Relationship reading

Relationships represent the mirrors in our lives. As we can only attract what we send out vibrationally, relationships show us what energy we are emanating and what patterns and beliefs are at play in our lives.

€ 130,00

Angelic guidance on how to bring clarity, love, harmony and healing to your romantic relationship, friendship, or family bond.

This detailed reading offers you a unique insight into the current energies and patterns of your relationship and provides you with angelic guidance for the highest good of you and your partner, friend or relative.

The reading will be carried out remotely and will be sent to you by email within 1 to 2 weeks after (upfront) payment.


What clients are saying about this reading

I first encountered “Flowing with Angels” in search of information about a certain Archangel and upon reading more of the information which resonated beautifully, I was guided by my Angels to purchase a Relationship Reading to guide me through a phase in our journey I am experiencing.

Being a Channel myself, I can tell when energy is 3D or above and I had long sought guidance that was not 3D or from someone’s personality projection.  The fact that I did not have to give much information to Marielle and the reading that came back, told me this was at least 4D and up and came from Angelic Beings.  

The reading told me what I had deeply known I needed to do but my ego and wounding was fighting.  It has so many layers to it; as healing comes in layers, you give up layers of egoic narrative and resistance and the enlightenment and instructions change as you allow more into your Soul for your healing and transformation.

It also shed so much light onto my partner and the highest and best approach needed right now for our growth and future.  I would say the reading was hugely transformational for me, I trusted the information and guidance came from high frequency beings of love and light, it helped me release some very low vibrational emotions and patterns, and has allowed me to be more grounded, centered and focused on my Source.

Lastly, a word about Marielle, you know when someone does this work from a place of love, she was responsive, timely in her delivery, and caring in the afterwards of my reading.  She took the time to answer one question with love and grace.  She truly cares about her work and her folks.  True healing work always gives the keys to life back to the person.  This reading gave me the keys back to my life on an aspect I had long needed healing.

Thank you!