Weekly angel message, August 29-September 4, 2022

The moon

The moon represents the mysterious domain of our dreams, desires, fears, illusions, and hidden feelings, that dwell under the surface of our earthly existence, in our energyfield, psyche, and subconscious mind.

The symbolism of the moon invites us to go on a quest into the unknown, diving deeper into the world of these subconscious feelings and discover

how they affect our behaviour, actions, and responses in our daily life.

The moon assists us in our healing process towards wellbeing, joy, and freedom by teaching us how to surrender to the unknown, trust the higher flow of universal energies, and release the need for control.

Learning to cope with feelings of uncertainty and fear, and not knowing the details of our process, path, or outcome are an important part of our growth towards enlightenment.

The magnificent Archangel Raphael conveys this week’s angel message to us.

My dearly beloved ones,

I am Archangel Raphael, and I have come to bring you a message of comfort, love, and healing. These current times are both challenging for many as well as bursting and blossoming with opportunity, rediscovery, reinvention, healing, and growth.

I am here to help you with your moon quest, which is an inner journey taken to allow old pain and patterns to resurface in order to be released. Working with the power of your spiritual moon requires deep faith and a willingness to surrender to the unknown and accept that you do not have all the answers at present.

The moon asks of you to sink into your heart, where your intuition and inner knowing reside. Your heart is a portal to unconditional love and immense joy, when you silence your mind and thoughts and listen with your spiritual ears accessing a different form of awareness. An awareness of the subtle and higher energies around you, that can only be experienced through your psychic senses and intuitive gifts. Only this awareness can expose the deeper truth behind your reality, beyond your ordinary world, and what it reflects back to you in your life. This higher truth will set you free, clearing you from old blockages and outdated conditioning. How can I access this awareness and higher truth, you ask. By simply breathing through the chaos and upheaval, that you will initially feel on your quest and waiting long enough for the silence and calmness, that will undoubtedly follow, if you choose to keep looking and focusing inward with detachment and without mental judgement, while opening to receive the blessings of the universe.

The moon is your ally, dear ones, not an energy to fear, although her ways can be quite confrontational to you, bringing up parts of yourself that you wish to hide or forget about, but remember that this happens for a higher cause, the cause of exposing and cleansing. Only with the energy of the moon can you go deep enough to get to the roots of your emotions. She does not ask of you to react, but simply to observe, recognize, and choose to release and cleanse.

When you allow me to help you with your moon quest, my beloved ones, I will not only guide, comfort, and support you through the process of deep emotional healing, but also inspire you with tangible action steps towards a healthy lifestyle on all levels of your being. I will provide you with ideas on how to care for your body and how to take in mental and emotional nourishment for your soul.

All that is asked of you, is to make a commitment to this purification process. It is my promise to you, that you will light up and shine like a bright diamond, when you take this opportunity to devote yourself to your own healing and attract health, peace, security, and abundance for your whole being. Allow new life, light, and love to enter by making way for it and by preparing your body, mind and soul for the energy and spiritual flame of resurrection, that will rapidly catapult you forward into a new and more empowered phase of your life, which will be accompanied by better and more wholesome manifestations and reflections of the world around you.

I am always ready for your call, dear ones! Remember, that you are deeply loved and that there is always support, comfort, and guidance available for you. You are never forsaken or forgotten but cherished and cared for beyond your comprehension!

The video version of this angel message is also available on my Youtube channel!

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