Weekly angel message, November 21-27, 2022

The heart

Archangel Ariel has chosen the heart as this week’s angelic symbol to complement her message to us.

The heart represents love, affection, and compassion, but in a spiritual sense it is also regarded as the seat of our soul and the doorway to our connection with Source through which profound joy, deep fulfilment, and unconditional love from the higher realms flow into our experience.

Our spiritual heart is at the core of our being and holds our pure essence, our true, innocent nature. A balanced heart-chakra enables us to form authentic, reciprocal, and intimate relationships because we are filled with compassion and love for ourselves as well as the people around us. We are able to forgive and let go of old pain and sorrow and navigate through our lives in a state of trust, surrender, and acceptance.

The French word for heart is le coeur from which the English word courage is derived.

A strong and balanced heart-chakra gives us the courage to fully engage in life without holding back out of fear of getting hurt. We feel at peace with all the parts of our being because we know that the duality of our earthly reality brings us uplifting as well as challenging experiences.

Shutting off our heart from outside influences to avoid pain makes us bottle up our emotions and become rigid and brittle. It scatters our energy, which makes us feel indecisive, unworthy, fearful, and sad. We have to learn how to courageously go with the flow in order to thrive in life!

Let us take a look at Archangel Ariel’s inspiring words in this week’s angel message.

My beautiful ones,

It is an honour to be here with you and to speak to you about the energy of your heart.

Your heart is the place through which you embrace life in all of its facets accompanied by a wide range of emotions. Your emotions are part of your inner guidance system and they represent the messengers of your intuition. Therefore my encouragement to you is to fully accept how you feel in your heart without judgement or reservation.

The stirring of your heart, whether this makes you feel either elated or uncomfortable, will bring you the insights that will lead to growth and spiritual expansion. Acknowledge the wisdom of your heart by taking the time to quietly observe and honour all of your feelings. I would like you to visualize your heart as a house where your spiritual being resides. When you open the front door, does it feel welcoming, clean, spacious, and well cared for? Or does it feel cramped, cluttered, and stale? A regular clear-out of your spiritual heart, dear ones, is highly recommended to make room for a fresh new flow of energy.

Firstly, I encourage you to uplift your heart-space through the release of your need to be right, even if you seek this validation for your inner narrative only in your own mind. Try to be more open and flexible instead, taking other people’s points of view into consideration and abstaining from immediate harsh judgements on yourself or others.

Secondly, I encourage you to release your need for control and the eagerness to know all the details and outcomes of situations. This creates a burden and tightness in your heart-space because you take on too much responsibility for everything that is happening in your experience while in truth you simply cannot fathom all that is occuring in your life. Freedom comes when you surrender to the fact that you do not know all the answers and solutions and this is exactly what makes your life fun and exciting. Allow your curiosity to arise, welcome new experiences, and learn to trust that situations will unfold naturally for your highest good when you allow yourself to relax and let go. Your only true responsibility is to take care of your own energy-vibration and sense of well-being from which you create and manifest your own earthly reality.

Thirdly, I encourage you to release your need for protection through putting up walls around your heart and becoming overly defensive, doubtful, and insecure. This is the most challenging step for you because behind those walls of protection often reside deep pain and fear of the repeat of negative life experiences.

I lovingly guide you, dear ones, to patiently and compassionately start to dismantle those walls in small steps by practising awareness each day and choosing to refocus on a higher perspective and a positive outlook on life.


Keep reminding yourself that you can only be truly fulfilled, joyful, and happy, when you give up your resistance and take the risk of fully embracing all aspects of your existence on planet Earth. You have come to expand yourself not to preserve yourself. You have come to get to know your own power, courage, and deservingness of the gifts and blessings of life, not to withhold yourself from them!

So now that you have taken the steps to clear out the house that represents your heart, it is time to open the curtains and windows to let in new light, fresh air, and new energy by activating the spiritual bridge that connects you to Source, which brings you a flow of love, inspiration, guidance, and most importantly the clarity to move forward with renewed passion, vigour, and courage.

A balanced heart-energy reminds you of your true authentic nature, and allows you to claim your rightful place on earth and to openly express the desires of your heart. Take time to meditate, contemplate, and truly connect with the world around you by being grounded, present, and attentive to life. Know, that it is not the withholding of love or inflictions of pain by others that makes you sad and disappointed, but the blockage of your own love to which you deny yourself access. Your own love flows through you constantly because you are love, dear ones, no one can ever take that away from you but you by believing that you are not worthy or good enough. You cover up your true nature as a beautiful energy being of light and love with a mind-made identity based on your life-story.

I, Archangel Ariel, am at your side to help you to fully open your heart and to discover the great potential that lies within you. I gift you my pink energy of healing and unconditional love, which will ignite a spark of light in your heart. Accept this light and allow it to develop into a beautiful warm flame of passion, joy, and worthiness. Each and every one of you deserves to live the best life possible! You are all greatly loved, dear ones, by me and the entire universe!

This message is also available on my Youtube channel!

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