Step 3: GO!

Reaping the fruits of our spiritual practise

By completing step 1 and 2, we have created a solid base from which we can start fine-tuning our spiritual practise and keep the new momentum going.

Step 3 is about fully allowing the universe to work its magic.

From a place of complete trust and believe, that the universe knows all of our desires and is working continuously on our behalf in divine timing and order, we learn to let go and to surrender in our lives.

Step 3 focuses on maintaining a high energy frequency by fuelling our mind and spirit with the right spiritual foods. Just like a train with a powerful engine, generates a lot of momentum once it is moving in a certain direction, our focused energy creates a strong beam of spiritual momentum. When this momentum speeds up, opposing energies, disappointments and challenges loose their effect on our well-being and stability.

The combination of an open heart and a high energy frequency opens us up to inspired ideas, impulses and creative solutions, that effortlessly flow into our lives. When we do the energy work first, the impulses to take action come easily to us. These inspired action steps lead us to helpful people and situations. We start to see our manifestations unfold through wonderful, and seemingly miraculous, synchronicities.

Step 3 is also about practising gratitude and acknowledging the immense universal power and love, that are constantly pouring down on us, supporting our goals and desires and guiding us along the way. Now we have all the tools to create a daily spiritual practise for ourselves. This enables us to keep our balance, inner peace, and sense of well-being at all times. The outside world, in the form of people and circumstances, will no longer throw us off track.