INNER PEACE: Stop-reset-go! program

There is a stream of well-being, abundance and love constantly pouring down from the universe, available to all of us at all times.

It is not a matter of being worthy or good enough to receive these gifts from Source, but of tuning ourselves to the right frequency to connect to this higher flow of energy and allow it to work its magic in our lives.

Our own resistance is keeping us from merging into our natural state of being, which is a state of joy, love and ease.

Our resistance is created by our life’s experience, our conditioning and our personal beliefs. It is the negative, undermining voice of the Ego telling tales of unworthiness, insecurities, limitations and lack, which leads to depression, sadness, deprivation, impatience and feeling stuck and resentful.

The stop-reset-go! program is designed to soften this resistance and to start enjoying the process of getting from where we are to where we want to be. Instead of beating the drum of what is going on right now, we shift our perception to what is desired and we get excited about the journey, that lies ahead.


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