Weekly angel message, November 28-December 4, 2022

The house

The beautiful and loving Archangel Ariel is still with us this week to expand on her message regarding the energy of our heart with her newly chosen symbol of the house.

The house represents our home, the sacred space where we feel sheltered and protected from the outside world.

It is our safe haven and place of comfort, where we can relax and truly be ourselves. Our home also symbolizes our inner self and all the parts of our personality, but also our spiritual state of being and the belief-systems we entertain on personal expansion, growth, and the possibilities that are at our disposal.

When we feel at home within ourselves, we are closely connected to our own heart, which makes us feel warm, abundant, and joyful. Only from this state of being, do we feel welcome on earth, at home in the world, and connected to other people.

Our house is the central point of connection between heaven and earth for us because it is the spot where we anchor ourselves to the land by laying down our roots, and where we find the optimal environment and conditions for spiritual growth.

Let us find out what Archangel Ariel wishes to convey to us about this important place in our lives and how it represents our energy and inner state of being in relation to our own heart and the world around us.

My beautiful ones,

I, Archangel Ariel, am still by your side to help you comprehend the importance of an open, flowing heart. Through your heart you connect to yourself, the higher realms, and all of the beings on the earthly plane.

In order to feel comfortable enough to break down the barriers that stop you from fully connecting and living from your heart, you must feel at home within yourself and within the magnificent vessel that is your physical body.

When you are at home in your body, you are fully present in the moment with your senses activated and enlivened, which makes you aware of what is happening inside yourself as well as in your surroundings.The house symbolizes your body and your mental and emotional make-up, but it is your inner being, your true self, your soul that turn this house into a home. Your heart is the key that connects your earthly existence as a human being to your inner higher self.

In order to achieve balance and harmony between these two aspects of you, you must invest time, care, and energy in both of them. Just like the tangible houses, that you build in your third-dimensional reality, need maintenance, structure, and complementary features that provide comfort and beauty, so do your body and mind need tending to as well. They already influence each other in a way because if you start to clean, sort out, enhance, and beautify your place of living, which is your earthly anchor, your inner energy will start to shift due to these expressions and actions of self-respect and self-love. When you are caught in the illusion of being stuck in your life, doing small chores in your house will create an opening that allows the energy to accelerate and redirect itself.

I encourage, dear ones, to care for and nourish your physical body with the foods, drinks, habits, and forms of exercize that support your well-being, but most importantly to treat your body, no matter what condition it is in, with love, kindness, and appreciation.

Talk to your body with encouraging words and ask what it needs. Your body is always talking to you, giving you signs and providing you with suggestions. Please take the time to listen to its wisdom and see how small adjustments in your current life-style can make a world of difference.

Another important part of your symbolical house is your perception, which is coloured by your life’s experience that turned into certain beliefs about yourself and the world you live in. When you silence the narrative inside your mind from time to time through meditation or practising stillness, patience, and appreciation during your activities, you once again create an opening in the current energy, which allows you to refocus on growth and expansion in your life. You become increasingly detached from your life’s story, which allows you to become more receptive and open to a flow of new life and this is exactly what is going to turn your house into a home. When you work on finding inner peace and balance in your life, your heart becomes the point of unification between heaven and earth, between the powerful earth-energies and the higher spiritual energies, and between your inner Divine masculine and feminine energies.

Your heart will crack open and remember its connection to true love, light, and wisdom. This will generate a powerful surge of energy that revitalizes you and catapults you forward into a whole new way of living and being, where you will live your life freely, openly, and courageously from your heart with joy, wonder, and gratitude.

At first there will only be brief moments that you experience this new and improved state of being, but if you continue to practise caring for your spiritual house through your power of focus, it will not only become your true home in which you feel comfortable and confident with who you are, but also a beacon of light that will bring true healing, inspiration, and encouragement to your fellow human beings! Remember that whenever you start to feel disconnected from the world again, it is because you are disconnected from yourself and your own heart. Do not be discouraged, but remember my words and pick up where you left off, caring for your true house and home!

I wish you well, dear ones, and I bless you with all my love and light, I am Archangel Ariel.

This message is also available on my Youtube channel!

2 thoughts on “Weekly angel message, November 28-December 4, 2022”

  1. Thank you, Marielle, for sharing Archangel Ariel’s continued message. She is such a warm loveing presence. Love and Light, Madeline

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