Archangel Hamaliel

Archangel of August

Archangel Hamaliel is known as the Archangel of harvest, logic, attention to detail, and perserverance, who helps us to strengthen our resilience and to receive positive abundance and the blessings from our efforts.

He radiates a glowing light of unconditional love, that seems to warm us from the inside out.

Archangel Hamaliel is connected to the energy of Virgo season.


Archangel of warmth, abundance & gratitude

Archangel Hamaliel helps us to reap the abundant fruits of our labour. He teaches us to be grateful for our upcoming harvest by recognizing and thanking the supporting energies of nature, that have contributed to our wellbeing and success.

This beautiful Archangel radiates a warmth and openness, that inspires us to joyfully open our hearts and arms to receive abundance in all forms, from material wealth to health, love, support, and wisdom.


Channeled message

My dearest ones,

As the Archangel, who rules over the month of August, I joyfully bring you my message on abundance in all its beautiful forms.

There are two keys to help you attract abundance into your life.

The first one is to make room to receive it by clearing out old energies and outdated beliefs. The second one is to see abundance in the present moment, even before it has fully arrived.

When you arrive in this world as a newly born human being, your energy channels are open, clear, and attuned to the stream of love, abundance, and wellbeing, that is naturally pouring down from the universe. You are able to take it all in because you feel free and untainted by the world. During the course of your life, you gather all sorts of mental, emotional, and material clutter. It is called clutter because it clogs up your energy channels and weighs you down. The energy frequency of clutter does not match the energy frequency of abundance, and where there is dissonance, there is a stagnation in the flow of energy.

When you decide that it is time to declutter, you give out a clear signal that you are ready for fresh new energies and open to receive abundance. Decluttering means that you take responsibility for keeping what brings you joy and letting go of everything and everyone that weighs you down. What remains might still not be what you wish for in your life, but if you start to appreciate and cleverly work with what you have, as a clear, simple basis, and visualize what will compliment it or what will lift it up to the next level, you create a whole new momentum of energy.

A clear and balanced emotional state combined with a positive mental mindset allows you to attract earthly manifestations, that match these energies, which is what true abundance consists of. How you see the world, is what the world will mirror back to you. Choose to see abundance everywhere and make sure to vocalize your gratitude. The month of August heralds the start of nature’s bountiful harvest, which provides you with an excellent opportunity to observe this abundance and feel appreciation for it. Then make the conversion to your own life by returning to a state of joyful innocence and happiness and clearing out unwanted influences and sabotaging behaviours and patterns, which will open the way for abundance to flow to you in all its beautiful forms.

Let me hold you in my warm embrace and help you perservere on your path towards true fulfilment and happiness!

In love and light,

Archangel Hamaliel

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