Archangel Nathaniel

Name, symbols & colours

Archangel Nathaniel’s name means Gift of God and he is the Archangel of life-purpose, manifestation and transformation.

Archangel Nathaniel introduced himself  on a wider scale at the start of the Golden Age in 2012 and has been increasingly active on earth ever since.

The colours associated with this powerful angel are red and orange. He is a real fire angel and his symbols are the sun and the stars. His energy is extremely powerful, rapid, passionate, motivational, protective and purifying. It is aimed directly at our heart-chakra, igniting passion and courage to step out of our comfort-zone and start working toward our life’s purpose.

Archangel Nathaniel urges us to stop procrastinating by thinking we are not ready or fully qualified and to start living our life’s mission passionately and joyfully. If we need a little extra angel power to help us on our way, we can ask Nathaniel for a boost of inspiration, motivation and confidence!


Archangel Nathaniel’s angelic incentives

Archangel Nathaniel gifts us six powerful motivational angelic incentives to inspire us, and to help us on our way toward our life’s purpose:

Self-forgiveness, worthiness, visualization, joy, new ventures & perserverance.

Self-forgiveness & worthiness

There are so many people with huge potential, but they are not expressing it, because they suffer from low self-esteem. That’s why it is so important to develop a correct perception of who you really are, a creator, a divine being, a powerful manifestor.

In truth you are energy contained in a human body and this combination is ideal to manifest on this planet Earth. If you connect with your higher consciousness and realize, that you are not just your body, you can start to apply your energetic qualities, because you have come to this earth with a mission.

The earthly realm is one of duality, which means that sometimes things go right and sometimes things go wrong, in your perception of course, because the truth is, that there is no right or wrong, there are only learning experiences. That’s what life is all about, learning experiences. Therefore you don’t have to suffer from all the things you did or did not do. There is no need to feel guilty, because at each moment you act to the best of your abilities and experience the consequences of your actions.

Forgive yourself, dear people, and remember that you are wonderful children of God and that you came here for a reason. You are worth it to shine and step into your true potential. If you open yourself up to all the love and light, that is there for you, you will feel supported and you will feel worthy to receive all good things.

I am here to tell you, that you are good enough as you are right now. Just walk your path in life and the Light-world will support you no matter who you are.

Everyone is unique, see your own uniqueness. There simply is no one else like you and no one else who can walk your path like you can. I encourage you to release all feelings of unworthiness, breath them out and hand them over to God and the angels. Take back your power, live your best life! Embrace those beautiful unique gifts, that you have been given, and bring love and light into this world!

Visualization & joy

I encourage you to visualize what it is you enjoy doing. What brings you joy? What are your strengths and qualities? Deep down inside you, you know what your passion is and what activities suit you best, what your unique qualities are.

Don’t underestimate the power of visualization. It is creating in energy, which is inseparable from creating in the physical world. Keep doing this regularly, keep visualizing what you would like to achieve, how you would like to feel.

Find activities, that bring you joy and practise them as much as possible. Joy is a high energy-frequency. When you are joyful, you automatically attract more joy into your life. Play with your ideas, don’t be too serious, experience with new things, take courses, start a new project. It doesn’t matter if  you are doing it just for you. It is a process of discovering, a step toward a state of being, which will become clearer every time you find true joy in things.

Start somewhere, it doesn’t matter where. There is no hurry, try not to think in time-frames, it will only obstruct the flow of creativity. Sometimes your development can take off very quickly and bring you to great heights beyond your own imagination. I encourage not to look ahead and to try to fill in the blanks, but to stay in the moment and see what each new day will bring you. Pay attention to signs and synchronicities in your life, because they will point you to the direction of wonderful possibilities and chances. If you let yourself be guided by joy, passion and the wisdom of the universe, you will come closer and closer to your life’s purpose every day. Ask us angels to guide you with every step, you take.

New ventures & perserverance

Once you are walking on your path toward your life’s purpose, you will encounter new possibilities, that challenge you to step out of your comfort-zone, to try something new and different. This can be very daunting to a lot of people, because they don’t know what is going to happen and how it will turn out. However, this state of not knowing is so wonderful, because it allows you to take the next step with an open mind and without judgement, because you simply don’t know what to expect.

Put your trust in the protection of the Light-world at this stage, know that you are completely safe. Taking a step toward something new will boost your self-esteem and give you the opportunity to free yourself from self-imposed, limiting thoughts.

Try different ventures, dear people, and find out what suits you and what doesn’t. Experiment, grow and learn, this is so important for your creativity. Letting go of the old, will allow a fresh wind to blow through your life and you will feel so much better!

I would like to encourage you to persevere. Sometimes behind the scenes miracles are being prepared or your ventures are just about to become successful. Stay positive and have faith, even though you can’t see results yet. In the meantime, just keep walking, keep looking for joy and keep trying out new things.

Be persistent, know that you are a creator and a powerful manifestor! Your visualizations can’t remain without consequences, they will be followed by manifestations, it is a universal law. Stay positive and focus on success and joy and that is what you will attract. Don’t think about how it will manifest, as a human being you simply can’t see all the possibilities.

I promise you, that if you take these incentives to heart, you will surely reap the fruits of success. We angels are right behind you and my specific role is to constantly encourage and motivate you to keep moving toward your life’s mission. Ask me for help and you will move forward with strength and passion and you will feel fully supported on your path toward fulfilment!


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