True power

True power comes from the realisation that no one or no thing poses a threat to you if you are connected to and in alignment with the wisdom, clarity and abundance of Source.

The only threat that anyone can ever pose to you is that they can make you reactive and defensive and in this guarded stance you lose your connection with your divine guidance, clarity and resources.

These powerful words spoken by the wise beings of light called Abraham (channelled by Esther Hicks) really struck a chord with me, when I heard them recently in an audio-segment randomly appearing on my you tube-feed. I just love it, when the universe brings me epiphanies and guidance through synchronicities like this!

I realised, that throughout my life I had often felt unsafe and threatened by unconscious people creating unpleasant situations and conflicts. Still heavily unconscious myself, I remained frantically focused on trying to fix the problem, to dissolve the struggle, that I was feeling. Endlessly worrying, letting all possible scenarios and outcomes clog up my mind, feeling desperate and wishing the whole situation would just magically disappear. I know now, that giving attention to any problem only keeps the struggle going, because what you put your attention on grows, it is simply the universal Law of Attraction. It is important to focus on what I DO want, not on what I DON’T want. What do I desire? That is the vibration I should be focussing on and sending out into the universe, while staying fully grounded in the receptive mode to receive the impulse to be in the right place at the right time, to have joyful experiences and to embrace all the blessings and abundance of the universe. Or in the words of Abraham:

There will always be people out there, who disagree with the way you live your life or who even in their shortage consciousness believe that they need to take from you what is yours, because they believe that they don’t have enough or are being unjustly treated. You don’t want to be in a guarded stance with them, instead you want to be in a compassionate stance with them, accepting their existence, even understand some of their thinking and why they do what they do.

In your alignment with Source, you are able to see them and love them just the same, because you are staying in the receptive mode, which is also the replenishing mode, because people can’t take from you as fast as you can replenish it. You have no shortage what so ever. When you are in the replenishing mode, you know that this resourceful universe will yield to you all that you will allow. There is a stream flowing to you of ideas, that will lead to manifestations and as you tap into that, it is just uncanny how clever the universe is in guiding you to the resources and the abundance and the blessings, that are just for you, that are vibrationally yours to claim!

Only you can deprive yourself of clarity, good timing, wisdom and abundance, when you let yourself get upset by unconscious situations and people, who are ignorant of the Law of Attraction, causing you to lose your alignment with Source.

Still in awe of my moment of clarity, I decided to draw some oracle cards and felt grateful to receive these beautiful additional messages from Archangel Metatron and Archangel Gabriel.


To prioritize means to spend your time and energy well. It means to determine what it is, you wish to focus your attention on. What is important to you? Where lies your passion? What makes your heart sing? Try to free up as much time as possible to spend on your priorities, even if it means, that you take little steps at first. Every big project and every great achievement once started with one little step. If you focus on the things that bring you joy, you will raise your own energy frequency, allowing you to come more and more in alignment with the energy of Source, which consists of pure love and pure joy. When you enjoy what you are doing, you generate the frequency of joy, which makes you more resistant to unconscious people and situations, because you are powerfully grounded in your own energy. If you experience flow in your activities, which are aimed at bringing more love and light into this world, and you feel fully supported by the universe, you are unstoppable! You don’t get out of balance as easily as before, because you are coming more into alignment with your true self, you are living a more authentic life. Once you know who you are and experience your own manifestation power, you won’t be easily discouraged. You know who you are and what you are capable of. Follow your own path, dear humans, keep searching for your own passion and your own way of living. Ask for help when needed and it will be abundantly given to you. Show the universe your true intentions and there will be an immediate response, without delay. Making choices that honour your priorities and support your life’s mission, will help you to strengthen your connection with Source and to keep you in alignment with Source no matter what happens around you. Don’t get distracted or be misled, take matters into your own hands, take leadership of your own life.

-Archangel Metatron-


True leadership means, that you apply your talents and strengths for the highest good and bring love and light into the world by helping, motivating and inspiring others. You are taking it a step further in the sense that you are using your power in a good and responsible way. If you stay true to yourself while exploring and displaying your passion and talents, you inspire others to do the same, causing more and more people to come into alignment with Source and allowing an increasingly beautiful stream of energy to flow into this world, an energy of passion, love and light. A flow of energy, which will enrich your life on earth, allowing you to live more easily and effortlessly. Make a conscious choice each day and at each moment to devote your talents and god given strengths to set an inspirational example to others. True leadership means taking responsibility for your own life and realising that you are not a victim of circumstances.  Keep on walking with a clear focus, which may mean taking small steps at a time, but just continue to focus positively. Let me help you to stay strong and full of confidence. I am the Angel of Communication and I will help you to express your truth, whether it is through words, images, actions or behaviour, in a way, that reflects the highest love. You are a shining example! Be a beacon of light for others!

-Archangel Gabriel-

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