Weekly angel message with Archangel Uriel, December 19-25, 2022

The holly tree

This week the wonderful Archangel Uriel is here to delight us with his words of wisdom. The holly tree features as his angelic symbol of choice.

The leaves and berries of this lovely evergreen are traditionally used in Christmas decorations and respectively symbolize the thorny crown and the blood of Christ.

However, before the introduction of Christianity, the holly already played an important role in the ancient Celtic traditions, where the power of the spiritual holly king, who represented the enduring nature of life in the dark season of winter, reached its height at the winter solstice when the pagan festival of Yule was celebrated.

The holly tree represents peace, good-will, focused inner strength, endurance, protection against undermining influences, and prosperous creativity in difficult and challenging times. It embodies the masculine energy of firmness, tenacity and vigour fuelled by clear wisdom and the desire to restore balance and unity in our inner and outer worlds.

The holly’s power of peace reminds us of the need to calm our emotions, our mind, and our body in order to shine the light of unconditional love and compassion on our personal situation, on ourselves, and on others, to practise calm acceptance, and to willingly assume responsibility for our own well-being.

Due to its strong connection to the earth, the spirit of holly offers us stability and the ability to direct our energy with balance and flow.

Let us find out how the seasonal symbolism of the holly tree fits into Archangel Uriel’s message.

Dear ones,

In the darkest week of the year in the northern hemisphere, I, Archangel Uriel, have come to fuel and strengthen your inner light with an energy of deep love and compassion to help you transform all lower emotions of fear, sadness, anger, and judgement.

For centuries people have looked for ways to bring light in the darkening days by supporting each other with kindness, generosity, and the sharing of worldly goods, which are wonderful acts of goodness.

However, the best gift you can bestow upon yourself and others is the warmth of your love and inner light, but how can you emanate this higher energy when your heart has turned cold and heavy due to your unbalanced state of being and inner emotional turmoil?

That is why I am here, to encourage you to spend this current time with increased awareness in order to carefully prepare your gift of light. Last week Archangel Chamuel has helped you to create the perfect spiritual environment of calmness and stillness to retreat, release, and reflect on your inner most self. I would like to expand on his beautiful and inspirational words by adding even more energy and insights to them.

From this place of deep inner stillness, that you allow yourself to go to, a new perspective and understanding arise that are pure and in alignment with your soul, untainted by the opinions and views of others. It is your personal truth that you are now connected to, which brings you renewed clarity and motivation to move forward in a new direction. It is like a little spark has been ignited in your heart that will soon turn into a beautiful flame of passion and creativity, and that is exactly what the symbolism of the holly tree depicts.

When you emerge from your retreat of stillness with more balance and inner peace, you are able to master or rise above your emotions, which does not mean that you fight or repress them but that you simply observe them and transform their energy through higher wisdom and spiritual understanding into decisive action and movement forward. The holly tree represents the power that arises from deep inner peace, which is a power aligned with the universe and therefore many times stronger and far more influential than your own will-power, which is fuelled only by your mind.

The spirit of the holly tree, which also reflects my angelic energy, inspires you to become a spiritual warrior, devoted to improving your own life and the lives of others. A spiritual warrior is connected to the holy fire of his inner light and acts from a foundation of deep love, compassion, gratitude, and alignment, bringing stability and balance, especially in times of challenges and hardships.

I encourage you, my dearly beloved spiritual warriors, to shine your light where there is darkness and to give more meaning to the energy of the various celebrations of light that are taking place around the world at this time of year.

Tend to your own inner light first before you give to others and remember that your gift of light is one of unconditional love and compassion as well as empowerment, balance, and peace. Make sure that your devotion and generosity come from a place of your natural joy and well-being and an overflow of abundance.

Know your personal boundaries when you bring your light to others, set out to empower them not to take over their life’s lessons. Return to your inner stillness, restore your faith, and surrender your worries to the Divine, when you start to feel discouraged or overwhelmed. This is where your true power lies, in the deep peace you find through your connection to your Source.

I, Archangel Uriel, am the Archangel, who connects you to the ancient wisdom that is kept within your soul and who happily guides you through the portals of higher knowing to unprecedented magic and creativity that will help you quicken your pace in life with new exciting projects and ideas. Feel free to ask me for help during the course of your life and I will bring you the strength and groundedness to become a vessel for these higher energies and to turn their light into tangible and beneficial riches and resources on your earthly plane.

Smile, whenever you encounter the lovely holly tree, the tree that represents your holy light, and elevate your energy-vibration to a whole new level by remembering my words of inspiration! Let love prevail when you meet up with your loved ones and kindred souls, but know that even if you are all by yourself you are always surrounded by your loving family of spiritual beings and angels that watch over you and support you with their unlimited love and light. Allow yourselves to be blessed, dear ones!

Dear readers and subscribers,

I would like to thank you for your kind support and your willingness to open your hearts to the loving messages from the Archangels that I channel with great joy and appreciation!

I wish you a Merry Christmas, a delightful Yule, or a blessed celebration and get-together of any kind! May your holiday season be filled with lots of love, joy, and laughter!

Love, light, and angel blessings,

Marielle 💛

3 thoughts on “Weekly angel message with Archangel Uriel, December 19-25, 2022”

  1. Dear Marielle, As always, your channeled message from Archangel Uriel is synchronized perfectly. I have meant to say how beautiful your photographs are! They add inspiration to already beautiful messages. It is a time of retreat for us in the northern hemisphere. The days shorten, and we, who have warm cozy homes, get to enjoy this time gently. Shining light into the world with compassion and love is my desire. To be able to do that does require retreat sometimes, to release chains that bind us to false ideas of needing something from someone in particular, so that love can flow freely to and from us. All that we need is always available, is always here. We just have to shift perspective to remember that. That shift can be and is challenging when it comes to deeply rooted beliefs about ourselves, but the shift happens if we just keep moving to that other perspective. Thank you as always and Thank you to Archangel Uriel! I treasure these messages. With love, Madeline

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    1. Dear Madeline, thank you so much for your words of kindness and support! I am glad that you have enjoyed Archangel Uriel’s message and the photos, it is always a great joy for me to select them and create a nice atmosphere to enhance the angelic encouragements for us. I can absolutely relate to what you describe in your comment. I too felt a strong need to retreat into stillness and reconnect to the flow of love and compassion that is available to us. I found the energies of these past weeks rather challenging and saw old themes around unconditional love and true connections with people resurface to be transformed and released, but not without some inner turmoil. Like you said, our deeply rooted beliefs about ourselves colour our perspective, especially on these matters of the heart, and it requires awareness to shift them and return to a state of inner balance and peace. I am very grateful for these last few messages from the Archangels, as they have brought us comfort and inspiration, but they have also pointed out what we need to face in order to become this light of love and compassion without attachments or emotional chains of any kind. I love how we are all on this journey together! Thank you again, dear Madeline, I cherish your energy of love, kindness, and support! May we spend these last few weeks of the year in warmth, coziness, and bliss with an overflowing heart of love and compassion for ourselves and everyone else! Lots of love and blessings, Marielle 💛🙏✨


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