Turning restlessness into focused excitement

Do you ever feel like you are longing for change, for new adventures and possibilities to show up in your life? Do you get restless, when you suddenly realize that your old way of life and rusty routines don’t feel satisfying anymore, but manifestations of change aren’t yet visible? At such a point in your life, resistance to what IS can creep up on you. Life is ever expanding and longing for more and new things, situations and experiences is only natural, but pondering your mind how to initiate change from a state of complaining and dissatisfaction will only block you from the universal stream of well-being and inspiration, as negative emotions are domineering and cluttering up your mind and energy.

So, how can we transform the resistance to what IS to excitement for what WILL BE, even though there is no physical evidence yet of new experiences and situations? How can we make the shift from complaining to getting excited about what is coming in the future, anticipating new abundance and opportunities?

I asked the beautiful Archangel Raphael to enlighten us further on this topic.

Feelings of restlessness are an indicator of dissatisfaction, resistance to what is. It is a state of tension, where the mind is dominant, conjuring up negative opinions on what is going on in the moment and what should be going on. Your egoic mind is complaining about what is wrong and what is missing in your current experience and is forcefully trying to come up with solutions to improve the situation. However, in this state of negative emotion, there is no clarity, no inspiration, no healing to be found.

The first step is to acknowledge that there is a discord in your vibration, straying you from your natural state of joy and well-being. A fresh starting point is needed, a seizing of momentum of the powerful stream of thought, that keeps telling you something is not right in this present moment. You have no power when you are overtaken by negative thought patterns and emotions. Purification is needed to cleanse yourself from unwanted emotional debris, which can be accomplished through visualizations, affirmations and meditation. Ask us Angels to help guide this process, we are happy to be of service to you and shower you with additional divine energy of love, light and healing. Connect to your breath and release all blockages and negative emotions, watch them flow away and dissolve with every outbreath. Then visualize yourself opening your heart- and crown-chakras to receive new energy, inspiration and light. Your body feels relaxed, open and ready to allow the stream of energy pouring down from the universe, entering your body and flowing all the way to your feet and into the Earth. You are standing in full alignment with the Universe above and the Earth beneath, in a beam of golden light, which fills you up, making you feel loved, confident, powerful, clear and vitalized. Just enjoy this state of being for a few minutes.

Let the power of love work through you, let go of old restrictions and fears that have held you back from reaching your full potential, from living a joyful and fulfilling life. At this stage your heart is in charge again and not your mind. Your heart knows the truth of who you are and holds the wisdom of your Soul. Your heart can feel its way through fear and doubt into the energetical reality of Love, which is ever present and abundant. Your trust in the Universe will grow as you come to realize there is only love, abundance and well-being. People distort this truth with their limiting perspective of and focus on their physical reality, cutting themselves of from their infinite creativity and manifestation skills.

When you feel light and free, you can easily allow inspirational ideas leading to inspired action to flow to and through you. Your improved energy will lead to incredible results and positive outcomes. Synchronicity and miracles occur, making you feel the flow of life and the ease with which you can really navigate yourself through life.

Trust your heart, dear one, and let the love and light, that you really are shine through. This is your Soul speaking, not your life’s story and personality, this is your Love, Light and Wisdom guiding you, not your past conditioning and restricting beliefs. You are eternal, you are pure light, you are a powerful creator and a beloved true expression of energy. That is who you are and don’t allow anything or anyone fool you into thinking or feeling anything less than that! Keep repeating this process and watch your life change for the better beyond your dreams and expectations! And there you go, from feeling restless and stuck, to feeling inspired and excited about life again!

-Archangel Raphael-


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