Weekly angel message, November 14-20, 2022

The squirrel

The squirrel represents practicality, playfulness, resourcefulness, adaptability, abundance, and energy.

This industrious little woodland creature teaches us how to work efficiently and prepare for our future needs through diligent action-steps, but also to include lightheartedness and fun in the process. A healthy work-life balance is important to keep our energy and spirit high.

When we get overly occupied with too many ideas, projects, and responsibilities and we are no longer able to adequately manage our time and energy, it is time to take a step back, breathe, and avoid critical exhaustion. This well-deserved pause helps us to tune into our intuition to rediscover the path that brings us the most joy and happiness.

The squirrel symbolism is also connected to the element of earth and inspires us to get more grounded in ourselves and in our environment.This enables us to view life with more openness and positivity and from different creative angles, not just from the usual mental constructs and thought-patterns inside our mind.

It also comes with the lesson of self-care to restore our energy-reserves and release any disease or discomfort we might hold onto in our bodies.


The squirrel spirit reminds us that we possess the ability to grow, shift, and change, welcoming new beginnings and new ways to engage in life. It is never too late to explore new horizons, adapt new habits, and learn new skills.

Archangel Raphael is with us this week to teach us about the lessons related to the squirrel symbolism and to shower us with his loving energy of healing.

My dear ones,

I, Archangel Raphael, am delighted to be in your presence at this time, offering you my loving guidance and healing light.

I have come to remind you of your power and inner authority to choose your own path in life.

Many of you are stuck in routines and burdened by self-imposed obligations and expectations of others that have become so familiar to you, that you forget to expand your horizon and enjoy the beautiful variety of experiences and adventures that life has to offer.

I have chosen the squirrel as this week’s symbol, because this little creature showes you that it is possible to fulfill your earthly needs, but in a flexible and joyful way without a sense of heaviness, duty, or even boredom.

I would like to invite you to incorporate more moments of reflection in your daily life, moments in which you simply breathe, step out of the stream of activity, and release the need to perform or achieve anything.

These are openings, magical doorways, to the vastness and powerful energies of the universe from which all ideas, wishes, and inspiration flow into being.

Visualize how this flow of energy fills up your body and feel how it revitalizes you and brings back a spark of light and inspiration to your eyes.

All is possible, dear ones, when you are connected and tapped into the powers of the universe, but you have to be the ones to open the door by consciously creating space for it in your life and activating this bridge of light from your heart to the heart of Source.

The squirrel is naturally attached to this energy-stream because this animal holds no mental restrictions or old emotional pain inside his body. His actions are led by what is happening in the moment. When he encounters obstacles on his path he simply finds a way around them, he playfully leaps and bounds amongst the trees without pressure or effort.

Most of you grown-up human beings have lost this capacity to be this carefree and trusting of the flow of life. Often you have become overly responsible and too controlling, which stagnates the energy-flow in your body causing disease and tiredness to creep up on you. My intention is to help you revitalize yourself by finding a healthy balance between your daily activities to fulfill your earthly needs and your time of rest, enjoyment, and relaxation.

The first way to implement this in your life is to incorporate those magical moments of connection, as I would like to call them, into your daily schedule, in which you refrain from action and thought. You learn how to counterbalance action with the power of attraction and allowance through your improved energy-frequency.

The second way is to change the way you do things and the way that you attach mental labels to everything you do. Be inspired by the squirrel and stay present in the moment, tell an uplifting story about what you are doing and bless your actions by formulating positive and clear intentions and sending out a joyful energy.

Let me give you an example, dear ones. If you go to the store to buy groceries, you may tell yourself it takes up much of your precious time and you rather be doing something else, so you absent-mindedly hurry along without being fully grounded in the moment. When you reformulate this simple task by regarding it as an opportunity to connect and interact with the world around you and to appreciate the variety of foods and products that are available to you, you choose to enjoy the experience.When this becomes your new way of being, your energy-levels will rise tremendously and if you extend this new vision to how you interact with others, your relationships will flourish as well and old wounds will be easiliy mended and released.

I, Archangel Raphael,wish you well and bless you with my healing light and highest love for you!

This message is also available on my Youtube channel!

3 thoughts on “Weekly angel message, November 14-20, 2022”

  1. Dear Mareille, Thank you for sharing Archangel Raphael’s message with us. I love and I am grateful for his healing compassionate energy! Love to you, Madeline

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    1. Thank you very much, dearest Madeline, lovely to hear from you as always! Let’s immerse ourselves in Archangel Raphael’s beautiful healing and uplifting energy this week! He is one of my favourite Archangels to work with when it comes to allowing more well-being and balance into my daily life. Sending you lots of love and light, Marielle 💛✨🥰


      1. Thank you, Marielle! To you as well. Please ask Archangel Raphael, as I am doing, to send healing to a friend of mine, who is a bit stuck in patterns that resulted from extreme abuse. He is willing to release those patterns, I just think that he might not yet know how to do that. With love! Madeline

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