Step 1 – STOP

Stopping the old momentum

In step 1 we acknowledge where we are and we make peace with the present moment, the powerful NOW.

We take a mental time-out to stop the ongoing chatter and stories in our heads and to simply focus on the here and now.

When we take a seat in a comfortable chair and observe what is going on around us, using our five senses and without making any mental comments, we start to relax and are able to breathe deeply and calmly.

Other tools we can apply to stop our excessive thinking are practising (guided) meditation and yoga, engaging in stillness, and doing gentle activities, such as walking in nature. Our daily chores can also bring our attention to the here and now, if we focus completely at the task at hand. Another way to recharge and uplift our spirit in calmness, is to indulge in nourishing self-care activities.

In step 1 we create space for the new by stopping the momentum of the old. When we slow down, simplify our thoughts and actions, we begin to let go our resistance and sense of urgency. Surrendering to what is, creates an opening, a space to breathe, and the establishment of a new energetical point of attraction. From our newly found place of inner peace, it is easier to find the natural flow of life, and to let go of our continuous strain and forced efforts, that will only wear us out and leave us feeling exhausted.

At this point, it is okay not to know where we are going and what is coming. It is an exercise in trust and surrender to just BE for a while, with the inner knowledge, that we will soon move forward with more clarity and purpose in step 2.

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