Archangel Tzafkiel

Archangel Tzafkiel – Angel keys

Archangel Tzafkiel is the Archangel of deep contemplation and divine wisdom. She is known as the guardian of the Akasha records (book of Life) and the cosmic Mother, as she can help you apply the feminine principle in your daily life.

She holds the lilac ray of enlightenment, which brings deep emotional healing, inner peace, objectivity and concentration. The lilac colour represents spiritual transformation and purity and resonates with your fifth eye chakra (Lalata chakra) also known as the Angel chakra, located at the crest of your forehead. It consists of eight bluish white pedals.

Archangel Tzafkiel brings wisdom to stimulate your spiritual growth. She removes all obstacles blocking your spiritual development and dissolves old karma.


If you would like to develop a close relationship with the Angels and receive their love, light, guidance and support in your life, you can ask Archangel Tzafkiel to activate the keys in your consciousness, that open the doors to the Angelic realms.

Her only condition is that you ask her with a pure heart and good intentions. Archangel Tzafkiel encourages you to practise the angelic qualities in your daily life, like being loving and compassionate toward others, being forgiving, unprejudiced and generous. She also refers to books, websites and meditation to learn more about the angels and get familiar with their energy.

Activated angel keys will bring you:
  • An intensified and strengthened connection with the Angelic realms
  • Close daily contact with the Angels to bring your situation to a higher level
  • Angelic guidance through epiphanies, feelings, signs and the right people turning up in your life
  • Angelic help to develop angelic strengths, like unconditional love, positivity, faith and trust to help you live your life’s mission
  • Angelic help to fulfil all your earthly needs, like a steady income, a comfortable living situation and healthy food

Message from Archangel Tzafkiel:

“The angel keys also have a symbolic meaning representing five important qualities, which help raise your vibration and experience the angels more intensively in your life. First and foremost, I would like to bring your awareness to Love, the biggest and most powerful force in the universe. This is the energy of the angels, pure unconditional love, which will fill you up completely.

First Angel key – Inviting the angels

This symbolic key is about inviting the angels into your life, which is a conscious first step, made with a pure and sincere heart. Without your invitation we can’t interfere in your life, because of your free will. The only thing, that is required is an open and receptive heart. Take time to be still, then ask your question and I will happily respond by activating your angel keys. The first key represents an invitation and a first step, that only you can take.

Second key – Spiritual balance

The second key represents spiritual balance. Making the choice to clear and balance your chakras to raise your vibration and open your clear channels. This will make it easier for you to experience, feel, hear or see us. It will also enable the divine energy, filled with love, light and wisdom, to flow through you and bring you the guidance and blessings you need. Be an open and clear channel for the angels to work with!

Third key – Authenticity and self-love

The third key represents authenticity and self-love. It is important, that you fully embrace yourself for the person that you are with all your unique qualities and characteristics. Be yourself, without false pretences, show the world who you truly are. Make an inventory of the values, that are important to you, define what you stand for. Your true self is magnificent, divine and radiant. Let Love guide you back to your true self.

Fourth key – Positivity

The fourth key represents the Law of attraction. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and keep a positive outlook on this world and other people, because if the energy you radiate out is positive, you will equally attract positive energy to fill your life. When you look at this world and other people with love and compassion and formulate positive expectations, the endless flow of abundance can flow freely and bring you everything you wish for. You simply focus on what you do want and not on what you don’t want!

Fifth key- Shining your love and light

The fifth key is about shining the love that is inside you. If you are filled with love and if you are your authentic self, you will shine your light into this world. You will become a radiant and inspiring example to others. This is the reason you came here, that is your mission, to bring love and light into this world in your own unique way!

When you follow this action plan and let me support you by activating your angel keys, you will fly on angels’ wings and flow effortlessly on the loving energy-stream of the universe.

If I activate your angel keys and you open your heart and allow your love and light to grow, you will become a beacon of light in this world. You will be a human channel for divine love to flow through and everyone who feels this energy will react to it, whether they know it or not!

Go and shine your light, my dear children! Ask me to support you and I will be of service to you without hesitation!”

-Archangel Tzafkiel-

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