Weekly angel message, October 24-30, 2022

The pumpkin

The pumpkin is the quintessential symbol of the last harvest season of the year and represents abundance, fertility, stability, and security.

This big, luscious autumn fruit brightens up many celebratory activities surrounding the old Celtic harvest festivals of Mabon and Samhain as well as their modern day equivalents of Halloween and Thanksgiving.

The pumpkin symbolizes resilience followed by swift growth, progress, and prosperity. The pumpkin plant grows in almost any place, even in sparse and poor soil, and still produces big, round fruits full of nutrients, vitamins and an abundance of seeds for new growth. When appropriately stored, harvested pumpkins hold for a very long time, which shows off their quality of stability.

Pumpkins energetically teach us to gather our strength, fearlessly face our reality, and not fall into victimhood. They encourage us to hold our ground and to not allow other people or circumstances to bring us down or intimidate us, but to become bold, bright, and a spiritual heavyweight, just like the pumpkins are among their fellow fruits and vegetables.

The pumpkin symbolism signifies luck, a positive turn of events, the restoration of health, and an improvement of our current situation.

The pumpkin seeds are little, yet they turn into big, luscious pumpkins over time, which indicates that if we keep the faith and hone our inner power, the seeds of our intentions and potential will transform into tangible results and manifestations, that we never thought were possible before.

In the context of the holiday of Halloween, pumpkins represent powerful protection, as they are carved out and lit up with candles to ward off negative energies. They are also the forecasters of transformation and new beginnings, that take place around this time of year. At the celebration of Thanksgiving, pumpkins are symbols of gratitude for our received natural and material abundance.

The wise Archangel Jeremiel is with us this week to delight us with an inspirational message, that elaborates on the spiritual meaning of the pumpkin.

My dear ones,

How wonderful to be here with you around these special days of spiritual endings and new beginnings! I have come to help you to look back on your current life experiences and how you can tie up loose ends for a fresh new start in this season of transformation.

We are going to collect all those scattered thoughts, feelings, and uncomfortable energies, and transmute them into a grounded and stable foundation for yourself.

The pumpkin is such a wonderful metaphor for this process. Its big, bold shape and bright orange colour radiates a powerful energy of resilience, happiness, and confidence, which is exactly the state of being, that I would like to steer you towards. So let’s take a look at those loose ends, that have taken on the form of fears, tension, and toxicity in your life. The antidote to their influence and undermining impact on you is a cleansing release followed by a warm energy bath of compassion, support, and kindness.

The best and quickest way to release unwanted feelings is through a visualisation. It is often difficult for you to pinpoint exactly what it is, that is bothering you, because your mind conjures up different stories at different times. However, you can collect the energy of it, and release it by visualizing your feelings as if they have taken on the form of a little child, that is feeling scared and lost and is crying its heart out.

Then see how this child is surrounded and comforted by a group of loving angels, that take away its pain and sadness.

See how the child receives their angelic healing energy of love and support and how it finds comfort and relief in their warm embrace. Allow your inner parts to identify with this child and feel how your emotional load is lifted as well. Choose to wholeheartedly accept and receive this flow of love and well-being. Then look down at your hands in this visualisation, and find that you have been gifted a bag full of seeds. These are your spritual pumpkin seeds, seeds of positive change, higher priorities and visions, and feelings of security, balance, harmony, and joy, that allow you to fully open your heart to yourself and others.

This season is the excellent time to share in a warm connection with other people and to give each other sincere and loving attention. Realize, that every human being goes through cycles of transformation and is in need of love, warmth, and support. Know, that it is safe to let down your guard, because you are always protected by your angels.

When you start to work with your spiritual pumpkin seeds, your inner light will become stronger and brighter, attracting more love and light into your life while repelling the lower energies.

The world is in need of more loving, safe, and understanding communities and you have an important role to play in this, dear ones!

Take time to connect to the angelic realms, listen to your intuitive nudges as they are higher guidance lighting up the path for you, and let the universe be your source of wisdom and love, because this source never dries up, it is endless and ever powerful and present. Use this universal energy, that has flown into your metaphorical seeds, to dissolve your old and no longer appropriate ways and to courageously and boldly explore new territories. Take on the energy of the pumpkin and mirror its strong faith in the universal forces, so that you too can grow and transform into a beautiful, secure, and confident human being!

Think of the energy of my words when you are admiring, preparing, or carving out pumpkins these days, and make sure to weave your intentions into these actions. Before you know it, you will have an abundant harvest of beautiful spiritual pumpkins, representing those painful parts of you that have healed, become enlightened, and have transformed into a more aligned, loving, confident, and balanced version of yourself!

I am Archangel Jeremiel, and I bless you wholeheartedly with all my love and light!

This message is also available on my Youtube channel!

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