Weekly angel message, December 26-January 1, 2022/2023

The pearl

In the last week of this year, the beautiful Archangel Jophiel delights us with an uplifting message featuring the symbolism of the pearl.

A pearl represents inner wisdom gained through experience, and is formed, when an irritant, like a food particle or parasite, slips between the shell and the mantle of a mollusk, such as an oyster.

The mollusk then starts to cover up the irritant with layers of nacre to protect itself, producing a beautiful natural pearl. This process symbolically teaches us to transform our challenges and discomforts into valuable life lessons, growth, and wisdom.

The pearl stimulates the development of higher qualities and values, such as honesty, integrity, loyalty, and devotion.

Pearls embody a calm feminine energy, gently bringing a vibration of harmony and balance to our auric fields. These beautiful natural gems help us to strengthen our connection to the Divine, to discover our true selves and true purpose through introspection, and to see the world in a spiritual way and from a higher perspective.

The pearl symbolism also pertains to deep emotional release and purification in relation to the cycles and magnetic influence of the moon. Through these cleansing processes the energy of the pearl uplifts us with an embrace of softness, peace, quiet, safety, and security, which is why pearls are often referred to as tears of joy.

Pearls are also natural reducers of stress and negative emotions, bringing much needed clarity and focus to our minds.

Let us see what the magnificent Archangel Jophiel wishes to convey to us while incorporating the powerful symbolism of the pearl.

My beloved ones,

How wonderful to be here in your presence and immerse you in my beautiful uplifting light! I, Archangel Jophiel, am the Archangel of beauty, not just on a physical and material level, but the beauty that radiates outwards from your bright inner light. I am the one who joyfully points out your valuable and unique talents and gifts and who shows you your immense worthiness and power. My energy is like the sun, bringing you warmth, positivity, and enlightenment in these dark days of winter.

In this last week of the year you often reflect on what has happened in your life and in the world in general and you set intentions for the new year that brings the promise of a fresh start and a new beginning. I would like to guide you through this turning point by injecting your perspective with a surge of uplifting energy, higher wisdom, and renewed motivation. Know, that there is always the chance for wiping the slate clean and taking a new direction, but at this time of year you are more aware and receptive of this concept and that is why I happily take this opportunity to engage with you, my dearest ones.

When you walk in the light of your spiritual sun, you experience an eternal and abundant season of summer even in the midst of winter because true happiness comes from within and is linked to your energy-frequency. Through the metaphor of the creation of the lovely pearl, I would like to show you how the seemingly negative and unwanted experiences are necessary to discover the gems of your hidden talents and strengths and to highlight the brightness of your light because without the darkness you would not be able to recognize the light.

This is the process of sorting through the duality of your earthly existence to find the clarity of what it is you wish to create in your life. Instead of resisting the workings of this life process, I encourage you to lean into your inner Divine feminine energy, which is what the pearl emanates, an energy of inner beauty and grace, of gratitude and trust, and acceptance and peace.

Turn your tears of sadness into tears of joy by releasing your emotional load and allowing your energy to be cleansed by the energy of Divine love and light. This feminine energy is an energy of being rather than of doing, it creates space within you and guides you into a state of calmness and gentleness from which you start to look at yourself, your life, and the world through the eyes of beauty. It does not matter what you have lived through so far, bless all of your experiences equally, whether they are good or bad in your personal opinion, knowing that they helped to create a magnificant spiritual pearl inside of you. See how this pearl lights up and emanates a glow so bright it lights up your world.

When you are firmly rooted in the energy of your inner pearl, which is your inner light, you have found a solid foundation of self-worth, self-belief, and the inner drive to keep enhancing this beautiful spiritual gem by turning your past and future challenges and difficulties into new layers of spiritual nacre by converting them with your positive focus into opportunities for wisdom, clarity, and the unlocking of your own inner potential.

Do not be afraid of the brightness of your own inner light, dear ones, but allow it to lift the energy of your heart!

Keep displaying it in everything you do and with everyone you meet, even in the smallest of chores and in the briefest of encounters.

You will soon find that your metaphorical pearl can no longer be hidden in the darkness of your own limiting beliefs, pain, and sadness. It will free you of the illusion of their negative power over you and it will lift you up to a higher level of love and compassion for yourself and others because you choose to look with eyes of beauty that simply refuse to see darkness in anything anymore.

This is what true enlightenment encompasses, which might seem unreachable for you, but I encourage to embrace this truth: There is a beautiful, brightly shining gem of a pearl in all of you, my dearly beloved ones, which brings forth immense blessings and gifts for your life and the world you live in! If you could only see yourselves as the angels see you! You truly are the light of the universe!

Dear readers & subscribers,

I would like to wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year! May 2023 be filled with lots of new opportunities, insights, and blessings from the universe and may you wholeheartedly invite the angels to walk beside you in love, light, and joy!

Love and angel blessings,

Marielle πŸ’›

6 thoughts on “Weekly angel message, December 26-January 1, 2022/2023”

  1. Thank you, Marielle, as always, for your beautiful angel messages. Thank you to Archangel Jophiel for sharing this beautiful message through you. I have a pearl necklace that I put on today to remind me of this message, which I will read a number of times. May your Christmas and new year be filled with the love and blessings that you share with all of us! Lots of love, Madeline.

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    1. Hello dear Madeline, a merry Chistmas to you! πŸŽ„πŸ’• Thank you for your heart-warming love and blessings, I am sending you all my love, light, and best wishes as well! How lovely that you are wearing your beautiful pearl necklace! I am following your example and will be wearing mine today too! ✨ I think it is a beautiful gesture of appreciation to Archangel Jophiel for her message! I also like to imagine that it enhances the energy-vibration of our inner lights because it reminds us to keep looking at ourselves and the world through the eyes of beauty! πŸ₯° Lots of love, Marielle πŸ’›


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