Step 1: STOP

Step 1 is about acknowledging where you are right now and making peace with the present moment, the powerful NOW. You take a mental time-out to stop the ongoing chatter and stories in your head and focus on the here and now.

Take a seat in a comfortable chair and observe what is around you right now through your five senses without making any mental comments, just relax, breathe and take it all in.

Other useful tools to stop excessive thinking are (guided) meditations, yoga, allowing yourself to rest in stillness or engage in gentle activities, like taking walks in nature. You can also use daily routinely chores as a way to bring your attention to the here and now by focussing completely at the task at hand through your five senses without mental making mental comments. Also indulge in nourishing self-care activities to uplift your spirit and energy-levels.

In step 1 you create space for the new to enter by stopping the momentum of the old. By slowing down, simplifying your thoughts and actions, you let go of your resistance and sense of urgency. Surrendering to what is, creates an opening, a space to breathe, a base from which you can establish a new energetical point of attraction. From this place it is easier to find the natural flow of life and let go of the constant straining and forcing, which will only wear you down, leaving you exhausted.

At this point it is okay not to know where you are going and what is coming. It is an exercise in trust and surrender to just be for a while, knowing that you will soon move forward with more clarity and purpose in step 2.

I would love to help you go through the steps of the STOP-RESET-GO! program with the support and guidance of the angels. For more information, please click on the link below.