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If you have any questions or remarks or if you would like to book an angel reading, healing or coaching session, please fill out the contact form below. I will be in touch through email within 1 or 2 weekdays. Thank you very much!

Please check out my general terms and conditions at the bottom of this page if you consider making a booking with me!


General terms & conditions

  1. Bookings for a reading, healing or coaching session can be made through this contact page. I will contact you by email within 1-2 weekdays to make an appointment, give information or answer your questions.
  2. All payments will be made upfront through Paypal (international clients & Dutch clients) or bank transfer (Dutch clients only).
  3. When you book a reading, you will receive your reading by email within 2 weeks after the date of payment.
  4. When you book a guardian angel reading, I reserve the right to place the drawing of your angel anonymously on my website as a representation of my work. Your personal information will not be linked to this drawing.
  5. When you book a healing we will make an appointment within 2 weeks after the date of payment.
  6. The angel healing and angelic Reiki, that I offer, are meant as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support. These sessions are complementary to regular medical and psychological care, but do not replace them. Please see your doctor first when you are suffering from any physical or mental health issues.
  7. My angel readings bring through angelic love, light and happiness. They give you wonderful insights into your life and help you grow as an individual, but please bear in mind that these readings are not a substitute for financial, medical, legal and professional mental health advise. Flowingwithangels takes no responsibility for any action taken as a result of the guidance portrayed in the readings.
  8. You must be over 18 years old to book a reading, healing or coaching session.
  9. Coaching sessions and programs are inspired by the angels and will be designed personally for you depending on your situation and needs. Therefore there are no fixed prices. I will make you a personalized offer, which you can then take into consideration. Payment for long term coaching can be made in installments.
  10. All correspondence takes place through email.
  11. I will only use your name, address and email for my own business administration. I will never share your personal information with others.

If you have any questions or remarks concerning these terms and conditions, please contact me by filling out the contact form above!

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