Archangel Michael

Name, colours, symbols and chakra’s

Archangel Michael’s name means Who is like God and he is known as the Angel of protection, truth, integrity, courage and strength. He is the powerful leader of the Archangels, who fights evil with the power of good.

The colours associated with Archangel Michael are royal blue, purple and gold. The symbols that represent his energy are a blue cape, a sword, a shield, sunshine, a snake and all black birds, to name a few. Archangel Michael’s energy can help you to balance your third eye, throat, solar plexus and root chakra’s.


With his clear, powerful and protective energy Archangel Michael will free you from fear and negativity. He can clear and stabilize your aura and cut all negative cords with people and situations. His sword represents the change of not being led by fear but by love and his shield protects you from all lower negative energies.

Apart from his spiritual protection Archangel Michael also provides protection for your body and material possessions. He can directly intervene and help during a crisis, sometimes by using clear and powerful communication. He will offer you the discernment to distinguish good from evil.

Life’s mission

Archangel Michael oversees your divine life’s mission. He helps you to get organized and motivated, to develop skills and talents and to create a strong foundation of stability and strength to fulfil your life’s purpose.

He guides you through the necessary life changes and shows you the next steps to take toward your goals. When you feel weak, stuck, doubtful or afraid, Archangel Michael will give you the strength, confidence and courage to move forward.

Angel of the blue ray of enlightenment

The blue ray of enlightenment focusses on clear communication with yourself and others on all levels. It represents God’s power and divine will and the forces of faith, protection and truth. Archangel Michael’s blue light will help to calm your nerves and detach from earthly worries. It conquers your fear to speak the truth and inspires you to seek higher truths and hidden wisdom.

Archangel Michael’s message

“I am Archangel Michael and I am powerful and strong. With my sword and shield I protect you and reveal keen insights into the right path. I have a powerful moving energy, fast and thorough. Call upon me and I will immediately be by your side. You can clearly notice my presence or hear my voice if I wish for it to be so.

My main task is to provide you with protection against lower energies, but also to make you strong through wisdom and self-confidence. I help you to stand up straight and look bravely at this world. My presence will make you strong and courageous.

I work on a worldly scale, but never hesitate to ask me for personal support, because I will gladly help and be of service to those who call upon me. My deep blue light is beneficial and works powerfully, you will immediately feel strong and safe again.

Ask me to lead you on your path regarding your connection to the Light world. I will be there for you to guide you along. I will make sure it is safe for you to open your heart to the higher energies.

Fear clearly is a human emotion and obstructs growth. It often is unconscious and ungrounded fear based on human conditioning. I can help you trace these blockages of fear and eliminate them.

There is no need to be afraid, if you ask for protection, you are completely safe. If you feel threatened in any way, just imagine grabbing my hand and I will lead you back into the right direction.

Ask me to cleanse your aura and energy. Let me gather all lower energies and debris and lead them away. I will surround you with my blue light, which will heal and strengthen you.

I am the leader of the Archangels and I can bring the right divine guidance and support into your life. Lean upon me, dear people, I am indefatigable, ever-present and here at your disposal.”

-Archangel Michael-

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