Angel readings

Guardian angel reading I – Introduction

Get to meet your guardian angel and learn all about their name, symbols and colours complemented by a personal channeled message & handmade drawing.


Archangel reading

Ask the Archangels two questions on your chosen subjects and receive personal guidance in the form of channeled messages and symbols.


Relationship reading

Receive detailed insights on the energies in your relationship, friendship or family connection and angelic guidance for improvement.


Quick check-in reading

Receive a short channeled message complemented by a symbol, a colour and three keywords to point you in the right direction.


Inner balance reading

Learn how to balance your inner masculine and feminine energies through the personalized angelic healing tool: the flower of healing.


Guardian angel reading II – Follow-up

An opportunity to strengthen the bond with your guardian angel through more channeled messages and personal guidance.



Alle hierboven genoemde engelenreadingen verzorg ik ook geheel in het Nederlands. Neem contact op via het contactformulier voor meer informatie.



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