Weekly angel message, August 22-28, 2022

The fern

The fern represents rebirth, new beginnings, renewal, hope for the future, positive change, magic, and protection.

Ferns are one of the oldest living plants on earth, and are the keepers of ancient wisdom, providing an opening to higher awareness and cosmic downloads.

When combined with another flower, they strengthen and protect the magical significance of this particular flower.

The fern also symbolizes the life-death-rebirth cycles in our lives because its leaves die off every year before growing back again in springtime. Ferns are able to adapt and thrive in different environments and under challenging circumstances. They teach us to remain strong and hopeful when we go through major changes in our lives.

Ferns are linked to the fairy realms and the nurturing qualities of the earth, bringing spiritual protection, guidance, and healing.

Archangel Gabriel delights us with this week’s encouraging angel message.

My dearest ones,

This is a message of hope for all, that feel lost or without a clear direction in their lives. I am Archangel Gabriel and I have come to tell you that you are never really lost, just dwelling in one of the voids, that are part of the cycles of life.

The fern tells the story of dying only to be born again stronger and brighter with deeper roots and an increased potential for growth. As the Archangel of creativity and inspiration, I wish to bestow upon you that these times where you feel like your life is on hold or without progression, are the times to reinvent yourself and to shed your old leaves and grow new ones, that are better suited.

When you observe the development of a new leaf or frond on the fern, you see that it starts of as a curled up spiral and slowly unfolds itself. Energetically, it works the same for you. Your growth is like an uncurling spiral allowing you to slowly get used to the new energy with every new step, that takes you out of your comfort-zone. It feels like an adventure into the unknown, but before you embark on this new journey, there is always a pause, a preparation period, the dying of the old and the mysterious creation of the new, just like the fronds of the fern die off and begin the process of starting a new cycle of growth in the darkness of the earth’s fertile soil.

The fern trusts its natural cycles of change and does not fear the darkness it has to go through, as it knows it is held safely in the nurturing energies of the earth. When you are going through a process of rebirth, know that you too are fully supported and protected when you feel vulnerable and out of place. You are always exactly where you need to be because every stop along the way teaches you new lessons and helps you to broaden your horizon.

A new leaf needs the warm, protective, and nurturing earth and the flowing, life-giving water to develop, grow, and eventually emerge into the sunlight. Allow your spiritual element of water to immerse you in love, compassion, meditation, and creative outlets to get to know your true feelings and hear the voices of your intuition and non-physical helpers. Allow your spiritual element of earth to help you feel protected, grounded, and nurtured through self-care, playfulness, decluttering, and rest before you venture forward into new territories and engage in new adventures.

There is a whole new world waiting for you, but there is no hurry, allow yourself to rest, prepare, and shed your old ego structures. Know, that this is part of the natural cycle of death and rebirth. Brand new exciting opportunities and unexpected gifts and inspiration will show up for you at the right divine time and your heart will overflow with joy and emotional fulfilment once again!

The video version of this angel message is also available on my Youtube channel!

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