Weekly angel message, September 12-18, 2022


Cherries represent hope, new beginnings, renewal, a return to innocence and a sense of wonder, femininity, sweetness, and happiness.

They help raise our emotional and spiritual frequency by reviewing our past hurts and sorrows in a different light. We realize, that we have gained wisdom by our life’s experiences without ever loosing our inner innocence and beauty.

This realization frees us from fear and anxiety, renews our self-esteem, and rejuvenates our body, mind, and soul.

The cherry symbolism encourages us to open our beautiful hearts again to unconditional love for ourselves and others and to take a chance on life by exploring new adventures and wholeheartedly following our dreams.

The cherries invite us to lean into our feminine side, which allows us to flow with the energies around us, detach from particular circumstances, and heal ourselves through creative self-expression by choosing to look at life as our canvas.

The wise and loving Archangel Jeremiel is here to share an encouraging message with us.

My dear, sweet listeners,

I am Archangel Jeremiel, the one, who wishes to help you transform the challenges in your life into new energy and a new beginning by helping you shift your perspective and cleanse your emotional waters. You possess all the tools to manifest your own happiness and fulfilment in this life, yet you block your own path by holding on to old sadness and heaviness. At this beautiful moment in time, where a new, joyful season is about to start, I have come to support you in lightening your load, so you can revitalize yourself and implement a fresh, new outlook on yourself and your life.

The beautiful cherries teach you about the freedom to enjoy your life without labeling, defining, and limiting yourself by your past experiences and the present state of your circumstances. Every moment brings you the opportunity to start fresh and new, because it is not your current reality that determines your happiness, but your state of presence, your alignment with your true self, and your higher perspective.

You always have the free choice to take your next step in life with a different energy and focus. It is all about the journey of life, you see, not the destination. Making the best of every given moment in time is what makes your life worth while. Even though you can come up with a million reasons to justify your unhappiness, there is an equal amount of incentives, that can point you in another, more fruitful and satisfying direction.

When you have been withdrawing from life, keeping yourself small, and hiding away in your own little world, it is now time to step out again and to physically, mentally and emotionally take your rightful place on this earth, step by step, with vigour and strength. I encourage you to find your connection with life by taking ownership and responsibility for your physical body and surroundings.

Cherish your beautiful body, that is your vessel, take care of it, and use it with love and care. Create beauty and love in your environment by cleaning, organizing, and bringing in a sense of structure. Venture out into the world and connect with other people and nature by being fully present in the moment, observing, listening, feeling, and breathing. When you feel yourself wanting to withdraw again, visualize deep roots going into the earth and a glowing protective energy sphere around you, keeping you safe, secure, and anchored in the here and now.

Be mindful of your thoughts and words, be vigilant in your decision to participate in life in an inspiring, loving, and giving way. The clarity to define your true values and the best direction for you in life, comes naturally to you, whispered in your ears by your higher self and your angelic support-team, when you silence all mental noise and clear out all unwanted energies.

Your biggest growth comes from staying grounded and strong in the face of adversity. When you are able to stand tall and accept your challenges, you learn to trust, that life takes care of you, and that you are able to build on a solid foundation. When you are always on the run or distracted, your energy is scattered and you do not allow your roots to deepen and grow strong.

Strong roots allow you to grow tall and to become unafraid to open your heart to life and love. You know then, that you can handle life as it comes to you. You are strong and resourceful enough to engage in the duality of life, to face the challenges and to wholeheartedly receive the blessings. You can see them both in the higher light and wisdom of the universe. You see, that they are both here to serve you and enhance and expand your life’s experience.

Life truly is a blank canvas for you at any moment in time. Be wise, and decide to live it to the fullest. Be like a magnificent tree with roots going deep into the nurturing earth and branches reaching to the sky, open to receive all the guidance, goodness, and blessings from the universe!

The video version of this angel message is available on my Youtube channel!

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