HEALING: The flower of healing


A flower is strongly rooted in the fertile ground of the earth while being enlivened by the same universal divine energy, that can be found in all life forms. In order to grow and bloom in perfect alignment, a flower needs sunlight and water.

The sun symbolizes our mind, our inner divine masculine energy, and our capacity to think clearly and act with focused attention and determination.

The water symbolizes our heart, our inner divine feminine energy, and our receptivity, our creativity, our intuition, our feelings, and our emotional state.


I-Spiritual flow-Silence

Silence is the place where we allow our true nature to emerge without being distracted by the hustle and bustle of the world.

When we spend time in silence, we remember that we are a powerful energy being and not just a body with a mind made personality.

This non physical part of us holds our true vision and perspective on life, where we rise above limiting beliefs and conditioning.

Through silence, we connect with the universe and the higher realms, because this requires a pure form of communication on a higher spiritual level without using our mind and our physical senses. In silence, a deep knowing, crystal clear inspiration, and an inner joy will arise to guide us on the path, that will light up before us. Our holy place of inner stillness will release our natural healing energies, and keep us calm and balanced in an ever changing and ever challenging world. 


I-Spiritual flow-Surrender

Surrender is the opposite of the urge to control ourselves, our lives, but most of all other people and outer circumstances.

Surrender means putting our trust in a higher power and in divine timing and synchronicities.

It is the deep understanding, that life takes care of life, because there is a natural flow, a natural order, a natural stream of well-being and wisdom at work, fully supported by consistently working universal laws. This understanding alllows us to release the burden of keeping everything tightly into our own hands.

Chasing after things and people with force, effort, and strain by using mind made strategies, pure willpower, and manipulation leaves us depleted and burnt out. When we learn to raise our own energy frequency by nurturing ourselves with good feeling thoughts, ease, balance, (self)love, and joy, we will discover, that we attract matching energies in the form of new opportunities and supportive people and circumstances.


I-Spiritual flow-Leadership

Leadership means taking steps in the direction of our natural interests, passions, talents, and activities, that bring us joy and lead us to our true life mission.

From our inner state of balance, calmness, and clarity we shine our light in the world by showing our authentic selves and freely sharing our true feelings and the truth of our hearts.

We believe in attracting positive results, success, and prosperity from our ventures, when we bring a high frequent energy of joy, gratitude, and grace.  As we are all connected through the web of life, and we are the creators of our own reality, we take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. We use them to improve our circumstances, our health, and our connections to the outside world. Holding a higher vision of love and compassion, and being flexible with our beliefs and interpretations of life, keep us in our own power, and prevent us from falling into the trap of victimhood. 


Inspiration for spiritual flow

  • Bringing ritual into our daily lives
  • Being mindful of the thoughts we think and the words we speak
  • Reducing our speaking and increasing our listening
  • Keeping our attention and awareness anchored in the present moment
  • Making time for a short meditation everyday
  • Retreating from other people and outside influences from time to time to protect ourselves from negativity and to calm our nerves and senses 
  • Using our time in silence to reflect on old wounds and pain and how they sabotage our lives today, then setting out to heal ourselves from the higher perspective that our inner silence will bring us
  • Formulating clear and pure intentions for our lives
  • Making time for our personal creative projects
  • Practising gratitude and giving out blessings
  • Finding things to watch and read about that inspire us 
  • Feelings of urgency, overwhelment and neediness indicate that it is time for us to step into stillness and silence.   


II-Spiritual focus-Focus

Our energy flows towards what we focus our attention on, and what we focus on will grow and will be attracted into our reality. When our energyflow is scattered into too many directions, we lose power and clarity.

Our focus is our most important tool of manifestation.

When we use it wisely by choosing uplifting and inspiring thoughts, speaking positive and encouraging words, and directing our attention and energy towards one particular passion, goal or subject, we are able to make great progress with determination and diligence.

A powerful focus will help us to prioritize and discern what is important and valuable in our lives, and what we need to let go of and move on from. Our intention and practice of bringing our lives into alignment with our higher purpose and perspective through our focus, strengthens our inner light and makes us less prone to procrastination and distraction.

When we choose to focus our attention completely on our activities in the present moment instead of on a desired future outcome, we experience less stress and anxiety in the process. We can engage in a busy life with stamina, strength and enthusiasm without losing our inner peace and calmness.


II-Spiritual focus-Peace

The essence of peace consists of the gifts of self-love, self-acceptance and patience. Our own inner dialogue, unconscious habits and conditioned reactions to the duality of life conjure up feelings of anger, irritation, prepossesion and impatience, that disturb our inner peace.

Strong emotions are part of life and teach us how to find our way back to love and enlightenment.

There are two tools, that help us elevate our perspective and feelings when we are overtaken by negativity or despair.

The first one is to create distance from the situation and our thoughts by taking on the role of the observer, while asking our guides and angels for a higher and more loving outlook and understanding.

The second one is the injection of a healthy dose of humour, which will help us to break through the heavy, dense energy of the moment and find a higher perspective with more lightheartedness and joy. Simplifying our lives and spending time in nature also enhance our sense of peace and well-being. 

True peace is not static and impassive, but filled with aliveness, enthusiasm and grace. When the deep knowing emerges in our hearts, that we are one with life and the universe, we allow ourselves to open up to the love, that we are and that is all around us. Peace transcends all fear and the illusion of seperateness. 


II-Spiritual focus-Self-respect

Self-respect is directly linked to our inner state.

Our surroundings reflect how we feel inside and every situation, we encounter in our lives serves as a mirror.

Other people’s actions towards us show us our attitudes about ourselves and our dreams are a reflection of our emotional state on a subconscious level. 

As we are the creators of our own reality, we can give ourselves credit and feel grateful when we like what we see, but we must take responsibility for our lives if we do not like what we see and embrace the lessons within our challenges with compassion and without judgement.

Self-respect encompasses the creation of stability and security by anchoring our energyfields in love, wisdom, and positive energy to repel negative influences. We start taking action towards our dreams by being physically, mentally, and spiritually productive and joyfully bringing our ideas to life.

The deliberate organisation of our way of life by cleaning and clearing out clutter on all levels of our existence, and prioritizing the way we spend our time and energy, forms the groundwork for our future success. Discernment, diligence, and consistency are key elements in this process.

We are mindful not to get caught up in our ego while doing this important creational work by releasing all expectations and opening ourselves up to guided inspiration, new opportunities, more understanding, wonders, and miraculous aid. 


Inspiration for spiritual focus

  • Simplifying our life and our activities
  • Spending more time in nature to ground ourselves and connect to the Earth
  • Prioritizing what is important to us
  • Listening to the messages of our soul in a state of rest and silence
  • Talking to our higher self and the universe through prayer
  • Making a list of our thoughts on a daily basis to observe our inner dialogue
  • Retreating from other people and outside influences from time to time to protect ourselves from negativity and to calm our nerves and senses
  • Using our time in silence to reflect on old wounds and pain and how they sabotage our lives today, then setting out to heal ourselves from the higher perspective that our inner silence will bring us
  • Taking action towards our dreams and bringing our ideas to life from an energyfield anchored in love and positivity
  • Focusing our attention on the present moment instead of on a desired  future outcome
  • Formulating clear and pure intentions for our lives
  • Listening to our inner core values
  • Being mindful of how we think and speak to ourselves and others
  • Stepping into the role of the observer of our life from time to time
  • Taking responsibility for our inner emotional state, which is reflected in our surroundings and relationships 
  • Clutter clearing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  


III-3D Flow-Beauty

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, which means that on a higher level our own state of being, our own state of inner harmony and self-love, enables us to see the beauty in ourselves, in others, and in our surroundings.

The more beauty, that we consciously choose to see, the more we will attract it into our lives.

We can enhance our natural sense of beauty by praising, appreciating, and caring for our body, our home and our surroundings, allowing them to be a refection of our inner beauty. The beauty of the Divine can be found in all aspects of our material world, if we see past the superficial layers and find the deeper, true level, and meaning of beauty. 

Beauty is an energysystem of loving vibrations of light that bring radiance, sensuality, and joy into our lives. Let us embark on a journey of creating beauty by cleaning, cleansing, decluttering, reorganizing our homes and work places, engaging in creative projects such as writing, drawing, painting, designing, and composing, bringing more harmony and peace into our experience by enjoying beautiful colours, fabrics, scents, music, fresh flowers, candles and experimenting with our looks and overall appearance to match our inner radiance. 


III-3D Flow-Joy

Joy is our divine birthright and it is our most important life’s mission to experience the high energy frequency of joy while being on planet Earth.

True joy arises in the peace, stillness, and grace of our inner heart space.

The ability to fully embrace and allow joy into our heart is strengthened by a process of deep emotional healing and release on the one hand, and a conscious use of our focus on the other hand.

We need to address the wounds inflicted upon our inner feminine side that make us vulnerable to emotional attachments and addictions in our search for contentment and happiness. This causes us to look outside ourselves, to outer circumstances, material things, and relationships with others to find  a sense of  joy and fulfilment. True joy however is generated from the inside, from our higher state of being based on self-love, self-worth, our higher focus on life, and our capacity to graciously receive all forms of love and abundance. 

What we focus on will grow and will eventually manifest in our reality. When we fully embrace and pay attention to the here and now, we start to celebrate what life has to offer. We choose to develop a positive outlook and focus, breaking free from limitations, restrictions and negative influences, and finding the freedom to express ourselves authentically, nourish ourselves through relaxation, self-care and loving friendships, relationships and family bonds, and explore our creativity with ease, flow and fun. 


III-3D Flow-Courage

When we courageaously break through our selfimposed barriers of fear and reticence, we awaken our inner “queen”, which is the part of us that is prepared to take a risk or a step forward despite the feelings of fears that rise up in our bodies. We start to take responsibility for speaking our truth and acting with integrity and impeccability.

The energy of courage is cultivated in our hearth chakra and helps us to break down our resistance against change in the direction of our natural growth. This resistance is based on our fear of change, rejection, and failure. We might even fear that our lives will fall apart completely, if we step out of our comfort-zone. Courage embodies a passionate desire to wholeheartedly say yes to life without reservations. It is empowered by a healthy dose of self-worth and self-belief, which helps us to recognize, appreciate and hone our unique talents and share them with the world by taking action steps in the direction of our dreams. 


IV-3D Focus-Embracing

When we start to cultivate our spiritual focus of  peace and self-respect, we often experience self-sabotaging mind attacks from our ego, that resists change and wants to hold on to our old and familiar way of being. It conjures up memories and stories of the darker parts of us and the undesirable life experiences that we do not appreciate or even wish to hide.

Embracing means allowing, exploring, experiencing, and reflecting on all of our emotions, even the dark and unpleasant ones, so we learn to accept the whole of who we are. We recognize this process as an opportunity for spiritual growth and expansion. Only when we are willing to fully embrace ourselves with love and compassion, will we be able to embrace others in the same way. 

The solitary quests of ancient warriors in mythology are a metaphor for the journey into the darkness within ourselves that we have to take to truly face our shadowside. Just like these warriors, we will only recognize our highest potential and find our hidden strengths and abilities by undergoing the daunting process of exploring our own inner darkness through selfreflection and solitude. When we do not confront these darker parts of us, we will keep projecting them outwards onto other people and circumstances.

Our shadow tendencies originate from dysfunctional family patterns and present and past life karma. These inner aspects tend to twarth our efforts and sabotage our success in life. The emotional state of melancholy, longing, and heaviness reflect the energy of our shadow side and drains our energy leaving us passive and immobilised without a clear sense of direction, purpose, and creative flow. In order to find illumination and stand in our own beautiful, bright light, we must summon our inner warrior and face these darker times in our lives and embrace them for our highest good!  


IV-3D Focus-Emerging

The process of emerging goes hand in hand with a renewed belief in the purity of our soul and the retrieval of our inner sense of innocence, beauty, and wonder. Although we have gone through painful life experiences, disappointments, and failures, on a soul level nothing is really lost.

Our physical world is ever changing and of a temporary nature, but our inner light and value are eternally growing through our life lessons that enrich us with wisdom and expansion. 

When we learn to master a certain level of detachment from our circumstances through surrender and grace, we start to see the bigger picture and realise that we are far more than just the little person in our daily reality. We are then able to release our heavy emotional baggage that obstructs our true, clear view, and tear down the walls of separation with the universe, life, and other people.

When we learn to surrender, let go of a false sense of security, follow the guidance of our soul and allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we will find our true selves. We start to emerge or become enlivened with a new sense of innocence and wonder fuelled by the knowing that our future does not have to equal our past.

We prepare for a new road ahead with fresh situations and relationships that will gradually allow our ideas and inspiration to turn into maninfestations. This is a time for nurturing and protecting ourselves and our projects with care, gentleness and patience, a time for forgiveness, healing and releasing. 



Life is not meant to be stagnant, but filled with expansive energy, new experiences and adventures. 

When we resist change and natural growth, it is likely that we encounter some kind of crisis in our lives to shake up our old beliefs and conditioning that no longer serve us.

This provides us with the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate our values, our choices, and behaviour and transform our lives on a basis of love, peace and truth. 

When we embark on a new adventure in our lives, we take the initiative to boldly step out of our comfort zone and take a certain amount of risks, which will provide us with new life lessons and a new perspective. Through this expansion, we discover new ways of seeing the world and the people around us. We might have overlooked certain chances and opportunities because of our old, outdated way of thinking, interpretations, and perceptions. 

Before we set out into the world, it is wise to retreat and set our true intentions with nobility and strength so we can stay true to ourselves without being overexposed to unwanted outside influences. It is important to stay grounded at this time and not get caught up in our ego and the longing for the recognition of others. 

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