Claim your kingdom!

She is the queen. She is the queen of a beautiful kingdom. Her radiant presence exudes love and well-being and her eyes sparkle with joy and fulfilment.

Her features are soft and gentle, her movements gracious and her words caring. Her outer beauty reflects the beauty of her warm and powerful soul. She sits on her throne, at ease and content with all that is. She bathes in the warmth of the sun, that always shines on her, as she chooses it to be so.

She loves to take walks through the land of her kingdom, enjoying all of the beauty and wealth that she so carefully gathered and cultivated. She gratefully watches the flowers and plants bloom and thrive in the fertile soil. She revels in feeling the uplifting presence of the unseen beings of unconditional love, who help her kingdom prosper. A light warm breeze carries their blessings throughout the land. No outpost is ever forgotten. She knows now that she is worthy and deserving of this magnificent oasis of beauty and love. She breathes a sigh of relief for it has been a long journey.

There was a time when the land lay barren. Seeds were planted, but showed no sign of life yet. Trespassers stumbled through the grounds, stealing and plundering her resources, disturbing the peace and natural stillness of her kingdom. Their muddy, boorish feet soiling the rooms and hallways of her beautiful palace.

These days are in the past, as the queen has since taken full residence on her throne, exercising her power and responsibility for her kingdom, ensuring its future protection and prosperity.

Her current guests and visitors come with a spirit of love and joy. Their eyes shining with anticipation, excitement and positive expectations as much as hers do. They are naturally drawn to her love and beauty and that of her kingdom. A flow of high frequency energy infuses their instant connection and joyful togetherness. They offer her delightful gifts of love, support and playfulness, that make her heart sing. In return she lets them bask in the warmth and love of her being. She offers them healing and a soft place to fall and lets them enjoy all the fruits and benefits of her beautiful kingdom.

They smile at each other. Sincere and meaningful smiles of knowing that all is well and always will be, as love is forever present.

I wrote these words as a powerful reminder to myself, that I am responsible for my own well-being and happiness in relation to myself and others. Feeling worthy and loved comes from direct alignment with Source, from being who you truly are and from doing the things, that make your heart sing. With a good sense of self-worth and a healthy dose of self-love you can go out into the world and relate to others without giving up your own standards, beliefs and values. You are not dependent on the opinion and approval of the people around you, as you are fully grounded in your own life and in your own love. As a vessel of divine love, joy and creativity, you light up the world just by being yourself. Your energy is enough, your presence is enough, your beingness is enough, YOU are enough!

The angels shared this additional message:

Whether you are a man or a woman embrace the feminine element in yourself. Trust that your feelings and intuition will lead the way to your best life. Your ancient feminine wisdom resides in your heart, she exceeds the mind in cutting through deception and superficial appearances.

She uses your senses and emotions as her voice. Listen to her whispers and surrender yourself to her guidance as she knows the right direction for you, even though you can not see where you are going yet.

Let her love and nurture you, she has many valuable treasures waiting to be discovered by you. 

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