Weekly angel message, January 23-29, 2023

The mountain

This week, I would like to introduce Archangel Tzafkiel, who is the Archangel of deep contemplation and divine wisdom. When we are ready to deepen our relationship with the angels, she opens the doors to the angelic realms through the activation of our fifth eye chakra also known as our angel chakra. Archangel Tzafkiel brings us her angelic guidance along side her chosen symbol of the mountain.

As a universal symbol of the nearness of the Divine, the mountain represents divine inspiration, spiritual elevation, transcendence, and divine love and charity. Its peak, which offers breath-taking panoramic views, symbolizes a state of absolute consciousness. In ancient times, mountains were often viewed as the meeting point of heaven and earth, where the gods resided, and many temples and places of worship were built there.

Due to their permanent and motionless nature, mountains exude an energy of great strength and fortitude. They are solidly anchored to the earth and inspire us to find our own inner peace and balance in an ever-changing world.

Mountain are also associated with overcoming obstacles and challenges that mostly arise from our own limiting beliefs and fears.

When we spiritually start to climb the mountain, it means we are moving towards greater faith, trust, power, and courage, because as we are ascending the mountain we elevate our perspective and experience the freedom that comes with a purified and angelically inspired outlook on life.

Climbing a mountain is never an easy task and it might require for us to gather all of our strength and courage, but if we keep moving forward, step by step, we will eventually reach the top and enjoy the spectacular view, which is a metaphor for the blessings of our increased awareness and wisdom.

Let’s see how Archangel Tzafkiel’s message is connected to this powerful symbolism.

My dear ones,

How wonderful to take part in this lovely reoccuring flow of angelic guidance and to contribute to it with my personal and heartfelt message to you! I am Tzafkiel, the Archangel who helps you to take on an angelic outlook on your life and frees you from unneccessary burdens.

I bring you the symbol of the mountain, which combines unexpected challenges in your life with the opportunities to gain great wisdom and insights, when you put your trust in the divine plan for you.

When you trust that there is a universal force of deep love and light guiding your life, you are more likely to remain stable and calm in the midst of uprooting events that occur in your life to free up stagnant energy and to reveal new pathways. I encourage you to approach these types of situations without panic or resistance, but with an open and flexible attitude, an eagerness to learn new skills that you can apply in these particular circumstances, and a clear request to the universe to provide you with the creative insights and inspiration to navigate these unexpected twists and turns in the road.

The key is to stay present and accept what is arising in the moment even though it is unwanted, because instead of staying in a resistant state of mind, you are now deciding to gather all of your energy and apply it to your focus on, and your vision of, a new and improved manifestation. When you stay stuck in fear or thoughts of difficulty and disaster, your energy gets depleted and you sink further into feelings of limitiation and confusion. Bless the current situation, visualize it being surrounded by pure white light, and then gently put it in the hands of the loving angels. Breathe a sigh of relief that the burden has been taken from you and ask for directions to move forward.

Know, dear ones, that there always is a path forward, but often it is not what you have in mind. You hold on to the old path for far too long and you keep pushing through and forcing your way forward, even if it is not in your best interest anymore, because you wish to avoid feelings of failure or loss.

I am here to tell you that there is no such thing as failure or loss. All experiences enrich your life, in particular the challenging ones, because they leave the clearest and most profound impression on you.

They bring you the most beautiful and valuable lessons and contribute to your soul’s growth. You do not get tainted by life’s experience, but you get refined and purified by it, because if you know what don’t want, your vision of what you do want gets strengthened and clearer than ever before. Every moment can herald a new beginning for you and the slate can be wiped clean, even in the midst of drama and negativity. You have the power to change direction at any time and leave behind all the old stories that you have been telling yourself.

The mountain is also a symbolical place of retreat and connection to the Divine through deep contemplation. Instead of asking for deliverance from all that is unwanted, ask for a higher vision instead. Ask for the love and light of the universe to make you strong and resilient to go through life with a higher perspective and an empowering wisdom that cuts through the illusions and mental prisons. Start telling the angels about your deep knowing that life can be joyous and fun and full of new exciting discoveries and ask them to join you on your journey and fill your heart with lightness and positive expectations of what awaits you. You all are vessels for Divine love and light!

So, my dear ones, I would like to conclude my message with the following affirmation for you that you can repeat to yourselves whenever you find obstacles on your path:

I choose to go through life with patience, grace, gratitude, and trust, in the knowing that the curves, bends, and obstacles on the road help me to develop excellent skills, receive beautiful insights, and gift me the opportunity to change direction and find a new higher and inspired vision for my life!

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