Archangel Raziel

Name, colours, symbols and chakra’s

Archangel Raziel’s name means Secret of God. He is also known as the Angel of Magic and Mysteries and as the Cosmic Father, as he holds all the secrets of the universe and life itself.

He helps you to stay in the flow of the universe by activating your divine power to live your life’s mission while balancing work and relaxation and manifesting your Earthly needs.

The colours associated with Archangel Raziel are all the colours of the rainbow.  This magnificent Archangel can open and perfectly balance all your chakra’s, allowing the energy of life to flow fully and freely through your body, providing you with motivation and strength.

A rainbow, the horizon and a wooden magic wand are amongst the symbols, that represent this powerful Archangel’s energy.

Angel of secret wisdom and divine knowledge

Archangel Raziel brings you spiritual insights and new creative ideas by connecting you to divine wisdom and increasing your ability to perceive this information through psychic gifts, such as clairvoyance.

These revelations will make you see the magic of life, lift away the veils of illusion and bring you closer to God, and therefore deepen your faith.

Past life healing

Archangel Raziel can help you to remember your past life lessons and to heal you from painful past life memories and spiritual blocks. He can undo any vows, you might have made during previous lifetimes, such as vows of poverty, chastity and self-sacrifice. Archangel Raziel usually works through your dreams, which he can help you interpret when you wake up.

Angel of the indigo ray of enlightenment

The indigo ray of enlightenment focusses on intuition and insight through clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. It can bring you divine information, experiences and knowledge that go beyond your normal reality and conscious mind.

The indigo light also helps to balance emotional instability by removing negative thought-patterns and spiritual blockages. It will enhance self-knowledge and self-consciousness.

Archangel Raziel’s message

“Dear people, my name is Raziel, Archangel of deep wisdom and the mysteries of life and the universe. My appearance is conceived as mysterious and hidden, but don’t let this mislead you.

Higher wisdom is available to everyone, don’t feel unworthy as a human being to uncover it, because in truth you are a magnificent energy being, that is able to connect with everything and everyone in the universe, as you are part of the whole, one with all.

I am happy to help you deepen your insights and uncover ancient wisdom, to reveal all the knowledge and inspiration, you need in this life to fulfil your purpose. I can help you develop your intuition and open your clear channels, so the secrets of life will be revealed to you. Be willing and open to let yourself be guided. Be patient, don’t try to force anything, but let it happen in divine timing and with divine love.

It is important to feel the flow of life. Let yourself drift along this stream, this is so much easier than wanting to do everything on your own and constantly looking for control and confirmation. Have faith and trust that divine love is everlasting, inexhaustible, ever-present and here to lead you on your path. Trust the higher source, that works on your behalf, providing you with well-being and happiness. Learn the lessons that you came here to learn and reap their many blessings.

I am Archangel Raziel, a divine wizard filled with love for your growth and spiritual development. I guide you on your way home, I help you remember where you came from and who you truly are. Use your manifestation-power well and for the highest good of all and you will be richly blessed. Ask me for help and I will guide you on your way. Don’t be afraid of the unknown, but be open and curious to learn, wonderful revelations and miracles will fall upon you. In love,”

-Archangel Raziel-

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