Message from Archangel Zadkiel featuring the red rose symbolism

The red rose

This week the magnificent Archangel Zadkiel is still with us to delight us with a follow-up message featuring the symbol of the beautiful red rose.

A red rose represents deep love that works on all levels combined with an energy of passion, strength, devotion, and commitment. It is also connected to our inner Divine feminine energies that inspire the full expression of our soul’s power and aliveness.

These sacred energies bring new levels of passion, compassion, and healing into our lives. The red rose is believed to vibrate at a very high energy-frequency, which makes its symbolism an excellent energetic tool to clear energy and protect our auric fields.

The red rose depicts the process of spiritual growth and blossoming. We metaphorically follow the path up along the stem with its many thorns. The thorns represent our fears, old pain, doubts, and limiting beliefs that we have to recognize, gradually work through, and release.

After each thorn, we have shed another part of the weight of our ego and we feel lighter and enriched with more love, happiness, and compassion. Fortunately, the stem is not fully covered in thorns, but also has smooth surfaces that symbolize the pleasant and fun times during our growth in which we enjoy the fruits of our increased awareness and higher perspective. The symbolical flowerbud of the red rose is situated in our heart-chakra and the more we grow spiritually the more layers of petals are opening to reveal our inner beauty and radiance.

When the rose in our hearts reaches full bloom, we are in harmony with the universe and we go through life with a deep sense of inner peace and unconditional love for ourselves and others without expectations or attachments.

Red roses are the embodiment of romantic love and are often chosen as the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, which takes place at the beginning of this week on the 14th of February. Although this day, centered around love, is mostly focused on romantic love and relationships, we can also use it as an excellent opportunity to celebrate ourselves through self-love and to appreciate all of our loved ones by showing them some extra attention, love, and care. The energy of the red rose is also known to bring love and prosperity into our homes.

Let’s see how the spiritual meaning of the red rose fits into Archangel Zadkiel’s message for us.

My beloved ones,

I, Archangel Zadkiel, am so happy to convey another message to you regarding your alignment with the universe through your beautiful heart-chakra.

This week I would like to give you some practical guidance on how to open the symbolical petals of the rose inside your heart to allow the flow of giving and receiving the powerful energy of love.

The celebration of Valentine’s Day, which takes place in a large part of your world, turns the collective focus on love, and even if you don’t take part in its customs and energy, it might still conjure up feelings of great joy for some of you and feelings of sadness and frustration for others of you. So why not take this opportunity to bring a deeper meaning to this awareness and the symbolism of the hearts and roses that are appearing all around you, and bring some wisdom, joy, and upliftment to your week!

Your heart is the meeting point of the higher universal energies of enlightenment and wisdom that you are either allowing in or resisting, and the earthly energies that either support the opening of your heart through the abundant appreciation of your earthly resources or weigh down your heart through a perception of lack and limitation. I have chosen the symbolism of the red rose to illustrate that there are many layers to your heart and that the blossoming of your heart is a process of gaining trust and replacing the heavy burdens with a new energy of lightness.

Firstly, we will take a look at how you can attune to the higher energies that will light up your heart and strengthen your faith. This asks of you to become aware of the magical energies and the invisible forces that are all around you, which requires of you to use your intuitive senses and awaken your ancient wisdom. Look for sources of inspiration that teach you about the unseen spiritual realms and retreat in meditation and stillness to connect to your inner world without becoming distracted by the outer world.

You are able to receive messages through the field of light and consciousness that you are all a part of. It is safe for you to open yourself up to the light and receive the guidance, love, and support that will warm and strengthen your heart. You will start to feel reassured, safe, and clear in the midst of turmoil and confusion. When you activate the Source within you, creative energies and fresh ideas will effortlessly flow to and through you. They will enhance your courage to transcend previous pain and emotional baggage and restore your trust in life. Just ask the universe your questions and the answers will surely come when you allow them to make their appearance in your life through dreams and meditation or when you are taking some time to just be calm and relax and when you allow yourself to be in the flow of life without resistance to your current situation.

This last element is very important because this is where we are going to look at the influence of the earthly energies on your heart-chakra, which is the second part of my message. How can you lower your resistance when you are weighed down by challenging or undesirable conditions that are so tangibly present in your life? The duality on earth causes a constant movement between opposites, between attracting and repelling, between feeling the presence of the Divine in every fiber of your being and feeling cut off and isolated. This is the dance of life and when you are still caught up in it and emotionally and physically pulled back and forth by the ups and downs of life, you haven’t fully transcended towards the truth of life, which is that nothing can seperate your from the goodness, blessings, love, and abundance of the Divine, because you exist of the same energy and consciousness. It is your perception that causes you to doubt this.

My guidance to you, when it comes to remaining balanced and keeping your inner peace in times when you are experiencing the pressure of limitations, is to take away your focus from the voids in your life and direct your attention towards what you do have, what you can do, and what does work positively for you, knowing that your current circumstances will change when you manage to keep your energy-vibration high. Spiritual lessons and initiations of faith and resourcefulness contribute immensely to the opening and openness of your heart and allow it to stay full of light, hope, and an eagerness for change and improvement even in the darker times of life.

The successful blending of the higher light-frequency energies and the earthly energies inside your heart results in the emerging of the bright light of your soul, which radiates an energy of powerful love, healing, and faith out into the world, touching not only your own heart, but the hearts of others as well, and your beauty, grace, and deep spiritual wisdom will be recognized and celebrated on earth as well as in the angelic realms!

Dear readers, thank you so much for your love and support for this website and weekly angel messages! May this week be filled with love and happiness for you! ❤️

© 2023 – Marielle – Flowingwithangels

4 thoughts on “Message from Archangel Zadkiel featuring the red rose symbolism”

  1. Thank you, Marielle, for your beautiful message from Archangel Zadkiel and your message. I will come back to this throughout the week. Thank you for your generosity! With love, Madeline

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, dear Madeline! 🙏☀️ It is always so lovely to hear from you and learn about your spiritual views, your adventures, and the things and people that matter to you! I wish you a lovely weekend! Lots of love, Marielle 💛


    1. Dearest Mandy, that is so wonderful to hear! Thank you! From your renewed inner peace and balance you will be able to make wonderful progress, every step made with intent and awareness counts and is fully supported by the universe! Love and blessings to you!🙏💛🌞


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