Weekly angel message, December 5-11, 2022

The bear

This week the powerful and highly motivational Archangel Nathaniel is with us to support and encourage us. He has chosen the symbolism of the bear to illustrate his message.

The bear spirit represents strength, confidence, leadership and taking decisive action. Especially in times of adversity and challenges the bear symbolism replenishes us with renewed power and courage.

This impressive animal teaches us to take care of our own needs for healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level through rest, reflection, solitude, and quiet time. The bear spirit helps us to find our center and ground ourselves in a strong foundation feeling comfortable in our own personal space and setting up strong energetic boundaries against unwanted influences.

The bear shows us the power of our spirit, that comes with great wisdom and an elevation of our energy-vibration. He can take us on a dream quest to discover our true spiritual vision, to receive illuminated guidance, and to expose our hidden subconscious fears in order to overcome them and move forward with vigour and strength.

The bear spirit invites us to delve deep inside our hearts to find the significance of our true path and personal mission and to implement them into our daily lives with a strong sense of direction and purpose.

An important question to ask ourselves is: Have we independently chosen our personal journey or have we allowed others to choose it for us?

Let us see what Archangel Nathaniel wishes to tell us at this moment!

Dearest ones,

After the loving Archangel Ariel has helped you to clear out and activate your beautiful heart-space, I, Archangel Nathaniel, am here to ignite it with a spiritual fire of enthusiasm, motivation, courage, and passion, for I am the Archangel, who urges you to move forward in life and discover the uncharted territory that awaits you. This is a journey towards true fulfilment, joy and expansion that you take with confidence and an eagerness in your heart because you know you are protected by and connected to the powerful energy of the universe.

It is safe for you to venture out of your comfort-zone and release your status quo to become a true reflection on earth of the radiant, abundant, and inspirational being of light that you are at your core.

The bear symbolism represents the power of your spirit, which is fuelled by the energy-vibration of pure love. It is only through the inner choice to connect to this flow of energy and to allow your heart to overflow with it, that you will find true strength and courage. No amount of hard work or will-power matches up to this state of being, that will help you find your highest path of happiness and fulfilment in life.

You must be willing to release your sense of urgency and control and instead surrender to the soft nudges of spirit that you can only receive through your heart because they are unspoken and vibrational in nature.

Your logical mind is only able to perceive a very limited version of the love and appreciation that flows to you and through you from the universe and tries to remind you of all the pain and disappointment you have lived through, which feel like more tangible experiences to you and amplify your doubts and scepticism.

I invite you nonetheless, dear ones, to leave behind these old emotions and stories and to keep focusing on the truth that you know deep down in your being, that you are very loved, protected, and always lovingly guided towards your highest good. The most important step you can take is to bring yourself back to a receptive state of innocence and trust and when you take that step, when you ask for help and guidance, the universal beings of unconditional love and light will be right there waiting for you to hold you in their warm embrace. That is my absolute promise to you!

When you keep practising and choosing to take on this higher perspective and view on your life by consciously bringing yourself back to a state of receptivity through stillness, meditation, and a positive uplifting input of carefully chosen words and thoughts, you will slowly carve out a new path for yourself.

A path that generates a new momentum of progress, possibilities, and events for you, that are more aligned with your natural talents, gifts, and desired life-goals.

This freshly gained momentum will help you to break through your previous limitations and restrictions because you are wholeheartedly aware that there is a new horizon waiting for you out there. Your conviction and determination will increasingly grow due to the beautiful, inspiring, and motivational signs and synchronicities that you will encounter along the way. This is how the universe works, dear ones, and this is what makes the journey such fun.

When you see your life unfolding piece by piece and all the parts easily and effortlessly coming together through the rise of your own energy-vibration, you become truly excited and eager to live and to expand into eternity as there really is no end to your existence. You will marvel at these beautiful testimonies of how life always works out for you and you will take delight from these personal little victories.

So this week, I encourage you, dear ones, to take inspiration from the bear spirit, who displays the perfect example of gathering strength and courage from retreating into the center of your being which is your heart and to take the time to care for yourself, to heal and release old unwanted stories, and most importantly to open the door to the love and support from the angelic realms, so you can emerge again with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

Keep in mind that the clearest and most profound insights come from unexpected disruptions and shake-ups in your life. Do not fear them, but take on the powerfully grounded presence of the bear spirit, so you can welcome them as bringers of necessary change and instigators of much needed fresh new energy!

I, Archangel Nathaniel, am always right beside you, dear ones, showering you with my fiery energy of courage and strength. Call upon me for a surge of love and support!

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Weekly angel message, November 28-December 4, 2022

The house

The beautiful and loving Archangel Ariel is still with us this week to expand on her message regarding the energy of our heart with her newly chosen symbol of the house.

The house represents our home, the sacred space where we feel sheltered and protected from the outside world.

It is our safe haven and place of comfort, where we can relax and truly be ourselves. Our home also symbolizes our inner self and all the parts of our personality, but also our spiritual state of being and the belief-systems we entertain on personal expansion, growth, and the possibilities that are at our disposal.

When we feel at home within ourselves, we are closely connected to our own heart, which makes us feel warm, abundant, and joyful. Only from this state of being, do we feel welcome on earth, at home in the world, and connected to other people.

Our house is the central point of connection between heaven and earth for us because it is the spot where we anchor ourselves to the land by laying down our roots, and where we find the optimal environment and conditions for spiritual growth.

Let us find out what Archangel Ariel wishes to convey to us about this important place in our lives and how it represents our energy and inner state of being in relation to our own heart and the world around us.

My beautiful ones,

I, Archangel Ariel, am still by your side to help you comprehend the importance of an open, flowing heart. Through your heart you connect to yourself, the higher realms, and all of the beings on the earthly plane.

In order to feel comfortable enough to break down the barriers that stop you from fully connecting and living from your heart, you must feel at home within yourself and within the magnificent vessel that is your physical body.

When you are at home in your body, you are fully present in the moment with your senses activated and enlivened, which makes you aware of what is happening inside yourself as well as in your surroundings.The house symbolizes your body and your mental and emotional make-up, but it is your inner being, your true self, your soul that turn this house into a home. Your heart is the key that connects your earthly existence as a human being to your inner higher self.

In order to achieve balance and harmony between these two aspects of you, you must invest time, care, and energy in both of them. Just like the tangible houses, that you build in your third-dimensional reality, need maintenance, structure, and complementary features that provide comfort and beauty, so do your body and mind need tending to as well. They already influence each other in a way because if you start to clean, sort out, enhance, and beautify your place of living, which is your earthly anchor, your inner energy will start to shift due to these expressions and actions of self-respect and self-love. When you are caught in the illusion of being stuck in your life, doing small chores in your house will create an opening that allows the energy to accelerate and redirect itself.

I encourage, dear ones, to care for and nourish your physical body with the foods, drinks, habits, and forms of exercize that support your well-being, but most importantly to treat your body, no matter what condition it is in, with love, kindness, and appreciation.

Talk to your body with encouraging words and ask what it needs. Your body is always talking to you, giving you signs and providing you with suggestions. Please take the time to listen to its wisdom and see how small adjustments in your current life-style can make a world of difference.

Another important part of your symbolical house is your perception, which is coloured by your life’s experience that turned into certain beliefs about yourself and the world you live in. When you silence the narrative inside your mind from time to time through meditation or practising stillness, patience, and appreciation during your activities, you once again create an opening in the current energy, which allows you to refocus on growth and expansion in your life. You become increasingly detached from your life’s story, which allows you to become more receptive and open to a flow of new life and this is exactly what is going to turn your house into a home. When you work on finding inner peace and balance in your life, your heart becomes the point of unification between heaven and earth, between the powerful earth-energies and the higher spiritual energies, and between your inner Divine masculine and feminine energies.

Your heart will crack open and remember its connection to true love, light, and wisdom. This will generate a powerful surge of energy that revitalizes you and catapults you forward into a whole new way of living and being, where you will live your life freely, openly, and courageously from your heart with joy, wonder, and gratitude.

At first there will only be brief moments that you experience this new and improved state of being, but if you continue to practise caring for your spiritual house through your power of focus, it will not only become your true home in which you feel comfortable and confident with who you are, but also a beacon of light that will bring true healing, inspiration, and encouragement to your fellow human beings! Remember that whenever you start to feel disconnected from the world again, it is because you are disconnected from yourself and your own heart. Do not be discouraged, but remember my words and pick up where you left off, caring for your true house and home!

I wish you well, dear ones, and I bless you with all my love and light, I am Archangel Ariel.

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Weekly angel message, November 21-27, 2022

The heart

Archangel Ariel has chosen the heart as this week’s angelic symbol to complement her message to us.

The heart represents love, affection, and compassion, but in a spiritual sense it is also regarded as the seat of our soul and the doorway to our connection with Source through which profound joy, deep fulfilment, and unconditional love from the higher realms flow into our experience.

Our spiritual heart is at the core of our being and holds our pure essence, our true, innocent nature. A balanced heart-chakra enables us to form authentic, reciprocal, and intimate relationships because we are filled with compassion and love for ourselves as well as the people around us. We are able to forgive and let go of old pain and sorrow and navigate through our lives in a state of trust, surrender, and acceptance.

The French word for heart is le coeur from which the English word courage is derived.

A strong and balanced heart-chakra gives us the courage to fully engage in life without holding back out of fear of getting hurt. We feel at peace with all the parts of our being because we know that the duality of our earthly reality brings us uplifting as well as challenging experiences.

Shutting off our heart from outside influences to avoid pain makes us bottle up our emotions and become rigid and brittle. It scatters our energy, which makes us feel indecisive, unworthy, fearful, and sad. We have to learn how to courageously go with the flow in order to thrive in life!

Let us take a look at Archangel Ariel’s inspiring words in this week’s angel message.

My beautiful ones,

It is an honour to be here with you and to speak to you about the energy of your heart.

Your heart is the place through which you embrace life in all of its facets accompanied by a wide range of emotions. Your emotions are part of your inner guidance system and they represent the messengers of your intuition. Therefore my encouragement to you is to fully accept how you feel in your heart without judgement or reservation.

The stirring of your heart, whether this makes you feel either elated or uncomfortable, will bring you the insights that will lead to growth and spiritual expansion. Acknowledge the wisdom of your heart by taking the time to quietly observe and honour all of your feelings. I would like you to visualize your heart as a house where your spiritual being resides. When you open the front door, does it feel welcoming, clean, spacious, and well cared for? Or does it feel cramped, cluttered, and stale? A regular clear-out of your spiritual heart, dear ones, is highly recommended to make room for a fresh new flow of energy.

Firstly, I encourage you to uplift your heart-space through the release of your need to be right, even if you seek this validation for your inner narrative only in your own mind. Try to be more open and flexible instead, taking other people’s points of view into consideration and abstaining from immediate harsh judgements on yourself or others.

Secondly, I encourage you to release your need for control and the eagerness to know all the details and outcomes of situations. This creates a burden and tightness in your heart-space because you take on too much responsibility for everything that is happening in your experience while in truth you simply cannot fathom all that is occuring in your life. Freedom comes when you surrender to the fact that you do not know all the answers and solutions and this is exactly what makes your life fun and exciting. Allow your curiosity to arise, welcome new experiences, and learn to trust that situations will unfold naturally for your highest good when you allow yourself to relax and let go. Your only true responsibility is to take care of your own energy-vibration and sense of well-being from which you create and manifest your own earthly reality.

Thirdly, I encourage you to release your need for protection through putting up walls around your heart and becoming overly defensive, doubtful, and insecure. This is the most challenging step for you because behind those walls of protection often reside deep pain and fear of the repeat of negative life experiences.

I lovingly guide you, dear ones, to patiently and compassionately start to dismantle those walls in small steps by practising awareness each day and choosing to refocus on a higher perspective and a positive outlook on life.


Keep reminding yourself that you can only be truly fulfilled, joyful, and happy, when you give up your resistance and take the risk of fully embracing all aspects of your existence on planet Earth. You have come to expand yourself not to preserve yourself. You have come to get to know your own power, courage, and deservingness of the gifts and blessings of life, not to withhold yourself from them!

So now that you have taken the steps to clear out the house that represents your heart, it is time to open the curtains and windows to let in new light, fresh air, and new energy by activating the spiritual bridge that connects you to Source, which brings you a flow of love, inspiration, guidance, and most importantly the clarity to move forward with renewed passion, vigour, and courage.

A balanced heart-energy reminds you of your true authentic nature, and allows you to claim your rightful place on earth and to openly express the desires of your heart. Take time to meditate, contemplate, and truly connect with the world around you by being grounded, present, and attentive to life. Know, that it is not the withholding of love or inflictions of pain by others that makes you sad and disappointed, but the blockage of your own love to which you deny yourself access. Your own love flows through you constantly because you are love, dear ones, no one can ever take that away from you but you by believing that you are not worthy or good enough. You cover up your true nature as a beautiful energy being of light and love with a mind-made identity based on your life-story.

I, Archangel Ariel, am at your side to help you to fully open your heart and to discover the great potential that lies within you. I gift you my pink energy of healing and unconditional love, which will ignite a spark of light in your heart. Accept this light and allow it to develop into a beautiful warm flame of passion, joy, and worthiness. Each and every one of you deserves to live the best life possible! You are all greatly loved, dear ones, by me and the entire universe!

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Weekly angel message, November 14-20, 2022

The squirrel

The squirrel represents practicality, playfulness, resourcefulness, adaptability, abundance, and energy.

This industrious little woodland creature teaches us how to work efficiently and prepare for our future needs through diligent action-steps, but also to include lightheartedness and fun in the process. A healthy work-life balance is important to keep our energy and spirit high.

When we get overly occupied with too many ideas, projects, and responsibilities and we are no longer able to adequately manage our time and energy, it is time to take a step back, breathe, and avoid critical exhaustion. This well-deserved pause helps us to tune into our intuition to rediscover the path that brings us the most joy and happiness.

The squirrel symbolism is also connected to the element of earth and inspires us to get more grounded in ourselves and in our environment.This enables us to view life with more openness and positivity and from different creative angles, not just from the usual mental constructs and thought-patterns inside our mind.

It also comes with the lesson of self-care to restore our energy-reserves and release any disease or discomfort we might hold onto in our bodies.


The squirrel spirit reminds us that we possess the ability to grow, shift, and change, welcoming new beginnings and new ways to engage in life. It is never too late to explore new horizons, adapt new habits, and learn new skills.

Archangel Raphael is with us this week to teach us about the lessons related to the squirrel symbolism and to shower us with his loving energy of healing.

My dear ones,

I, Archangel Raphael, am delighted to be in your presence at this time, offering you my loving guidance and healing light.

I have come to remind you of your power and inner authority to choose your own path in life.

Many of you are stuck in routines and burdened by self-imposed obligations and expectations of others that have become so familiar to you, that you forget to expand your horizon and enjoy the beautiful variety of experiences and adventures that life has to offer.

I have chosen the squirrel as this week’s symbol, because this little creature showes you that it is possible to fulfill your earthly needs, but in a flexible and joyful way without a sense of heaviness, duty, or even boredom.

I would like to invite you to incorporate more moments of reflection in your daily life, moments in which you simply breathe, step out of the stream of activity, and release the need to perform or achieve anything.

These are openings, magical doorways, to the vastness and powerful energies of the universe from which all ideas, wishes, and inspiration flow into being.

Visualize how this flow of energy fills up your body and feel how it revitalizes you and brings back a spark of light and inspiration to your eyes.

All is possible, dear ones, when you are connected and tapped into the powers of the universe, but you have to be the ones to open the door by consciously creating space for it in your life and activating this bridge of light from your heart to the heart of Source.

The squirrel is naturally attached to this energy-stream because this animal holds no mental restrictions or old emotional pain inside his body. His actions are led by what is happening in the moment. When he encounters obstacles on his path he simply finds a way around them, he playfully leaps and bounds amongst the trees without pressure or effort.

Most of you grown-up human beings have lost this capacity to be this carefree and trusting of the flow of life. Often you have become overly responsible and too controlling, which stagnates the energy-flow in your body causing disease and tiredness to creep up on you. My intention is to help you revitalize yourself by finding a healthy balance between your daily activities to fulfill your earthly needs and your time of rest, enjoyment, and relaxation.

The first way to implement this in your life is to incorporate those magical moments of connection, as I would like to call them, into your daily schedule, in which you refrain from action and thought. You learn how to counterbalance action with the power of attraction and allowance through your improved energy-frequency.

The second way is to change the way you do things and the way that you attach mental labels to everything you do. Be inspired by the squirrel and stay present in the moment, tell an uplifting story about what you are doing and bless your actions by formulating positive and clear intentions and sending out a joyful energy.

Let me give you an example, dear ones. If you go to the store to buy groceries, you may tell yourself it takes up much of your precious time and you rather be doing something else, so you absent-mindedly hurry along without being fully grounded in the moment. When you reformulate this simple task by regarding it as an opportunity to connect and interact with the world around you and to appreciate the variety of foods and products that are available to you, you choose to enjoy the experience.When this becomes your new way of being, your energy-levels will rise tremendously and if you extend this new vision to how you interact with others, your relationships will flourish as well and old wounds will be easiliy mended and released.

I, Archangel Raphael,wish you well and bless you with my healing light and highest love for you!

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Weekly angel message, November 7-13, 2022

White feathers

White feathers represent peace, faith, hope, purity, higher wisdom, inner strength, protection, and spiritual connection.

They are soft nudges and silent whispers of encouragement and love from the angelic realms to let us know the universal energies are supporting us and are helping us to progress spiritually.

These beautiful feathers are gifted to us by birds soaring high up in the sky and sent down to earth by Source at just the right moment and place, where they often appear when we are going through challenging times, signaling a change in our vibration that enables us to find our alignment and inner balance again.

White feathers are connected to the element of air, which points to higher knowledge, clarity, lightness, and movement, but most importantly to our ability to connect and communicate with the world of spirit and the higher realms.

When we open our heart to this higher form of communication, we start to receive clear insights and inspiration, enhancing our creative, intuitive, and mental abilities in order to attract more joy and true fulfilment into our lives.

According to Shamanistic belief white feathers carry a high vibrational energy of purity and are used to cleanse auras, chakras and the energies of people or objects, warding off negative and lower energies.

The loving Archangel Azrael is with us this week to share his inspirational message with us:

My beloved ones,

It is wonderful to have this opportunity to speak to you again!

This time I am showering you with my white feathers of love and encouragement, because many of you need a clear sign from Source, a sign that you are greatly loved, worthy, and appreciated beyond your human comprehension. Relax, dear ones, and let my words light up your heart, bring a tear of recognition to your eye, and a smile of joy to your face!

The current energies of transformation and reflection conjure up many old wounds and feelings of insecurity and inadequacy for you, so I have come to tell you that it is time to restore your vision of your true and higher self. When you get caught up in every day life under the influence of sabotaging thought-patterns and beliefs, it is easy to forget who you truly are, which is a powerful energy-being of love, a creator of your own reality, a bringer of light, and most of all a courageous and passionate adventurer and discoverer of life in human form.

When you feel worn down and burdened by life, your tendency is to shut yourself off from your connection to the higher realms, because you have become too enmeshed in your earthly affairs and your own narrative inside your mind, that keeps repeating itself. I am here to remind you of your soul-family in the spirtual realms, your angels, spirit guides, and higher beings of love and light. They hold you securely in their vision of unconditional love, well-being, and perfection.

When you feel unworthy, they strengthen their vision of your worthiness even more, when you feel unloved and lonely, they increase their flow of love to you and comfort you with their presence, because in their light of truth it is impossible for them to regard you as less than who you truly are.

They will never falter in their high regards and true vision of you or in their deep love for you. They will never cease to love you, no matter how you live your life or what choices you make, nor will they judge you or think less of you, as your fellow human beings tend to do, when they are in a state of imbalance.

No, we angels hold the vision of your true radiant being for you, particularly in those moments, that you refuse to do this for yourself. We patiently await your calling and when you call, we are immediately there, in great numbers. If you could see this surge of powerful love and energy with your human eyes, you would be overcome with joy and relief, but you can only experience this love through your heart. The opening and receptivity of your heart are key!

So, let go, let go, let go, dear ones, surrender and allow yourself to open and trust the Source of all life. Take some moments of time in your morning and in your evening to focus on this connection and commune with your spiritual family. It will lighten up your life and lift the heaviness off your shoulders.

Use the symbolism of the white feathers to visualise lightness, flexibility, and flow for yourself and your life. Just like the feather swirls through the air and lands at the right place at the right time, so can you flow on the currents of life and easily find your way without strain or effort.

The feathers are connected to the birds, that soar through the skies navigating on their inner wisdom and connectedness to planet Earth as well as their Source. They represent the possibility of your freedom of mind, your freedom of limiting thoughts, while trusting your inner guidance system, which is your divinely gifted and incredibly finely tuned intuition.

Remember to call upon us during the course of your days, and make it a habit to invest in your spiritual connections with the higher realms as much as you invest in your physical world and human relationships. It will be well worth it!

With all my love and light, I am Archangel Azrael.

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Weekly angel message, October 31-November 6, 2022

The star

This week features the bright and shiny star as our angelic symbol.

Spiritually, the star represents inner truth, wisdom, optimism, hope, and clear insights and an elevated view on events and connections, that reach far into the future. The star heralds promising plans and prospects, and meaningful connections and encounters.

Stars can be experienced as sparks of light, referring to our intuition through which we receive spiritual messages and angelic guidance.

Being a star in our own right or reaching for the stars are motivational expressions related to the development and deployment of our own unique talents and gifts. Stars represent our goals as well as our motivational factors.

The pentacle or pentagram is a five-pointed star encompassed in a circle, which represents the balance and harmony between the four earthly elements of water, fire, air, and earth, and Spirit or Source, which is the fifth element of ether. The circle protects this alignment between heaven and earth.

This significant spiritual symbol of the pentacle shows our union with the Divine, our faith, and the interconnectedness of all life.

The calm and deeply loving Archangel Raguel has chosen the symbol of the star to illustrate his message for us.

My dearest ones,

In this season of intense feelings, heightened intuition, and significant transformational energies, I have come to help you keep your calm and create a grounded foundation of balance and harmony for yourself.

Last week, you received a metaphorical bag of spiritual pumpkin seeds from Archangel Jeremiel, that we are now going to cultivate and empower with your intentions and wishes, that are represented by the star symbolism.

Before we can start to plant these seeds, we need to prepare the soil, which is the creation of a peaceful and tranquil heart-space. This is a time of rest and reflection, where you willingly become the space in which the transformational energies can work their magic. All that is required is a slower pace of life with more moments of solitude and silence. Look after your energy-levels by taking care of your physical body and incorporating nurturing, gentle activities that enhance your well-being. Allow yourself to be in a place of not knowing all the answers right now and keep yourself open to the insights and revelations, that will arise in your intented space of receptivity and non-judgement when the time is right.

The stars not only represent your wishes, but also your true light and inner power, and the unique qualities of your soul. Your personal star-light is one of purity, abundance, and magic, which radiates naturally from you when you are in a state of balance with the universal energies. Unfortunately, this beautiful light is often dimmed by distorted perceptions of yourself and life in general. When you formulate your outer stars, that are your heartfelt wishes, and send them out into the universe, it is important that they energetically align with your inner stars, which are the higher qualities of your true nature. Are you formulating your wishes from a place of lack and comparison to others, which makes you feel that there is not enough or worse that you are not enough, or from a place of gratitude and worthiness, which makes you a beacon of light and deservingness?

The star symbolism teaches you to practise discernment, integrity, and truth. It helps you to dismantle the old stories in your mind and the inner wounds that taint the way you perceive reality, which brings us back to the seeds and the soil.

The soil for your seeds needs to be clear and pure. It requires an honest inventory of what is planted and grown in your spiritual garden. Are there weeds, that take away the nutrients from your seedlings, but that you mistake for beautiful flowers?

Do you allow hungry insects to eat away at your seedlings, because you think of them as harmless and not such a bad influence? How do I practise discernment and distinguish reality from my coloured perception, you ask? By bringing a groundedness and balance to your feelings and emotions. Feelings and emotions that are ungrounded and unrevised turn into projections, that you assume to be true.

There are two important standards, that you can apply, when it comes to the purification of your spiritual seeds and soil. Do your feelings, thoughts, behaviour, and the influences that you allow into your life match your inner star-light and its qualities of surrender, trust, ease, joy, and higher knowing, or do they feel strained, needy, or even desperate? And secondly, are they contributing to your outer star-light here on earth, which is your sense of worthiness and deservingness of love, abundance, and well-being? What do they concretely add to the reality of your life? Take an honest look and determine if they are actually contributing to your sense of well-being or if they are eating away at your star-light and energy.

Allow yourself to align your inner and outer energies with your true wishes and higher intentions. If you wish for the stars, you need to be willing to let go of opposing elements in your life, that do not match this higher vibration and this season of transformation is the perfect opportunity to do so.

I encourage you to practise honesty and integrity, which means that you do not fool yourself with illusions or look the other way when your intuition and your soul are guiding you towards a new and higher path.

Be present on Earth and take an honest inventory of your life. Know, that you are a star in your own right and that you deserve to dwell in the energy of the stars, feeling hopeful and optimistic about having your wishes granted.

Your part is to stay powerfully grounded and balanced in your decision to follow your highest path of truth and integrity, no matter what changes or consequences this will bring about. No other person can determine what your best path is in life, but you, you are a uniquely bright and shining star! It is time to claim your star-power and immerse yourself in this beautiful healing and hopeful energy, which will lead to great fulfilment and joy if you remain consistent in your discernment, honest, and willing to tend to your spiritual garden!

Let me help you to stand your ground, prioritize, and simplify your life, so you can start to live the life your soul has wished for upon the stars. You deserve nothing less! With all my love and light, I am Archangel Raguel.

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Weekly angel message, October 24-30, 2022

The pumpkin

The pumpkin is the quintessential symbol of the last harvest season of the year and represents abundance, fertility, stability, and security.

This big, luscious autumn fruit brightens up many celebratory activities surrounding the old Celtic harvest festivals of Mabon and Samhain as well as their modern day equivalents of Halloween and Thanksgiving.

The pumpkin symbolizes resilience followed by swift growth, progress, and prosperity. The pumpkin plant grows in almost any place, even in sparse and poor soil, and still produces big, round fruits full of nutrients, vitamins and an abundance of seeds for new growth. When appropriately stored, harvested pumpkins hold for a very long time, which shows off their quality of stability.

Pumpkins energetically teach us to gather our strength, fearlessly face our reality, and not fall into victimhood. They encourage us to hold our ground and to not allow other people or circumstances to bring us down or intimidate us, but to become bold, bright, and a spiritual heavyweight, just like the pumpkins are among their fellow fruits and vegetables.

The pumpkin symbolism signifies luck, a positive turn of events, the restoration of health, and an improvement of our current situation.

The pumpkin seeds are little, yet they turn into big, luscious pumpkins over time, which indicates that if we keep the faith and hone our inner power, the seeds of our intentions and potential will transform into tangible results and manifestations, that we never thought were possible before.

In the context of the holiday of Halloween, pumpkins represent powerful protection, as they are carved out and lit up with candles to ward off negative energies. They are also the forecasters of transformation and new beginnings, that take place around this time of year. At the celebration of Thanksgiving, pumpkins are symbols of gratitude for our received natural and material abundance.

The wise Archangel Jeremiel is with us this week to delight us with an inspirational message, that elaborates on the spiritual meaning of the pumpkin.

My dear ones,

How wonderful to be here with you around these special days of spiritual endings and new beginnings! I have come to help you to look back on your current life experiences and how you can tie up loose ends for a fresh new start in this season of transformation.

We are going to collect all those scattered thoughts, feelings, and uncomfortable energies, and transmute them into a grounded and stable foundation for yourself.

The pumpkin is such a wonderful metaphor for this process. Its big, bold shape and bright orange colour radiates a powerful energy of resilience, happiness, and confidence, which is exactly the state of being, that I would like to steer you towards. So let’s take a look at those loose ends, that have taken on the form of fears, tension, and toxicity in your life. The antidote to their influence and undermining impact on you is a cleansing release followed by a warm energy bath of compassion, support, and kindness.

The best and quickest way to release unwanted feelings is through a visualisation. It is often difficult for you to pinpoint exactly what it is, that is bothering you, because your mind conjures up different stories at different times. However, you can collect the energy of it, and release it by visualizing your feelings as if they have taken on the form of a little child, that is feeling scared and lost and is crying its heart out.

Then see how this child is surrounded and comforted by a group of loving angels, that take away its pain and sadness.

See how the child receives their angelic healing energy of love and support and how it finds comfort and relief in their warm embrace. Allow your inner parts to identify with this child and feel how your emotional load is lifted as well. Choose to wholeheartedly accept and receive this flow of love and well-being. Then look down at your hands in this visualisation, and find that you have been gifted a bag full of seeds. These are your spritual pumpkin seeds, seeds of positive change, higher priorities and visions, and feelings of security, balance, harmony, and joy, that allow you to fully open your heart to yourself and others.

This season is the excellent time to share in a warm connection with other people and to give each other sincere and loving attention. Realize, that every human being goes through cycles of transformation and is in need of love, warmth, and support. Know, that it is safe to let down your guard, because you are always protected by your angels.

When you start to work with your spiritual pumpkin seeds, your inner light will become stronger and brighter, attracting more love and light into your life while repelling the lower energies.

The world is in need of more loving, safe, and understanding communities and you have an important role to play in this, dear ones!

Take time to connect to the angelic realms, listen to your intuitive nudges as they are higher guidance lighting up the path for you, and let the universe be your source of wisdom and love, because this source never dries up, it is endless and ever powerful and present. Use this universal energy, that has flown into your metaphorical seeds, to dissolve your old and no longer appropriate ways and to courageously and boldly explore new territories. Take on the energy of the pumpkin and mirror its strong faith in the universal forces, so that you too can grow and transform into a beautiful, secure, and confident human being!

Think of the energy of my words when you are admiring, preparing, or carving out pumpkins these days, and make sure to weave your intentions into these actions. Before you know it, you will have an abundant harvest of beautiful spiritual pumpkins, representing those painful parts of you that have healed, become enlightened, and have transformed into a more aligned, loving, confident, and balanced version of yourself!

I am Archangel Jeremiel, and I bless you wholeheartedly with all my love and light!

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Samhain, 2022 – A special message from Archangel Azrael

The end of harvest season & the beginning of winter

Samhain is a Celtic pagan festival celebrated between the 31st of October and the 1st of November, that marks the beginning of winter as well as the Celtic new year. The lighter half of the year, which includes the season of summer with its bountiful harvests, transitions into the darker half of the year, which is reigned by the challenging, cold, and dark season of winter.

In Celtic times, bonfires were lit at this fire festival to distribute flaming torches for the relighting of home hearths, symbolically replacing the warmth and light of the sun.

Samhain is considered to be the time of year, when the veil between our human world and the spirit world is at its thinnest. The concept of death and rebirth plays an important role at this turning point of the seasons, which takes place half way between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice.

As the Archangel of death, rebirth, and major life transitions, Archangel Azrael is with us to share a special message about the spiritual meaning of the ancient festival of Samhain, which shows great relevance for us in this day and age.

My dearly beloved ones,

The festival of Samhain represents three important elements, that I would like to further expand on.

The first one is the recognition of the world of spirit, the unseen energies that are ever present around you.

However, this should not be considered as a source of fear for you, but as a source of deep, unconditional love, comfort, and support, which is always at your disposal.

At times when you feel lost in darkness and confusion or when you are on the brink of entering challenging life seasons, like the old Celtic people had to face the hardships of winter, know that you are never alone, but that you are surrounded by your natural allies, angels, and spirit guides, that came with you when you incarnated on Earth.

When you develop a close relationship with the higher realms and you become increasingly familiar with their powerful energy of love, you will become inspired to share this love with your community as well. Samhain provides you with the opportunity to invest in mutually beneficial relationships with the ones, who love and support you, and to clear out the energies and influences, that wear you down, which brings me to the next important element.

The second element, that the festival of Samhain represents, is the element of fire, which conjures up a powerful energy of transformation, as mentioned by Archangel Metatron in his message featuring the lit candles. This is the energy that breaks through the old, dissolves unwanted and outdated structures and patterns, and makes way for the new to enter.

Embrace the wind of change, that starts to blow, because of the union between your willingness and openness and the spiritual support and power from the higher realms.

Allow yourself to release everything that does not serve your highest good and allow your energy to be cleansed and cleared by this energetical turning point of endings and new beginnings. Take inspiration from nature by looking at how the trees effortlessly and freely shed their leaves, knowing that they will blossom again in their full glory, stronger and more powerful than ever before, in a new cycle of growth.

It takes courage to trust the changes in your life, but know that these cycles of death and rebirth are part of your growth as a soul incarnated in a human body. Nothing ever stays the same, the universe is dynamic in nature, ever expanding, and so are you.

At this portal of new beginnings and new growth, which also represents the last and third element, know that you are held in the warm and loving arms of the universal higher energies and that you are guided through this portal for your highest good. Entering this portal will bring you increased personal power, greater acceptance and love for yourself, and new opportunities and ventures, that will enrich your life’s experience. You can do it, dearest ones! You are the healers and instigators of a new world energy, where love and truth are weaved in every word and action.

I am Archangel Azrael, and I specialize in guiding you through the biggest transition you will ever make, which is your departure from this world, but before that time arrives for you, I am your loving guide through major life changes and spiritual growth. I will provide you with strength as well as loving comfort, ease, and well-being. My profound love for you can be instantly felt in your heart, when you call upon me. Do not hesitate to do so!

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Weekly angel message, October 17-23, 2022

A burning candle

On a practical level, a lit candle contributes to a cosy and tranquil atmosphere. Its softly glowing light calms our nerves and helps us to relax and release tension.

Lighting a candle as part of a spritual practise alerts our spiritual helpers, creates an energy-field of energetic support, elevates our inner spiritual power, and strengthens our intentions to connect to the Divine.

Softly burning candles bring a sacredness to our moments of meditation, prayer, and healing. By using candles in different colours, we display our specific spiritual intentions and optimize the force field of each uniquely coloured candle to conduct and redirect our inner energies as well as the outer energies, that surround us.

The flame of a candle is connected to the element of fire, which represents transformation. Its qualities of brightness, heat, and motion can be both creative and destructive, instigating and accelerating powerful change and illumination in our lives.

The magnificent Archangel Metatron is with us this week to help us integrate the spiritual energy of the candle symbolism into our day to day lives. Here are his words of wisdom and encouragement to us.

My beloved ones,

What a wonderful time to engage with you again and to bring illumination to your darkening days of autumn! It is the excellent time to harness your spiritual light and power through quiet and tangible rituals such as the lighting of a candle with intention and faith.

When you ground the powerful universal energies through this focused, slow, and sacred action, you connect your earthly existence to the etheric, higher angelic realms.

This makes it easier for the energies to transform into denser forms and shapes as manifestations on Earth, because at these moments of quiet focus you become an open and cooperative channel for the powers of creation to flow into your world.

Your destiny as a human being is to bring heaven on earth, which means that you incorporate the higher energy part of you, that consists of pure love and light, in the physical part of you, that exists in and engages with the reality of life on earth. The truth of your soul seeps through into your heart, which brings a purity and innocence to all of your activities and actions.

Remember, that everything, that you perceive through your physical senses in your world, started out as pure energy in the spiritual realms, before it showed up as the inner and outer creations and experiences in your life. Your life therefore shows you how well you channeled and made use of your energetic powers. Have you created with intent and a purity of heart or were you unfocused, confused, and at the mercy of outer influences, such as other people and your present circumstances? The candle symbolizes your capacity to become an excellent manifestor and director of energies, when you choose to consciously align with your higher self and your allies in the higher realms, helping you to see through the veil between heaven and earth.

When you learn to work with rituals, that promote inner peace and bring a sense of stillness in your busy life, you are able to direct your focus and lift and light up your inner state of being far more easily than when you are like a twirling autumn leaf travelling in whatever direction the wind blows.

The softly lit candle in particular represents subtle illumination, that instigates calm and slow change. It symbolizes contained fire, a small flame, that slowly bursts into a full-blown fire of passion, creativity, and drive when the time is right.

The burning candle is a symbol of hope and new beginnings after healing from old cycles of pain, confusion, and hardships. Patiently comfort and soothe yourself in an atmosphere of calmness and tranquility. Let the symbolism of the lit candle be like a spiritual bridge of comfort and illumination for you, from your heart to the angelic realms. See how this bridge lights up and allows a powerful stream of unconditional love and light to flow into your energy-field, fuelling your little flame of hope and anticipation with renewed joy, excitement, and deep love for yourself and others as well as a fresh new positive perspective on your life. Soon your softly lit candle will become both a powerful bright inner light of clarity and a big beautiful flame of creativity, passion, and drive.

I encourage you, dear ones, to remember my words whenever you are lighting a candle in your home these coming months, especially those of you, who are in need of spiritual light in the darker and more reflective seasons of autumn and winter. You will create powerful openings of change and transformation when you focus with intention even for those few moments that you are lighting some candles around your home!

I am Archangel Metatron, your spiritual protector and supporter! Let me help you, especially those of you, who are sensitive to energy, to ground your spiritual energies, higher knowledge, love, and light into your earthly incarnations. Ask me for help and guidance on your path!

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Weekly angel message, October 10-16, 2022

The deer

The deer symbolism combines our highly intuitive, spiritual, and watchful feminine side with our strongly grounded, dignified, and powerful masculine side.

The female deer or doe represents grace, innocence, sensitivity, and family life, while the male deer or stag represents our trust in the universe, our inner majesty, and the often solitary path of self-empowerment and inner strength.

The deer spirit animal teaches us to strengthen our trust in the love, care, and support of the universe. The deer’s energy supports the season of Libra by bringing a sense of balance and equilibrium to our lives. We trust the higher guidance and meaningful inspiration, that comes through our intuition and psychic senses, and translate them into practical action steps with determination and vigour.

The deer’s antlers show us that our approach to life can be gentle as well as assertive and determined. When the deer loses its antlers, it has the ability to grow them back, which represents a magical quality of rebirth and regeneration. Endings often herald powerful new beginnings for us. When we lose our metaphorical antlers through difficult challenges or inner turmoil, which causes us to feel vulnerable and weak, we know and trust that we can renew our strength and inner power with the help and magic of the universe, that always has our back.

Archangel Michael is still with us this week to further enlighten and empower us with his words of wisdom.

Dear ones,

This is a message about bringing your inner energies into balance by uniting seemingly opposite qualities and traits. I have chosen the spirit of the deer as the perfect example of being open, graceful, and serene enough to receive inspired higher guidance from the angelic realms as well as being grounded, disciplined, and determined enough to take a stance in your life for what you believe is the right path for you. At the base of this all, is a deeply rooted faith in the support and love of the universe, which allows you to stand out, to be different in your approach to life, and to live freely according to your own personal truth.

When you are experiencing an inner turmoil of emotions and energies, there is a need to reach a state of surrender first, which means that you deflect all urges to fight or force your way forward, because when you fight or force from a state of inner restlessness and a sense of urgency, you depleat yourself of precious energy. Human beings often mistake surrender with weakness and passivity, but the opposite is true. Your capacity to surrender is one of your greatest strengths, because it means that you hold no resistance in your body and energy-field. And where there is no resistance, there is an easy opening to the powerful energy-flow of the universe, that carries all the wisdom, ingenuity, support, and love, that you need.

When you are empowered by this inner peace and clarity, that arise out of this state of surrender, you do not feel like you need to fight or force anymore, because your power and influence on the course of your life have increased immensely. Solutions, inspiration, synchronicities, helpful people, and means will show up on your path or will be brought to you through your inspired choices and focused action. I would like to encourage you, dear ones, to start practising this one thing, the act of surrender, letting go instead of pushing forward.

Determination and discipline will come effortlessly and naturally to you when your starting point is a pure, innocent, gentle, and receptive heart, which is represented by the female deer, the doe. The stag, which represents your inner masculine side, will then thrive on this newly found overflowing source of energy, intuitive knowledge, and clarity to prepare your path of abundance, success, and happiness and clear it from all left over outer debris and inner oppressive baggage.

With this newly found equilibrium in your life, you will become a living example and a beacon of hope for others as well. Now you can give to others and share with others without depleating your own resources and losing your own inner peace. Cooperate with others to bring even more light and hope into this world. Your combined power, love, and energy is needed to help your fellow human beings awaken to their true essence and their true calling! Be like the doe and care for the well-being of your soul family, which is the whole of humanity.

The stag’s antlers represent your capacity to be flexible as well as strong in times of great change. Do not fear loss or change, because it is part of your world and part of your experience as a human being. Every time you lose your antlers, which symbolizes your sense of solidity, security, and footing in life, know that you can grow new ones that are even more aligned with your Divine essence. Trust in the magic, power, and support of the universe when you experience major transformations in your life. You are fully equipped to weather any storm, when you stay patiently anchored in the present moment with an open heart full of love and courage. You are called to step into your roles as peaceful spiritual warriors, who joyfully lead by example, dear ones!

Lastly, I would like to encourage you to keep investing time in a spritual practise, being out in nature, and breathing in fresh air. The deer symbolism teaches you that strong determined action, enthusiasm, and passion are fuelled by a higher state of being, a state of surrender and receptivity, where love, creativity, and inspiration are allowed to flow freely through your body and energy-field.

Your life will quickly take a turn for the better and manifestations will show up faster, when you remember that you, as your true self, as a being of light and love, have great influence and power over your emotional well-being. Your inner balance between your divine masculine and feminine energies will be reflected in your outer relationships as well. There will be no more room for energy-draining patterns, such as neediness, self-sacrifice, or power battles with others. All of your energy can be used for your highest good, your true path, which will turn you into a beacon of light for the whole world to see!

I am Archangel Michael, do not hesitate to call upon me for clarity and strength!

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