Archangel Raphael

Name, symbols & colours

Archangel Raphael’s name means God heals and he is known as the angel of healing. He supports and guides healers and medical professionals. Archangel Raphael’s green energy is soft, yet very powerful, and lovingly surrounds and nurtures people and situations, that need healing.

He is also known as the protector of travellers to ensure their safe journeys. The colour associated with this powerful Archangel is emerald green.

We can see sparkles of this green light, when Archangel Raphael is around, as he eagerly shows people his presence for strength and comfort.

Archangel Raphael is often depicted holding the symbol of the caduceus and a bowl of medicinal unguent. He wears a green rhombus on his clothing and on his head garland. He helps us balance our heart-chakra.


Archangel of physical & emotional healing

Archangel Raphael reduces or eliminates physical pain and ailments. He resolves energetic blockages in our bodies and sends his energy to those parts of our bodies, that need healing. He helps us to break with addictions and deal with unhealthy cravings.

With his energy of pure love, Archangel Raphael helps us to break down our walls of defence, to fully open our heart chakras, to see the beauty of life, and to heal and restore our relationships with others.

Archangel Raphael helps to heal mental and emotional issues by encouraging us to speak freely and honestly, expressing our true feelings and reactions to life instead of repressing them, which will eventually lead to illness.


Archangel of information & insights on health

Archangel Raphael brings us insights and information on how to stay in good health and recover quickly from illness or discomfort.

He helps us to understand the connection between physical illness and the well-being of our soul, spirit, and energy system.

He leads us to healthy food, the right exercise, sufficient rest, and relaxation.

Archangel Raphael works closely with Archangel Michael, when it comes to clearing away fears and stressors, that negatively affect our health. He sends his green healing light into the loose ends of the cords, cut by Archangel Michael, between us and other people and situations, that no longer serve us. Along side Archangel Ariel, he also brings healing to domesticated and wild animals.


Archangel of the green ray of enlightenment

The green ray of enlightenment focuses on healing and harmony and enhances our intuition and our ability to maintain balance.

It strengthens our heart chakra with unconditional love for ourselves and others, it softens our senses, and stabilizes our emotions.


Channeled message

I am Archangel Raphael and I offer you my encouraging smile, I touch you with my beneficial energy. I am the Archangel of healing and well-being and I can help you live a balanced life.

If you are balanced, your life-energy can flow powerfully making you fully equipped for the Lightwork you came here to do. You are incarnated in a physical form, think of your body as a temple, a holy vessel in which you will dwell during your earthly life. Take good care of it and it will take good care of you.

Support your body’s self-healing abilities by eating healthy food and caring for it. Put your muscles and lungs to use by exercising outside in the fresh air and you will feel better and stronger. I can help you find a healthy diet, which will nurture your body. Fresh produce and clean water are very important for your health. Ask me to help you and I will guide you to improve your physical health.

Don’t forget your emotional and spiritual health as well, because the way you think and engage your life have a direct effect on your well-being. Ask me for guidance on this too. I can help you deal with your emotions in a healthy way. Emotions are signals, that want to tell you something. Listen carefully to them and see what lessons they are conveying to you instead of letting them overwhelm you. You are a spiritual being in a physical body, which means you have spiritual needs as well, whether you are aware of it or not.

You are connected to the universe and all other invisible life-forms and energies. Connecting to your higher wisdom and consciousness will help you to deal with the challenges of life in an effective way. It will make you realize, that you are never alone. There is so much love and support available to all of you, dear people. Open your hearts to this love, so it can flow freely to and through you. Let me help you with this.

Love brings healing, in fact love is the biggest healing force there is and can cure everything. Love is the fuel of life, don’t close yourself off from it, but live with an open heart and trust that you are always very loved, even though you sometimes experience difficulties in relationships with other people.

The universal divine love is always available to everyone, that is my most important message, because if you understand this in your deepest essence, you will feel well and supported, which will benefit your health. I am Archangel Raphael, I am here with a tremendous amount of love for you. Call upon me for healing, relief and well-being and I will be there for you. In love,

-Archangel Raphael-


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