Weekly angel message, January 30-February 5, 2023



This week the inspiring Archangel Uriel brings us a message of hope and renewal in the midst of winter in the northern hemisphere.

The brave and beautiful snowdrops add an appropriate symbolic meaning to his words of wisdom as their flowering in the winter-months of January and February heralds the beginning of a new and abundant season of growth.

When the sun is still low in the sky, the trees are without leaves, and other flowers are still dormant, snowdrops bloom like whispers of hope and a fresh breath of life signaling new beginnings and a time of rebirth and renewal. When the bleakness of a long dark winter feels overwhelming to us, the snowdrop arrives to lift our spirits and to remind us that we can still bloom in the cold with solid hope for improvement and better times warming our hearts.

These beautiful little flowers emerge out of the earth far ahead of spring, daring the chilly weather, and deciding to bloom despite the unfavorable conditions, which inspires us to find the courage and strength to overcome our own challenges in life, move forward with optimism, and evolve into better versions of ourselves.

The scientific name of a snowdrop is Galanthus nivalis, which translates as milk of the snow.

Snowdrops are one of the purest white flowers and symbolize purity and innocence after a dark winter of the soul. Their white colour brings us a sense of peace and calmness, and is also associated with deep spirituality.

Let’s see how the energy of the snowdrops fits into Archangel Uriel’s message.

Dear ones,

I, Archangel Uriel, am here to awaken and refresh you with new uplifting energy as it is time to start preparing for a new season even though you are still in the midst of winter, because just like the summoning of energy proceeds tangible manifestations, so can you clear your mind for visualisations and new inspiration before gathering up your focus and energy and turning them into action-steps.

This is a time for receiving sparks of light, inspiration, and joyful upliftment that will soon come to full fruition when nature awakens and the natural energies start to move and intensify once again after a period of relative darkness and rest. And who better to help you with this than I, Uriel, the Archangel who illuminates your mind and spirit with new ideas and inspiration and who ignites your inner light with enthusiasm and motivation!

My message, dear ones, is about getting yourself ready for a season of new growth and exploration by bringing yourself and your life back into balance and cleansing and redirecting your energy towards the habits, talents, and interests that serve your highest good and contribute in a positive way to your future goals and dreams. Just like the little snowdrop flower emerges in the gloominess of winter, you too might find your current circumstances challenging or your energy-levels low, but you can work your way around this by taking small steps in the right direction and slowly allowing a new awareness and flow of vitality and creativity to arise. I encourage you to work on your alignment with the Divine as well as on and your earthly roots.

In order to build up your energy on the earthly plane, I encourage you to examine the way you take care of your physical body, home, and place of work. Are they supporting a free flow of energy, or does your body feel stagnant and heavy, and your environment cluttered and unwelcoming? Even the smallest acts of self-care and healthier choices will create an opening for a new movement of energy, because they are clear signs to the universe that you are ready for change and the universal laws will react to them by instigating a momentum of synchronicities and support for you, dear ones.

Working on your alignment with the Divine means that you start to see yourself through the eyes of Spirit and realize your worthiness, your power, and the beauty of your inner light and unique talents and gifts. You can only recognize the beauty, joy, and upliftment around you if you can recognize it within yourself. Your light is merely dimmed by the projections of your ego that conjure up fears and limitations, but remember that your light never leaves you, it is still there waiting to be strengthened through self-acceptance and self-forgiveness that will take away the blockages and darkness.

I would like to clarify this process for you, dear ones. It is all about your focus and becoming aware of the way that you choose and prioritize the thoughts you think. Let’s start with judgements for example. How often do you judge yourself or others in a degrading way? One way of calming and centering your mind and spirit is to eliminate judgements as they are unneccessary and they never contribute to a higher state of love and joy. Try it for a while and see how it brightens up your outlook on life and enhances your energy-flow.

Another step is to stay away from drama and especially overheated conversations. Have you noticed that they never solve anything, but merely leave you discouraged and depleted? When the solution is harmony and peace, it can only be reached through harmony and peace not through opposite forces and this is true for so many other things as well. When your inner balance and inner peace become your most important goal and you rise above the entrapments of the ego, your energy can be directed at what truly matters and brings you joy, which is the discovery of the radiance and upliftment from your natural gifts and talents. You now possess a new freedom and lightness to enrich your life and the lives of others with your higher energy-vibration.

Believe in yourselves, dear ones, and do not worry about getting it right all the time, because that is not how life is designed for you. If you would be without fault, there would never be an opportunity to learn, to grow, or to choose another direction. Life would be incredibly boring for you, because you would never feel the inner drive to explore other options. So stop being so hard on yourselves and allow yourselves to relax and enjoy life a little bit more! All of you truly wish for the same thing, which is to be happy and fulfilled, which always starts on the inside before it shows up on the outside. Remember this and try to be kind, loving, patient and encouraging with yourself and from this inner state all will unfold in a beautiful, clear, and peaceful way!

2 thoughts on “Weekly angel message, January 30-February 5, 2023”

  1. Interesting. We are friends of the snowdrops as well and our dear Master taught about symbolism at the McGill University/Montreal. We blogged about the snowdrops and the folklore of snowdrops as well just a couple of days ago.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. How wonderful! I love the synchronicity of it! The snowdrop symbolism brings such an uplifting message at this time of year! Thank you for sharing and I wish you a lovely weekend as well! 🙏😊

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