Weekly angel message, January 2-8, 2023

The mountain goat

In this first week of the new year, the wise and gentle Archangel Sandalphon brings us a beautiful uplifting message featuring the mountain goat as his symbol of choice.

The spirit of the mountain goat or ibex reflects gentleness, creativity, calmness, reserved stillness, and sure-footedness through slow and steady movements.

This remarkable animal teaches us to mindfully and carefully focus on each step of our journey instead of merely fixating on the destination. It reminds us to remain solidly grounded in the present moment.

The impressive horns of the mountain goat are mostly used to fight off predators, not to attack other animals, which makes them a symbol of the willingness to resist all obstacles on our way and the ability to stubbornly endure and eventually overcome the difficulties and hurdles in our lives.

The horns also symbolize spiritual ascension and deep faith as they are like antennae taking in information from the higher realms encouraging us to transform our challenges into enlightenment. The mountain goat fearlessly climbs to great heights and courageously treads where no other dares to go, metaphorically inspiring us to do the same and reach beyond our comfort-zone knowing that we are fully supported by the universal energies and angels.

The mountain goat shows off his creative energy in the ways he escapes his predators and finds greener pastures to graze on. When we continue to improve our skills, to keep up our practises, to challenge ourselves to go where we have not gone before, and to open ourselves to new adventures, we become better creators as well.

As a spiritual symbol the mountain goat is closely related to the energy of Pan, who is the ancient god of nature, music, and fertility.

He is the bringer of higher insights and a uniting force of pure love to help us balance our inner polarities of darkness and light. Pan’s presence heralds a time of productivity, abundance, and vitality filled with exciting new projects and ideas, but he also reminds us to go about our activities with a relaxed sense of fun, light-heartedness, and joy.

The astrological earth-sign of Capricorn, which also features the goat symbolism and rules the current month, is the perfect example of powerful resilience, determination, and focus combined with a sometimes mischieveous playfulness and sense of humor.

The wise and gentle Archangel Sandalphon awaits us with the following encouraging message.

My dearest ones,

It is such a pleasure for me to deliver this message to you! I, Archangel Sandalphon, am at your service in this first week of the new year to help you apply my guidance into your daily life. I am the Archangel who oversees the welfare of planet Earth, you see, and I take great interest in the endeavours and spiritual expansion of its inhabitants. I would like to inspire you to see this beautiful planet as your personal playground, where you can manifest your desires into tangible forms through the energetical intentions of your soul.

My goal is to make you feel at home on Earth, dear ones, and to experience the stability and sure-footedness that the mountain goat symbolizes so well. When you take pleasure in every single step of your journey and you stay connected to the powerful present moment, you move with gentleness and lightness because you create time and space along the way to tune into your inner wisdom and higher guidance. Often human beings create unnecessary stress by trying to oversee the end-result and rigidly following preconceived plans and methods. I, on the other hand, would like to tell you more about finding the flow of life, which will help you to develop a more relaxed approach to life and to enjoy yourself more in the process of creation.

At the beginning of a new year, you are more enthusiastic than ever to set new intentions and make new plans for the year ahead, which I think holds a wonderful premise, so I have come to support you by setting you up with the right energy-frequency and mind-set.

The formula for creating miracles and success in your life lies in the harmony between the love and joy in your heart and your belief in your own powers of creation that turn intentions into inspired action-steps and allow blessings and synchronicities to flow easily and effortlessly towards you.

Let us see in more detail how you can accomplish this balance for yourself. All creation starts with an intention. A true intention originates from your higher self, your soul, and is always pointed towards your highest good and because of that automatically towards the highest good of all others. It is born in the realms of ether, in the realms of energy and pure potential, and therefore it brings absolute clarity and is lovingly held in the hands of the angels, who support you in turning this intention into a manifestation.

During this process of manifestation the energy of your intention reaches your earthly plane, where its momentum is slowed down because of the density and duality within your dimension. At this level it gets exposed to your thoughts and human conditioning and perspective, from which fears and obstacles arise. This is the moment to call in the symbolism of the mountain goat, which reminds you to rely on your trust and faith in the universe and the support of the angels, when you move into unfamiliar territory and when you aim higher than you have ever aimed before.

The best way to face your fears and tackle obstacles is to remain calm, peaceful, and present in every moment, knowing that you are being guided and gently led from one step to the other in the best possible way.

Resist the temptation of control and strain, but simply ask the universe to shine a light on your path and to inform you what to do next. You are most receptive of this guidance, if you keep your attention and focus in the eternal now.

This where you can find your true power as well as your true joy and fulfilment because you make space within yourself for the universal flow of abundance and infinite possibilities to work through you instead of losing yourself in mental constructs regarding the past or future, which create a complicated maze of illusionary shadows and monsters.

Concentrate on the love, light, and joy inside your heart and chose to bring it into each moment regardless of your current circumstances and you will find that this higher energy-frequency attracts more and more magic and miracles into your life, which are simply the result of you mastering the manifestation process through your clear focus on your higher intention and each individual step of your journey, your higher energy-vibration and unshakable faith, and your receptivity of the inspired guidance that reveals itself as a deep knowing and feeling of certainty and direction in your heart.

I, Archangel Sandalphon, am here for you when you need guidance and direction in your experience as a human being on planet Earth. I am here to help you feel stable and secure on this wonderful planet and to help you create the life that your soul envisions for you to have!

2 thoughts on “Weekly angel message, January 2-8, 2023”

  1. Dear Marielle, thank you for your beautiful message, and the beautiful photos of the mountain goats. The second photo of the goat, who looks young, mischievous, and playful, did bring Pan to mind! Archangel Sandalphon’s message was beautiful and encouraging. Keeping my focus on choosing love and light at every moment and knowing that all the details will fill in from that focus point, is my choice for this coming year and always. Wishing you the very best new year, with unlimited, blessings, love and abundance! Madeline.

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    1. Thank you, dear Madeline, well said! And I am right there with you on keeping that focus point of love and light in every moment possible! I wish you a happy new year full of blessings and abundance in all areas of your life!🥰🙏💛


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