Flowing with angels offers angelic guidance, inspiration, and healing energy for your personal growth, well-being, and spiritual awakening in this lifetime.

Angel readings

An angel reading brings you clarity and guidance on your life’s path and introduces you to the loving energy and incredible wisdom of the angelic realms!

Healing sessions

A high frequency angel healing or angelic Reiki session offers support for physical, mental and emotional challenges, promotes stress-relief, and enhances your inner balance and sense of well-being.

Angelic guidance

Inspiring coaching programs and energy tools, that help you to soften your conditioned resistance and to allow the universal stream of love, abundance and well-being to pour into your life. Learn how to joyfully get from where you are, to where you want to be!

Reactions from clients

Marielle’s energy of sincerity, compassion and authenticity truly comes through in her angel readings.

I absolutely believe that she has a deep connection with the angels, and the guidance she portrays through her readings is accurate and direct, but also kind and loving.

The angels can see into the depths of our souls to know what we truly desire and how we can improve ourselves even if we aren’t able to see it ourselves, and Marielle is a beautiful channel who is able to convey this guidance to us.

I love every reading she has done for me – each one holds a special place in my heart, and she is helping me to shine my light in the world through the divine guidance she has offered to me in her angel readings.

Carissa – USA

I had a sequence of readings from Marielle that gave me support and insight over issues that were troubling me over the course of several years. The readings were right on target and provided messages that were full of love and compassion.

Through the readings and the suggested exercises I deepened my connection with the angelic realm and connected to my guardian angel.

I still go back to the readings in stressful times and they provide not only guidance but comfort as well.

Marielle’s work with the angels is a wonderful tool full of love.

Claudia – USA

I worked with Marielle as her client and very much appreciated her deep knowledge and sincere integrity.

She has an innate ability to meet you where you are and communicate productively and effectively through the angels.

Her energy is uplifting whilst being kind and comforting and her authenticity is very apparant.

Marielle’s healing and coaching has cemented my relationship with the higher realms and been of great benefit.

She’s wonderful!

Anonymous – Ireland



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