Guardian Angel Reading I – Introduction

We all have at least one guardian angel, who is always with us and whose sole task it is to help us find and live our life’s purpose.

Our guardian angel supports us with loving help, guidance and comfort. Getting to know your guardian angel and developing a strong personal bond with him or her will bring great blessings to your life!

€ 155,00

Your guardian angel’s name, symbols and colours with an in-depth description of their meaning, complemented by a personal angel message and a handmade drawing.

This extensive reading (± 6 pages long) will be carried out remotely and will be sent to you by email within 1 to 2 weeks.



“Marielle is kind, warm and sincere in her intention to help others connect with their Angelic guides. In my case, her reading from the Archangels was direct and to the point. It was a bit hard to hear but it came from a place of great love and the intention behind was to encourage me more on my spiritual path so I can fulfill my purpose to the highest that I can. I love that Marielle takes the time to reply to your emails and listen and be a compassionate ear to your journey. Thank you Marielle, your gift to this world is much needed at this critical time in Mother Earth’s journey to the New Golden Age.” – Sheila

“After reading a few books on angels, I got inspired to meet my own guardian angel. Coincidentally I came in contact with Marielle. The guardian angel reading, that I received from her, was a very special one for me. It is very impressive how a total stranger, who has never met me in real life, can come up with such an accurate description and understanding of where I am coming from. Through this reading I gained more trust in the spiritual world and received a better understanding of my own talents and gifts. I am working with the angels more intensely now and I am happy with the additional joy it brings me. So Marielle, thank you for the beautiful reading.” – Jeroen

“I had a sequence of readings from Marielle that gave me support and insight over issues that were troubling me over the course of several years. The readings were right on target and provided messages full of love and compassion. Through the readings and the suggested exercises I deepened my connection with the angelic realm and connected to my guardian angel. I still go back to the readings in stressful times, and they provide not only guidance but comfort as well. Marielle’s work with the angels is a wonderful tool full of love.” – Claudia

“Marielle’s energy of sincerity, compassion, and authenticity truly comes through in her angel readings. I absolutely believe that she has a deep connection with the angels, and the guidance she portrays through her readings is accurate and direct, but also kind and loving. The angels can see into the depths of our souls to know what we truly desire and how we can improve ourselves even if we aren’t able to see it ourselves, and Marielle is a beautiful channel who is able to convey this guidance to us. I love every reading she has done for me – each one has a special place in my heart, and she is helping me to shine my light in the world through the divine guidance she has offered to me through her angel readings.” – Carissa  

“Sincere and Serene, is how I will describe my experience with Marielle. It was Archangel Nathaniel who brought me to Marielle’s website last April 2, 2020. Marielle’s reading was true, kind and calming, and has truly touched my heart. I am blessed to have been led to her website and most fortunate that Marielle was the one, who channeled the angel messages. It was just all good words of healing from the Angels. My husband and children are happy to have got to know their angels too. My kids posted Marielle’s Angel Drawings in their rooms to remind themselves of their guardian angels.
At present, I am once again seeking Marielle’s guidance and help in confirming messages from the Archangels. Thank you Marielle, for channeling the Angelic Realm’s messages to my family and especially to me. Your readings gave a start to my spiritual growth, brought me bliss, synchronicity and the discovery of my mission to Love and to be a Light.” – Desiree 

“The loving message from my guardian angel touched me deeply, I became all quiet and warm inside. I have read the words several times now and everytime a new layer of meaning reveals itself to me, very special and also very practical to incorporate into my daily life. In my contact with her I feel truly supported. Thank you, Mariëlle, for the way you conveyed the message to me textually and visually. The picture is beautiful!” –  Irma den B.

“I am very grateful for having received the angel reading from Mariëlle. She has a powerful and intricate gift of delivering the messages and that is clearly evident in the reading. The reading itself resonated with me a lot and reading the words as well as her interpretations were insightful and most importantly greatly authentic. You just know that the words and messages are that truth which you are in need of hearing at this moment, whether you are aware of it or not. Plus I feel that the relayed message together with the more fine interpretations shows that Mariëlle has a special integrated gift. Her reading guided me a lot because of that. And lastly, and maybe most importantly, I am beyond grateful for having been introduced to my guardian angel. For a longer time I had sensed the presence, but this intuition was far from grounded, and it helped me so much to know his name as well as get to know him through his words. If anyone feels guided to take a reading from Mariëlle, I would definitely say to give it a chance, and see at which level it will be able to benefit you just as it has me.” – Carine

“It meant a lot to me, that my guardian angel lovingly conveyed to me, that I have chosen for this life with its many experiences and obstacles. The questions, which then arise are: What is my purpose? What do I want now? Because everything is about setting an intention. I think, it’s good to know how we are seen by the angels, because we are always looking for something to believe in, something outside ourselves, without being conscious of our own essence. Maybe it is time for me to take a different approach and to discover who I really am. I immediately get stuck doing this, because who I am, can’t be grasped on a conceptual level. The angels help me to break free from my conditioning and help me to realise that we are so much more than that. This warm reading contributed in a positive way to my process of awakening and stimulated me to discover my course in life.” -Edward-

“The reading touched my heart and helped me to focus on what is really important in my life. It was so very special and heart-warming to feel the energy of my guardian angel. I am also very grateful for this opportunity to get to know my angel better. His symbol and its meaning helped me to better understand and value my own characteristics and qualities. I enjoy looking at the drawing of my angel, it gives me that little bit of extra strength and comfort I need at that moment. I recommend this reading to everyone, who is looking for their authentic self!” – F.V.-  

“The personal message from my guardian angel gave me an insight on how to deal with situations in my human experience of daily life. This reading confirmed to me what I know to be true deep down in my heart. Having been introduced to my guardian angel, knowing his name en his characteristics, has added an extra dimension to our contact. He is like a dear, loving friend to me, whom I can always count on!” -An-