GROWTH: The spiritual sun and the enlightened heart

The energies of Sirius, our spiritual sun

The sun symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and the higher frequencies of joy, light, and vitality.

It is connected to the energies of Sirius, the star system that has long been considered our spiritual sun.

Every year at the beginning of July, Sirius comes into conjunction with our physical sun which activates a powerful energy gate, bringing higher levels of spiritual awareness and enlightenment. 

Our hearts are the listening places and receivers of these powerful energetic messages of unconditional love, harmony, higher wisdom, and understanding. Our hearts hold the space for our spiritual being and our consciousness of love, peace, gratitude, joy, and compassion. The heart is also the seat of our emotions. 

The sun is connected to the element of fire while the heart is connected to the element of water.

The star system of Sirius merges both these elements through its planetary bodies of water and its powerful suns causing huge energetic thunderstorms, which are powerful catalysts for dynamic change, innovation, and the restoration of balance. 

The concept of twin flames or twin spirits is linked to this energetic collaboration of fire and water. Twin flames are highly evolved souls that choose to meet up in this lifetime in order to bring change, light, and a higher consciousness to this planet by merging their energies consisting of the qualities of water and fire. They will motivate each other to grow into their full potential, but not before they have started to balance the water and fire elements within themselves first.


Ways to connect our spiritual sun to our heart


Moments of solitude

Quiet contemplation within our inner sanctuary will allow us to integrate the energies of light, vitality, joy, and deep healing that are being downloaded from the universe into our energy fields.

These incoming energies will conjure up all our emotional baggage, our feelings of fear, anger, and anxiety, for us to gently observe and transform.

Instead of staying imprisoned by our own blocked up thoughts and feelings and trying to hold on to a strained sense of control and security, we release and let go. 


Self-worth & commitment

It takes courage to trust and surrender to the natural flow of life. Our ego will try to sabotage our newfound way of finding inner peace through persistent whispers of fear and doubt.

Our spiritual sun however encourages us to take back our power and make a commitment to ourselves to fulfil our desire for inner transformation.

Through a shift in focus, a conscious choice of empowering thoughts and words, and a higher perspective, we slowly regain and strengthen our belief in our self-worth and our inner light increasingly starts to shine. Our true soul voice will become more dominant, and our vibration will rise accordingly. 


Flow & happiness

Wholeheartedly saying yes to life means taking the risk to jump into the unknown with an unbreakable sense of innocence, openness, and trust that we are protected and guided by the higher energies of love and light, the ever present and just universal laws, and the joy of knowing and discovering the flow of well-being, synchronicities, and love of the universe.

True intimacy and commitment on every level starts with recognizing our place in the totality of life, our innate worthiness, and our everlasting connection to all that is. Before we can make a meaningful, valuable, and true connection to someone else, we are called upon to first and foremost commit to our own well-being and alignment. 

How we see the world is merely a reflection of our own inner state of being. When we choose to embrace our personal sun and balance our emotional waters our vibration will rise to a higher frequency and our surroundings will start to match up with our spiritual transformation. We find ourselves more and more in the flow of life with a greater sense of ease, joy, and wonder. 

The goldfish that outgrows its bowl of water


A channeled angelic illustration

The goldfish in the fishbowl represents you in your element, in your natural environment, in a clean and clear setting of emotional balance, peace and alignment.

When you start to grow and your soul wishes to allow more light, love, abundance and expansion into your life, your current fishbowl becomes too limited and restricted.

Your fish bowl represents your belief systems, conditioning, and emotional vibration at this current moment.

Remember that you are an eternal being and that there is no end to your growth and expansion.

In order for you to expand to the next level, you are asked to take a leap of faith in which you fly through the air towards a new bowl.

This is a metaphor for broadening and elevating your perspective through your thinking mind, your clear focus, and your inner wisdom, which are all connected to the element of air.

It also takes spiritual muscles for you to make this jump. The goldfish activates its inner sun, which consists of its personal power, its self-belief, its inner decision to trust the universe based on its immense value and worth. It is called a leap of faith because the situation requires you to step out of your comfort zone and into the new without any reference points. Trust and surrender are the keywords in this process. 

When the fishbowl becomes too small for a growing fish it starts to fill up with pollution causing the water to become cloudy and feculent. As water represents your emotions, your feelings, and your vibration, you will start to feel uncomfortable and emotionally out of balance. Rejoice when this happens as it is a sign that you are preparing yourself to rise to a new level, preparing yourself for the jump to a new and fresh emotional vibration.

Give yourself time and practise compassion when you feel like you are struggling in your limited small fishbowl while preparing for your rise in vibration. You are merely experiencing the duality of your world which is necessary for your expansion. There is no reason to fear or despair. Life is all about cycles and seasons of growth. Look at your natural world and learn the lesson that there are different stages you go through. Sometimes rest and contemplation is needed, sometimes inspired action steps. Ask the angels and the universe for help and guidance.

When you arrive in your bigger and better fitting bowl, you will experience greater freedom and a greater spiritual alignment with your physical world. The balance between your sun (fire) and your heart (water) is restored which also refers to your inner masculine and inner feminine energies.

Your sense of flow will return and your rise in consciousness enhances your ability to deal with change and challenges in your life.

You will find yourself making strong decisions without nagging feelings of doubt, fear, and procrastination. The mirrors in your life in the form of other people, situations and events will reflect your spiritual healing, growth and newly found alignment.

In this metaphor the element of fire (represented by the goldfish which is your desire for expansion, love, and abundance) and the element of water (represented by the water in the bowl which is your desire for emotional balance and well-being) come together to create a storm (element of air), a momentum, a drive for you to take a leap of faith into a new way of being.

The universe will always provide you with a new, bigger, and more suitable fishbowl, but it is up to you to take the leap of faith to reach it. This is the true meaning of the collaboration between your inner sun and your heart.

© Flowing with angels – 2022