Archangel Uriel

Name, colours, symbols and chakra’s

Archangel Uriel name means Light of God or Fire of God as he brings the light of God’s wisdom and illuminates your mind to put this wisdom into action to serve others according to your Divine life plan.

The colours associated with this Archangel are amber yellow, ruby red, purple, orange and pale yellow. The symbols representing his energy are electricity, lightning bolts, thunder and fire.

Archangel Uriel can help you balance your root and solar plexus chakra’s.

Wisdom, knowledge, understanding and illumination

Archangel Uriel’s light will provide you with information, ideas, concepts, epiphanies and insights.

He can download them into your mind through visions, dreams or sudden perceptions. You can call upon this Archangel if you need solutions or help with intellectual pursuits.

Archangel Uriel can bring you sparks of inspiration and motivation and can help you develop psychic and intuitive skills.

Emotional healing

Archangel Uriel sheds his love and light onto people to help them see past judgement and anger and develop a positive, peaceful and loving outlook by transforming lower vibrational energies into spiritual understanding.

He can ignite your inner light, so you will be filled with a sense of worthiness, confidence, empowerment and motivation to go forwards calmly but vigorously and shine your light in service of others and the planet with gratitude and appreciation. Your body and soul will be perfectly balanced and stabile.

Natural disasters

Archangel Uriel helps at those places on Earth where natural disasters occur, such as fires, floods and storms.

Angel of the ruby red ray of enlightenment and Angel of the North

Archangel Uriel holds the ruby red ray of enlightenment, which represents spiritual devotion by being of help to others. It brings a grounded, stabile, reliable and balanced energy, it stimulates your lifeforce with courage and perseverance and showers you with enlightenment and spirituality. This powerful ray of ruby red light can be of great help when you feel lost, abandoned or scared.

Archangel Uriel is also the Angel of the gateway of the North. The gateway to spirit, wisdom, knowledge and transformation.

Archangel Uriel’s message

“My message is as follows. Everything begins with a positive attitude, the right mind-set, I can help you with this. Ask me to transform all negativity and critical voices in your head into light, positive, constructive and inspiring thoughts. If your thoughts are positive and uplifting your body will also become balanced. You will feel more comfortable in your own skin and energized, fully equipped for the Lightwork you came here to do.

I am the Angel of Wisdom and Illumination and I urge everyone, who reads this, to be open to the Divine wisdom, that is available to all. I represent this Divine wisdom through my energy and I gladly bring enlightenment and new ideas to anyone, who asks for it. Everything starts with the willingness to open yourself up and set the intention to be of service.

All inspiration, ideas and knowledge are meant to be used for the higher purpose, which is the advancement of collective enlightenment. There are many inspired lightworkers, who form a strong collective and can accomplish the highly necessary changes in this world.

I ask you to expand your vision, to let go of old restrictive and narrow-minded conditions and make space for new possibilities. Relax, let go and know that there are numerous options and possibilities, that you can’t possibly think of yourself. I ask you to be willing and open and not to harvest any limiting thoughts.

Look around you, listen to your intuition, be open to new possibilities. Be willing to try new ventures instead of immediately dismissing them in advance. Change requires courage and vigour, know that I am here to help and support you.

 Ask me, Archangel Uriel, and I will make you strong, confident and vigorous. Let me ignite your inner light for you to shine, my beloved.”

-Archangel Uriel-

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