of well-being.

Secondly, I would like to address the use of your capacity to visualize your desires into manifestations. When you engage in daydreams and you allow yourself to experience the feelings that are a part of your desired outcomes, do so with a spirit of playfulness and openness and allow the universe to fill in the details for you. If thoughts about the when and how occur, gently release them and confirm to yourself that the workings and ways of the universe are magical and based on a complete knowing of all the necessary components. Stay in an energy of fun and excitement rather than falling prey to rigid expectations and a tendency to force or manipulate outcomes that will ultimately lead to disappointment. This will keep you in the flow of life, and the lightness in your heart will be a wonderful conduit for all the goodness that is coming your way.

I would like to conclude my message by pointing out the value of bringing more peace, harmony, and gentleness into your relationships. Look for a positive and uplifting exchange of energy and avoid using too many words on specific topics that are of importance to you. Let me illustrate this with an example. If you have a little seedling that represents a new creative idea or exciting project, and you present it to the world too early before it can grow strong and resilient, others will overwhelm it with either too much or too little sunshine, water, and earth, which is a metaphor for their opinions, advice, and actions. Staying firmly rooted in your own energy-field is key to the well-being of your heart. Your peaceful composure and loving energy make a powerful contribution to your own welfare and that of others. There is no need to prove yourself worthy, get the approval of others, change others, or fight for your convictions and beliefs. Find peace and appreciation in your differences and allow yourself and others space to breathe without the pressure of expectations and obligations. You are all unique beings with unique desires and a unique life-purpose. Do not make yourself dependent on others for your happiness and do not allow others to be dependent on you for their happiness. Come together with an intention of creating synergy and sharing your love and upliftment.

Be light, be joyful, dear ones, and open your hearts to the energies of a brand new season! Join nature in awakening to life this spring and allow your hearts to revitalize with new energy!

Happy spring equinox, dear readers!🌺 May the season of spring bring you lots of new energy, vitality, love, abundance, and blessings! 🌞🌱🌼💕

© 2023 – Flowing with Angels – Marielle

Message from Archangel Nathaniel featuring the symbolism of the eagle

The eagle

The eagle represents great strength, leadership, and vision and has been an emblem for many powerful empires throughout the ages. As the highest flying bird on earth, the eagle is also a symbol of our connection to the Divine.

It gracefully conveys the power and messages from Spirit. The spirit of eagle is connected to the element of air and reminds us of our spiritual path and awareness and how our thoughts, words, and intentions determine who we become and what we attract into our lives.

This impressive animal is also associated with the energies of the east winds and the direction of the east, which is the direction of spring, dawn, renewal, and rebirth, bringing in opportunities and new beginnings that we might previously have overlooked or bypassed because of fear or reluctance. Eagle appears to fuel us with stamina, resilience, and courage to snatch up these fortunate chances and opportunities while they last with a renewed sense of focus and purpose.

Eagle inspires us to reach higher and to become more than we think we are capable of. It encourages us to stretch our limits and awakens an inner desire for growth and expansion. When we symbolically take flight with this powerful spirit animal, we take on new views from a higher perspective and soar into unknown realms and new realities by relinquishing our stale and comfortable habits, beliefs, and self-imposed limitations. We start to assume responsibility for our own happiness and well-being.

Archangel Nathaniel is the Archangel of life-purpose, manifestation, and transformation. He brings us a boost of confidence, inspiration, and motivation to stop procrastinating and start living our life-purpose with joy and passion. Let’s find out what this powerful Archangel wishes to convey to us.

My beloved ones,

This is a time of renewal with the natural energies of spring arising and awakening in the northern hemisphere. Many of you can already feel a change in the air and that is why I have come to visit with you and help you make the most of this accelerating energy. I am Archangel Nathaniel, the Archangel that increases the light in your heart and turns it into a blazing fire, but in a steady and focused way, so you won’t get burned by the force of it.

I have chosen the eagle as the accompanying symbol for my message to emphasize the importance of a clear vision and clear intentions that go with it. This is necessary to direct your inner fire, which of course represents your passion and the new motivational energies inside your heart. Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Zadkiel helped you to balance and cleanse your emotional state, then Archangel Raziel and Archangel Orion enlightened you with the higher and spiritual perspective on all that came to the surface, and now we are going to prepare for the last step of this process of rebirth and renewal, which is a push of encouragement for you to start taking action and see the sprouts of your planted seeds come to life. Now is the time to tend to your metaphorical garden and protect and nurture your fresh seedlings, that partly still only exist in energy-vibration and partly already have started to manifest into your reality.

I would like to teach you how to get the most results with the least effort, because most of you associate action with hard work, which doesn’t have to be the case at all! All you have to do is connect to the energy that is already flowing in the direction of your dreams and intentions.

Ask yourself the question with every movement forward that you are about to make, whether it is an action, a spoken word, or a train of thoughts: Does this contribute to the reality I have set my intention on and ultimately wish to experience, or does this sabotage it?

This requires radical honesty on your part. Regardless of what is happening around you or what the people that are in your life right now are doing or saying, you have to take responsibility for yourself and your own actions. This is not the time to point out injustices or wrongdoings and use them as an excuse not to move forward, but to find a way around your obstacles and distractions by using your inner strength and vision.

This is what the eagle spirit so profoundly teaches you, to float on the currents of the winds and to only descend and deploy your energy when you are sure that your actions are going to be fruitful and supportive of your well-being. The eagle simply does not engage himself when it does not suit him, which is why his demeanour comes across as so majestic and wise. He is a master at preserving his energy for what matters and does not scatter it around for the sake of futilities. His distance from the world below him enables him to have a complete overview and ability to make these excellent choices.

These qualities also rely on an inner balance between the masculine and feminine aspects within yourself. Your inner fire is finding its way outwards in a constructive way when leadership, boldness, and power are supported by intuitive refinement and receptivity of the guidance from Spirit that replaces fear-based tendencies of control, urgency, and strain with powerful clarity, confidence, and groundedness in the present moment. You no longer waste your energy trying to get things, people, and situations to be or go a certain way, but you become more flexible and creative in your approach. You start to experiment with new ways and endeavours where enthusiasm and creative energies are already flowing. This is what true courage encompasses, daring to let go of your conditioned and well-worn paths and go where you have not yet gone before based on the workings of natural attraction and compatibility.

Let me help you on your way, dear ones. Take my words into careful consideration and remind yourself of the valuable lessons the eagle teaches you. Build up your fire, your confidence, your power, and motivation on a foundation of spiritual solidity and faith that are grounded in your heart! This is a time of great movement and acceleration of energy, prepare yourself and make sure you are ready to cease the opportunities that are coming your way with the carefully created combination and mastery of your air- and firepower! I am Archangel Narthaniel and I wish you well, dear ones!

Dear readers, thank you so much for your continued love and support for this website and the Archangels’ messages! Feel free to leave a comment if you wish to do so! It would be lovely to hear from you! Have a great week! With love, Marielle 🙏💛🌞

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Message from Archangel Orion featuring the crow symbolism

The crow

The crow represents our spiritual and creative powers and acts as a mystical gateway to the higher spiritual realms and the magic and mysteries of life.

This fascinating and highly intelligent spirit animal helps us to access insights and understanding beyond the reach of the rational mind and to cultivate a sense of wonder and curiosity about the discovery of the unknown.

The crow symbolism is also associated with death as a process of transformation and signifies the end of an old cycle followed by a new beginning. When we go through big inner and outer changes in our lives, we often get pushed out of our comfort-zone and are confronted with inner parts that were previously hidden as well as triggered fears of letting go and embracing the unknown.

Crow encourages us to confront the shadowparts within ourselves and the negativity we observe in the outer world around us with fearless audacity and a clear and higher perspective.

When we look at the duality of life without judgement and attachment, our powerful light of awareness will integrate the seemingly contradictionary energies of light and darkness, which will allow us to rise above the negative aspects of our life’s experience.

When we are firmly rooted in the brightness of our own inner light, we are able to transcend the accompanying lower emotions of fear and victimhood and take responsibility as conscious manifestors and creators of our own reality.

As a master communicator, crow teaches us about the power of our words and reminds us that the way in which we speak determines what we attract back into our world. Crow inspires us to speak up for our truth, to claim our rightful space, and to set healthy boundaries.

Archangel Orion is the galactic Archangel of manifestion and spiritual rebirth and resurrection. Let’s find out how the energy of the crow spirit animal fits into his inspiring message for us.

Channeled message

Dear ones,

I, Archangel Orion, am delighted to be here with you and to convey this message to you. A message about the balance between the lighter and darker energies within you that is established through the mastery of your emotional reactions and responses to your inner and outer world.

Through the crow symbolism I would like to encourage you to face the parts of you that are afraid to allow you to navigate the currents of life with ease and flow and still keep you in the grip of rigidity and control. When these inner parts get challenged by a season of great change and transformation, they conjure up a whirlwind of emotional upheaval and restless thoughts.

The energy of the crow spirit reminds you to stay grounded when the energies of change seem to overwhelm you and to practise self-control and to apply a razorsharp focus to take on a higher perspective and determine your core values and priorities. This is not accomplished from a place of agression, force, or domination, but from a place of compassion and understanding for yourself and others. Great strength can be found in these sweet, soft, and loving qualities, because they will strengthen your inner light, take the pressure off overheated and overexhausted states of being, and allow events and progress to naturally and effortlessly unfold in your life.

The beautiful crow is the perfect example of boldness combined with the intelligence and clarity to stay grounded and present throughout the different stages of your spiritual evolution and the transitions they bring to your daily life.

The key is to enter the portal of divine magic through your heart-chakra. Opening your heart-chakra is the medicine for the rigidity caused by old limiting beliefs and consists of the practise of consciously sending out the higher vibrations of love, light, and blessings into the world.

By doing this you will ultimately adjust your view of the world you live in and the people around you, which has been distorted by previous heartache and pain. Instead of expecting the worst, you courageously choose to expect the best, strengthening and projecting this new energy outwards through visualizations and meditation that will awaken your powers of creation. The practise of kindness, gratitude, and compassion, but most of all the way you use your inner and outer voice by speaking words of upliftment, truth, and clarity, as the crow symbolism so profoundly refers to, will balance out and integrate the shadow aspects of your ego by bathing them in the light of your true self and neutralizing their paralyzing effect on your abilities to manifest happiness and well-being.

It all comes down to the choice between love and fear. Your shadow parts are always based on fear, because they are born out of situations and experiences that made you feel left to your own devices and separated from the Divine. This is the greatest illusion of all, because nothing can separate you from the Source of all that is. You are greatly loved and cared for!

Once you build up your confidence that comes from finding your balance and mastery over old emotional responses, a deep peace arises within you. There will still be times when you get triggered by your old ways and beliefs, but the more you progress spiritually, the more they will lose their power over you, because your inner light will illuminate them and instead of getting caught up in fear, sadness, or anger, your heart fills up with compassion for the beliefs and convictions you once thought to be true. When you shine your light of awareness onto them, you will see that the symbolical monsters that you feared are merely just shadows of the past.

Now your energy is freed up for new beginnings to take place and for your true magical powers of manifestation to prevail! Be open to receive the blessings and results of your inner work and self-discipline and enjoy your newly found independence, strength, and confidence!

Dear readers, I hope Archangel Orion’s message will bring you inspiration and encouragement! If you are interested in personal angelic guidance in the form of an angel reading, please visit the “readings section” of this website or send an email to for more information. Thank you so much and have a lovely week! Love and blessings, Marielle 💛

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Message from Archangel Raziel featuring the symbolism of clouds

The clouds

Clouds represent our current state of mind, our thoughts, and the stability of our emotions.

They are connected to the element of air, which represents our higher thoughts, wisdom, and intellectual ideas and pursuits, as well as to the element of water, which represents our feelings, emotions, and our introspective qualities and intuitive gifts.

White, puffy clouds radiate an energy of friendliness, lightness, positivity, and serenity, whereas darker clouds looming on the horizon represent heavy-heartedness, worry, and despair.

However, if dark storm clouds get heavy with vaporized water, they produce water droplets in the form of rain, which symbolizes emotional cleansing, healing, and renewed fertility. A lightning bolt that appears in the sky when a storm cloud discharges its atmospheric electricity, represents flashes of inspiration and sudden realizations. Storm clouds often bring in a new and fresh energy allowing for new beginnings to take place after the releasing of old patterns and negative energy.

When clouds descend onto earth, they cause the phenomenon of fog and metaphorically obscure a clear view making it difficult for us to find our path. Our confusion and our states of drowsiness and dreaminess act as a veil blocking out the light of truth and clarity from the sun. Fortunately, clouds are transitory and ephemeral in nature and as they form and dissolve again or travel fast into different directions, they send out the message to us to go with the flow of life and observe the metaphorical clouds in our lives with a sense of ease and detachment.

Clouds also signify divine guidance, direction, and protection. In ancient times, people believed clouds to be created by divine spirits separating the world below from the higher realms above and bringing angelic signs through their shapes and their ability to magically appear out of nowhere. Nowadays, looking into the world beyond the clouds is connected to raising our consciousness, taking on a higher perspective, and finding our true purpose in life, although the angels are still known to use clouds as means of communication with human beings on earth.

Archangel Raziel is the Archangel of divine wisdom and magic and in his message he encourages us to look at the symbolical clouds in our lives.

My beloved ones,

It is a privilige to visit with you and reveal a part of my divine wisdom and magic to you! At this precious moment in time, I would like to talk to you about the two-sided symbolism of the clouds that represent your vast potential of various new and higher states of consciousness on the one hand and the reoccuring thought-patterns and conditioned emotional states that come and go on the other hand.

An altered and higher state of consciousness frees you from limited thinking and the imagined constricts of life by broadening your view and helping you to rise above previous patterns and beliefs and see the limitless opportunities and potential within and around yourself. You surpass the many familiar clouds that float around in the sky that is your awareness, and allow the pure white light and energy from the higher realms to enter through your energy portals or chakras. When you connect to this cosmic consciousness and source of spiritual light, a flow of clarity, love, peace, and grace will fill up your energetic as well as your physical body.

Be aware that when you are aligning with this beautiful flow of joyful and uplifting energy, it will shine a light on all the entanglements, distractions, and illusions that are still present and active within you, pulling them to the surface of your awareness and letting them play out in your life, so you can see them clearly, heal, and release them. This is why many of you feel like you are taking one step forward and two steps back and get discouraged, but I tell you this is merely an illusion.

When you are allowing in more light, you simply become more aware of the parts of your ego that have not come up to speed yet with your newly found energy-vibration. There truly is no darkness, only energy-formations that wish to be loved, healed and integrated in the divine oneness of all that is. Rejoice, because now the process of cleansing and detoxifying begins! There is no time to mourn the departure of these metaphorical clouds of old heaviness. Let us send them on their way with love and blessings, letting them drift away in peace.

At first, what will remain is a feeling of emptiness, a void, because all of your familiar clouds have gone, the parts of your ego and your former identity have shattered away leaving you with a clear blue sky that might initially feel uncomfortable to you, but is in fact the space in which a beautiful transformation will take place.

It is a space of surrender and the birth of a new you, the birth of your true self is actually more accurate, because you have come to understand that your self-image and identity mostly consisted of other people’s previous views and projections onto you.

Who are you, now that the slate has been wiped clean? What do you choose for yourself and your own well-being when the past has fallen away? Allow the answers to arise from the emptiness and visualize a new cloud appearing in your sky. A cloud sent by the Divine, arriving to support and strengthen you at this time of great change. A cloud filled with light and the higher energies of healing and purification. Imagine yourself surrounded and comforted by the soft and gentle embrace of this cloud. It is safe for you to enter the void of transition and surrender to not knowing all the answers just yet, but remaining open to new ideas and inspiration that will soon take root in the fertile ground of your cleared and purified heart.

This is a time of new beginnings and illumination that will remind you to focus on love, joy, and happiness again. It is important to balance out your life with playfulness, laughter, and engaging in loving bonds with others. A true sage knows the value of embracing the lightness and fun side of life and bringing forth his or her wisdom with a touch of upliftment, simplicity, and humor. You are worthy of living your best life, dear ones, ask the angels to help you to find your path in life with ease and to make every step a celebratory event of revelations, relief, appreciation, and gratitude!

🌤️🌿 As always, thank you so much for your support and kindness, dear readers! I hope you are doing well! I wish you a lovely week filled with moments of joy and happiness, but also with deep peace and serenity! Love and blessings, Marielle 💛

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Message from Archangel Gabriel featuring the white lotus symbolism

The white lotus

The white lotus represents the journey towards enlightenment, spiritual awareness, and a state of grace and inner peace through purifying our mind, body, and spirit of ego-related emotions, thoughts, and energies that are the main cause of the suffering in our lives. The practise of non-attachment plays a significant role in this process.

The dichotomous nature of this beautiful flower shown in its transcendence from a flowerbud in muddy waters to a fully opened pure white flower blooming above the surface of the water makes it a powerful symbol of purity and transformation. Our past, where we came from, and our previous challenges and hardships are no match for the purity of our spirit and the clarity in our heart.

The origin of the white lotus lies in a murky environment yet it still manages to bloom perfectly in all its splendour, and so can we emerge to blossom and ascend to a higher level of awareness, love, and compassion regardless of the starting point of our journey.

Through the opening of its delicate petals towards the bright light of the sun, the lotus flower teaches us to become more open and vulnerable towards others in sharing our love and compassion, which will benefit those around us as well as ourselves.

This remarkable flower’s daily process of emerging above the surface of the water and its beautiful white colour and clean appearance depict the possibility of a rebirth that is always avaiblable to us. Every moment brings us the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start fresh without having to hold on to the burden of guilt, shame, or regret.

My dearly beloved ones,

How wonderful to be here with you and to hold you steadily in my energy-ray of pure white light and upliftment. My message will be about finding the perfect balance between your body, mind, and soul through your creative and intuitive powers injected with a dose of healthy optimism and inspiration.

I, Archangel Gabriel, have chosen the beautiful white lotus to remind you of the positive change and spiritual growth that come from self-empowerment and following your true path in life.

I would like to begin by expanding on the true meaning of creativity. Your creative powers are directly linked to the universal energy-flow, which is at the base of all creation, from the creation of the universe and your planet to the tangible man-made objects and devices in your world. Expressions of creativity always start with a formation of energy through clear intention and focus, so that is why we are going to start with this premise and look at the energy-foundation of your creativity as well as your intuition, which is the channel through which the energy flows.

The white lotus arises out of the muddy water where its roots provide it with nourishment and stability to grow and blossom. Your methaphorical muddy waters are the circumstances of your daily life and the way you perceive and interpret them. The big question is: do they stimulate your blossoming in life with your symbolical flower petals being the higher qualities of lightness, joy, happiness, and fulfilment or do they block your growth by slowing down your natural energy and sabotaging your intentions and desires by conjuring up unnecessary burdens?

There are three elements that will transform your symbolical muddy waters into a fertile ground for the cultivation of inner balance, peace, and grace, when you integrate them into your life in a divinely inspired way.

The first one is the use of your time and how you prioritize your assumed responsibilities and duties. I encourage you to quietly contemplate what is truly important to you because so many things you do have become ingrained habits born out of obsolete beliefs that no longer serve your highest good.

So many of you have confined yourself to merely the roles that you play in your life and the labels you have put on yourself as well as on others, such as employee, partner, or parent, without being in touch with the truth of your soul. Have you started to live more from your conditioned mind than from you beautiful heart through which you receive the directions that your intuition softly whispers to you in every moment? Do you listen to the inner voice of your higher self that talks of the higher values of freedom, love, companionship, and joy or the nagging voice of the ego that argues for your limitations and the requirements you must meet in order to get appreciation and recognition?

This brings me to the second element, which concerns the way you definine your worthiness and your deservingness of all the goodness in life. Let me start by telling you, dear ones, that you are already greatly loved and highly appreciated for who you are and the life you have chosen on earth. There is nothing that can alter that and your soul knows this truth. However, many of you think you are tainted by life because of your past wrongdoings and that of others and the unfortunate events that you have lived through.

You have lost the connection to your pure and innocent essence of light and love, which makes you either overly responsible and controlling or negatively and emotionally reactive towards the world around you. Learn to regulate your emotions, dear ones, and make your inner peace and balance your most important priority, because you can only attract good things and people towards you through your higher state of being, which they then will reflect back to you. Stop dimming your own light, but become the light-bearer that you were meant to be!

Lastly, I would like to leave you with the spiritual meaning of a rebirth or a brand new beginning that the beautiful white lotus flower depicts. In the present moment, where past nor future truly exist, new opportunities and new choices arise before you. You do not have to be bound by all that has come before, but just like the lotus flower has no leftover debris on it from its muddy origin, so can you thrive by taking a new direction in life and releasing everything that weighs you down whether these are thoughts, emotions, material objects, or people. When they naturally start to drift out of your life, let them go with blessings and with a spirit of ease and gentleness.

When you read or hear these words, it is time for you to wipe the slare clean and re-emerge as the beautiful being of love and light that you are! You will find new ways to express yourself creatively because your energy-flow is no longer blocked, but freely flowing instead! Ask me to help with this process of transformation and I will be right there beside you!

Dear readers, thank you for visiting this website and for taking the time to read the angelic messages! If you are interested in personal angelic guidance through one of my angel readings, please feel free to contact me through the contactpage of this website! I wish you a wonderful week! Love and light, Marielle 💛🌞

© 2023 – Flowing with Angels – Marielle

Message from Archangel Zadkiel featuring the red rose symbolism

The red rose

This week the magnificent Archangel Zadkiel is still with us to delight us with a follow-up message featuring the symbol of the beautiful red rose.

A red rose represents deep love that works on all levels combined with an energy of passion, strength, devotion, and commitment. It is also connected to our inner Divine feminine energies that inspire the full expression of our soul’s power and aliveness.

These sacred energies bring new levels of passion, compassion, and healing into our lives. The red rose is believed to vibrate at a very high energy-frequency, which makes its symbolism an excellent energetic tool to clear energy and protect our auric fields.

The red rose depicts the process of spiritual growth and blossoming. We metaphorically follow the path up along the stem with its many thorns. The thorns represent our fears, old pain, doubts, and limiting beliefs that we have to recognize, gradually work through, and release.

After each thorn, we have shed another part of the weight of our ego and we feel lighter and enriched with more love, happiness, and compassion. Fortunately, the stem is not fully covered in thorns, but also has smooth surfaces that symbolize the pleasant and fun times during our growth in which we enjoy the fruits of our increased awareness and higher perspective. The symbolical flowerbud of the red rose is situated in our heart-chakra and the more we grow spiritually the more layers of petals are opening to reveal our inner beauty and radiance.

When the rose in our hearts reaches full bloom, we are in harmony with the universe and we go through life with a deep sense of inner peace and unconditional love for ourselves and others without expectations or attachments.

Red roses are the embodiment of romantic love and are often chosen as the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, which takes place at the beginning of this week on the 14th of February. Although this day, centered around love, is mostly focused on romantic love and relationships, we can also use it as an excellent opportunity to celebrate ourselves through self-love and to appreciate all of our loved ones by showing them some extra attention, love, and care. The energy of the red rose is also known to bring love and prosperity into our homes.

Let’s see how the spiritual meaning of the red rose fits into Archangel Zadkiel’s message for us.

My beloved ones,

I, Archangel Zadkiel, am so happy to convey another message to you regarding your alignment with the universe through your beautiful heart-chakra.

This week I would like to give you some practical guidance on how to open the symbolical petals of the rose inside your heart to allow the flow of giving and receiving the powerful energy of love.

The celebration of Valentine’s Day, which takes place in a large part of your world, turns the collective focus on love, and even if you don’t take part in its customs and energy, it might still conjure up feelings of great joy for some of you and feelings of sadness and frustration for others of you. So why not take this opportunity to bring a deeper meaning to this awareness and the symbolism of the hearts and roses that are appearing all around you, and bring some wisdom, joy, and upliftment to your week!

Your heart is the meeting point of the higher universal energies of enlightenment and wisdom that you are either allowing in or resisting, and the earthly energies that either support the opening of your heart through the abundant appreciation of your earthly resources or weigh down your heart through a perception of lack and limitation. I have chosen the symbolism of the red rose to illustrate that there are many layers to your heart and that the blossoming of your heart is a process of gaining trust and replacing the heavy burdens with a new energy of lightness.

Firstly, we will take a look at how you can attune to the higher energies that will light up your heart and strengthen your faith. This asks of you to become aware of the magical energies and the invisible forces that are all around you, which requires of you to use your intuitive senses and awaken your ancient wisdom. Look for sources of inspiration that teach you about the unseen spiritual realms and retreat in meditation and stillness to connect to your inner world without becoming distracted by the outer world.

You are able to receive messages through the field of light and consciousness that you are all a part of. It is safe for you to open yourself up to the light and receive the guidance, love, and support that will warm and strengthen your heart. You will start to feel reassured, safe, and clear in the midst of turmoil and confusion. When you activate the Source within you, creative energies and fresh ideas will effortlessly flow to and through you. They will enhance your courage to transcend previous pain and emotional baggage and restore your trust in life. Just ask the universe your questions and the answers will surely come when you allow them to make their appearance in your life through dreams and meditation or when you are taking some time to just be calm and relax and when you allow yourself to be in the flow of life without resistance to your current situation.

This last element is very important because this is where we are going to look at the influence of the earthly energies on your heart-chakra, which is the second part of my message. How can you lower your resistance when you are weighed down by challenging or undesirable conditions that are so tangibly present in your life? The duality on earth causes a constant movement between opposites, between attracting and repelling, between feeling the presence of the Divine in every fiber of your being and feeling cut off and isolated. This is the dance of life and when you are still caught up in it and emotionally and physically pulled back and forth by the ups and downs of life, you haven’t fully transcended towards the truth of life, which is that nothing can seperate your from the goodness, blessings, love, and abundance of the Divine, because you exist of the same energy and consciousness. It is your perception that causes you to doubt this.

My guidance to you, when it comes to remaining balanced and keeping your inner peace in times when you are experiencing the pressure of limitations, is to take away your focus from the voids in your life and direct your attention towards what you do have, what you can do, and what does work positively for you, knowing that your current circumstances will change when you manage to keep your energy-vibration high. Spiritual lessons and initiations of faith and resourcefulness contribute immensely to the opening and openness of your heart and allow it to stay full of light, hope, and an eagerness for change and improvement even in the darker times of life.

The successful blending of the higher light-frequency energies and the earthly energies inside your heart results in the emerging of the bright light of your soul, which radiates an energy of powerful love, healing, and faith out into the world, touching not only your own heart, but the hearts of others as well, and your beauty, grace, and deep spiritual wisdom will be recognized and celebrated on earth as well as in the angelic realms!

Dear readers, thank you so much for your love and support for this website and weekly angel messages! May this week be filled with love and happiness for you! ❤️

© 2023 – Marielle – Flowingwithangels

Weekly angel message, February 6-12, 2023

The palmtree

Archangel Zadkiel, the Archangel of divine benevolance and abundance, is with us this week and he has chosen the symbolism of the palmtree for us to incorporate in our spiritual practise and meditation.

Palmtrees are one the oldest plants on the planet dating back to prehistoric times and they are powerful symbols of spiritual victory and longevity.

They represent good fortune, prosperity, and blessings from the Divine by signaling the arrival of opportunities that help us reach our goals when we stay grounded in faith and go through the building-process with patience and care.

The palmtree inspires us to balance and honour both our masculine and feminine qualities in our daily lives. Through its connection to the sun the palmtree displays the masculine qualities of vitality, honour, truth, strength, and expansion, but due to its fruit-baring nature it also relates to the more feminine qualities of fertility, peace, relaxation, rest, and comfort.

All parts of the palm tree, its leaves, trunk, and fruits, have been very useful to men throughout the ages. The tree’s generous and giving nature reminds us to contribute in a positive and uplifting way to the lives of others as well as to appreciate the people around us for their companionship, love, and support.

The palm tree has a deep root system to distract water out of the earth even in dry and harsh climates, which symbolizes our need to work on deepening our spiritual roots in order to grow, prosper, and overcome our challenges in life.

Let’s see what Archangel Zadkiel has in store for us this week and what role the palm tree symbolism plays in his message!

My beloved ones,

It is my absolute pleasure to visit with you once again and to convey my guidance to you! This time, I bring you the sun symbol of the palm tree to remind you of your inner radiance and your power to attract abundance, happiness, and success into your life. When you look at a palm tree, you see its widespread leavy crown opening to and growing towards the light and warmth of the sun, while its firm trunk is solidly rooted into the earth.

This is a beautiful metaphor for you, dear ones, to strengthen your vitality and awaken your creativity by turning towards the light of the universe. The universe never fails to deliver you the higher energies of love, joy, and true fulfilment, but it is up to you to implement them into your life and make space for them in your heart.

When you practise kindness and gratitude and you start to deeply care for yourself and others, your energy-frequency starts to uplift you and the world around you. It is as if you grow tall in confidence and trust and your crown-chakra is lighting up and opening wide, as is depicted by the symbol of the palm tree. Your energy-field increases in light and radiance, so you will no longer get so easily startled or triggered by people and situations with lower energy-vibrations, because your spiritual roots have equally deepened and have made you feel secure and cared for in your earthly body and on this planet.

Many of you, dear ones, are eager to practise kindness and love, but at the same time still put conditions and expectations on other people and situations, and struggle with attachments to a certain outcome. Remember that it is not job to change others, to force or quicken outcomes, or to solve anything for that matter. Your path is meant to be a path of ease and flow, where the universe fills in the details for you through synchronicities and in divine time.

Your most important task is to focus on keeping a light and positive attitude towards yourself and the people around you. Whenever you feel anxiety or impatience arise, it is time to remember your spiritual roots and visualize yourself anchored to the earth and standing tall in the universal light, like the palm tree, because if you give in to these lower vibrations, your thoughts begin to conjure up limitations and problems and you start to feel reactive and ungrounded.

The best way to redirect your energy and attention at this point is to become still and to step away from whoever or whatever is bothering you and to put your attention on the things that make you feel less resistant. Guard your boundaries, but not in a defense way by making harsh and negative judgements, but in a gentle and subtle way by turning towards the light and indulging in self-nourishment and self-care, counting your blessings with gratitude, finding sources of spiritual replenishment, and optimistically searching for what is right instead of what is wrong in your world.

If you turn this practise into a new habit, you will open yourself up to more and more blessings and opportunities, because you are actively looking for them, which makes it more likely for you to notice them, when they show up. Your outlook on life is no longer automatically coloured with negativity and distrust, which will also be very beneficial to the relationships in your life. All of you have encoutered hardships and pain in your interactions with other people during the course of your life and internalized the accompanying lower emotions and energies, but I am here to tell you, dear ones, that you can release this burden and embrace a higher truth that brings you freedom and grace, which is that you are all children of the Divine and immaculately brilliant and radiant.

When you hear these words, you are no longer ignorant of this truth, you have spiritually matured and have accessed your timeless inner wisdom. Just like the palm tree originates from ancient times, has lived through and survived the challenges of many lifetimes, and has grown to become the symbol of victory and luck, so can you grow into your true radiant self, be victorious over adversity, and reclaim your rightful state of innocence, purity, and joy, no matter what you have lived through before!

Weekly angel message, January 30-February 5, 2023



This week the inspiring Archangel Uriel brings us a message of hope and renewal in the midst of winter in the northern hemisphere.

The brave and beautiful snowdrops add an appropriate symbolic meaning to his words of wisdom as their flowering in the winter-months of January and February heralds the beginning of a new and abundant season of growth.

When the sun is still low in the sky, the trees are without leaves, and other flowers are still dormant, snowdrops bloom like whispers of hope and a fresh breath of life signaling new beginnings and a time of rebirth and renewal. When the bleakness of a long dark winter feels overwhelming to us, the snowdrop arrives to lift our spirits and to remind us that we can still bloom in the cold with solid hope for improvement and better times warming our hearts.

These beautiful little flowers emerge out of the earth far ahead of spring, daring the chilly weather, and deciding to bloom despite the unfavorable conditions, which inspires us to find the courage and strength to overcome our own challenges in life, move forward with optimism, and evolve into better versions of ourselves.

The scientific name of a snowdrop is Galanthus nivalis, which translates as milk of the snow.

Snowdrops are one of the purest white flowers and symbolize purity and innocence after a dark winter of the soul. Their white colour brings us a sense of peace and calmness, and is also associated with deep spirituality.

Let’s see how the energy of the snowdrops fits into Archangel Uriel’s message.

Dear ones,

I, Archangel Uriel, am here to awaken and refresh you with new uplifting energy as it is time to start preparing for a new season even though you are still in the midst of winter, because just like the summoning of energy proceeds tangible manifestations, so can you clear your mind for visualisations and new inspiration before gathering up your focus and energy and turning them into action-steps.

This is a time for receiving sparks of light, inspiration, and joyful upliftment that will soon come to full fruition when nature awakens and the natural energies start to move and intensify once again after a period of relative darkness and rest. And who better to help you with this than I, Uriel, the Archangel who illuminates your mind and spirit with new ideas and inspiration and who ignites your inner light with enthusiasm and motivation!

My message, dear ones, is about getting yourself ready for a season of new growth and exploration by bringing yourself and your life back into balance and cleansing and redirecting your energy towards the habits, talents, and interests that serve your highest good and contribute in a positive way to your future goals and dreams. Just like the little snowdrop flower emerges in the gloominess of winter, you too might find your current circumstances challenging or your energy-levels low, but you can work your way around this by taking small steps in the right direction and slowly allowing a new awareness and flow of vitality and creativity to arise. I encourage you to work on your alignment with the Divine as well as on and your earthly roots.

In order to build up your energy on the earthly plane, I encourage you to examine the way you take care of your physical body, home, and place of work. Are they supporting a free flow of energy, or does your body feel stagnant and heavy, and your environment cluttered and unwelcoming? Even the smallest acts of self-care and healthier choices will create an opening for a new movement of energy, because they are clear signs to the universe that you are ready for change and the universal laws will react to them by instigating a momentum of synchronicities and support for you, dear ones.

Working on your alignment with the Divine means that you start to see yourself through the eyes of Spirit and realize your worthiness, your power, and the beauty of your inner light and unique talents and gifts. You can only recognize the beauty, joy, and upliftment around you if you can recognize it within yourself. Your light is merely dimmed by the projections of your ego that conjure up fears and limitations, but remember that your light never leaves you, it is still there waiting to be strengthened through self-acceptance and self-forgiveness that will take away the blockages and darkness.

I would like to clarify this process for you, dear ones. It is all about your focus and becoming aware of the way that you choose and prioritize the thoughts you think. Let’s start with judgements for example. How often do you judge yourself or others in a degrading way? One way of calming and centering your mind and spirit is to eliminate judgements as they are unneccessary and they never contribute to a higher state of love and joy. Try it for a while and see how it brightens up your outlook on life and enhances your energy-flow.

Another step is to stay away from drama and especially overheated conversations. Have you noticed that they never solve anything, but merely leave you discouraged and depleted? When the solution is harmony and peace, it can only be reached through harmony and peace not through opposite forces and this is true for so many other things as well. When your inner balance and inner peace become your most important goal and you rise above the entrapments of the ego, your energy can be directed at what truly matters and brings you joy, which is the discovery of the radiance and upliftment from your natural gifts and talents. You now possess a new freedom and lightness to enrich your life and the lives of others with your higher energy-vibration.

Believe in yourselves, dear ones, and do not worry about getting it right all the time, because that is not how life is designed for you. If you would be without fault, there would never be an opportunity to learn, to grow, or to choose another direction. Life would be incredibly boring for you, because you would never feel the inner drive to explore other options. So stop being so hard on yourselves and allow yourselves to relax and enjoy life a little bit more! All of you truly wish for the same thing, which is to be happy and fulfilled, which always starts on the inside before it shows up on the outside. Remember this and try to be kind, loving, patient and encouraging with yourself and from this inner state all will unfold in a beautiful, clear, and peaceful way!

Weekly angel message, January 23-29, 2023

The mountain

This week, I would like to introduce Archangel Tzafkiel, who is the Archangel of deep contemplation and divine wisdom. When we are ready to deepen our relationship with the angels, she opens the doors to the angelic realms through the activation of our fifth eye chakra also known as our angel chakra. Archangel Tzafkiel brings us her angelic guidance along side her chosen symbol of the mountain.

As a universal symbol of the nearness of the Divine, the mountain represents divine inspiration, spiritual elevation, transcendence, and divine love and charity. Its peak, which offers breath-taking panoramic views, symbolizes a state of absolute consciousness. In ancient times, mountains were often viewed as the meeting point of heaven and earth, where the gods resided, and many temples and places of worship were built there.

Due to their permanent and motionless nature, mountains exude an energy of great strength and fortitude. They are solidly anchored to the earth and inspire us to find our own inner peace and balance in an ever-changing world.

Mountain are also associated with overcoming obstacles and challenges that mostly arise from our own limiting beliefs and fears.

When we spiritually start to climb the mountain, it means we are moving towards greater faith, trust, power, and courage, because as we are ascending the mountain we elevate our perspective and experience the freedom that comes with a purified and angelically inspired outlook on life.

Climbing a mountain is never an easy task and it might require for us to gather all of our strength and courage, but if we keep moving forward, step by step, we will eventually reach the top and enjoy the spectacular view, which is a metaphor for the blessings of our increased awareness and wisdom.

Let’s see how Archangel Tzafkiel’s message is connected to this powerful symbolism.

My dear ones,

How wonderful to take part in this lovely reoccuring flow of angelic guidance and to contribute to it with my personal and heartfelt message to you! I am Tzafkiel, the Archangel who helps you to take on an angelic outlook on your life and frees you from unneccessary burdens.

I bring you the symbol of the mountain, which combines unexpected challenges in your life with the opportunities to gain great wisdom and insights, when you put your trust in the divine plan for you.

When you trust that there is a universal force of deep love and light guiding your life, you are more likely to remain stable and calm in the midst of uprooting events that occur in your life to free up stagnant energy and to reveal new pathways. I encourage you to approach these types of situations without panic or resistance, but with an open and flexible attitude, an eagerness to learn new skills that you can apply in these particular circumstances, and a clear request to the universe to provide you with the creative insights and inspiration to navigate these unexpected twists and turns in the road.

The key is to stay present and accept what is arising in the moment even though it is unwanted, because instead of staying in a resistant state of mind, you are now deciding to gather all of your energy and apply it to your focus on, and your vision of, a new and improved manifestation. When you stay stuck in fear or thoughts of difficulty and disaster, your energy gets depleted and you sink further into feelings of limitiation and confusion. Bless the current situation, visualize it being surrounded by pure white light, and then gently put it in the hands of the loving angels. Breathe a sigh of relief that the burden has been taken from you and ask for directions to move forward.

Know, dear ones, that there always is a path forward, but often it is not what you have in mind. You hold on to the old path for far too long and you keep pushing through and forcing your way forward, even if it is not in your best interest anymore, because you wish to avoid feelings of failure or loss.

I am here to tell you that there is no such thing as failure or loss. All experiences enrich your life, in particular the challenging ones, because they leave the clearest and most profound impression on you.

They bring you the most beautiful and valuable lessons and contribute to your soul’s growth. You do not get tainted by life’s experience, but you get refined and purified by it, because if you know what don’t want, your vision of what you do want gets strengthened and clearer than ever before. Every moment can herald a new beginning for you and the slate can be wiped clean, even in the midst of drama and negativity. You have the power to change direction at any time and leave behind all the old stories that you have been telling yourself.

The mountain is also a symbolical place of retreat and connection to the Divine through deep contemplation. Instead of asking for deliverance from all that is unwanted, ask for a higher vision instead. Ask for the love and light of the universe to make you strong and resilient to go through life with a higher perspective and an empowering wisdom that cuts through the illusions and mental prisons. Start telling the angels about your deep knowing that life can be joyous and fun and full of new exciting discoveries and ask them to join you on your journey and fill your heart with lightness and positive expectations of what awaits you. You all are vessels for Divine love and light!

So, my dear ones, I would like to conclude my message with the following affirmation for you that you can repeat to yourselves whenever you find obstacles on your path:

I choose to go through life with patience, grace, gratitude, and trust, in the knowing that the curves, bends, and obstacles on the road help me to develop excellent skills, receive beautiful insights, and gift me the opportunity to change direction and find a new higher and inspired vision for my life!