Archangel Orion

Name, symbols & colours

Archangel Orion’s name means rising in the sky or rising star and he is known as the Galactic Archangel of Manifestion and Spiritual Rebirth and Resurrection.

Archangel Orion reminds us of our Divine energetic origin and our connection to the immense powers of the universe, that are at our disposal at all times. He teaches us how to consciously manifest and ground our life’s purpose and desires in our Earthly plane by tending to our emotional frequency and alignment with our higher selves.

Archangel Orion helps us to understand that what is considered magic in this world is actually our Divinely given ability to create, attract, and manifest our visions and dreams into reality by working with the universal energies and laws. We truly are our own miracle workers!

He activates our stellar gateway chakra to harmonize us with the energies of the stars, higher dimensions, and the universe at large enabling us to gain a higher perspective and feel at one with all that is. 

Archangel Orion’s most important symbol is a wave of sparkling stars. His energy eminates a brilliance of bright empowering light, a deeply loving and healing shine, and sparkles of Divine inspiration. His magnificent light encompasses all colours.


Archangel Orion’s three bright stars

Archangel Orion showed me three symbolic bright stars, that mirror the three main stars of Orion’s Belt, Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka.

Each symbolic star has a specific meaning and when combined they sum up Archangel Orion’s guidance for us:

Wisdom, clarity & strength


Our access to galactic wisdom which brings inspiration, inner peace and protection into our lives.



Clarity through observing the law of cause and effect. What we send out energetically comes back to us whether it is positive or negative in nature. 



Our Earthly powers that are optimalized by grounding into our body and being focused in the present moment.


Channeled message

I am Archangel Orion, and I am the keeper of the secrets and wisdom of the stars and the higher dimensions unseen by the human eye. My energy represents the powerful light and the immense love and abundance of the universe.

First, I would like to convey to you that you alone hold the key to everything related to your earthly life and with this key comes the responsibility to use it wisely and consistently. The key represents the combination of your spiritual higher wisdom and your earthly state of presence.

My message is about recognizing the correlation between these two aspects of your being and implementing them equally into your life. 

My most important mission in relation to the human race is to wake you up to the natural power you possess to manifest your own personal fulfilment, joy, and happiness. When you live through experiences where you feel like circumstances and other people are affecting you in a disempowering way and you start reacting to them in anger or sadness or with blame and judgements, I appear by your side to show you how to redirect your precious energy in a more constructive manner.

I am here to help you see that you can only change the way you experience your life by tending to your own happiness and emotional well-being in a sovereign and responsible way. It is only possible to attract goodness when you hold yourself, others, and your circumstances in the highest possible regard with a feeling of deep overflowing love and radiant abundance.

It is impossible to attract abundance from a consciousness of lack, it is impossible to attract lightness and laughter from a heavy and burdened heart, it is impossible to receive inspiration from a mental prison in your mind. The universal laws simply will not allow it.

True wisdom encompasses the recognition that you have to clear yourself from these old behaviours and responses and to make room for clarity to light up your life. Clarity is the absence of mental judgements and dependencies on the outer world. It brings deep peace and inner stillness. It helps you to transform your life for the better.

The next step requires your strength to courageously translate your renewed and cleared energy-frequency into your 3D reality through a process of selective focus and choice-making with regard to your relationships, endeavours, and material possessions. You alone are responsible for bringing structure and balance into your life and daily activities in a way that serves your highest good and that of others. 

Your presence and alertness in your earthly life will support and enhance your energy-frequency and vice versa. The co-operation between the two will allow growth on all levels and will provide the gateway through which your manifestations will show themselves to you.

Playfulness and practice are keywords in this process. Play with the energies, observe, adjust, learn, and grow. Do not get discouraged, but realize that you have the inner strength and wisdom to persevere and thrive. Enjoy the journey without caring about the destination because your destinations are endless. 

I am your biggest supporter. I am the Archangel who oversees the human process of expansion and growth. I am here to help you to discover your own magical abilities. Ask me to guide you along your path and I will be right there to shower you with a multitude of blessings. In love,

-Archangel Orion-


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