Weekly angel message, February 6-12, 2023

The palmtree

Archangel Zadkiel, the Archangel of divine benevolance and abundance, is with us this week and he has chosen the symbolism of the palmtree for us to incorporate in our spiritual practise and meditation.

Palmtrees are one the oldest plants on the planet dating back to prehistoric times and they are powerful symbols of spiritual victory and longevity.

They represent good fortune, prosperity, and blessings from the Divine by signaling the arrival of opportunities that help us reach our goals when we stay grounded in faith and go through the building-process with patience and care.

The palmtree inspires us to balance and honour both our masculine and feminine qualities in our daily lives. Through its connection to the sun the palmtree displays the masculine qualities of vitality, honour, truth, strength, and expansion, but due to its fruit-baring nature it also relates to the more feminine qualities of fertility, peace, relaxation, rest, and comfort.

All parts of the palm tree, its leaves, trunk, and fruits, have been very useful to men throughout the ages. The tree’s generous and giving nature reminds us to contribute in a positive and uplifting way to the lives of others as well as to appreciate the people around us for their companionship, love, and support.

The palm tree has a deep root system to distract water out of the earth even in dry and harsh climates, which symbolizes our need to work on deepening our spiritual roots in order to grow, prosper, and overcome our challenges in life.

Let’s see what Archangel Zadkiel has in store for us this week and what role the palm tree symbolism plays in his message!

My beloved ones,

It is my absolute pleasure to visit with you once again and to convey my guidance to you! This time, I bring you the sun symbol of the palm tree to remind you of your inner radiance and your power to attract abundance, happiness, and success into your life. When you look at a palm tree, you see its widespread leavy crown opening to and growing towards the light and warmth of the sun, while its firm trunk is solidly rooted into the earth.

This is a beautiful metaphor for you, dear ones, to strengthen your vitality and awaken your creativity by turning towards the light of the universe. The universe never fails to deliver you the higher energies of love, joy, and true fulfilment, but it is up to you to implement them into your life and make space for them in your heart.

When you practise kindness and gratitude and you start to deeply care for yourself and others, your energy-frequency starts to uplift you and the world around you. It is as if you grow tall in confidence and trust and your crown-chakra is lighting up and opening wide, as is depicted by the symbol of the palm tree. Your energy-field increases in light and radiance, so you will no longer get so easily startled or triggered by people and situations with lower energy-vibrations, because your spiritual roots have equally deepened and have made you feel secure and cared for in your earthly body and on this planet.

Many of you, dear ones, are eager to practise kindness and love, but at the same time still put conditions and expectations on other people and situations, and struggle with attachments to a certain outcome. Remember that it is not job to change others, to force or quicken outcomes, or to solve anything for that matter. Your path is meant to be a path of ease and flow, where the universe fills in the details for you through synchronicities and in divine time.

Your most important task is to focus on keeping a light and positive attitude towards yourself and the people around you. Whenever you feel anxiety or impatience arise, it is time to remember your spiritual roots and visualize yourself anchored to the earth and standing tall in the universal light, like the palm tree, because if you give in to these lower vibrations, your thoughts begin to conjure up limitations and problems and you start to feel reactive and ungrounded.

The best way to redirect your energy and attention at this point is to become still and to step away from whoever or whatever is bothering you and to put your attention on the things that make you feel less resistant. Guard your boundaries, but not in a defense way by making harsh and negative judgements, but in a gentle and subtle way by turning towards the light and indulging in self-nourishment and self-care, counting your blessings with gratitude, finding sources of spiritual replenishment, and optimistically searching for what is right instead of what is wrong in your world.

If you turn this practise into a new habit, you will open yourself up to more and more blessings and opportunities, because you are actively looking for them, which makes it more likely for you to notice them, when they show up. Your outlook on life is no longer automatically coloured with negativity and distrust, which will also be very beneficial to the relationships in your life. All of you have encoutered hardships and pain in your interactions with other people during the course of your life and internalized the accompanying lower emotions and energies, but I am here to tell you, dear ones, that you can release this burden and embrace a higher truth that brings you freedom and grace, which is that you are all children of the Divine and immaculately brilliant and radiant.

When you hear these words, you are no longer ignorant of this truth, you have spiritually matured and have accessed your timeless inner wisdom. Just like the palm tree originates from ancient times, has lived through and survived the challenges of many lifetimes, and has grown to become the symbol of victory and luck, so can you grow into your true radiant self, be victorious over adversity, and reclaim your rightful state of innocence, purity, and joy, no matter what you have lived through before!

5 thoughts on “Weekly angel message, February 6-12, 2023”

  1. Thank you, Marielle, and Archangel Zadkiel! As always, the messages that you share our timely. Love, Madeline.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, dear Madeline! The palm tree symbolism and Archangel Zadkiel’s words felt like a warm ray of sunshine in the middle of winter to me. 😊☀️ Have a lovely Sunday! Love, light, and blessings, Marielle 💛


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