Archangel Chamuel

Name, colours, symbols and chakra’s

Archangel Chamuel’s name means “he who sees God” and he is known as the angel of unconditional love and peaceful relationships. Archangel Chamuel has an all-knowing vision, which enables him to see the connection between everyone and everything. He can help you find things, from your life’s purpose to other earthly needs, like a relationship, a job, a home or a solution to a problem.

Archangel Chamuel’s mission is to bring universal peace as well as personal inner peace by healing anxiety and repairing relationships and misunderstandings.

The colours associated with this beautiful Archangel are pale green, pink and orange-gold. His most significant symbol is a heart, as it represents love. A white dove and pink flowers also symbolize his energy. Archangel Chamuel can help you balance your crown and heart chakra’s.

Angel of the pink ray of enlightenment

Archangel Chamuel holds the pink ray of energy, which focusses on relationships and higher emotions. It is an equal combination of the red (spiritual devotion by being of help to others) and the white ray (spiritual evolution and enlightenment).

This powerful energy ray stimulates the development of your heart-chakra to give and receive unconditional love and share your deepest thoughts and feelings in loving and caring relationships and ultimately reach the Christ-consciousness.

This loving, positive and uplifting pink energy builds up your self-confidence and self-respect, brings inner happiness and helps to develop your unique talents and skills. It stimulates tolerance toward yourself and others and brings comfort and stress-relief.

Archangel Chamuel’s message

“I am Archangel Chamuel and I am the Angel of Love. I am very happy to convey this message to you. Love is the most important force in the universe and I have the privilige to work with this powerful energy. An energy, that will open your heart-chakra and will fill it with universal divine Love.

This Love will radiate from your heart and shine far and wide into this world. Dearest people, the heart-chakra is a very important chakra as it enables you to energetically connect with other humans in a sincere way. Only if your heart-chakra is fully open, will you be able to give and receive unconditional love without guilt, shame or other hidden motives. Call upon me to help you with your relationships with others. I am glad to be of service!

If you let yourself be guided by Love, your life’s path will be satisfying to walk on, it will be filled with joy and happiness. This is also the way your life’s mission is meant to be fulfilled, not in a difficult and hard way, but with joy. The joy to let your love and light flow easily to every person and situation, that are in need of it.

I am Chamuel and I have an amazing overview of the connection between everyone and everything. I look right through the web of relationships and energetic cords and knots. Let me help you to find what you need, because I can see everything you need. Put your trust in me to find it for you.

Love is also the connecting force, everything is connected through Love, because God is Love and we are all One. From a human perspective diversity and seemingly chaotic structures are perceived, but I see a perfect unity, I see how everything coincides. Don’t let this so-called web mislead you, know that everything is connected through Love and can be healed by Love.

I reflect God’s Love that is available to everyone and I abundantly shine my ray of Love on all of you, because I love all of you. Open your hearts to receive it, dear people, I am here for you! “

-Archangel Chamuel-

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