Weekly angel message, December 5-11, 2022

The bear

This week the powerful and highly motivational Archangel Nathaniel is with us to support and encourage us. He has chosen the symbolism of the bear to illustrate his message.

The bear spirit represents strength, confidence, leadership and taking decisive action. Especially in times of adversity and challenges the bear symbolism replenishes us with renewed power and courage.

This impressive animal teaches us to take care of our own needs for healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level through rest, reflection, solitude, and quiet time. The bear spirit helps us to find our center and ground ourselves in a strong foundation feeling comfortable in our own personal space and setting up strong energetic boundaries against unwanted influences.

The bear shows us the power of our spirit, that comes with great wisdom and an elevation of our energy-vibration. He can take us on a dream quest to discover our true spiritual vision, to receive illuminated guidance, and to expose our hidden subconscious fears in order to overcome them and move forward with vigour and strength.

The bear spirit invites us to delve deep inside our hearts to find the significance of our true path and personal mission and to implement them into our daily lives with a strong sense of direction and purpose.

An important question to ask ourselves is: Have we independently chosen our personal journey or have we allowed others to choose it for us?

Let us see what Archangel Nathaniel wishes to tell us at this moment!

Dearest ones,

After the loving Archangel Ariel has helped you to clear out and activate your beautiful heart-space, I, Archangel Nathaniel, am here to ignite it with a spiritual fire of enthusiasm, motivation, courage, and passion, for I am the Archangel, who urges you to move forward in life and discover the uncharted territory that awaits you. This is a journey towards true fulfilment, joy and expansion that you take with confidence and an eagerness in your heart because you know you are protected by and connected to the powerful energy of the universe.

It is safe for you to venture out of your comfort-zone and release your status quo to become a true reflection on earth of the radiant, abundant, and inspirational being of light that you are at your core.

The bear symbolism represents the power of your spirit, which is fuelled by the energy-vibration of pure love. It is only through the inner choice to connect to this flow of energy and to allow your heart to overflow with it, that you will find true strength and courage. No amount of hard work or will-power matches up to this state of being, that will help you find your highest path of happiness and fulfilment in life.

You must be willing to release your sense of urgency and control and instead surrender to the soft nudges of spirit that you can only receive through your heart because they are unspoken and vibrational in nature.

Your logical mind is only able to perceive a very limited version of the love and appreciation that flows to you and through you from the universe and tries to remind you of all the pain and disappointment you have lived through, which feel like more tangible experiences to you and amplify your doubts and scepticism.

I invite you nonetheless, dear ones, to leave behind these old emotions and stories and to keep focusing on the truth that you know deep down in your being, that you are very loved, protected, and always lovingly guided towards your highest good. The most important step you can take is to bring yourself back to a receptive state of innocence and trust and when you take that step, when you ask for help and guidance, the universal beings of unconditional love and light will be right there waiting for you to hold you in their warm embrace. That is my absolute promise to you!

When you keep practising and choosing to take on this higher perspective and view on your life by consciously bringing yourself back to a state of receptivity through stillness, meditation, and a positive uplifting input of carefully chosen words and thoughts, you will slowly carve out a new path for yourself.

A path that generates a new momentum of progress, possibilities, and events for you, that are more aligned with your natural talents, gifts, and desired life-goals.

This freshly gained momentum will help you to break through your previous limitations and restrictions because you are wholeheartedly aware that there is a new horizon waiting for you out there. Your conviction and determination will increasingly grow due to the beautiful, inspiring, and motivational signs and synchronicities that you will encounter along the way. This is how the universe works, dear ones, and this is what makes the journey such fun.

When you see your life unfolding piece by piece and all the parts easily and effortlessly coming together through the rise of your own energy-vibration, you become truly excited and eager to live and to expand into eternity as there really is no end to your existence. You will marvel at these beautiful testimonies of how life always works out for you and you will take delight from these personal little victories.

So this week, I encourage you, dear ones, to take inspiration from the bear spirit, who displays the perfect example of gathering strength and courage from retreating into the center of your being which is your heart and to take the time to care for yourself, to heal and release old unwanted stories, and most importantly to open the door to the love and support from the angelic realms, so you can emerge again with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

Keep in mind that the clearest and most profound insights come from unexpected disruptions and shake-ups in your life. Do not fear them, but take on the powerfully grounded presence of the bear spirit, so you can welcome them as bringers of necessary change and instigators of much needed fresh new energy!

I, Archangel Nathaniel, am always right beside you, dear ones, showering you with my fiery energy of courage and strength. Call upon me for a surge of love and support!

This message is also available on my Youtube channel!

2 thoughts on “Weekly angel message, December 5-11, 2022”

  1. Dear Marielle, Thank you for the beautiful message from Archangel Nathaniel. His energy is so beautiful and vibrant! As always, the Angel messages come at just the right time and give just the encouragement needed and gentle confirmation to stay on the chosen path. I am very grateful for all the love and support that is always here for us. Love, Madeline

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    1. Hello dear Madeline, thank you so much for your lovely comment! 💕 I also feel Archangel Nathaniel’s presence and energy is exactly what we all need right now! A big embrace of warmth, encouragement, and strength from this magnificent being of love and light in the darkening days of the winter season that come with their own challenges as well as new opportunities for change! 🔥💫💛


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